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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

"Sell him short" nghĩa là gì?

Chú mặc cái gì thế kia! Photo courtesy: Jonahdsh

"Sell somebody short" -> xem thường ai đó.

Ví dụ
Don't sell this guy short - there's more to him than just good looks.

This isn’t the free agent market of ten years ago or even two years ago. This isn’t the one Bryce Harper saw coming when a reporter mentioned the idea of him scoring (đạt được) a $400 million contract, and he replied, “Don’t sell me short.” That was in 2016 when Harper was coming off of an MVP (Most Valuable Player; người chơi có thành tích xuất sắc nhất) season, and he looked ready to challenge Mike Trout as the best player in baseball. Since then, he’s been more star than superstar, but he’s 26 and the potential is still there.

The schtick (điều thu hút) that this version employs (sử dụng) to distinguish itself is a nonlinear chronology (trình tự không đoán được), where the timeline bounces back and forth between childhood and adulthood. Scenes from younger, more carefree (vô tư) times — Meg at the debutante (cô gái mới bước vào đời) ball, Amy burning Jo’s manuscript (bản thảo), Beth playing Mr. Laurence’s piano — cut sharply to the somber (tối tăm) reality of the present day: Amy in Paris studying to become an artist, Jo in New York desperately trying to sell her short stories, Meg at home coveting (thèm muốn) beautiful things while married to a penniless (nghèo xơ xác) tutor. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Gerwig explained that she shot the childhood scenes using a filter that gave them a warm golden glow, which throws the drab (ảm đạm) grayness that pervades (tràn ngập) the scenes from adulthood into even starker relief.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Make headlines" nghĩa là gì?

"Put in quotes" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Thought Catalog

"Put (something) in quotes" = Đánh dấu ý, đoạn văn hoặc câu bằng dấu ngoặc kép (highlight hoặc nhấn mạnh ý).

Ví dụ
"I don't know if you remember, a long time ago, I used the words 'wire tap' and I put it in quotes, meaning surveillance (sự giám sát, theo dõi cẩn thận), spying, you can sort of say whatever you want," the president continued.

On his Instagram Stories, Cody posted a picture of the two of them kissing, captioning it, “Pre swim breakfast courtesy of baby.” Miley trolled him when he went for a swim on her own Instagram Stories. She posted a picture of herself in the kitchen with the caption, “baby.” Yes, she put it in quotes.

New Maverick Willie Cauley-Stein met the team in OKC on Sunday. As of press time his status for the Thunder game is up in the air. He might not even be active, but based on this matchup, I think fans of the Mavericks would be thrilled to see him in uniform. Steven Adams, all 6’11” and 265 pounds of him, is a player that Dallas doesn’t truly have a good matchup for. Boban is huge, and Maxi works hard on everyone, but Willie “Trill is legally a part of his name so you don’t need to put it in quotes” Cauley-Stein has the size and mobility to theoretically (theo lý thuyết) guard a player like Adams.

Ka Tina

Tất cả phụ nữ đều là kịch sĩ

All women are actresses, dear. I'm just clever enough to get paid for it.
~ Grace Ballard

Bài trước: Cuộc sống thật điên rồ

"See the error of your way" nghĩa là gì?

Bạn bè thực sự là những người sẵn sàng cà khịa và chửi thẳng mặt bạn. Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

"See the error of (one's) ways"= nhận ra ai vừa làm sai điều gì hoặc cư xử không đúng mực.

Ví dụ
I'm here to try to get you to see the error of your ways!

Reunite with friends that you once had. These are the people that before the man and you got involved were trying to get you to see the errors of your ways and to correct the mistake before it got to be too far out of control (vượt tầm kiểm soát).

And that you were leading a mob of your own parishioners (giáo dân) against the Boontist converts?' Bakeling stuttered (lắp bắp) for a moment, then said, 'I was merely trying to make Father Gideon and his people see the error of their ways, Your Lordship!

Father: "Will you change your attitude?" asked Dona Cheni. "This is your last chance." Daughter: "Never!" 
Father: "But, daughter, my child, won't you see the error of your ways?"

Thu Phương

"That way madness lies" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kristina Paparo on Unsplash

"That way madness lies" hoặc "that way lies madness" có từ "madness" nghĩa là sự điên rồ -> như lời cảnh báo rằng việc này có thể khiến bạn phát điên, đau khổ hoặc căng thẳng, lo lắng.

Ví dụ
I don’t profess to be the oracle (tiên tri) on, well, anything really, apart from Labradors. But reading stuff about yourself on the internet? Harry, that way madness lies.

"It's astonishing (kinh ngạc) on the floor of this body someone would make that argument", Mr Schiff said. "It didn't begin that way in the beginning of the president's defence. What we have seen over the last couple of days is a descent into constitutional (hiến pháp) madness because that way madness lies."

Noel Pearson, once a model of calm, now denounces (vạch mặt) in the most intemperate (không đúng mực) and dishonest ways anyone who disagrees with his ideas. Yet it is surely not racist (phân biệt chủng tộc) to disagree with Pearson. Nor is it racist to argue that race should have no part in our Constitution. Shakespeare said it: “This way madness lies.”

Thu Phương

"Out of harm's way" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

"Out of harm's way" = an toàn, không còn trong tình thế nguy hiểm nữa.

Ví dụ
The crowd came alive in round nine, as Andrade had Keeler pinned along the ropes and threatening to end the night. Just when it appeared that Keeler would get out of harm’s way, Andrade found a way to bring closure to the post-midnight main event.

“We’re going to make sure we do everything we can to keep people who have been good to this country out of harm’s way,” Trump said of offering visa extensions to the immigrants (dân nhập cư). He left unclear, however, who would be eligible to remain in the United States.

The battle of junior lightweight southpaws (thuận tay trái) jumped out to an aggressively tactical (chiến thuật) start. Farmer dug in and quickly found a home for his jab (đâm), working in his left hand quick enough to make sure to slide out of harm’s way whenever Diaz sought to counter (đánh trả).

Thu Phương

"No two ways about it" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

"No two ways about it" = không có lựa chọn khác, không thể giải thích khác đi được, không có gì thay thế được điều đó... -> thuyết phục người khác rằng không có gì phải nghi ngờ về điều đó.

Ví dụ
West Ham need to win this game. There are no two ways about it.

There's no two ways about it: Virgin Galactic stock (cổ phiếu) has had an incredible run.

“We still do not have a clear solution to this issue and we have to put in sync (đồng bộ hóa) so that it will not create further confusion for Sino-Natives. We are natives, there are no two ways about it,” he said.

To have Ben Schwartz’s acting performance and his mannerisms (phong cách) really come through onscreen as Sonic, the production needed to capture his facial expressions while he was doing voiceover (lồng tiếng) work. This required him having dots all over his face and a camera on his head. There’s no two ways about it, he looks absolutely ridiculous.

Thu Phương

"Nature's way of " nghĩa là gì?

Hãy cứ để thời gian làm việc của nó. Photo by Rita Tipunina from Pexels

"Nature's way of (doing something)" = cách tự nhiên (làm một cái gì đó) -> phương thức, cách thức thực thành điều gì (một cách tự nhiên về mặt sinh học).

Ví dụ
If time is nature’s way of ensuring that everything doesn’t happen at once, human event planners challenged nature by jamming so much into the current week.

Take forest regeneration (rừng tái sinh), for example. The large-scale felling of trees (chặt cây) hinders (ngăn cản) nature’s way of regenerating itself by allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor, thereby enabling grasses and non-woody plants to begin establishing.

For sound evolutionary (tiến hóa) reasons, humans experience negativity more powerfully than positivity. Brooding (suy ngẫm) for hours over a bit of inconsideration on your partner’s behalf may seem like an overreaction (phản ứng thái quá) – but it’s part of nature’s way of protecting you from harm in the long run.

Thu Phương

"Medallion man" nghĩa là gì?

Cài áo vào anh gì ơi!! Photo by: Scorpio Creative on Unsplash

"Medallion man" có từ medallion là huy chương -> cụm từ này nghĩa là người đàn ông ăn mặc bảnh chọe, thường không cài hết khuy áo để khoe ngực, hoặc trang sức.

Ví dụ
Medallion Man would have a few too many buttons undone (tháo) on his shirt and would compensate (bù đắp) for the expansion (phô trương) of his waistline with the upwards adjustment of a pair of Cuban heels.

He said in an interview: 'I played a flash guy, a medallion man in leather trousers (quần da) and a chamois (da cừu) shirt,' Henson said of his guest spot. Basil was dreadfully nasty to me.'

Bizarrely for such a stick-in-the-mud, Roy went through something of a medallion-man phase (giai đoạn) that decade, and there are the embarrassing (đáng xấu hổ) photographs to prove it.

Ngọc Lân

"Halfway decent" nghĩa là gì?

Tự nhiên ngửi thấy mùi thơm. Photo by Maria Perez from Pexels

"Halfway decent" = khá tốt, hữu ích, khá thú vị, kha khá...

Ví dụ
Anthem is actually in a halfway decent state right now, but it needs whatever this big “thing” is to have any chance of bringing a larger playerbase back or new players to the fold (nhập cuộc).

"It initially started because I wanted to stay in shape so I can look halfway decent," Saleh said Thursday during the 49ers' last media availability before Super Bowl LIV on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Granted (thừa nhận), Crystal Skull was a weird one to begin the process with. Let's not dwell on (tập trung) it too much, but if you saw Ray Winstone's name on the cast list and still thought it was going to be halfway decent, you're a fool to yourself.

“In my family, we have multiple allergies (dị ứng). This is the only place in the whole Charlotte area that we've been able to find my grandson’s special bread that tastes halfway decent. And I just bought 9 loaves, I cleaned off their shelves,” Betty Reynolds said.

Thu Phương

"A halfway house" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Isaac Weatherly from Pexels

"A halfway house" kết hợp giữa "halfway" (nửa đường) và "house" (nhà) -> ký túc xá hoặc nhà nghỉ cho tù nhân mới được thả; bệnh nhân tâm thần và những người cần thời gian thích nghi trước khi trở về cuộc sống bình thường. Nghĩa khác là sự kết hợp giữa 2 điều khác biệt. Từ thế kỷ 18, "halfway house" là nơi hoặc quán dừng chân bên đường trong chuyến đi như quán rượu, nhà trọ.

Ví dụ
According to our sister site, Bossip, Mendeecees still has nine months left to serve. He will do so either on house arrest (quản thúc tại gia), in a halfway house or a combination of the two.

According to new courts (tòa án) documents, “Adam Skelos is asking a judge (thẩm phán) to allow him to finish out his sentence (bản án) in a halfway house,” the New York Post reported.

Denver city council (hội đồng thành phố) to consider extending halfway house contract with private prison company — again. The city’s contract with CoreCivic is slated (dự kiến) to expire June 30.

A convict (tù nhân) who walked away from a Kearny Mesa halfway house for low-risk criminal offenders (tội phạm hình sự) last weekend was back in custody (canh giữ) Friday after turning herself in to the Los Angeles Police Department, authorities reported.

Thu Phương

"Make headway" nghĩa là gì?

Nâng cấp đường. Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels 

"Make headway" nghĩa là tiến triển, tiến bộ, cải thiện.

Ví dụ
The new Topgolf is making headway in its development along I-25 and Montaño.

Work to renovate (cải tạo) the Transportation and Ticket Center continues to make headway this week. Today, we stopped by to see the latest progress.

Growth is the goal of many construction companies, and some owners dream of expanding into new lines of business. However, before trying to make headway in another niche (ngách, phân khúc), there are important factors contractors should consider.

Proposed ordinances (quy định được đề xuất) for short-term rentals (thuê ngắn hạn), like Airbnbs, made headway at the Columbia City Council meeting Monday, with eight proposed amendments (sửa đổi) passed. The council also discussed a request for an independent auditor (kiểm toán viên).

Thu Phương

"Put in motion" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by JD Weiher

"Put (something) in motion" = Làm cái gì chuyển động -> Khiến việc gì bắt đầu diễn ra/xảy ra.

Ví dụ
The adoption of these new applications and platforms is growing rapidly, bringing with it a variety of new challenges that the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has already put in motion to address.

A state of fear, bordering on panic in some places, is now widespread. "The scary thing over here are the knee jerk reactions to things which could possibly put in motion a series of unfortunate events," Ms Zhan said. "We have seen this with medical supplies. I also saw it with food when people thought there would be a lockdown. It is very hard to predict what might happen next. People are tense."

At the core of the plan, lies the involvement of private citizens, working together with forestry and public safety entities. As the program is put in motion, residents will be educated on how to participate; improving their defensible (có thể bảo vệ, phòng thủ được) space, putting in place personal evacuation (sơ tán) plans, and make their neighborhoods more fire resilient. For their part, county leadership will need to consider what county code changes need to take place to improve firefighter safety.

Ka Tina

"Put down in writing" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Patrick Fore

"Put (something) down in writing" = Ghi lại bằng văn bản để trở nên xác thực.

Ví dụ
What happened that day, was put down in writing by Abel Ochoa himself on a piece of paper, which he handed over to police.

“We do have, I think, a renewal this year that we might be putting on the ballot in November but again, all those things we need to decide. We just don’t have a strategic plan (kế hoạch mang tính chiến lược), you know, when do we want to do it, put it down in writing, you know, what do we want to accomplish? We just haven’t done that,” said Carpenter.

“He was required to repeat issues that were very sensitive (nhạy cảm) to him,” said Professor Williamson. “It seems he felt that his credibility was being questioned when he was making this claim. “He found it humiliating and embarrassing to put it down in writing to justify himself.” The court heard how Mr King had struggled with physical health problems related to cancer and mental health issues in the lead-up to his death.

Ka Tina

"Put aside" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Joshua Harvey

"Put (something) aside" = Gạt điều gì sang một bên -> tạm thời ngừng tập trung hoặc không chú ý tới việc gì; giữ lại điều gì cho mục đích sau này.

Ví dụ
Around 7.5 million workers with no savings are being urged to put money aside every month in a new industry initiative.

Cape Town - South Africa’s Lee-Anne Pace and popular French golfer Anne-Lise Caudal will put their long-lasting friendship aside when they tee it up in the Cape Town Ladies Open at King David Mowbray Golf Club from January 29-31.

Marc Serré said the government put a lot of money aside for Fednor– $68 million– in the last budget for connectivity. That means areas that are under-serviced or are bogged down (bị sa lầy) by slower speeds, may be getting a hand.

Ka Tina

"Put at your disposal" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Marvin Meyer

"Put (someone/oneself/something) at (one's) disposal" = để cái gì/ai/chính mình cho ai tuỳ ý sử dụng; sẵn lòng giúp đỡ nếu ai đề nghị.

Ví dụ
"I have called Patrice Talon this evening to congratulate him on his victory, wish him good luck and put myself at his disposal to prepare for the handover (sự bàn giao)."

Saying that he was resigning for personal reasons, Gold, who serves at his post since June, 2015, issued a statement thanking the prime minister. "I will continue to put myself at your disposal for any task that you assign me in the future," he added.

Said Bonkoungou: “Mr. Bonkoungou does not need planes to build roads, building roads is the main activity of the EBOMAF group and it has nothing to do with the friendship between President George WEAH and us. The plane is no longer with him; he had two trips to make so we put it at his disposal so he could make them for free. After his journey, the plane left for other destinations.

Ka Tina

"Put you over my knee" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jon Tyson

"Put (someone) over (one's) knee" = Để ai nằm lên gối -> Trừng phạt ai (đánh vào mông, thường để phạt con nít).

Ví dụ
“The things she’d say were disgusting. She’d say, ‘You’re a child, I’m gonna put you over my knee and smack your a**e’ or disgusting threats to injure my privates.

Now, my maternal grandmother (bà ngoại) was this 4’11” first generation woman from Sicily that died at the age of 103. If you did this, Man, Woman or Beast, she’d probably put you over her knee for a good spanking.

When the captain spotted another officer standing nearby, he scolded her. "'Don't you dare talk to me like that,'" he said. "'I will put you over my knee and spank (đánh vào mông) you, little girl.'"She claimed another captain boldly told her to deal with the hostile (chống đối, thù địch) situation on her own. "'We don't work like that,'" she said the captain told her.

Ka Tina

Đọc rồi quên thì có làm sao?

A good book gets better at the second reading. A great book at the third. Any book not worth rereading isn’t worth reading.
~ Nassim Taleb
(Đọc lần thứ hai mà thấy hay hơn lần trước thì là sách tốt. Đọc lần thứ ba mới thấy hay hơn là sách vĩ đại. Sách nào không đáng đọc đi đọc lại thì không đáng đọc ngay từ đầu.)

...reading and experience are usually “compiled” at the time they happen, using the state of your brain at that time. The same book would get compiled differently at different points in your life. Which means it is very much worth reading important books multiple times. I always used to feel some misgivings about rereading books. I unconsciously lumped reading together with work like carpentry, where having to do something again is a sign you did it wrong the first time. Whereas now the phrase “already read” seems almost ill-formed.
(cùng cuốn sách, mỗi lần đọc lại mỗi khác, do não bộ đã được nâng cấp, nhân sinh quan khác...; ko phải như thợ mộc - làm lại nghĩa là lần đầu làm sai)

...The person of delicate digestion nibbles at this and that; when the diet is too varied, though, food does not nourish but only upsets the stomach. So read always from authors of proven worth; and if ever you are inclined to turn aside to others, return afterward to the previous ones. Obtain each day some aid against poverty, something against death, and likewise against other calamities. And when you have moved rapidly through many topics, select one to ponder that day and digest.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(chọn vài tác giả nổi tiếng, đọc nhiều chủ đề, chọn một để suy ngẫm trong ngày đó...)

Sau khi chán lang thang giữa hàng chồng sách trong thư viện, tôi luôn luôn quay về với một vài tác giả mà thôi. Và dù cho có quay lại bao nhiêu lần, họ luôn luôn nói với tôi những điều mới mẻ.
~ Charles Chu

"Put in the picture" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Alex Blăjan

"Put/keep (someone or something) in the picture" = (cho ai) thấy được bức tranh (lớn hơn...) -> cho ai biết sự việc/tình hình/diễn biến của sự việc.

Ví dụ
“We had to inform her of this impending doom (sự kết án sắp tới), and put her in the picture as to what the likely questions would be,” he added. Further witnesses.

When we asked for the bill, the manager informed us that it had already been taken care of. “By whom?” I asked. “Mr Mackenzie.” Surprised, I told Bruce he was very kind, but knowing he was hard up, he must at least let me pay my share. It was then that he put me in the picture; Izzi Sommen, consul (lãnh sự) at the Israeli embassy, had arranged with Joe Lyons, who owned the hotel, to cover our expenses.

MRS UPJOHN has struck the crossbar on both starts thus far and the application of first-time cheekpieces could help him go one better today. True Scarlet left her debut performance well behind when a neck second on Chelmsford's Polytrack surface and any further improvement should put her in the picture, while Kempton runner-up Believe In Love and William Haggas' nicely-bred newcomer Surround add further spice to the race.

Ka Tina

"Put under a microscope" nghĩa là gì?

"Put (someone or something) under a microscope" = Quan sát ai/cái gì bằng kính hiển vi -> Bắt đầu kiểm tra thật kỹ càng về ai/cái gì.

Ví dụ
Input from women Philbrook respects, Nellie Galan and Lisa Tatum, combined with her own experience, informed her commitment to think of herself as a team and find people who will put her under a microscope and provide candid feedback.

Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been having a very tough time as senior members of the British Royal Family. Though the prince has been in the spotlight for his entire life — during both good and bad times, his marriage to Markle has truly put him under a microscope.

Most recently, Kingsbury made his primetime coaching debut, which put him under a microscope for the first time in his young career. He set social media ablaze (rực cháy, sáng chói lọi) with his decision to ice the 49ers with a timeout just before they got a play off at the end of the 2nd quarter, and the Cardinals actually got a defensive stop on 4th down that would’ve kept the score at 14-7. The 49ers used the timeout to their advantage, scoring a touchdown and pushing the lead to 21-7 instead. With the final score at 28-25, many have been quick to blame Kliff Kingsbury for the loss.

Ka Tina

"Put to shame" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Zachary Spears

"Put (somebody or something) to shame" = Nổi bật hơn, hơn hẳn ai/cái gì; làm ai/cái gì xấu hổ, tủi nhục và ngại ngùng.

Ví dụ
Listen for yourself. Get the speaker for $99.99 at or, or the bundle including carrying case, longer charging cord and AC adapter for $109 at The Wonderboom 2 will put your other Bluetooth speakers to shame.

To make a long story short, us boys around here could put Mark Twain and ol' Huck to shame. In the little time I have here I'm going to change themes and tell you about my New Year’s resolution. I have resolved to marry a rich woman; some woman who has won the lottery (xổ số) will be fine.

We already have seen the Threadripper 3970X ripping off the charts even scaring the Intel Xeon W-3175X server CPU. Intel has to worry a bit more because of the new Ryzen Threadripper 3990X which will not only create a record of being the fastest HEDT CPU but also put the older Intel Xeon CPUs to shame.

Ka Tina

"Put on ice" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Zan

"Put (someone or something) on ice" = Đóng băng/đông lạnh ai hoặc cái gì -> Trì hoãn/ngưng lại việc hành động hoặc tương tác với ai/cái gì; tạm ngừng hoạt động

Ví dụ
"We'll put him on ice, let him sleep for awhile," Spack said Saturday at Houck Field. "Until next Saturday."

US President Donald Trump may have visited the UK to a cold response back in July last year, but now Gemma Collins literally wants to put him on ice.

Along with his troubles preventing runs with two teams in 2019, Edwards has dealt with a minor league demotion and now a pair of IL stints. The Cubs put him on ice in mid-June with a left thoracic strain (căng ngực trái). In all, this has been a surprisingly awful season for a pitcher who came into the year with a lifetime 3.06 ERA/3.12 FIP, 12.28 K/9 against 4.92 BB/9, and a 40.4 percent groundball rate in 159 innings.

Ka Tina

"Put out to pasture" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Anukrati Omar

"Put (someone) out to pasture" = Cho ai ra rìa, cho ai về vườn -> Gây áp lực/ép ai từ chức, về hưu.

Ví dụ
Williams will play Chuck. He’s highly suspicious of technology and has it in for the team’s driver, who seems to always be crashing his beautiful cars. His new boss would love to put him out to pasture, but not many people can get a car running in the middle of the race with a roll of duct tape and a hammer.

"Just the opportunity to share the ring with The Undertaker but maybe be the final hammer to nail the coffin shut at The Deadman, The Monster is up to the challenge," Strowman said to Express Sport's Konstantinos Lianos. "I don't know how many more retirement matches he can have. I can put him out to pasture like I did to Big Show."

Kathy Griffin, who was dropped by her representation, fired by CNN and Squatty Potty alike, and put under a media blackout after she took part in a photo shoot that saw her holding a Donald Trump mask dripping in ketchup, implying the president had been beheaded, has been on a Laugh Your Head Off world tour to prove that just “because they tried to put [her] out to pasture” doesn’t mean she would moo (rống, tiếng bò rống), she said at her Los Angeles stop Thursday.

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"Put in jeopardy" nghĩa là gì?

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"Put (somebody) in jeopardy" = Lâm vào cảnh nguy hiểm, lâm nguy.

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Event organizers will need to keep a close eye through the day on Saturday across Miami as the safety of the visitors would not want to be put in jeopardy.

The future of football in Ossett has been put in "jeopardy" over a £135,000 compensation (bồi thường) bill for an opposition player who broke his ankle, one of the area's councillors has claimed.

"You would feel sympathy as to why they [migrants] (dân nhập cư) would leave the country that they've come from, but the minute that they put our livelihoods in jeopardy... any sympathy completely goes out the window," said Mr Jones.

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"Put on a pedestal" nghĩa là gì?

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"Put/set/place (someone) on a pedestal" = Đặt ai lên tượng -> Sùng bái, ái mộ ai và xem người đó là nhất và rất hoàn hảo.

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Jax Taylor explains why he doesn't put Lisa Vanderpump on a pedestal, he also gives his opinion about Scheana Marie's new boyfriend.

Justin wrote. “I have nothing to prove by saying I love my wife. I just think there is power in putting ur wife on a pedestal! I like to make my wife feel special and valued, Ive done a lot of cool things but I dont think anything comes close to as cool as that."

“Whatever level I was training at, I always wanted to be the best,” she said. “When I started MMA I did’t know there was gonna be women in the UFC, but I wanted to be the best. Everybody puts Valentina on a pedestal, and you hear the talk about her not just being great as a female but great as a fighter. I’m excited that Valentina’s the champ and the challenge is there.

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