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Monday, October 21, 2019

"Bread and water" nghĩa là gì?

Khao khát tìm được ánh sáng cuộc đời. Photo by Denis Oliveira

"Bread and water" = Bánh và nước -> Việc ăn uống kham khổ/bánh và nước là bữa ăn tối thiểu dành cho những tù nhân/đồ ăn cơ bản nhất.

Ví dụ
Friends, this is important because we, like ancient (cổ xưa) Israel, need a salvation (sự cứu rỗi linh hồn) that goes beyond bread and water; one that only God can provide.

On a recent evening, she sat with Ms. Molière, her daughter, in their house as it sank (chìm sâu) into the shadows of the night (bóng đêm). Ms. Molière began to cry softly. Seeing her tears, Ms. Jules began to cry as well. “It’s not only that we’re hungry for bread and water,” Ms. Molière said. “We’re hungry for the development of Haiti.” “Haiti is very fragile (yếu ớt, mỏng manh),” she said.

A pet bird has been held in a prison cell (xà lim) after its owner was allegedly (bị cáo buộc) caught shoplifting (việc trà trộn ăn cắp ở cửa hàng). The bird was locked in the cell in Utrecht, the Netherlands, after police realised they did not have a suitable cage (cái lồng) to put the animal in and were left perplexed (phức tạp, rắc rối) as to what to do with it. The pet, which has the appearance of a lovebird (vẹt xanh) or 'Agapornis', has since been provided with a meal of bread and water.

Bin Kuan

"Water my cheeks" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Cristian Newman

"Water (one's) cheeks" = Làm ướt đôi má ai -> Khóc/khóc sướt mướt.

Ví dụ
Reader, I am not proud of being over the age of 15 and watering my cheeks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but life has a funny way of coming full circle (vòng tròn, tuần hoàn).

The new movie is bold enough (đủ nổi bật, ấn tượng) to make us laugh and water our cheeks. "Jojo Rabbit" is so audacious (táo bạo), the director had to make a blockbuster (phim bom tấn), "Thor Ragnarok," before he got to do his passion project.

"It wasn't subtle sobs (tiếng nức nở phảng phất, huyền ảo); it was crying profusely (quá nhiều)," Duvall said. She said she doesn't know exactly what it was about the book that made her water her cheeks but she left the plane a different person. "All I know is that I got on that plane and the book took over."

Bin Kuan

"Offer an olive branch" nghĩa là gì?

Biểu tình tại Hồng Kong. Photo courtesy Lila Nathania 

"Offer an olive branch (to someone)" hoặc "hold out/ extend an olive branch" có từ "olive branch" (nhành ô-liu) được xem là biểu tượng của hòa bình, đình chiến, hòa giải. Cụm từ này có nghĩa là muốn giảng hòa. 

Ví dụ 
North Bay council has extended an olive branch to developers in the hope it will spur residential development (thúc đẩy phát triển dân cư) over the next three years. 

A wild night in currency markets (thị trường tiền tệ) saw the United States dollar weaken as China appears prepared to offer Donald Trump a trade war olive branch in the form of a limited trade deal to buy more pork. 

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam had to abandon (từ bỏ) her policy speech because of jeering (nhạo báng) lawmakers on Wednesday but later offered no direct olive branch to pro-democracy protesters (người biểu tình ủng hộ dân chủ), hoping instead to ease resentment (oán giận) by building more public housing. 

Thu Phương

"Couldn't pour water out of a boot" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Alex Jones

"Couldn't pour water out of a boot" = Không thể trút/đổ sạch nước trong chiếc giày bốt -> Vô cùng ngốc nghếch, ngụ ý thành ngữ này là nói ai đó ngay cả việc cơ bản và đơn giản nhất cũng không làm được, ngốc ơi là ngốc!

Ví dụ
As we say in Texas, you couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel (gót chân). You are a canker (kẻ ảnh hưởng thối nát), an open wound (xúc phạm đến, tổn thương, vết thương).

Schreiner Marine buddy Gus Forbus, who by then was in a hospital at Tinian in the Mariana Islands, heard that an officer who joined the unit late in the battle (cuộc chiến) ordered Schreiner to check on the lines. "The report I got on it was that they were putting in the lines for the night on the 20th, and he wasn't satisfied (thỏa mãn, hài lòng)," Forbus said. "He wanted Dave to check it out. He was an Annapolis man, but he couldn't pour water out of a boot."

I want this cookbook (sách hướng dẫn nấu ăn) extremely badly. Also, it has the best title of any cookbook since I made myself one called "PUT CHEESE IN MOUTH WHEN DRUNK®. "Each recipe (công thức làm món ăn) comes with preambles (lời nói đầu, lựa tựa của sách) like, "Unless you're so dumb (câm, không thông minh) you couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel, then you're shit out of luck," which is exactly as creative as it is strange.

Bin Kuan

"Lady garden" nghĩa là gì?

Là con gái phải...sạch. Photo courtesy Kevin Puertas 

"Lady garden" = khu vườn của quý cô -> là cách nói ẩn dụ về lông vùng kín của phụ nữ. 

Ví dụ 
In 2015, artist Petra Collins had her Instagram deleted after she posted a photo of herself in a bikini; her lady garden unabashedly emerging (vô duyên trồi lên) from the borders of her blue bikini bottoms. 

Your oestrogen levels are what keeps your vagina muscles healthy and also helps produce the discharge (chất tẩy) that not only cleans your lady garden, but also provides lubrication (chất bôi trơn) during sex. 

Sensing some fun was there to be had, Jack cheekily (láo nháo) asked: "Do you not tend your lady garden then?". Clearly not realising he was asking about something very personal, Lauren replied: "I just have it quite bare to be honest." 

Thu Phương 

Bài trước: "Common garden-variety" nghĩa là gì? 

"Watering hole" nghĩa là gì?

Thế giới động vật. Photo by  joel herzog

"Watering hole" = Hố nước -> Trũng nước hoặc suối nơi các động vật tụ tập để uống nước, đặc biệt ở những nơi khô hạn/nơi mà mọi người hay tụ tập và dành thời gian nhiều như quán bar, club hay quán rượu.

Ví dụ
A legendary (huyền thoại) Worcester institution (viện, cơ quan) and watering hole, Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner is celebrating 40 years this weekend.

Why drink at one watering hole, when you can head to two, three, six or more? That's always been the motivation behind everyone's favourite boozy (say sưa túy lúy) journey, aka a pub crawl. And, it's the exact same type of thinking behind the Urban Wine Walk. Taking another wander (người lang thang) around Sydney, it's the bar-hopping excuse every vino lover needs — if you need an excuse (viện cớ), that is.

So you are out cruising (đi kiếm khách, đi tiết kiệm xăng) in your car or hugging the turns on your bike...where do you like to stop and get something to eat? Do you have a favorite watering hole? Does your business welcome car folks (mọi người) and motorcycle enthusiasts (người say mê)? Send the name and address and a few details about the place to or mail to Donna Kessler, My Ride Grab a Bite, c/o Times Herald-Record, P.O. Box 2046, Middletown, 10940.

Bin Kuan

"Plow water" nghĩa là gì?

"Plow water" = Cày/xới nước -> Tốn thời gian làm điều vô ích/tốn công, làm điều phù phiếm.

Ví dụ
Comparing drivers from various eras (nhiều kỷ nguyên khác nhau) of motorsport is to plow water for many, but 1996 world champion and 22-time Grand Prix winner Damon Hill claims that Hamilton is the best driver to hail (hoan nghênh) from the UK.

Over the last few months, several engineers and scientists have come out with contradictory (mâu thuẫn) positions on the EmDrive. Some have claimed it's impossible, while others continue to plow water, justifying their work by saying the payoff (tiền trả) would be enormous (rất lớn).

The question now is what kind of long-term impact this will have on NBA operations in China. Some observers (người giám sát, trọng tài) have been quick to point out that the depth and breadth (sự rộng rãi) of the NBA’s popularity in China — NBA basketball and European soccer are by far the most popular foreign sports in the country, and have been for decades — means that Beijing’s censors (giám thị, người kiểm duyệt) will find that banning the NBA is a way to plow water.

Bin Kuan

"Common garden-variety" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Curt Johnson 

"(Common or) garden-variety" = giống loài vườn phổ biến -> (thường đứng trước danh từ và dùng ở dạng phủ định) tiêu chuẩn theo lẽ thường, thông thường, không có gì đặc biệt. 

Ví dụ 
The pictures Parnas and Fruman had with Trump weren’t just garden-variety campaign rally selfies. In May 2018, Parnas shared a photo with Trump from inside the White House. He mentioned having dinner with the president. 

According to Pepper, “The telecom industry (công nghiệp viễn thông) generally receives a more varied set of data types than many other companies do.” This data is not garden variety PII like contact information or financial information. 

President Roosevelt opened his fourth term campaign tonight with a hard hitting speech (bài phát biểu gay gắt) accusing the Republican opposition (phe đối lập của Đảng Cộng hòa) of attempting to claim credit for the New Deal, and termed it imitation (ngụy tạo) of “the most obvious common or garden variety of fraud (gian trá).” 

Thu Phương

"Pull the chestnuts out of the fire" nghĩa là gì?

Màn cứu nguy trông thấy. Photo by football wife from Pexels 

"Pull (one's) the chestnuts out of the fire" = kéo hạt dẻ ra khỏi đám lửa -> cứu ai đó ra khỏi tình huống khó khăn mà chính họ gây ra. Câu nói này xuất phát từ chuyện ngụ ngôn mèo và khỉ. Mèo muốn ăn hạt dẻ đang nướng trong đống lửa nhưng lại không muốn làm bỏng chân mình nên đã xúi khỉ làm thay mình. Tương tự câu tục ngữ bị ai xúi dại ăn cứt gà. 

Ví dụ 
Watching Trump on TV pouting (bĩu môi) and spouting (phun ra) his inanities (ngu ngốc) while Pence pulls his chestnuts out of the fire shoots down in flames the entire Trump persona that he is the “deal maker”. 

Congress (Quốc hội) leaders and particularly the rank and file are a demoralised (mất tinh thần) lot not knowing what the future holds for them. It is rather bleak (ảm đạm, lạnh lẽo) as the party lacks a leader capable of pulling the chestnuts out of the fire as it were. 

West Indian Andre Russell could probably have won the game against Australia if he had just defended (phòng ngự) Mitchell Starc’s ninth over instead of going for big hits and miscuing (làm hỏng) a catch to Maxwell. Starc’s five wickets (thanh chắn) pulled the chestnuts out of the fire for Australia. 

Thu Phương 

"Put out to pasture" nghĩa là gì?

Cũ quá rồi. Photo by Mark Vegera from Pexels 

"Put (someone) out to pasture" = đưa ai ra đồng -> bỏ rơi hoặc sa thải ai. 

Ví dụ 
This is a “barn (chuồng trâu) find” that should just be put out to pasture. 

Missouri Supreme Court (Tòa án tối cao) urged (kêu gọi) to put factory farm law out to pasture. 

At age 47, after 25 years of running agents (đặc vụ) in Eastern Europe, Nat is about to be put out to pasture. 

The system has a massive install base (cơ sở lắp đặt lớn) and still has at least a couple of years left in it before it's put out to pasture. 

Thu Phương

"Oops a daisy" nghĩa là gì?

Ối giời! Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash 

"Oops a daisy" = "oops" -> ngạc nhiên, bất ngờ. 

Ví dụ
Oops-a-daisy! Bus rolls down hill and straight into flower shop after driver stops for his morning newspaper. 

Oops-a-daisy! Queen Máxima of the Netherlands almost takes a tumble (ngã) in ENORMOUS heels during a visit to Utrecht. 

As such, and here’s the big oops-a-daisy, with exponentials (số mũ) kicking into gear (tiếp diễn), it’s truly a gamblers’ (con bạc) world. 

Oops-a-daisy, looks like Nigel Farage forgot to complete this rather crucial step (bước quyết định) on his to-do list when he launched his new Brexit Party — a new Eurosceptic, pro-Leave political party. 

Thu Phương

"Come under the hammer" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Asim Z Kodappana on Unsplash

"Come/Go under the hammer" nghĩa là được đưa ra bán đấu giá.

Ví dụ
At ExtremeTech, we sometimes write up (phóng đại) gadgets (món đồ mới lạ) like this with an eye towards just how ridiculous they are. Smart condoms, smart locks, smart toasters (lò nướng bánh bằng điện), and shoes with bad firmware have all come under the hammer before.

The entire contents of Carraganes House and terraced (có bậc thang) gardens at Scotsman’s Road, Monkstown, Cork, will come under the hammer on Tuesday. Viewing at the house is from 10.30am to 5pm today, tomorrow and Monday and Sheppard’s will conduct the sale of nearly 700 lots at the Maryborough Hotel at 10.30am on Tuesday.

With 552 lots catalogued (ghi vào mục lục) for this year's Book 1 of the Tattersalls October Yearling Sale, which begins its three-day run on Tuesday at 11am, there is a huge amount of research for pedigree buffs and bloodstock (ngựa thuần chủng) aficionados (người hâm mộ) to get stuck into. But even with so much strength in depth, a handful of pages stand out as being particularly exceptional (đặc biệt, hiếm có). We pick out five of the most outstandingly bred offerings who will come under the hammer on day one.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Hammer it into" nghĩa là gì?

"Hammer it into" nghĩa là gì?

Chữ ơi bay vô đầu ta đi!! Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

"Hammer (something) into (someone/something)" nghĩa là đập cái gì liên tục bằng búa cho đến khi nó đâm thủng, xuyên qua bề mặt của cái khác; làm cho ai đó khắc sâu, ghi nhớ lâu kiến thức hoặc thông tin nào đó bằng sự liên tục lặp đi lặp lại.

Ví dụ
Eventually, you'll have bothered the groundskeeper (người coi sân bãi) enough to make him put up a "No Geese" sign. He'll grab a mallet (cái búa) to hammer it into the ground.

The only real way to hammer it into the show's continuity is to assume there's some untold tale where Luthor's status quo matched the '90s comics before reverting back to what we know.

"It's pretty basic on those levels. The guy will heat it up and hammer it into a blade shape and those things are the most basic, but they also get the most interest in the long haul (đoạn đường kéo)."

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Go at it hammer and tongs" nghĩa là gì?

"Hammer out" nghĩa là gì?

Ai biết làng tí hon Hobbiton này từng xuất hiện trong hai bộ phim đình đám nào không nè? 
Photo by Andres Iga on Unsplash

"Hammer (something) out" nghĩa là đập bẹt, đập mỏng (về kỹ thuật); nghĩ ra, tìm ra cái gì đó.

Ví dụ
Blacksmith (thợ rèn) Mark Ramsey fired up the coals in his forge (lò rèn) with a hand-crank bellows as visitors watched him hammer out pieces for a cooking pot tripod and hook.

China wants to hold more talks this month to hammer out the details of the “phase one” trade deal touted by Donald Trump before Xi Jinping agrees to sign it, according to people familiar with the matter.

"There will be no issue. I will hammer out an amicable solution (giải pháp hòa giải) talking with everybody. There is no dispute (sự bàn cãi). Let me assure (đảm bảo) you once again the sports code will be reviewed with full consensus (sự nhất trí). There will be no controversy. Everybody will be on board. IOA has to be part of it. IOA is the face of the Olympics," he said.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Dead loss" nghĩa là gì?

"Go at it hammer and tongs" nghĩa là gì?

Cãi như thế đủ rồi, em không muốn nghe nữa! Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

"Go/Be at someone/something hammer and tongs" = quyết liệt đến cùng với ai/cái gì -> cụm từ này nghĩa là cãi nhau kịch liệt, cãi nhau dữ dội về điều gì.

Ví dụ
Every firm must meet its tax obligations (nghĩa vụ) and operate in the legally defined space for the sake of (vì quyền lợi của) our national prosperity. However, when regulators (người điều chỉnh) go at it hammer and tongs, it creates an unpredictable environment for businesses and creates fear among investors.

Hibees legend Stanton – also a Double winner with the Hoops in 1977 - was given a guard of honour by the teams to mark his recent 75th birthday. Then he took his seat in the VIP stand to watch his former clubs go at it hammer and tongs – with Celtic ultimately dropping their first points of the season after six straight wins.

Like LMP1, GTE Pro has seen a hit in numbers. Ford and BMW are gone, and that, of course, is a huge disappointment. But we still have three factory teams set to go at it hammer-and-tongs this season, and a brand new (mới toanh) car from Porsche, which will make its global race debut (lần đầu trình làng) in the UK this weekend.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Be at a loss" nghĩa là gì?

"Be at a loss" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

"Be at a loss" nghĩa là lúng túng, bối rối, luống cuống.

Ví dụ
Kimi Raikkonen is at a loss to explain the "very confusing" fluctuation in performance of his Alfa Romeo in Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix.

These nine mysterious (khó hiểu) photographs of wartime France seem to have been taken by his mother, but Noah is at a loss as to who they portray and what they reveal (tiết lộ, thể hiện).

Belgium's goalkeeping coach Erwin Lemmens is at a loss trying to figure out why Thibaut Courtois' form with Real Madrid is so strikingly (đáng chú ý) different to when he plays for his country.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Take a hammering" nghĩa là gì?

"Dead loss" nghĩa là gì?

Giờ anh có giải thích gì cũng vô ích thôi, em không tin đâu! Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

"Dead loss" nghĩa là kẻ vô tích sự, vô dụng; điều vô ích.

Ví dụ
The burden on the economy—known as the “dead loss”—is one of the ways to measure the impact of tariffs (quan thuế).

Let me say here now and however, that gold teeth are a dead loss for the purpose of love-biting. You cannot put a proper point on gold teeth and anyway, gold is too soft for an open confrontation (đối đầu) with bone.

This thing, though - Lorenzo; it's a dead loss, so far. The wheelies are exactly where I left them, packed tight together - for the warmth and mutual support - in under the hedge. There's a bit of a wind - but, then, that's what my Da used to say every time he came out of the jacks.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Hammer-headed" nghĩa là gì?

"Take a hammering'' nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Michal Vrba on Unsplash

"Take a hammering" nghĩa là bị đánh đòn dữ dội; bị đánh bại một cách dễ dàng; chịu đựng sự mất mát, tổn thất nặng nề; bị chỉ trích, lên án kịch liệt.

Ví dụ
Gvozdyk was taking a hammering from the midway point of the fight and was down three times in the 10th frame before referee Gary Rosato mercifully stopped the contest at the 2:49 mark.

However, there are several ways to finance a new car. You should consider visiting the local dealership (đại lý phân phối) of your preferred car maker to get a better understanding of not just the features of your favourite car but also your financing options.

Ursula VDL might struggle take up her mandate (sự ủy nhiệm, ủy thác) as European Commission president on the 1st of November as expected. With three designated commissioners rejected by the European Parliament, the risk of delay of the appointment of the new Commission is more realistic than ever. After the rejection of Romanian and Hungarian candidates France's pick, Sylvie Goulard, took a hammering in her vote.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Pound some beers" nghĩa là gì?

"Pound some beers" nghĩa là gì?

Chai đây anh làm hai hơi là hết! Photo by Lea Böhland on Unsplash

"Pound/Hammer/Slam some beers" = tọng bia vào miệng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là uống bia một cách rất nhanh.

Ví dụ
If your going to be Gay the best way is probably to take your shirt off at a 25 degree game and pound some beers like a real man. You talk about Mans man type stuff well this is it.

But sometimes you just gotta pound some beers, fucking headbang (nhảy và lắc đầu cuồng nhiệt theo nhịp điệu nhạc rốc), and let the visceral (bản năng) take over. It’s something ex-Metallica bassist (nhạc công chơi đàn bass) Jason Newsted knows all too well.

Momoa is a man’s-man Aquaman, who’s neither dully (đều đều, chán ngắt) noble (ưu tú, xuất sắc) like the Man of Steel or tormented (đau khổ) like the Dark Knight. With his burly physique (dáng vóc vạm vỡ) and intimidating (đáng kinh hãi, đáng sợ) snarl (giọng cằn nhằn), this bearded, long-haired Adonis is just as happy to pound some beers as he is saving the day.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Hammer away at" nghĩa là gì?

"Hammer-headed" nghĩa là gì?

Chơi kỳ vậy chú em, rớt xuống đó là hết vui liền! Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

"Hammer-headed" nghĩa là ngu ngốc, ngớ ngẩn.

Ví dụ
Bale has no such faith in his hammer-headed coach-cum-captor Zinedine Zidane, whose malevolence (ảnh hưởng xấu) looks set to be the ruin of the Welshman’s late career.

For those unfamiliar with Star Wars aliens, an Ithorian is a hammer-headed alien species that was spotted in the cantina (quán rượu nhỏ) scene from the first Star Wars movie, released in 1977.

This scary creature (sinh vật), also called “hammer-headed bat” is absolutely (hoàn toàn) confirmed to be real. The good news is that it isn’t in the United States. The Hammerhead Bat lives in African forests, just doing hammer-headed fruit bat things (scaring people) and dispersing fruits around the forests of equatorial Africa.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Hammer home" nghĩa là gì?

"Hammer away at" nghĩa là gì?

Công việc căng não quá, mà thôi cố lên nha anh! Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

"Hammer away at (something/someone)" nghĩa là nã liên hồi, tấn công dồn dập; tiếp tục làm việc gì, gắng công gắng sức làm việc gì; nói dài dòng liên tục hoặc hỏi đi hỏi lại khiến ai đó khó chịu.

Ví dụ
They deliberately chose not to hammer away at racist inequities (sự không công bằng về phân biệt chủng tộc) and instead to celebrate black resilience (tinh thần kiên cường).

A special prosecutor (công tố) is assigned to the case. Whether the public hears anything depends on whether charges are ever laid – and that could take years. In the meantime (trong khi chờ đợi), the Liberals have found something to use to hammer away at the government.

If you want to run for office, political consultants (cố vấn) will hammer away at one point: Tell stories. People respond to stories. Don’t cite (viện dẫn, trích dẫn) statistics. No one can remember statistics. Make it human. Make it relatable. Lincoln told stories. FDR told stories. Reagan told stories.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Give them a hammering" nghĩa là gì?

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