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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

"Leave a great deal to be desired" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by dylan nolte

"Leave a great deal to be desired" -> nghĩa là không hài lòng/không cân bằng; thiếu hoặc không đủ như yêu cầu hoặc mong muốn.

Ví dụ
The British Royal family is one of the richest in term of history. Unfortunately, some of the decisions they took years ago leave a great deal to be desired. Blacklisting some of its members from their family is one of them.

SS Sergio Alcantara could still squeak (kêu rít) out a utility role someday thanks to strong defensive chops, but he’s the clear 40th man on the roster because his offensive tools leave a great deal to be desired.

Some of the local road surfaces leave a great deal to be desired – try cycling east along Brandy Hole Lane! More use could be made of contrary cycle traffic in a one way street, as is almost standard in the Low Countries. The cycle track too often disappears at a road junction, for instance at the western ends of The Avenue and The Broadway.

Companies have a responsibility to society. They should report regularly on what they are doing to satisfy it. Although the major capital market–oriented companies already publish reports on so-called corporate social responsibility they leave a great deal to be desired. Among other things, there is no specific reporting on working and employment conditions in the company as a whole, workers’ participation, assisting disadvantaged people and reconciliation of work and family life. In future, works councils should be involved in the production of such reports. There should also be obligatory reports on compliance with human rights and environmental standards along the supply chain.

Ka Tina

"Leave in ruins" nghĩa là gì?

"Leave (something) in ruins" -> nghĩa là để lại cái gì trong tình trạng đổ nát; hoàn toàn phá hủy cái gì.

Ví dụ
Four years later, the KMT finds itself in a position superficially similar to that of the DPP in 2008, but in reality, far worse. The DPP, post 2008, was a demoralised, badly beaten party. However, it had a trump card that is yet to fully materialise: rapidly changing demographics that leave in ruins the traditional “green” south, “blue” north divide.

The last few days of spontaneous (tự động, tự ý) and uncontainable protests, looting, and arson (sự đốt phá, cố ý gây hỏa hoạn) will leave in ruins a regime (đế chế, chế độ) that in the eyes of the working and poor masses has long worn out its welcome. This is just the beginning they tell us, and as the fires spread and burn out, Chile will be transformed irreversibly. But when the smoke clears, what will the new Chile look like?

Somewhere along the way, a bunch of people decided prioritizing shareholders (cổ đông) above success and fan experience was just the way things ought to be. That making an extra buck at everyone else’s expense was the cost of doing business. That because a company or a corporation was incentivized to do something — or more accurately, was not incentivized not to do something — they bore no responsibility for their actions. None of this holds objective truth. We have agency and responsibility that extends beyond our incentives, or else they would be called mandates (chỉ thị, lệnh). We can hold people responsible for the communities they leave in ruins in the reckless pursuit of the bottom line. We can choose differently.

Ka Tina

"Bread-and-butter letter" nghĩa là gì?

"Bread-and-butter letter" = lá thư bánh và bơ -> nghĩa là thư cảm ơn chủ nhà về sự đón tiếp niềm nở, cho ăn uống hậu hĩ.

Ví dụ
School apologises for 'bread and butter' letter for pupils who forgot lunch money.

Growing up well before the Digital Age, I spent many hours as a child putting pen to paper, scribbling, scrawling, doodling, or composing what my tradition-minded (tư tưởng truyền thống) parents called “bread and butter letters,” short, handwritten notes sent to thank someone who provided some form of hospitality (sự hiếu khách).

For those who wrote in praise of Heidi’s pie recipe, I will pass on your collective thanks here. For others who wanted my insight into her secret picking grounds, go find your own thrill on your own huckleberry (cây việt quất) hill. (She wouldn’t even trust that secret with me). But keep writing. I love your letters, the bread-and-butter kind, the quizzical kind, the holding-me-accountable kind. All of them. They are my insight into a community, my slice of pie, if you will.

Ka Tina

“Butter-and-egg man” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tim Mossholder

“Butter-and-egg man” = người toàn bơ với trứng -> nghĩa là người giàu có, thanh cao và sống rất tự do/thoải mái ở thành phố lớn. Cụm từ này có thể bắt nguồn từ những năm 1920 khi những triệu phú mới thích khoe về sự giàu sang của mình (thường họ đến từ vùng nông thôn).

Ví dụ
“Champ, champ. Tell me about your Fiery Francophile. The Parisian Torpedo, Tony Parker,” Popovich was implored by 1920s-style prank reporter Scoops Callahan. “Can he continue to be your main butter and egg man and still crunk the boys from big D?”

Pappas and his brother John, the Vice Chairman of Chefs’ Warehouse, run the company, inspired by their father Peter Pappas who was a “butter and egg man” years ago, selling from his truck, the brothers said in a video on the company’s website. Peter Pappas and his cousin, Greek Cypriot immigrants (người nhập cư) and Korean War veterans founded the Veterans’ Butter and Egg Company in 1956, providing butter, eggs and cheeses to many New York City restaurants.

To get you started, type “NBC GOW” into YouTube’s search box to unlock a few decades’ worth of Game of the Week broadcasts, distant Saturday afternoons encased in digital amber (hổ phách kỹ thuật số). “…and that’s in there,” says Vin Scully of a Jack Morris fastball to Carlton Fisk. It’s April of 1984, early in the Tigers’ incredible run at the beginning of their championship season. Morris is just beginning to no-hit Tony La Russa’s White Sox. Big Greg Luzinski (“Here comes a butter and egg man,” says Vin) puts his weight behind a Morris offering and knocks it toward center, only to have the Chicago breeze nudge it down where it settles into Chet Lemon’s glove.

Ka Tina

“Fine words butter no parsnips” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Toa Heftiba

“Fine words butter no parsnips” có butter là bợ đỡ, nịnh hót-> cụm từ này nghĩa là những lời nói ngon ngọt không mang lại lợi ích gì cả; lời hứa suông không đảm bảo mọi điều sẽ xảy ra.

Ví dụ
To paraphrase Bill Clinton aide James Carville, “it’s electability (khả năng được bầu/được chọn), stupid”. As Bernie Sanders has discovered in the US Democratic primaries, and Rebecca Long-Bailey is discovering in British Labour’s equivalent, fine words butter no parsnips. It seems it is no longer the programme that matters, no matter how close to the hearts of members, but whether the candidate is perceived capable of beating Donald Trump/Boris Johnson.

Fine words butter no parsnips. What matters is not intentions, but actions. Supposedly temporary purchases of government bonds, or the direct monetary (tiền tệ) financing now imposed by the UK Treasury, might well become permanent. Indeed, in the case of the expansions of central bank balance sheets over the past 12 years, it probably has. This is an embarrassing truth that dares not speak its name. Yet supposedly irreversible monetary financing might ultimately be reversed. As the French say, “Il n’y a que le provisoire qui dure.” (“Only the temporary endures.”)

Guardian v Westminster - referred to extensively by the Supreme Court—involved a successful journalist’s application for release of court material from criminal proceedings. Toulson LJ explains at [1] (cited by Lady Hale) ‘open justice’: ‘Open justice. The words express a principle at the heart of our system of justice and vital to the rule of law. The rule of law is a fine concept but fine words butter no parsnips. How is the rule of law itself to be policed? It is an age old question. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes—who will guard the guards themselves? In a democracy, where power depends on the consent (sự chấp nhận, ưng thuận) of the people governed, the answer must lie in the transparency (sự minh bạch) of the legal process (quy trình pháp lý)….’

Ka Tina

“As happy as a clam in butter sauce” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Antonino Visalli

“As happy as a clam in butter sauce/salt water” = vui như chấm hến với sốt bơ/vui như hến ở dưới biển-> nghĩa là vui mừng, hớn hở và mãn nguyện vô cùng.

Ví dụ
"I know people think it's drastic (quyết liệt) when they hear that," she told People. "But I have such rough pregnancies. I would have been as happy as a clam in salt water with just Max. So this is just the icing on the cake."

After lunch today I’m headed over to Mom’s house on a mission of mercy to see if the two of us can somehow lure (dỗ dành) Lily down. Unfortunately, Lily is scared of me and also seems to be as happy as a clam in butter sauce in her new snoozing spot. We’ll see what we can do.

It was a house that we didn't need. It had a pool. The grandkids of our neighbors were now swimming in it. It wasn't necessarily because we were ready to move, it just felt like it was the right time. This is the first time in my life with a house with attached garage, so I'm as happy as a clam in butter sauce in Birmingham.

Ka Tina

15 doanh nghiệp Nhật Bản chuyển nhà máy từ Trung Quốc sang Việt Nam

15 doanh nghiệp Nhật Bản chuyển nhà máy từ Trung Quốc sang Việt Nam

Tổ chức Xúc tiến Mậu dịch Nhật Bản (Jetro) vừa công bố sách 87 doanh nghiệp Nhật Bản được hỗ trợ chuyển hoạt động sản xuất ra khỏi Trung Quốc, trong đó 15 doanh nghiệp chuyển sang Việt Nam.

Trong số 15 doanh nghiệp chuyển sang Việt Nam, có 7 doanh nghiệp sản xuất vật tư y tế, có 5 doanh nghiệp lớn đóng vai trò quan trọng trong chuỗi cung ứng cho các ngành sản xuất thiết bị điện tử và xe hơi.

Nào mình cùng hót lên nào

các đồng minh mỹ đồng lòng có tiếng nói, phản ứng, và hành động mạnh mẽ hơn đối với các chính sách/hành động của tq, ví dụ Luật An ninh Quốc gia gây tranh cãi

Five Eyes, liên minh về công nghệ gián điệp giữa Mỹ, Anh, Úc, Canada và New Zealand. Vương quốc Anh mở đường nhập cư cho cư dân Hồng Kông với quyền có hộ chiếu ở nước ngoài của Anh, úc gia hạn thị thực, có thể cấp quyền công dân,

Liên minh Nghị viện về Trung Quốc (IPAC) tổ chức các hoạt động liên quan đến Trung Quốc để các thành viên của mình lan truyền tại chính đất nước họ.

...Bắc Kinh áp mức thuế lên đến 80,5% đối với lúa mạch nhập khẩu từ Úc (tq thường nhập khẩu khoảng nửa số lúa mạch của Úc). tq cũng áp dụng thuế quan đối với thịt bò Úc, và đại sứ của Trung Quốc tại Úc, ông Cheng Jingye, kêu gọi người dân tq tẩy chay rượu vang, du lịch và các trường đại học Úc,

Angela Merkel vẫn mềm mỏng và gần gũi với tq, vì thương mại và thế giới cần sự hợp tác của tq về môi trường...
This coordination has been most obvious in their strong reactions (phản ứng mạnh mẽ) to China's imposition (sự áp đặt) of a controversial (gây tranh cãi) National Security Law (luật an ninh quốc gia), which undermines (xói mòn, làm suy yếu) Hong Kong's autonomy (quyền tự trị), a status that was supposed to be guaranteed until 2047 by a legal agreement with the United Kingdom.

The language used and actions taken by Western powers to condemn this law has, in many cases, been the same.

Take the Five Eyes, an intelligence-based partnership between the United States, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Four of its members issued a swift joint statement condemning (lên án) China for passing the law, and defending Hong Kong as a "bastion (pháo đài, thành trì, thành lũy) of freedom (tự do)," in a rare open show of unity. Only New Zealand opted out of the statement.

The UK has confirmed it will open a pathway for citizenship (quyền công dân) for Hong Kong residents with the right to a British National Overseas passport, which includes potentially around 3 million Hong Kongers. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said he had raised the issue of "burden sharing" with the Five Eyes, if there is a mass exodus (di cư hàng loạt) from the city.

Australia has already extended visas for Hong Kongers in the country, also opening a route for citizenship, while Canada is looking at ways to "boost" migration from the city. Australia has suspended (đình chỉ, hoãn, tạm ngưng) its extradition treaty (hiệp định dẫn độ) with Hong Kong, as has Canada, while the US, UK and New Zealand are all reviewing their treaties.

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