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Thursday, December 20, 2018

"Throw up the sponge" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Petras Gagilas.

'Throw up the sponge' nghĩa là chịu thua, tung khăn trắng, giơ tay hàng.

Ví dụ
I then went to Nelson's manager, Jack Robinson, and advised that he throw up the sponge.

Okazaki threw his opponent to the mat and with an arm lock, which wrenched the muscles of Morris' right arm and forced him throw up the sponge. At first sight, it looked as if Morris' arm was broken, but after an examination by Dr. S. R. Brown, who was present in the audience, it was found that the muscles were merely badly wrenched.

“Dear Father, … If Old Kaiser Bill [nickname of the German leader Wilhelm II] only saw the preparations that have been made, he would throw up the sponge, I am sure” “The attack was at daybreak, we had to lie in the open trenches all the night: the morning turned out grey, cold and drizzling, everybody shivering and chilled to the bone.” “At the arranged time, to the absolute second, suddenly, as dawn was breaking, every gun on the whole front opened up. The roar of the heavy guns was deafening,”

Phạm Hạnh

Điều tệ hại khiến du khách ngán ngẩm

ở khách sạn hạng sang, nhân viên vệ sinh dùng cùng miếng giẻ để lau bồn cầu và rửa tách, chén :D

High-end hotels in China run by international chains Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt have issued apologies after a video went viral, showing unhygienic practices, including one cleaner who used the same sponge (miếng bọt biển (để tắm, lau chùi...)) to wipe drinking cups and a toilet.

The 11-minute video, claims it shows hidden camera footage of cleaning staff wiping cups and sinks down with used towels and other unsanitary behaviours at 14 international hotels in China. Since it was posted by a blogger using the pseudonym, Huazong, the video has been shared widely and watched nearly 30 million times.

...Raising and enforcing such standards is an uphill battle at Chinese hotels given low wages and worker shortages. Still, the government has been eager to boost the country’s tourism industry to find another avenue for growth in efforts to shift the economy away from manufacturing and exports, and toward services industries.

Lừa tình

một thanh niên florida làm tình (liên tục) với ngựa con (họ hàng của lừa :D)

In addition to ponying up to having sex four times in a week (4 lần một tuần) with the horse named Jackie G, 21-year-old Citra resident Nicholas Sardo told a detective (trinh thám, thám tử) that “he used a condom (bao cao su) each time because he didn’t want to get a disease (không muốn lây bệnh) from the horse.”

Sardo is charged with four counts of sexual conduct with an animal. His bond (xiềng xích, tù tội) is $4,000.

The sheriff’s office says a family member owns the horse.

Sardo said “he knew he was wrong for what he did and that he was a sick man.”

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