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Thursday, December 3, 2020

"A point of pride" nghĩa là gì?

"A point of pride" có pride là tự hào -> cụm từ này nghĩa là vấn đề, chủ đề, điều có tầm quan trọng lớn đối với danh dự, tiếng tăm của một người.

Ví dụ
Skogmo received a shock on his first day on the job, July 19, when “our beloved and long-term daycare provider (Diane Ullyot) retired (nghỉ hưu),” he said. “That KidsFirst Preschool program was such a point of pride.”

Failing a Democratic upset in Georgia, Mr Biden’s main weapon will be charm. Unlike Mr Obama, Mr Biden enjoys befriending (làm bạn) opponents, especially when they are implacable (không thể làm nguôi được). He makes it a point of pride to find the sweet spot where compromise can be struck.

Andrei Sytko, a former public prosecutor (ủy viên công tố), told DW that such widespread violence had not been unleashed "since the 1990s." He said it had once been a point of pride for police that they had not used excessive force.

The Arecibo Observatory was the largest radio telescope (kính viễn vọng) in the world and a point of pride for Puerto Ricans, whether they were in science or not. About 90,000 islanders and tourists visited the observatory (đài quan sát) every year, a boon to the region.

Ngọc Lân

"Take a straw poll" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy : Gage Skidmore

"Take a straw poll" có straw là hình nộm (hình nhân thế mạng) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tiến hành cuộc bỏ phiếu hoặc khảo sát không chính thức nhằm đánh giá ý kiến của công chúng về một vấn đề hoặc một ứng cử viên chính trị.

Ví dụ
A sample of straw polls and gambling odds (tỷ lệ cá cược) show the advantage of Florida’s Kyle Trask declined (giảm) while Jones led (dẫn đầu) one of the two polls.

But I’m sure if you were to take a straw poll and ask who has impressed (gây ấn tượng) most during the Covid-19 crisis, Jacinda Ardern would be the near the top of many people’s lists.

On Monday, commissioners (các ủy viên) decided rather than (thay vì) take a vote, to simply take a straw poll on the Meeting House development — the largest subdivision (phân khu) to come before the commission in decades (thập kỷ).

Thùy Dương

"Not care two straws" nghĩa là gì?

Vài ba cọng rơm thôi ấy mà :D Photo courtesy: Anvilcloud

"Not care two straws" (about something or someone) = không quan tâm hai cọng rơm -> nghĩa là không quan tâm dù là nhỏ nhất (về ai hoặc điều gì); không coi trọng, cóc cần.

Ví dụ
He is in no hurry, and does not care two straws where he is going.

I haven't cared two straws for the show ever since they killed off my favorite character.

I don't care two straws about making money, I just want to do something with my life that makes life better for others.

Although it is not yet clear where the virus originated (bắt nguồn), it is safe to assume (giả định), based on various medical journals (tạp chí y tế), that the coronavirus came from a live wild animal (động vật hoang dã) being traded in a market in Wuhan, China. But the world doesn't seem to care two straws about it.

“We met Everton in the final of the Liverpool Senior Cup at Anfield, starting fifteen minutes after the Sheffield match. Though our minds were more on what was taking place at Bramall Lane than at Anfield, we defeated Everton 2-1. “But the last ten minutes were a mere formality, for the news had been given over the loud-speakers that Stoke had been defeated (thất bại) and the title (danh hiệu) was ours. “The crowd didn’t care two straws what happened after that. All they wanted was the final whistle (tiếng còi chung cuộc), so they could come swarming over the ground from the Kop and Kemlyn Road and carry us off the field. It was a scene of amazing enthusiasm.”

Thùy Dương

"Grasping at straws" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy : invision3r

"Grasping at straws" = nắm chặt cọng rơm -> nghĩa là nỗ lực tuyệt vọng để cứu vãn tình hình tồi tệ; gần giống 'chết đuối vớ được cọc'.

Ví dụ 
“They’re grasping at straws and trying to do some sort (loại) of fishing expedition (cuộc thám hiểm).”

The candidate was losing the debate (cuộc tranh luận) badly. He kept grasping at straws, bringing up any little thing he thought might discredit (làm mất uy tín) his opponent.”

Arthur was going to be laid off (sa thải) from work, but when they called him in he immediately brought up the fact that he had never taken a sick day in five years. He knew he was just grasping at straws.

Thùy Dương

"Within its rights" nghĩa là gì?

Luật sinh ra là để tuân theo. Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

"Within (one's) rights" = trong quyền hạn của bạn -> nghĩa là tuân thủ luật pháp, cư xử đúng quyền hạn.

Ví dụ
City of Kamloops CAO David Trawin said the union is within its rights to seek arbitration (trọng tài). However, he said the city is of the stance (lập trường) that the decision will improve community safety. 

He said that the unions were approaching the matter narrowly by arguing there was a contract between workers and the employer, whereas if the act was applied, the court would find that the government was well within its rights not to implement (thực hiện) the deal.

While the HCSO determined that Zulliger was within his rights to shoot the 6-month old French bulldog, the family says it has serious concerns about Zulliger’s lack of remorse (hối cải) and his quick decision to shoot the puppy with their 10-year-old looking on 30 to 40 feet away.

As Harry walked across the prison yard on his way to meet a date in Glasgow, the governor called him back to see Manuel, saying he could spend as long as he liked with him and that he was "perfectly within his right to discuss the case." He went back inside and remained with Manuel for a further two hours.

Thu Phương

"Read their rights" nghĩa là gì?

"Ông có quyền giữ im lặng và mời luật sư..." Photo by NikNoonan

"Read (one) (one's) rights" nghĩa là tuyên bố cho ai quyền và lợi ích của họ (trước khi bị bắt), ví dụ quyền giữ im lặng (quyền Miranda).

Ví dụ
Immediately thereafter he was read his rights and informed of the charges against him by an investigator (điều tra viên) from the OTP. 

I asked Joe if he had been read his rights by the Ohio troopers and he said that he had. I asked him if he still understood his right not to talk and to have an attorney (luật sư) present, and he stated he did.

As a result of the Miranda v. Arizona case, a captured suspect (nghi phạm) has the right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during questioning. Police officers are reminded, when arresting (bắt giữ) suspects, to “read them their rights.” Failure to do so can result in a case being thrown out of court.

"And the American authorities have a mandated (bắt buộc) tradition. Anyone they take into custody (giam giữ) they must first read them Miranda rights. If they fail to, the legal case dissolves and the criminal is set free.” he added, “They can't even interrogate (thẩm vấn) the subject without reading them their rights.”

Thu Phương

"The price is right" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Steyn Viljoen from Pexels

"The price is right" nghĩa là giá chuẩn, giá mặt hàng mà người tiêu dùng chấp nhận chi. "The price is right" cũng là tên của game show "Hãy chọn giá đúng".

Ví dụ
I really can't see the problem. This is a lovely, well-kept house. The price is right. The only thing I can see wrong is that it is a high ranch (trang trại) style, which is the least popular.

There may be two reasons for the difference. First , consumers may be more sensitive to price changes in the very short run and are willing to substitute (thay thế) significant amounts of pork for the other meats if the price is right... . 

Have you ever seen the game show The Price Is Right? The host challenges contestants (thí sinh) to guess the prices of different pieces of merchandise (hàng hóa). Guessing the right price can win you cash and all sorts of valuable prizes.

What these studies suggest is that trust and loyalty are important in business, but only as long as the price is right. Trust, reciprocity (có đi có lại) and loyalty are not an alternative to the price mechanism and price competition, they are a complement (bổ sung) to it.

Thu Phương

"Right on the button" nghĩa là gì?

Bạn đúng, mời bạn sang phải. :D Photo by Martin Deutsch

"Right on the button" hoặc "right on the nail/money" đều nghĩa là cực kỳ chính xác, rất đúng.

Ví dụ
Jay Zdora did a cartwheel (nhào lộn) and caught me right on the button with his heel on full swing back at a 1039 party.

You're right on the button about that. I'm an Aries (Bạch Dương) march 24th. I came to the realization that I've been looking for the wrong woman most of my life. A petite (nhỏ nhắn) girl with a napoleanic complex (phức tạp) is not for me.

No real fighter walks forward like that while getting hit with “hard punches”. I feel like he completely meant to get hit like that. That right hook was so poorly thrown and to let hit you right on the button and drop like you got ROCKED is crazy lol but eh.

A: "The most stressed out I've ever been about Christmas was when I was 16 and I got my first ever job, working at M&S in Dundrum. As soon as I started I kept hearing these myths about the Christmas Eve Waste Sale, where all the food that wasn't sold on the 24th was marked down 90%."
B: "Daughter works with M&S and this is right on the button. We have never had the courage to do the whole Christmas waste dinner but could have easily."

Thu Phương

"Right in the kisser" nghĩa là gì?

Ouch! Photo by Mrs. Gemstone

"Right in the kisser" nghĩa là trực diện, một cú đúng vào mồm (đấm...)

Ví dụ
His challenge: Raise $2,000 and he promised to let someone hit him with a pie. Pow! — right in the kisser.

I stopped at the dumpster (thùng rác) to throw out a cup from my car. I was being lazy and tossed it from the gate and right as I let go a bird flew out of the dumpster and the cup hit it right in the kisser. Sorry buddy.

It was really such a simple shot (cảnh quay)- Timmy enters from the right into an establishing shot, delivers his line, cuing Scuffles, who pirouettes (xoay tròn) into the shot with the pie, the camera moves with him as he dances toward Daddy, and pow, right in the kisser!

Sadly, if I even hear one negative comment about the church, it hurts. When I asked if she had ever heard about our church, she said: "That's where, so and so goes to church, right?" She called the name of one of our church leaders. I said: "Yes, do you know him?" She responded by saying, "I sure do, and I don't think I want to go to your church, if he's there!" Pow, right in the kisser. Ouch, that hurt! 

Thu Phương

"Right foot foremost" nghĩa là gì?

Mình thích bước chân nào chả được. Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

"Right foot foremost" = bước chân phải trước -> nghĩa là theo quan niệm của người La Mã cổ, nên bước vào phòng bằng chân phải trước để lấy may.

Ví dụ
If, therefore, you have carelessly done so, you must avert (ngăn) the mischief (mối nguy hại) by going out , and making your entrance a second time with the right foot foremost .

Upon getting out of bed in the morning, always put the right foot foremost. Slightly altered, this injunction (lệnh) has been turned into the familiar saying: “Put your best foot foremost.” 

You will put your right foot foremost in crossing the threshold (ngưỡng cửa) of the humblest dwelling (nơi ở), and treat the inmates (bạn cùng nhà) as if they were worshippers (người thờ phượng) in a temple , having respect to the image of God which each of them wears , and to the house of God, which each private house ought to be.

Although the advantage of keeping the right foot foremost was perceived early, it was not thought necessary to keep it steadily foremost. It was quite permissible (có thể chấp nhận) to bring the left foot to the fore , not always for the sake of using the dagger, but to facilitate a quick twist round of the body, the enormous danger run being overlooked.

Thu Phương

"Right as a trivet" nghĩa là gì?

Luôn giữ cho mình ở trạng thái tốt. Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

"(As) right as a trivet" = vững như kiềng ba chân -> nghĩa là hoàn toàn đúng; khỏe mạnh, trong tình trạng tốt.

Ví dụ
Gwendolen is as right as a trivet. As far as she is concerned we are engaged. Though, her mother is perfectly unbearable.

I triumph over oneself, I trim total terrorism (khủng bố), I triturate (nghiền nát) own traumas (tổn thương). Be the most trim triumphal triumphant (đắc thắng) self as right as a trivet.

You get so cranky (cau có) and misanthropy (hận đời) when you're feeling peckish (đói), dearest Boë. Getting back into training will make you right as a trivet!

Well but...then Master & Mistress would not have removed here from Tunbridge Wells with us so I should have been right as a trivet. Mayhap we would instead have gone to Bath - which be a faraway city I hath often longed to visit!

Thu Phương

"Right to work" nghĩa là gì?

Quyền cơ bản cần phải có. Photo by United Steelworkers

"Right to work" nghĩa là quyền được làm việc. Tại Mỹ, luật "right-to-work" là một luật cơ bản cho phép người lao động có quyền tự do lựa chọn tham gia công đoàn hay không tại nơi làm việc. Luật này cũng cho phép người lao động quyết định có đóng phí công đoàn hay những loại phí thành viên khác cho công đoàn hay không, kể cả khi người lao động đó có tham gia công đoàn hay không.

Ví dụ
It also included the basis for Right-to-Work laws, federally outlawing (cấm) “Union Shops.” A union shop (công xưởng) is any workplace in which an employer either agrees to only hire members of a union, or there is a portion of a union contract in which new employees will be required to become members of the union within a certain period of time. 

Along with this work from modern historians, Right-to-Work was a contentious (gây tranh cãi) topic for many American figures in the 20th century. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about them in 1961, saying “In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right to work.’ It is a law to rob (cướp) us of our civil rights and our job rights. Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and collective bargaining (thương lượng tập thể).”

Legislation (đạo luật) that would add Tennessee’s right-to-work law to the state constitution (hiến pháp) was filed (đệ trình)Thursday by Sen. Brian Kelsey, preparing the proposed constitutional amendment (sửa đổi) to advance through the Tennessee Legislature for the required second time. “This amendment will guarantee (đảm bảo) future generations of Tennessee workers their right to work regardless of whether they choose to join a union,” Kelsey, R-Germantown, said of SJR 2.

Thu Phương

"Right a wrong" nghĩa là gì?

Sai đâu sửa đó. Photo by Daniela Holzer on Unsplash

"Right a/this/that wrong" nghĩa là sửa chữa lỗi lầm/sai trái.

Ví dụ
Now, she has a chance to right that wrong—and she thinks she's found the perfect man to carry out her plan. After watching him for weeks, she breaks into Jack Calabrese's house to collect the evidence that will confirm her hopes. 

We were both accused (bị buộc tội) of a murder we didn't commit, we were both sentenced to death (kết án tử hình) for that crime, and we were both given a chance to right that wrong, to take revenge on the world that had condemned us.

Dirk was determined to right that wrong, even though very few people actually knew about Edward Ballinger's most serious mistake. That didn't matter. Dirk knew, and that knowledge had destroyed his memory of the man he'd called "Father."

But if we have done wrong to any nation, we stand ready to make right that wrong, as quickly as possible. We fear God, and fear to offend Him, and therefore we obey His instructions to treat our neighbors with respect. If Your Majesty (vua) knows of any wrong that we need to make right, I will be deeply grateful to you if you will bring it to my attention. I promise you that that wrong will be made right.

Thu Phương

"Left, right, and centre" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Alison Pang on Unsplash

"Left, right, and centre" hoặc "left and right", "right and left" = trái, phải và giữa -> nghĩa là từ mọi phía, bốn phương tám hướng. Còn "right-and-left shot" nghĩa là phát súng bắn liên tiếp từ cả hai nòng.

Ví dụ
Admittedly, you’d hardly expect four kids trying to make their way in senior football to be banging in the goals left, right and centre.

Shortly afterwards two deer came down, but evidently alarmed, and very cautious; but by waiting patiently I was able to get a right and left shot; one fell, the other went off, badly hit. 

Most of us would be happy to go on a five-game winning streak and probably celebrate with an open-top bus parade (diễu hành). But the youngster (cầu thủ trẻ) has won 210 consecutive games in a row, destroying opponents left, right and centre without tasting defeat online.

To concede (thủng lưới) two goals from set plays is very disappointing. To have the character to come back and get the draw (hòa), which could turn out to be a good point, given that all the teams around us have been dropping points left, right and centre, it could turn out to be a good point – but then it puts more pressure on us for Saturday.

Thu Phương

"Therein lies the rub" nghĩa là gì?

"Therein lies the rub" có rub là sự khó khăn/cản trở -> cụm từ này nghĩa là khó khăn lớn nhất phải đối mặt.

Ví dụ
And therein lies the rub: Flynn committed a felony (tội nghiêm trọng) to benefit Trump, and then Trump used his power to shield Flynn from any consequences for his crimes. This is clearly not why the presidential pardon power is supposed to exist. On the contrary (ngược lại), it sets a precedent for presidential lawlessness.

Since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sidelined (tạm dừng) his football career to protest injustice, he’s been very outspoken on American issues of race and slavery (nô dịch) from centuries ago. But Colin Kaepernick is also a highly-compensated face of sports retailer Nike. And therein lies the rub – the NFL player turn social justice warrior is notably silent on the slavery Uyghurs face in China where his namesake Nikes are made.

Of course, therein lies the rub when it comes to Pederson: Playing for a championship-caliber team — like the Dodgers were in 2020 and the White Sox hope to be in 2021 — he's a part-time player. A good one, no doubt, but part of the solution, not the entire fix for a position of need all by his lonesome (cô độc).

Therein lies the rub, and that's why every permutation (hoán đổi) of Warriors-related trades have made their way through the basketball universe over the past year.

Ngọc Lân

"Rub off on you" nghĩa là gì?

"Rub off on someone" -> nghĩa là có tính cách, phong cách, hành vi giống ai vì dành nhiều thời gian ở bên họ. 

Ví dụ
I tried my best to remain a part of the family, but doing so wasn’t easy. I was never allowed to take my little brother to the park or grab a slice of pizza with him. My sister said that our parents probably thought that my homosexuality (đồng tính) would “rub off” on him. I showed up to his birthday parties and school plays, but that was all my parents would allow.    

Unfortunately, no amount of photo ops of him cuddling (nâng niu) children and wearing designer sportswear while smiling at members of the public can convince us of that, so he enlists the help of celebrities who he hopes will make him seem accessible to the masses (đám đông). He hopes the appeal of these figures will rub off on him and those that look up to them will think that he is also nice, via association.

She remembers taking ballet and another student not wanting to touch her for fear that her dark skin would rub off on her. Skai voices her support for justice and Black Lives Matter, and I’m even more down for Skai than I was before.

She was involved in the translation (biên dịch) of maps during the war effort, and then came back and taught languages at Hiram [College] after the war in 1945. Unfortunately, those language skills didn't rub off on her son; one language is really about all I have.

Ngọc Lân

"Within an ace of" nghĩa là gì?

"Within an ace of" -> nghĩa rất gần, suýt soát đạt được điều gì.

Ví dụ
Toyota man Ryo Hirakawa came within an ace of the SUPER GT title (danh hiệu) on Sunday at Fuji Speedway, but two instances of Supras clashing (va vào nhau) on track opened the door for Honda to steal the prize at the last moment.

One of the most electrifying (kích thích) talents in rugby league, the Melbourne fullback capped a memorable year by scoring a sizzling try in the grand final and coming within an ace of making a State of Origin debut.

By the start of the following season, Evans had earned a full factory drive with M-Sport and continued to level his learning curve. In Corsica, 2015, Evans came within an ace of taking his first WRC win, eventually (rốt cuộc) finishing second. 

Trump went backwards with white men but came within an ace of winning a second term by increasing his vote with Hispanics and blacks. He won something like 40 per cent of Hispanics in Florida but also a large share in Texas.

Ngọc Lân

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