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Monday, May 3, 2021

"Hard copy" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

"Hard copy" -> nghĩa là bản in giấy của tài liệu trên máy tính.

Ví dụ
Shareholders may also request a hard copy of the Annual Report that includes audited financial statements of 2020, free of charge (không mất phí), by sending an e-mail to the Company's IR department at

NMG says the curbs (kiềm chế) on movement and stay-at-home push affected distribution of newspapers, adding that a drop in hard copy sales was partially mitigated by growth in e-paper subscriptions.

Therefore, if requested, a hard copy will be mailed to you. Please allow time for printing and delivery. Please contact Sanhita Ghosal at 408535-7851or e-mail at for hard copy requests or for additional (thêm vào) questions or concerns.

Once digital became a popular way to order school pictures, I downloaded each image to my computer and kept them in a computer file, but I also made sure to file the hard copy disk of each school year in my photo filing system. My file system tools are listed below.

Ngọc Lân

"Ham it up" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

"Ham it up" có ham là giả tạo, cường điệu -> cụm từ này nghĩa là cư xử, cường điệu hóa cảm xúc, đến mức không thể tin nổi. 

Ví dụ
The villain is silly, and the actors who play Naxim and his assistant Mitch (seriously, Mitch) both ham it up appropriately (hợp lý), equal parts menacing (hăm dọa) and ridiculous, and I’m hoping they’re as much fun as they seem like when they inevitably encounter SuperKara.

While it's unfortunate that Michael Rooker isn't given more opportunities to shine as a lead performer, it's always fun to see the oddball (kì quặc) actor ham it up in these supporting parts. Certainly, you can count on Rooker to make a big splash on the big screen — no matter how big or small his role might be.

As anyone with a social media account knows, watching Hollywood couples kiss it up for their followers is a basically daily occurrence. While some couples ham it up for the cameras, there are some who are tamer, though no less passionate. Take Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher!

In practice, this video is a test in patience for Scott, who is trying to be a culinary (nấu nướng) instructor over Zoom for two guys who seem like they don’t cook much. And it provides an opportunity for Rick Mahorn to ham it up for the camera, which he has no trouble with whatsoever.

Ngọc Lân

"Run hot and cold" nghĩa là gì?

Nóng & lạnh. Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

"Run hot and cold" -> nghĩa là dao động giữa hai thái cực hoàn toàn trái ngược nhau (ý kiến, cách hành xử); "lúc nóng lúc lạnh".

Ví dụ 
Harry and William 'run hot and cold' with Prince Charles because he's 'their boss as well as a dad', Omid Scobie claims.

The Broncos get a very athletic prospect (triển vọng) in Baron Browning — he stacks well against the run or forcefully rushes the passer. Browning's instincts (bản năng) run hot and cold, though he possesses a large upside.

Tensions (tình trạng căng thẳng) between Washington and Beijing have run hot and cold for more than a half-century, but in the past decade, under President Xi Jinping’s reign, China has assumed (làm ra vẻ) a more ambitious (tham vọng) and aggressive (hung hăng) posture. 

Thùy Dương

"Be cool toward her" nghĩa là gì?

Chú chó thờ ơ với sự cưng chiều của cô ấy =))) Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

"Be cool toward someone" có cool là nhạt nhẽo, thờ ơ, không nhiệt tình -> cụm từ này nghĩa là lãnh đạm với ai.

Ví dụ 
At best, Iran will be cool toward Washington’s diplomatic (ngoại giao) initiative (sáng kiến); at worst, Iranian leaders will attempt to undermine (hủy hoại) it.

Both parties appeared to be cool toward Trump’s desire (mong muốn) for a payroll (lương bổng) tax cut. There are also arguments over continuing a small-business loan program, and Democrats want to help the poor avoid evictions (trục xuất) from their rental homes.

Saudi Arabia has denied that MBS played a role, but some leaders may be cool toward him to avoid seeming to legitimize (hợp pháp hóa) a man who US intelligence agencies (cơ quan tình báo Mỹ) concluded ordered the killing. US President Donald Trump's administration has made clear it does not want to torpedo (làm tan vỡ) the longstanding US relationship with Riyadh, however.

Thùy Dương

"Blow my cool" nghĩa là gì?

"Blow (one's) cool" = thổi bay điềm tĩnh -> nghĩa là mất bình tĩnh, nóng nảy, kích động.

Ví dụ 
I am happy to share that once I was about to blow my cool trying to talk to this kid who was busy with his smartphone.

Failla’s Cocker Spaniel playfully ran toward Mr. Mancebo, who shooed (đuổi đi chỗ khác) it away. That, apparently (rõ ràng), was all it took for Failla to blow his cool.

Avalon claims she’s been told to visit the lab by the spirit of the late Dr. Lance Sweets. This information doesn’t get as far as Booth (David Boreanaz), who’d probably blow his cool completely if he heard about it.

Thùy Dương

"Elvis has left the building" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by JR Harris on Unsplash

"Elvis has left the building" = Elvis đã về rồi -> nghĩa là câu thông báo co màn trình diễn đã kết thúc.

Ví dụ
Elvis has left the building. And that has manager Colonel Tom Parker all shook up — even to the point that he is as desperate as a young woman trying to catch one of the King’s scarves (khăn quàng) dramatically flung into the audience. The Colonel, after all, needs to cover some gambling debts.

"After Rev. Joel Carden finished his part of the celebration at graveside, Elvis put on a tape that went to a very fast drumroll then suddenly stopped and a voice came on and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!"

Elvis has left the building — taking thousands of votes and the grand prize with him. The Carroll County Arts Council’s 14th annual (hằng năm) PEEPshow wrapped up Monday after an 11-day run at TownMall of Westminster. And while the art exhibit (trình diễn) “Elvis Peepsley is in the Building,” by Kelly Soverns, earned the most votes and took home the top prize, Arts Council Executive Director Judy Morley felt like her organization was the big winner.

There’s only one problem. Elvis has left the building. Founder-CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, is moving out of the big chair.

Ngọc Lân

"Cakewalk" nghĩa là gì?

"Cakewalk" -> nghĩa là rất dễ dàng.

Ví dụ
Tonya Barker was unable to speak to the Danville Register & Bee on Tuesday because she was still sore  (đau đớn) from having a ventilator tube in her throat. But her husband relayed a message from her regarding her recovery: “It’s not a cakewalk.”

West Bengal Elections | Fourth phase (giai đoạn) polls will be no cakewalk for TMC. It is apparent (rõ ràng) that the growing restlessness and uncertainty dogging Trinamool Congress leaders in the face of the BJP’s aggressive campaign is lending uncertainty (không chắc chắn) to the outcomes of the remaining five phases of the election.

Having encouraged fitness enthusiasts in January, to row out of stress and other body issues through Naukasana, Shilpa Shetty Kundra once again motivated fans to perform (trình diễn) the boat pose of Yoga as ‘it may look like cakewalk but this asana engages your body from the neck to the thighs'.

Thankfully, the Grizzlies have a cakewalk ahead of them — something that may have seemed like more of an opportunity before they blew a 20-point lead to a G-League team. That said, the cakewalk had already begun against the Magic.

Ngọc Lân

"Adam’s ale" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

"Adam’s ale" có ale là rượu bia -> cụm từ này nghĩa là nước, nước lã.

Ví dụ
Malaysia is a country that is blessed (phù hộ) with an abundance of water sources. Instead of looking after this Adam's ale, we abuse it. Our rivers and lakes are turned into garbage bins (thùng rác), convenient waterways for us to dump all sorts of refuse, whether domestic or industrial. The major water-supply disruption caused by pollution in Sungai Gong, a river which eventually leads to Sungai Selangor, happened just last month.

The sensation (cảm giác) of wonder and delight could only be heightened should some of our ASTORS, LAWS, or VANDERBILTS, magnanimously (hào hùng) invite the City to take a drink, and, in our new reservoir (hồ nhân tạo), make us 97 acres of punch! If we can’t get the punch, however, we shall be amply gratified for the Adam’s ale.

It’s not called Adam’s ale for nothing. Water was presumably (có lẽ) what our early ancestors (tổ tiên) drank, to the exclusion of everything else. If you stopped drinking it now you would be dead within a week. It is the only nutrient whose absence is lethal in so short a time.

But these issues are literally a drop in the harbour compared to the big picture of how climate change, poor planning, increasing densification (đông đặc), market distortions and other factors are sending supplies of Adam’s ale dangerously low.

Ngọc Lân

"Chỉ là" thôi sao?

một bức ảnh (mới xuất hiện) cho thấy quái vật hồ loch ness (có lẽ) "chỉ là"... dương vật cá voi :D
A number of explanations have been offered to explain a series of supposed sightings of a sea serpent (rắn biển) at Loch Ness, a large, deep, freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands. Some have hypothesized that the Loch Ness Monster, known as Nessie, was really just a giant eel or possibly an odd shaped log. Others held that Nessie was a prehistoric (thời tiền sử) plesiosaur (thằn lằn đầu rắn, xà đầu long) that somehow survived extinction (tuyệt chủng). In April 2021, another theory was popularized on the internet: The Loch Ness Monster is really just a whale penis (dương vật cá voi).

...While the picture on the left is one of the most famous ones to supposedly show the Loch Ness Monster, and while the picture on the right truly shows a whale penis, we can say with confidence that these objects are not the same.

The picture supposedly showing the Loch Ness Monster is widely known as the “surgeon’s photograph,” as it was reportedly taken by surgeon (bác sĩ phẫu thuật) Robert Kenneth Wilson. This picture was published by the Daily Mail in 1934 and served as a source of speculation about a legendary (huyền thoại) lake-dwelling beast (ác thú) for decades. While several other “sightings” followed the surgeon’s photograph, this picture was revealed to be a hoax (trò chơi khăm) in the 1990s when Christian Spurling, one of the man involved in this hoax, confessed (thú nhận) shortly before his death.

Mách nhỏ mẹo khi bị cảnh sát giao thông dừng xe

có cãi thua cũng đừng bực tức mà làm điều gì phải hối tiếc,

lái xe tải ở china, bị csgt dừng vì hệ thống theo dõi vệ tinh Beidou ko bật, sau khi cự cãi ko được, đã... về nhà tự tử...
On Monday afternoon, Jin Deqiang was driving his truck through Hebei province from Tangshan to Langfang, about two hours’ drive. According to a social media post from his brother, Jin was stopped at a checkpoint in Tangshan’s Fengrun District and fined 2,000 yuan ($300) because of the powered-off satellite tracking system, which the authorities use to ensure that drivers regularly stop for breaks and don’t drive drowsy (ngủ gà gật).

According to China’s Ministry of Transport, the Beidou Navigation Satellite System — a set of 55 Chinese-developed satellites that orbit the Earth and are used for global positioning (định vị toàn cầu) — is compulsory for tour buses, long-distance coaches, vehicles hauling dangerous items, and vehicles with more than 12 tons of cargo in nine provinces including Hebei. The system helps enforce road safety by monitoring and collecting information from vehicles, saving each driver’s travel history for three months.

China’s Regulation on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that no motorists — not just truck and bus drivers — should drive continuously for more than four hours without a break of at least 20 minutes (lái xe liên tục 4 tiếng phải nghỉ ít nhất 20 phút).

"Out of the public eye" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

"Out of the public eye" -> nghĩa là không nổi tiếng, không được nhiều người biết đến.

Ví dụ
Most of the activity in voice profiling is happening in customer support centers, which are largely out of the public eye.

And in real life he has become a sex symbol too, with fans gushing (phun ra) over his good looks. In real life he has been married to American actress and real estate agent Tianna since 2016, and they have a child together who they like to keep out of the public eye.

The office of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis confirms he has received a single-dose coronavirus vaccine. He did so out of the public eye even as governors (thống đốc) elsewhere across the political spectrum (phổ chính trị) have been vaccinated publicly to reassure Americans that the shots are safe.

Orange County’s glitch-ridden vaccine app Othena continues to generate questions to county supervisors from frustrated residents as well as cost overruns. And as the costs spiral, contract (hợp đồng) increases are largely being doneout of the public’s eye.

Ngọc Lân

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