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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

"It's grim up north" nghĩa là gì?

"It's grim up north" = ở Bắc dữ dội lắm -> nghĩa là cuộc sống ở miền Bắc nước Anh thấp kém hơn so với miền Nam.

Ví dụ
Regularly with these fantastic flushes of tunes are we drenched (cho uống no nê) in a perennial (bất diệt) unfurling of polymorphous (đa hình dạng) textures. Big machines making strange noises, often ominous and unstoppable, unsettle the standard balance between dark and light. A heavy belt of monolithic drums explode, expand and evolve, distorting quicker than they can decompose and rot to nothing in the cracks of an asphalt cosmos. It’s grim up north, it fucking grim everywhere.

There is, of course, another side to Northern life and the desire to point out unfair regional differences can sometimes mask (che giấu) it. The stereotype (hình mẫu) of ‘it’s grim up north’ is surely a lazy one. Perhaps what best defines the North is a sense of pride and a determination to endure. Adversity, after all, can build community. 

The old adage says it's grim up North, but I'm not sure anything north of the M25 is as grim as Ubisoft's devastating vision of a broken, near-future London.

The scale (thước đo) of the crisis (khủng hoảng) is a challenge. Johnson’s flunked. So too now is Risky Rishi, his likely successor (người kế nhiệm). Narrow Tory ideology’s the enemy of good government. It’s grim up North. And in the rest of the country.

Ngọc Lân

"Have you been keeping busy?" nghĩa là gì?

"Have you been keeping busy?" = vẫn bận bịu chứ? -> nghĩa là câu chào hỏi về tình hình cuộc sống, có đang theo đuổi điều gì không.

Ví dụ
How have you been keeping busy while on the ground? “The harsh (khắc nghiệt) reality is that there is a high probability that I could be redundant (bị sa thải), and if so, there will be no other pilot jobs to go to. In this situation, the mortgage (thế chấp) needs to be paid and food needs putting on the table. There’s only so long savings will last.

You've not had any competitions for a while, so how have you been keeping busy? I've been stuck (kẹt) in Jordan for six months now and everything's pretty much back to normal, but there's been no events or competitions, so nothing to do in that way. I've been focusing on other projects for now.

HOW ELSE HAVE YOU BEEN KEEPING BUSY DURING THIS TIME? DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES? In terms of hobbies, I've really just been doubling (gấp đôi) down on my video games and a little bit of music. Me and my friend have been working on a song recently.

2020 has obviously been a difficult year for us all... how have you been keeping busy? Yeah I've just been trying to keep my head above water. We are all in unknown territory (đại bàn). It's been a difficult one for myself with competitions and corporate days stopping etc, but I am really looking forward to next year. I am still practising hard, still working hard in the gym, and keeping my mind occupied because it's quite easy to slip into bad habits during lockdown, but 2021 is not far away and I'm looking forward to it. 

Ngọc Lân

"Busy as a one-armed paperhanger" nghĩa là gì?

"Busy as a one-armed paperhanger" -> nghĩa là luôn bận bịu, bận rộn. 

Ví dụ
He’s as busy as a one-armed paperhanger, but it does baffle me that British writers, casting directors and TV and movie bigwigs don’t take advantage of his formidable talent.

According to Wikipedia, “Dorgan is generally credited with either creating or popularizing such words and expressions as "dumbbell" (a stupid person); "for crying out loud" (an exclamation of astonishment (bất ngờ)); "cat's meow" and "cat's pajamas" (as superlatives); "applesauce" (nonsense); "cheaters'" (eyeglasses); "skimmer" (a hat); "hard-boiled" (a tough person); "drugstore cowboy" (loafers or ladies' men); "nickel-nurser" (a miser); "as busy as a one-armed paperhanger" (overworked); and "Yes, we have no bananas," which was turned into a popular song.”

a Russian grand duke, a young man said to be worth some few hundreds of millions of dollars, a spender from away back, a man who on his tour of this country was as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger with the hives just tossing away money.

Ngọc Lân

Lỗi tại anh mọi đằng

vợ đâm chồng lia lịa mấy nhát vì nghĩ đang bồ bịch với em nào trẻ đẹp hơn, hóa ra đó là... bức ảnh cũ hai người hồi mới hẹn hò mấy năm trước :))
A woman stabbed (đâm bằng dao) her husband several times after thinking she found photos of him with a younger woman.

It turns out that she herself was that “other” woman. The photo of the couple was taken years ago, when they were dating (hẹn hò), police in Sonora, Mexico said.

Authorities from the municipality of Cajeme reported that a suspect identified only as “Leonora N” was arrested (bị bắt giữ) for wounding (làm bị thương) her husband “Juan N” with a knife (con dao) after finding several photos on his cellphone (điện thoại).

The husband, who managed to take the knife from her, explained that the photos were of them back when they were more youthful (trẻ trung) and slim (mảnh mai).

Bài trước: Không ngạc nhiên

Không ngạc nhiên

gia đình có hai con gái, vợ chồng thường... ly hôn khi chúng 13-18 tuổi...
Are couples (cặp vợ chồng) with daughters (con gái) more likely to divorce (ly dị) than couples with sons (con trai)? Using Dutch registry (cơ quan đăng ký) and U.S. survey data (dữ liệu điều tra), we show that couples with daughters face higher risks of divorce, but only when daughters are 13 to 18 years old. These age-specific results run counter to explanations involving overarching, time-invariant preferences for sons and sex-selection into live birth. We propose another explanation that involves relationship strains (quan hệ căng thẳng) in families with teenage daughters. In subsample analyses, we find larger child-gender differences in divorce risks for parents whose attitudes towards gender-roles are likely to differ from those of their daughters and partners. We also find survey evidence of relationship strains in families with teenage daughters.

That is from a new paper by Jan Kabátek and David C Ribar.

Vì sao giá cổ phiếu GameStop tăng điên cuồng?

vì một loạt "các nhà đầu tư" nam giới thiếu sex (nên hung hãn)... :D
In the middle of a stock market (thị trường chứng khoán) debacle (thất bại, sụp đổ, tan rã hoàn toàn) that most people are only pretending to understand — it involves GameStop? GameStop is suddenly worth all of the money but simultaneously (đồng thời) worth none of the money? — a professor (giáo sư) from New York University’s business school put forth a simplified analysis (phân tích đơn giản) for why tanking companies were now being strategically (một cách chiến lược) overvalued (định giá quá cao) by day traders.

“It’s about sex,” Scott Galloway tweeted in a viral thread earlier this week. “Specifically, young men not having (enough) sex.” Regularly available sex, Galloway argued, was a stabilizing force that led to “relationships, obligations and guardrails.” When sex was lacking, men were forced to act out: “Arm young men, in a basement, not at work, not having sex, not forming connection, with an RH account, a phone and stimulus and you have the perfect storm (cơn bão) of volatility (biến động) as they wage war against established players.”

Give the basement men sex, implied this tweet thread. Or they will take down the economy.

Bài trước: Rất bức xúc

Rất bức xúc

đồ chơi tình dục mới dùng được 10' đã nóng rực lên rồi...

Benjamin Thomas Pellicaan appeared in Maroochydore District Court, Queensland this week after his violent rampage (giận điên lên, thịnh nộ, hành vi bạo lực) in Totally Adult, which sells a variety of erotic (khiêu dâm) goods.

The 29-year-old father-of-three turned up with the vibrator he'd recently purchased from the store, claiming it was broken.

He said the toy got "extremely hot" after just 10 minutes of use and asked that it be examined (kiểm tra) for any faults (lỗi).

"It's a snap" nghĩa là gì?

"It's a snap" -> nghĩa là rất dễ dàng, không tốn nhiều công sức. 

Ví dụ
It's a snap to assemble (lắp ráp); all you have to do is slide the boards into the posts. (No tools needed.) It's made of natural cedar (cây thuyết tùng) and measures 24 X 48 X 31 inches.

Got an iPhone or iPad? It’s a snap to scan QR codes, because Apple built a QR code reader right into the camera. Simply open the camera app (ứng dụng), hold the rear-facing camera steady (ổn định) so the QR code is clearly visible.

I want to ski (trượt tuyết) in the morning at Attitash and the afternoon at Wildcat (both on the Epic Pass so it’s a snap), ski all day at lovely little Black Mountain and then hang for après, possibly wrapping up the day with dinner at the Shovel Handle Pub.

It's a snap when using touchless faucets (vòi). But not every restroom or home bathroom is so equipped. WHO guidelines suggest using a paper towel to turn off the faucet lest you pick up pathogens (mầm bệnh) from the faucet itself. But there isn't clear research showing this actually keeps you healthier in the long run, according to the CDC.

Ngọc Lân

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