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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

"Writer's block" nghĩa là gì?

Ý tưởng ơi, mày đâu rồi Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

'Writer's block' nghĩa là (tạm thời) không có gì trong đầu để viết, đầu trống rỗng. Một 'căn bệnh' đáng sợ của các nhà văn mà chúng ta hay nghe như bí từ, mất cảm hứng sáng tác.

Ví dụ
There are advantages to lockdown, according to the singer Ellie Goulding. It can cure songwriter’s block.

After a serious dose of writer’s block, the Danish producer returned in 2019 with another wonderfully eclectic album, Obverse.

Valeria, a character experiencing major writer’s block and marriage problems, created by novelist Elísabet Benavent, will make a comeback in season two of the Spanish Netflix original. The company confirmed the new season in making but no release date has been set yet, so stay tuned.

“I had writer’s block! When I started work on the album, the band had just finished an intense period of touring and my mind wasn’t working so well. Going to the studio was not the problem. I went to the studio nearly every day. I would switch on the computer, load up my plugins and then… nothing happened. No problem. Maybe tomorrow things will be OK. But this went on and on.

Bích Nhàn

"Off the blocks" nghĩa là gì?

Trong cuộc đua, phải nỗ lực ngay từ điểm xuất phát Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

'Off the (starting) blocks' = 'starting block' là bàn đạp xuất phát khi chạy điền kinh -> nghĩa là ngay lập tức; tại hoặc từ vị trí xuất phát. Nếu dùng cùng với 'quick/slow/first/last off the blocks' -> mang nghĩa là nhanh/chậm/đầu tiên/cuối cùng khi làm gì đó.

Ví dụ
Let’s get off to a good solid start this time. Usually we are slow off the blocks and we can’t afford that this time.

That early-morning call came from a prospective (tương lai) client. By 9am, Murphy had a non-disclosure agreement from the marketer in his inbox and the raw scent of new business under his nose. The new agency was off the blocks.

Karnataka, as India’s digital vanguard (tiên phong), was off the blocks fast: schools enlisted software from start-ups, five-year-olds logged on, teachers talked from laptop screens, everything seemed right out of a textbook of postmodernity (hậu hiện đại).

The attack was stealthy (lén lút, vụng trộm), and quick off the blocks. As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the launch of his PM CARES Fund to fight the pandemic, online fakers hit the ground running (bắt đầu một việc với sự phấn khởi và nhanh chóng). “Within a couple of hours, over a dozen fake UPI sites came up with similar sounding names,” says Lieutenant General (retired) Rajesh Pant, India’s national cybersecurity coordinator.

Bích Nhàn

"Second hand" nghĩa là gì?

Cũ người mới ta. Photo by Phad Pichetbovornkul on Unsplash

"Second-hand" nghĩa là hàng đã qua sử dụng hoặc thông tin gián tiếp, không phải thông tin chính gốc.

Ví dụ
Second-hand cloth dealers in Owino Market have painfully waited for the Covid-19 lockdown to end.

Second-hand bookshops bear a history of reading by indicating what a city reads or perhaps throws away.

"It is important for Kenya to induce demand for locally-finished products by keeping the ban on second-hand imports," said the lobby (vận động hành lang) group.

Coombs said new loans dropped by 15% during the lockdown period at Advantage, S&U’s second-hand car operation, as people weren’t able to visit showrooms or even get a car delivered.

Thu Phương

"Second string" nghĩa là gì?

Dự bị cũng phải là những cầu thủ xuất sắc. Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

"Second string" nghĩa là vận động viên,cầu thủ dự bị.

Ví dụ
Little is known about Sheffield United’s 2-0 defeat to Barnsley, either, although it was reportedly a second-string XI that took part.

"Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40! I'm not a kid!" Gundy famously shouted. The player in question was demoted (giáng cấp) to second string and eventually transferred from OSU.

I agree it is important not to over-analyse these results. In our case, we were leading 1-0 until the 70th minute. We threw the game away with a second-string XI on the field, so some fans are being slightly over the top.

Hills has a decent second string to his bow in Equilateral, who had two runs in Dubai during the winter. He was impressive on his first start in January when sweeping Waady aside, but that rival got his revenge when they clashed again in February.

Thu Phương

"Any second now" nghĩa là gì?

Vừa đi vừa nhìn trước ngó sau. Photo by Ivan Akimenko on Unsplash

"Any second now" nghĩa là sớm thôi, sắp xảy ra, ngay đây.

Ví dụ
I stayed there a little while, thinking any second now he'll do a U-turn and come back. Or he'll go up to the roundabout (chỗ ngoặt) and turn there.

All of this is about 1/10th as dangerous as playing in an actual NFL game, but as Edwards’ story proves, you don’t even get the chance to get hurt playing in the NFL if you blow out your knee while on vacation. Needless to say, Jackson should be expecting a little ring-a-ling-ling from the Ravens’ front office any second now.

“I feel like I’m about to be attacked from all sides any second now,” my dad says, furtively glancing around (liếc nhìn xung quanh) as he drives our SUV through the backroads of my childhood neighborhood. Though these roads have always been quiet and barren, with few cars going by, the silence now seems eerie (lạ lùng) and unsettling — as if the very air is holding its breath while nature itself comes to a standstill.

Thu Phương

"Go on the block" nghĩa là gì?

Thích gì nào các bạn mình ơi Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

'Go on the block' = đi lên bục đấu giá (để bán đồ) -> nghĩa là đưa thứ gì ra bán, đem ra bày bán.

Ví dụ
Broadway producer’s collection will go on the block this fall at Christie’s.

Paya is not up for sale right now but it could go on the block sometime mid-year, the person said.

And in February, in Red Deer, Alta., about 40 properties were scheduled to go on the block in a tax sale, prompting one city councillor (hội viên hội đồng thành phố) to wonder whether the region's economic troubles could be to blame for the long list, according to a report in the Red Deer Advocate.

America had eight days to vote for three houseguests they wanted to participate in a twist called America’s Field Trip. This is a competition where the person who wins gets safety for the week, second place would get a punishment (phạt, trừng phạt), and third place would go on the block as the third nominee for eviction (đuổi ra khỏi nhà).

Bích Nhàn

"Two-second rule" nghĩa là gì?

An toàn là bạn, tai nạn là thù. Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

"Two-second rule" = quy tắc 2 giây -> nghĩa là khoảng cách lý tưởng cần giữ của người điều khiển phương tiện giao thông với xe phía trước sao cho nếu có tình huống bất thường từ xe phía trước đó, bạn cũng có ít nhất là 2 giây để chủ động xử lý trước khi xe bạn kịp đến vị trí vừa xảy ra tình huống.

Ví dụ
“Drivers should ideally stay at least two seconds behind a vehicle that is directly in front of his/her vehicle. This is very useful and can be applied to any speed,” he said.

Abu Dhabi Police are advising motorists to abide (tuân thủ) by a two-second rule to avoid a raft of new warnings and fines for tailgating, which come into effect on January 15.

Remember the two second rule to keep a safe distance from other drivers on the road. In normal weather conditions, drivers should stay at least two seconds behind any other vehicle to reduce the risk of collision (va chạm).

The 'Two-Second Rule' is a simple concept. While in lane traffic, usually in highways, cars in front of us tend to slow down without any warning. This creates a confusion even if we are going at the admitted speed limit. 2-Second rule simply helps avoid this.

Thu Phương

"Second-class citizen" nghĩa là gì?

Họ cũng như chúng ta, có quyền được đối xử bình đẳng và tôn trọng. Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

"Second-class citizen" = công dân hạng hai -> nghĩa là người bị coi ở tầng lớp dưới, thấp kém, không được đối xử tử tế như những người khác.

Ví dụ
No one in Croatia should feel like a second-class citizen because of their gender or sexual orientation, President Zoran Milanovic said on Sunday.

In his post, Loftis Jr. says he’s tired of “being a second-class citizen to anyone screaming mindless chants that happen to align with the Leftists (phe cánh tả) running our bureaucracies (quan liêu).”

The father of Stephen Lawrence has said black people are still treated as second-class citizens in Britain, with police breaking promises to change they made two decades ago after being shamed by their failure to find his son’s racist killers.

In that, it suggests points will be awarded for being able to speak English to a certain standard, having a job offer from an approved employer and meeting a salary threshold of £25,600. But James said that makes lower-paid people second-class citizens.

Thu Phương

"Second place is the first loser" nghĩa là gì?

Thường người thắng cuộc mới là người được nhớ đến, vị trí số 2 hai số 3 đều như nhau cả. Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels

"Second place is the first loser" = về nhì nghĩa là thua cuộc -> nghĩa là trong thể thao, xếp vị trí thứ 2 chính là bạn đã không phải người dành được chiến thắng sau cùng. Câu nói phổ biển bởi tay đua xe Dale Earnhardt (1951–2001).

Ví dụ
"We are the first losers maybe, but I am quite happy with our second place in the WorldTour and our 47 wins," Denk tells Procycling.

As far as the “error” on the part of Chase, I almost believe he didn’t care if he wrecked both himself and Logano to avoid the dreaded second-place finish. After all, “second is the first loser.”

In the end I was awarded second place, with Pecoy and Pastrana both receiving penalties. Second may be the first loser, but I for sure felt pretty good about my performance here. No surprise that I'm at my best when the grip (phanh) is lowest.

Of course, that doesn't mean families can't embrace or promote a competitive spirit (tinh thần cạnh tranh) — whether it applies to grades or sports or lockdown Monopoly. But there's a continuum from a healthy approach to an unhealthy one, Capanna-Hodge warns. "At one end is a family who pushes their child to win and be the best and tells them, 'second place is only the first loser,'" she says.

Thu Phương

"Be second to none" nghĩa là gì?

Khách sạn có một không hai. Photo by Quark Studio from Pexels

"Be second to none" nghĩa là không có đối thủ, không chịu thua ai.

Ví dụ
The hotel’s location is second-to-none, primely in the Ladprao district and directly adjacent BTS SkyTrain Ha Yaek Lat Phrao (N9) station, making your city life a breeze.

The study also provides markets for various segments like end users, industries and size. It additionally gives second to none cutting edge estimations (ước tính vượt trội) to different essential elements including market size, share, net profit, sales, revenue, and growth rate.

And who, exactly, is the narrator (người tường thuật) on “False Prophet” when Dylan sings “I’m first among equals, second to none, last of the best, you can bury the rest"? Is it God? Or Satan? Or maybe Dylan, who is used to being heralded (báo trước) as a prophet (nhà tiên tri)?

“I have never been so moved or so inspired by a group of people before. Your resilience (khả năng phục hồi) is second to none,” she added, noting how proud she is to be involved with Grenfell United, a group working to create change to prevent a similar tragedy from ever taking place again.

Thu Phương

"Be second only to" nghĩa là gì?

Số liệu về COVID-19, đáng buồn là chỉ có tăng và tăng. Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

"Be second only to (someone or something)" nghĩa là chỉ đứng sau/ về sau người giỏi nhất thôi.

Ví dụ
During the lead-up to the last election, Howard himself repeatedly claimed that Australia was second only to Canada in the generosity (khoan hồng) of its treatment of refugees (dân tị nạn).

Brazil became the world No 2 hotspot for coronavirus cases on Friday, second only to the United States, after it confirmed that 330,890 people had been infected by the virus, overtaking Russia, the Health Ministry said.

For within a few months Priestley was to move from being a moderately (vừa phải) famous writer to a position where, via the Radio Postscripts, he was considered by some to be second only to Churchill in the public's mind.

John Locke has come to be identified as the most important English philosopher (nhà triết học), as the founder of what has become known as British Empiricism, and among political philosophers he ranks as second only to Thomas Hobbes.

Thu Phương

"Come a poor second" nghĩa là gì?

Xem TV chủ yếu là bật kênh thể thao. Photo by Roberto Nickson

"Come/be a poor second/third..." nghĩa là về thứ 2, xếp sau người đứng nhất một cách đáng tiếc.

Ví dụ
Sports programs were the most readily sold to advertisers (nhà quảng cáo), according to half of these respondents; news was a poor second, and a variety of other types were mentioned by six percent or less.

Worldwide ecological consequences (hệ quả sinh thái) come a poor second. The survival of indigenous (bản địa) peoples in this polluted and socially disrupted environment is often not even mentioned in the rare press articles on the area.

You often hear people saying they need to make time for these, as if relaxation, recreation (giải trí) and reflection (suy ngẫm) come a poor second to the job. The danger is that if you live to work, quality of life becomes a spinoff (lợi ích) rather than a goal.

The words take little or no notice of the pictures they were meant to accompany; the style is heavy, as written for the printed page and, most likely, the reader will come a poor second in the oral sprint (chạy nước rút) to finish the commentary before the tape runs out.

Thu Phương

"Vive la différence" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Daniel Reche on Pexels

"Vive la différence" -> câu tán thành về sự khác biệt, nhất là giữa hai giới tính.

Ví dụ
We are serving you in special and unexpected ways these days until we get back to a new normal. In the meantime, as French air conditioning experts would say, now is a good time to chill (thư giãn), smile and vive la différence.

Citroën, back in SA after a couple of years’ leave of absence, has always favoured a vive la différence approach (tiếp cận) and its latest exhibit is the C5 Aircross SUV, the flagship (trùm cuối) of its local range.

He added, "We are changed .. we shall be changed .. we will be in alternate (thay thế) .. moods and modes .. and so ..vive la difference."

Ngọc Lân

"Two-fisted drinker" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Helena Lopes on Unsplash

"Two-fisted drinker" = uống bằng cả hai tay -> nghĩa là người uống rất nhiều rượu, nghiện rượu.

Ví dụ
In my younger days, which date back to the last century, I was a two-fisted drinker, with a bottle in each hand and one large mouth to fill. In my older days, which date back to last month, I was a two-fisted feeder (cho ăn bằng cả hai tay), with a bottle in each hand and two small mouths to fill.

We know she smoked cigarettes, and she had a raft (một đống) of kids, so it isn't much of a stretch to think she was two fisted drinker, too.

Nothing like being a two-fisted drinker. It's kind of hoppy, I'd probably do pinot noir. I wouldn't do anything too enormous (to lớn), 'cause the beers gonna be pretty refreshing. I'd stick with the Pinot.

Ngọc Lân

Đầu tư tư nhân: Tạo sức bật cho tinh thần khởi nghiệp

có phải toàn thành công đâu, có thất bại chứ, nhưng đó là tự nguyện, và lỗi lầm được sửa sai,

còn đầu tư công ư, "rút sợi dây kinh nghiệm" qua thuế đánh lên đầu người dân, và trợ cấp cho thân hữu...
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 42 of the May 9th, 2020, draft of the superb forthcoming monograph from Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi, The Illiberal and Anti-Entrepreneurial State of Mariana Mazzucato:

We don’t say that every private investment (đầu tư tư nhân) is wise (thông minh, lõi đời). Remember the failure rate (tỷ lệ thất bại). But at least it is voluntary (tự nguyện), and correctible by failure, which the State can always avoid with additional coerced taxation (đánh thuế mang tính chất ép buộc) and the corresponding subsidy (trợ cấp) to its good friends (bạn thân).

DBx: Described here is yet another pesky (phiền toái, khó chịu) reality (thực tế) that is consistently ignored (thường xuyên bị bỏ qua/phớt lờ) by proponents (người ủng hộ) of industrial policy (chính sách công nghiệp).

Sinh ra ở vạch đích

rich kid thì cũng có đứa ngu và thất bại thôi -> tức là kinh tế thị trường ko chịu khuất phục trước "ưu tiên/biệt đãi", thế còn nhà nước thì ko chịu khuất phục privilege nào?
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 48 of the May 9th, 2020, draft of the forthcoming monograph from Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi, The Illiberal and Anti-Entrepreneurial State of Mariana Mazzucato:

Some rich kids will do well: being born to an affluent father does not inevitably imply stupidity. Some others will do badly and fail. That he or she fails, despite coming from a position of privilege, suggests that the market economy does not bow to privilege per se. Yet what State does not bow to privilege?

"Secret weapon" nghĩa là gì?

Anh là vô đối - Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo by Cristiano Ronaldo Mexico

"Secret weapon" = vũ khí bí mật -> nghĩa là người/vật/phương thức tấn công bí mật mà đối thủ không biết. Thuật ngữ này sử dụng phổ biến trong Thế chiến II, rằng tin đồn Hitler sẽ phóng một vũ khí bí mật siêu khủng chống lại Anh.

Ví dụ
Man Utd may have secret weapon for Premier League restart who is like Cristiano Ronaldo.

As the OnePlus 8T nears its official launch, the smartphone has a secret weapon that might topple (lật đổ) many flagship devices, particularly the Galaxy Note 20.

The experimental (thử nghiệm) race car was supposed to be Shelby's “secret weapon” for the 1964 Le Mans race, and one test driver estimated that it could have cracked 200 mph.

Trump is already locking, loading and weaponizing (vũ khí hóa) for target practice on this one. He may even want to start secretly funding the defunders. They may become his secret weapon.

Thu Phương

"Trade secret" nghĩa là gì?

Chỉ thỏa thuận được khi đôi bên cùng có lợ. Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

"Trade secret" = bí mật thương mại -> nghĩa là bí mật, bí quyết trong nghề.

Ví dụ
We urge the New Jersey courts to follow what appears to be a majority (and growing) position in support of relief for the possessor, and not just the owner, of the trade secret.

Hytera Communications filed (đệ trình) an opposition against Motorola Solutions’ motion for a permanent injunction (lệnh huấn thị) in the ongoing theft of trade secrets lawsuit between the two companies.

Trade secrets are frequently licensed (cấp phép), and these decisions give the licensee, as well as the owner, the right and standing to protect their secrecy and be compensated (bồi thường) for unlawful disclosure and use.

Although China has for some time now shown interest in trade secret reform, this week’s trade secret draft Judicial Interpretation undoubtedly was motivated in part by recent trade negotiations (đàm phán), including the Phase One Agreement. But this most recent pronouncement seems in some respects to go beyond what was required.

Thu Phương

"Top secret" nghĩa là gì?

Bí mật quân sự. Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

"Top secret" = tuyệt mật -> nghĩa là bí mật tuyệt đối, không được tiết lộ dù trong trường hợp nào.

Ví dụ
Players once again found themselves in the first person sequence, where “top secret” folders sat on the desk but couldn’t be examined.

In fact, there’s going to be more to the special than meets the eye, with the Phoebe star teasing that there’s extra elements they’re keeping top secret.

The Australian rapper, 30, took a leaf out of Kylie Jenner's book when she kept her pregnancy top-secret after the lipkit mogul (người có thế lực) famously didn't reveal her baby Stormi until she was born.

It is likely that the specifics of the invasion (xâm lược) plans were marked as “top secret” and therefore could not be shared through the intranet (mạng nội bộ) system run on the Turkish military’s email exchange servers.

Thu Phương

"Make no secret of" nghĩa là gì?

Không cần cảm thấy xấu hổ khi mình học yếu, miễn là bạn không ngừng cố gắng. Photo by Bruno Cervera from Pexels

"Make no secret of (something)" nghĩa là không che giấu bí mật nào cả.

Ví dụ
I made no secret of it. I mentioned it once, twice, or three times; I conceived that I had a right to do it.

We made no secret of the fact that we were brothers but we did keep secret not only the fact that we were good friends but that Harry had set me up in business!

Moreover, he made no secret of the fact that during the past few months, had it not been for Madame Permon and Junot, who was also present, he would positively have starved (chết đói).

I also made no secret that I had struggled with the English language for many years, and that in some ways, I was still struggling. I wanted to make sure my students knew that I understood where they were coming from.

Thu Phương

"In secret" nghĩa là gì?

Họp kín. Photo by Jessica Da Rosa on Unsplash

"In secret" nghĩa là không để người khác biết, bí mật, riêng tư.

Ví dụ
The terror attacks (tấn công khủng bố) prompted national security officials to have a more secure bunker (hầm trú ẩn) built in secret.

In their first socially distanced meeting since lockdown, Aslan have filmed a video for their new single Hold On in secret at Dublin Port.

Leaders of the UK’s car industry have been in secret discussions with the Government about a car scrappage (xe cũ thải bỏ) scheme to help revive vehicle sales.

“Taxpayers spend billions of dollars on government programs, and they have a right to know how those dollars are spent under the Freedom of Information Act,” Walinchus said. “Yet a large, well-outfitted government agency patrols (tuần tra) Northern Ohio, and right now they essentially operate in secret. We are committed to reporting on this discrepancy (sự trái ngược).”

Thu Phương

"Deep, dark secret" nghĩa là gì?

Họ xứng đáng được hạnh phúc như bao cặp đôi khác. Photo by Wallace Araujo from Pexels

"Deep, dark secret" = bí mật sâu kín -> nghĩa là bí mật thầm kín, cực kỳ riêng tư, đáng xấu hổ.

Ví dụ
“I always regarded being gay as a deep, dark secret I could never reveal to anybody, especially in the workplace,” he said.

Run has finally revealed Billy's deep, dark secret about his and Ruby's eloping and it's something that'll change their love-life forever.

However, there’s a deep dark secret to the planet that you’ll explore through the. Humans are not the only ones who’ve tried to colonise (xâm chiếm) the planet.

After successful brain surgery in 1997, the TV star decided it was time to go public. During a 1998 interview with People, Fox opened up about his private struggle. He said: "It's not that I had a deep, dark secret. It was just my thing to deal with..."

Thu Phương

"Can you keep a secret" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

"Can you keep a secret?" nghĩa là người hỏi muốn kể bí mật cho bạn nhưng cần bạn phải giữ nó không được nói cho ai.

Ví dụ
Do you want to know a secret? essst! Can you keep a secret? Do you promise not to tell? I've never told anybody else this, but...

Gaeit has given me plenty of time to fulfill my promise. The more time that she has given me, the less time I have to fulfill the promise. This is why I am here to meet you. Can you keep a secret?

I could feel his eyes as if they were hands, up and down, following this curve and that. He stopped behind me. “Can you keep a secret, little girl?” I wasn't sure if I should answer. “It's okay. Go ahead and tell me.”

Our It Girl Alexandra Daddario has been in the headlines for her affairs for quite some time. The actress is famous for her roles as Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series, Blake Gaines in San Andreas in 2015, Emma Corrigan in can you keep a secret?

Thu Phương

"Best-kept secret" nghĩa là gì?

Croatia xinh đẹp. Photo by Lucian Petronel Potlog from Pexels

"Best-kept secret" -> nghĩa là khía cạnh/nơi (địa điểm du lịch) ít được biết đến nhưng đáng được quan tâm.

Ví dụ
Why go to Italy or France when you can find that mix in Istria, the best-kept secret in Croatia?

Recent Angels news is that David Fletcher has been named as the best-kept secret on the team heading into the 2020 season.

Bleacher Report recently compiled (biên soạn) a list of each team’s best-kept secret, and the outlet picks a Minnesota player who could come in and start in 2020.

Parrsboro is sometimes described as “Nova Scotia’s best kept secret.” Harness racing could be considered a secret within a secret in the Cumberland County community, which ceased to be a town after 2016.

Thu Phương

"A magician never reveals his secrets" nghĩa là gì?

Nếu cho bạn biết bí quyết thì còn gì thần bí nữa. Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

"A magician never reveals his secrets" = ảo thuật gia không bao giờ tiết lộ bí quyết của mình -> nghĩa là người không muốn tiết lộ hoặc giải thích về điều gì.

Ví dụ
And just like a magician never reveals his tricks, a Sol never reveals his secrets—not even in his memoir (hồi ký).

He wanted to say that a magician never reveals his secrets, but it was obvious she was not in the mood for levity (nhẹ dạ, khinh suất).

A good magician never reveals his secrets. For Southern California entertainer Anthony The Magic, business has all but disappeared thanks to the coronavirus. “It’s been the longest time I’ve never done magic for,” says Hernandez.

For this latest improvisation (ứng biến), for example, absolutely no computers, ovedubs or editing were involved, with Carla and Kurt instead opting for “amplified (khuếch đại) objects, pitch-shifted (đổi tông giọng) vinyl, voice… and other stuff”. Because true magicians never reveal all their secrets.

Thu Phương

"Your secret is safe with me" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

"(One's) secret is safe with (one)"= bí mật của bạn được an toàn -> nghĩa là tớ sẽ không nói với ai về bí mật này đâu.

Ví dụ
Well, I'll tell you what, your secret is safe with me, too. So fill in the blanks for me and we'll be even.

I came here to tell you that your secret is safe with me. There is no reason I would tell anybody about your grandfather and Scott.

Your secret is safe with me. But why should it be a secret? If it be one, it is less than the one I have to tell. You had good reason to hate the old fellow, if my deductions (suy đoán) are correct.

It's alright poor little baby, don't you worry your secret is safe with me, I knew about it since the day you came to the palace. And I am sure your secret is safe with the prince too. You don't have to worry, nobody will harm you.

Thu Phương

"Make heavy weather of" nghĩa là gì?

Tôi chán lắm rồi! Photo courtesy: Erin Singleton

"Make heavy weather of" = làm thành cơn bão -> biến sự việc trở nên khó khăn, phức tạp hơn để thể hiện sự bất đồng; "bé xé ra to".

Ví dụ
So it is not surprising that adolescents (vị thành niên) sometimes make heavy weather of the whole process.

Poland gets 80% of its energy from coal. There are 90,000 people working as miners, and 90,000 more work in mining-related companies. But even if Polish politicians make heavy weather of setting long-term climate goals, recent years have seen coal mining being systematically (có hệ thống) wound down (thu hẹp lại) amid a reduction of jobs in the sector.

Although of course (tất nhiên) Boris is walking a tightrope (đi chênh vênh) even harder and higher than any of his last three predecessors (người tiền nhiệm), he doesn’t make heavy weather of the fact. There is a liberating power to ebullience (nhiệt tình). It is not quite charisma (uy tín; đức tính gây được lòng tin; sức thu hút của lãnh tụ (đối với quần chúng)) – an artificial construct in my opinion – but it certainly is star quality.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Knock him for six" nghĩa là gì?

Không học lịch sử sao?

trái với chủ nghĩa dân tộc là chủ nghĩa cá nhân (chủ nghĩa tự do),
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from this recent EconLog blog post by Scott Sumner:

Every time I read an intellectual defending nationalism I think to myself; “Have these people not studied history?” Haven’t we been here before?

DBx: The alternative to nationalism is not, as is believed by many, one-world government (chính phủ một-thế-giới). Nor is the alternative a romantic transformation of human beings into loving members of the giant family “Humankind.”

The alternative to nationalism is individualism (lý thuyết ủng hộ sự tự do hành động và tự do tín ngưỡng hoàn toàn cho mỗi cá nhân (đối lập với lý thuyết ủng hộ quyền tối cao của nhà nước); chủ nghĩa cá nhân). And of course by individualism is not meant atomism. By individualism is meant liberalism (chủ nghĩa tự do), as this term was originally understood.

Liberalism rejects the notion that society, the nation, and the market are sentient creatures with preferences and goals and feelings and expectations. Liberalism recognizes that choices are made only by individuals and that experiences are had – are sensed, are expected, are evaluated – only by individuals. Liberalism regards the individual as the measure of all things social.

And – pay close attention collectivists of all stripes – true liberals not only recognize, but celebrate, the fact that individuals use their freedom to act in ways that create bonds of cooperation with other individuals.

Some of these bonds, such as those that form the family, are intimate and understandable to the human mind. Other of these bonds, such as most of those that are formed by commerce, are “arms’-length.” But all of these bonds are natural, in the sense that they arise from human nature.

The full pattern of commercial bonds that make possible modern society are designed by no one and undesignable by anyone. And so to understand complex commercial bonds requires an active application of human intelligence. Whether it be from inability or unwillingness, many people – including many intelligent people – refuse to apply their intelligence to understand the nature of these complex commercial bonds. These people, fearing what they do not understand, lash out at extensive commerce. They blame it for ills that it does not cause, and they refuse to credit it for the countless benefits that it does bring.

Nationalism – by creating the false impression (ấn tượng giả tạo) that the nation is a large family (quốc gia-dân tộc là gia đình lớn) with interests ultimately opposed by foreigners – artificially obstructs individuals’ efforts to form peaceful, productive commercial ties with each other if those ties happen to cross political boundaries (qua các biên giới chính trị).

It’s stupid. It’s dangerous. (thật ngu dốt và nguy hiểm) It’s nationalism.

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