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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

"Pitch dark" nghĩa là gì?

"Pitch dark" -> nghĩa là rất tối tăm, đen ngòm; tối mịt, đen kịt.

Ví dụ
Almost every day for the past couple of weeks, notifications (thông báo) of death have been posted on social media as if the app has become a new informal obituary (cáo phó). Pitch-dark profile photos, black cover pictures, images of a single lighted candle have flooded (tràn ngập) the newsfeed. 

It takes some manoeuvring (vận động) to get around the nails, but once in, you find yourself in a large cool, pitch-dark room. It has little gun windows, and there’s an extra room. The hatch over the bunker even sports a World War II soldier’s helmet.

The only other sound was that of water lapping (vỗ nhẹ) against the hull of the boat. There was nothing to see; it was pitch dark. Someone was walking about in the narrow passageway outside my cabin. The power came back after a while. I went back to sleep. We were up at first light around 5 am. without any alarm or wake-up call. The time zone in Northeast India is certainly different.

Called Tioram, this idyllic (bình dị) stone ruin is set on a large grassy berm (con đường hẹp) guarding the inner loch (hồ) – or rather, that’s the view we were greeted with in the morning, having actually found the anchorage in pitch dark. Like buying fenders in a storm, I don’t recommend night-time loch navigation.

Ngọc Lân

"Pick and choose" nghĩa là gì?

"Pick and choose" -> nghĩa là cân nhắc kĩ càng, chọn ra điều mong muốn nhất.

Ví dụ
Each collection has at least six items to choose from. You can pick and choose to fill in the gaps in your existing skincare regimen (chế độ) or build a Belif skincare routine (lịch trình) from scratch with products that are formulated to work even better together.

With no Matthieu van der Poel in the team, Alpecin-Fenix can pick and choose the days they want to focus on while their rivals (đối thủ) worry about making the race and taking on responsibilities. 

“I think that one of the challenges we're seeing here is that this bill is allowing law enforcement to pick and choose who is protesting (phản đối) in the right way and who is protesting in the wrong way,” Coaston said on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

“I am trying to be honest and straight with you,” said Forestal. “I believe personally we should do it the way you are asking, but I did raise my hand and swear not to just pick and choose the law that I thought was popular for the day, and that’s what I am bound (trói buộc) by.”

Ngọc Lân

"Two hoops and a holler" nghĩa là gì?

"Two hoops and a holler" = hai tiếng ho gà và một người hò -> nghĩa là khoảng cách rất gần; số lượng ít, không đáng kể.

Ví dụ
If there's a large group playing they'll shout across fairways. if someone does anything half decent there'll be a mass hoop and a holler.

Everything here is stylish and entertaining. It has a charismatic cast that merits adoration. Choreography worth a whoop and a holler. A (still) witty script made all the more joyful under director Evan Hoffman, who’s made Singin’ in The Rain campy when it needs to be and perfectly serious as a quality production.

The press let out a hoop and a holler from the convention in New Orleans, predicting that the junior senator from Indiana’s reputation as a “lightweight” and his National Guard service during the Vietnam era would doom Bush’s chances of winning the fall election. The polls came in quickly and in unison — they said yes, the public did not have a high regard for Quayle, but his presence on the ticket made not a whit of difference (chẳng khác tí nào) to potential support for Bush’s candidacy.

Ka Tina

"Twelve good men and true" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Gatis Murnieks

"Twelve good men and true" = 12 người đàn ông nhân lành và chân chính -> nghĩa là ban giám khảo/bồi thẩm đoàn gồm những người ngay thẳng, trung thực, đáng tin cậy.

Ví dụ
The Manchester Institute of Chartered Accountants was founded by twelve good men and true on 12 December 1870 at a meeting at the Clarence Hotel.

It is difficult not to conclude that the Swedish legal system must be partly to blame. Because there are no juries, only judges flanked by political appointees, ‘unanimous’ (nhất trí, đồng lòng) doesn’t mean quite what it would in an Anglo-Saxon court – but we wouldn’t like to say that ‘twelve good men and true’ (and women) would necessarily have made a difference.

Producer Bill Kenwright has hired twelve good men and true to give the play its due. Martin Shaw anchors proceedings with his solid good-guy persona, opposed by Paul Anthony-Barber as a voice of reason and Miles Richardson, slightly too Runyonesque as an unreconstructed bigot (người tin mù quáng). Nick Moran turns in a convincing transatlantic (ở phía bên kia Đại Tây Dương) variant of his wide-boy shtick while Jeff Fahey, tingling with inner torment (nỗi đau khổ), inhabits his tortured reactionary figure (and the purest antagonist (địch thủ) to Shaw's hero) with such palpable (rõ ràng, chắc chắn) conviction that I feared for his blood pressure.

Ka Tina

"Tried and tested" nghĩa là gì?

"Tried and tested" = đã thử và kiểm tra -> nghĩa là đã chứng minh xác thực qua việc sử dụng thường xuyên, phổ biến, lâu dài.

Ví dụ
Aligning leadership right through to executable (có thể thực hiện được) task with training and embedding (tạp chất, sự gắn vào), on the ground, the use of iterative agile methods and tried and tested communications he enables trust and delegated decision making across organisations.

"We have Covid protocols (nghi thức) that have been tried and tested, and I've witnessed them here this morning. We take very seriously the health and wellbeing of local communities."

Thankfully, global industry has a tried-and-tested route to mass-producing a synthetic (tổng hợp, nhân tạo) version, by mixing silica sand and carbon at enormously high temperatures. Which is just as well because SiC – to give it its chemical name – brings major advances in electronic devices, offering higher power levels, lower power losses and improved overall efficiency.

Ka Tina

"Turn and turn about" nghĩa là gì?

"Turn and turn about" -> nghĩa là kết thúc và bắt đầu lại theo quy trình liên tiếp một cách đều đặn, phù hợp, nhanh chóng.

Ví dụ
‘I would sit for an hour and Leon would paint me, and then Leon would sit for an hour and I’d paint him — and so we went on all day, turn and turn about’ — Frank Auerbach

At Positron everyone is employed to serve a month as an inmate and a month as staff, turn and turn about. You get everything you want from life, but onchangeover day you go to jail and a couple you are never allowed to meet or know – your “alternates” – live in your beautiful home and eat off your nice plates. It’s a cross between hotdesking and taking in one another’s laundry for a living. No one has committed a crime, but everyone has somehow been rendered guilty.

This loss and its dire financial consequences forged the Blackwell children, perennial (vĩnh viễn, bất diệt) outsiders, into an even more tightknit group, even as they had to scatter in pursuit of careers. One of the chief pleasures of this book is the liveliness of the siblings’ correspondence, revealed in judicious snippets expressing frustration, outlining plans, issuing orders and judgments, sharing joy and love. “Your letters always come to me like a puff (thở phù, lời khen láo) of fresh North wind in a Summer’s day,” Elizabeth wrote to Emily. When they were short of money for paper and postage, they turned the page a quarter-turn and wrote across the lines at an angle, yielding a dense crosshatch (khắc đường chéo song song): an apt metaphor for the way the siblings, who “loved and annoyed each other in equal measure,” would turn and turn about, only to enmesh themselves deeper in one another’s lives.

Ka Tina

"Tweedledum and tweedledee" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by MM Tey

"Tweedledum and tweedledee" -> nghĩa là hai người/vật giống nhau như đúc (về ngoại hình, tính cách, hành xử,v.v...), nhất là về hành động ngớ ngẩn, ngốc nghếch. Cụm từ này liên quan về hai anh em sinh đôi, là nhân vật hư cấu trong tác phẩm "Through the Looking-Glass" và "What Alice Found There" của tác giả Lewis Carroll.

Ví dụ
Batman has a huge array of villains but two of the oddest in his rogues (thằng đểu, lừa đảo, tinh nghịch) gallery are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. The pair are obviously a reference to the Alice In Wonderland novels and look remarkably similar to the characters in the book.

Yes, that was my experience in a couple of different ways. When I was a freshman, I took a course in materials science. The other African American woman and I were in the class together, and the professor would call us Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Because I had As in the class—in fact, I had the highest grade in class—he advised me to study materials science because it was easier than physics. He advised me that colored girls should learn a trade, and therefore that major would be good for me.

Unfortunately, Batman's failure as a vigilante (đội viên dân phòng) crimefighter is not just confined to the Penguin. The future Gotham depicted in this issue is infested with criminals who are still at large regardless of how much time has passed. Based on Selina's age, one would surmise (phỏng đoán) that the majority of them would have been executed or, at least, incarcerated by now. But that's not the case. The Joker is retired and has been living in his own home, while Tweedledum and Tweedledee are in a nursing home rather than a mental hospital, which makes it appear as though they were never charged with a crime. What's worse, the Ventriloquist is with them and Scarface. Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze is in stasis at his own lab and Clayface appears to be free. The only criminal behind bars is a villain (kẻ hung ác, côn đồ) who's identity remains hidden.

Ka Tina

"Two and eight" nghĩa là gì?

"Two and eight" có từ eight vần với từ state -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tâm trạng xúc động, bối rối, lo lắng.

Ví dụ
“The site came along on a tender basis. We made an offer without viewing not realising it was in a bit of a two and eight.

He and his friends, Dylan French and Bo Link, are all second graders at Miller Elementary and all are celebrating their birthday on Leap Day. “I’m going to be two and eight,” explained French. The friends have already figured out the bright side to being born on Feb. 29. “When I’m 40 I really only be 10!” said Link.

Cor! Strike a light, a few hours before curtain up on the opening night, director Daniel Evans was in a bit of a two and eight as his leading man, Matt Lucas, was feeling a bit uncle Dick and couldn't go on. Happily, there was a diamond geezer (ông già, bà già), Ryan Pidgen, in the company who was a bit light on his plates of meat and stepped in so the show could go on.

Ka Tina

"Peeping Tom" nghĩa là gì?

"Peeping Tom" -> nghĩa là người bí mật nhìn lén, nhìn trộm phụ nữ.

Ví dụ
Multiple students have reported seeing a “peeping Tom” looking through students’ windows in campus (kí túc xá) housing. 

The Nashville Police have arrested a man who is accused of being a peeping-tom at a Nashville tanning salon (phòng làm da rám nắng). Police said 37-year-old George Powell was arrested for invading (xâm phạm) a women's privacy and pointing his cell phone at an undressed woman who was using a standup tanning booth next to him on March 30th.

On April 17 at 2:19 p.m., police were dispatched (phái đi) to the 1200 block of North Veitch Street for a report of a peeping tom. According to police, an individual was inside a stall in a restroom when he looked up and observed someone holding a phone that appeared to be recording. Exiting the staff, the victim confronted the male suspect, and an altercation (cãi lộn) ensued before the suspect left the property.

A Marianna man was arrested and charged (buộc tội) with being a “peeping tom”. Marianna Police say they received two reports on Wednesday about a man looking in windows of homes in the early morning hours. Investigators were able to get a video of the suspect and identify (xác nhận) him as Marion Marshall.

Ngọc Lân

"Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all" nghĩa là gì?

"Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all" = chú Tom Cobleigh và tất cả (ám chỉ đến một bài hát dân gian có tên "Widecombe Fair", đoạn điệp khúc liệt kê một số lượng lớn người được kết thúc bằng câu "Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all" -> nghĩa là và một số lượng lớn những người khác, được dùng để chỉ ra rằng danh sách những người dài một cách khó chịu.

Ví dụ
By the Turks, the British and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. it is an absolute disgrace which will eventually drive Greece into Putin's arms.

The flag debate, the flag debate! Every now and then someone gets it into their head to debate the New Zealand flag and whether or not it should be changed. The usual suspects emerge, the imperialists (chủ nghĩa đế quốc), the radicals (quan điểm cực đoan, cấp tiến), the politicos (con buôn chính trị) and uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. There is very little consensus (nền chính trị nhất trí) as to what the New Zealand flag should be if it were to be changed.

Other questions. Who’s Balaclava Man? More to the point, who isn’t? His identity was mostly a red herring: who instructed him, or them, turned out to be key. One of the links in the chain was ACC Derek Hilton - the real H? Paul Higgins (pictured below) skilfully suggested a weaselly, over-promoted corporate box-ticker whose conduct under pressure grew ever more shrill and erratic. One day, we may eventually find out who was controlling Dot Cottan, Tommy Hunter, Jimmy Lakewell, Derek Hilton, Lindsay Denton, old uncle Tom Cobleigh and all, and who keeps trying to bump off suspects and witnesses in transit (see also series two). "This is beginning to feel like a life’s work," said Hastings at the end. Good news for the viewer.

Ka Tina

"Save the furniture" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

"Save the furniture" = cứu lấy nội thất -> nghĩa là cố cứu vãn tình thế khó khăn, không thoải mái; thường dùng trong chính trị.

Ví dụ
The accident of Valtteri Bottas and George Russell in Imola he left several readings. For Mercedes it had a consideration, since the red flag allowed Lewis Hamilton ‘save the furniture’ and the leadership of the World Cup after an exit from the track that left him stuck in the gravel. But it also led to the first major showdown (cuộc tỉ thí cuối cùng) between the two pilots who aspire to behind the wheel of the ‘silver arrows’ in 2022.

The corona pandemic has caused a digital (điện tử) acceleration (tăng tốc) at Ikea. The retailer managed to save the furniture during the lockdowns thanks to the roll-out of click & collect services.

O’Toole is left trying to save the furniture and convince (thuyết phục) the Conservative base that expanding the party’s appeal does not mean abandoning its articles (vật phẩm) of faith

Mr Hastie said the party now needed to “save the furniture” to ensure (đảm bảo) Ms Boylan is elected. “She’s for jobs, industry and the gas and coal power that support those things,” he said.

Ngọc Lân

"Underpromise and overdeliver" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Maxime

"Underpromise and overdeliver" -> nghĩa (châm ngôn trong kinh doanh) là hứa ít thôi và làm nhiều hơn (thế).

Ví dụ
Smart boards know that is far better to underpromise and overdeliver. A company that promises and fails to deliver will see the board lose trust and credibility, and this in turn can affect the share price.

Underpromise and overdeliver in everything you do. There is no better way to delight clients and get five-star reviews. Invest heavily in client-friendly project managers too. Never forget that it is always about the people. - David Gaz, The Bureau Of Small Projects

Drakeford is radical, however, Rathbone insists, and his cautious approach is better than the opposite. “Mark is as radical as Jeremy [Corbyn] is, really, but he’s a much more cautious guy and he doesn’t promise anything he feels he can’t deliver, which I think is the right way to go about it. Underpromise and overdeliver, excellent. Overpromise and underdeliver, not politically very sharp.” But she also tells me: “I think Mark’s objective was to ensure that Plaid didn’t appear to be more radical than us, and I don’t think that he’s managed to do it.”

Ka Tina

"Up, up, and away" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Hello I'm Nik

"Up, up, and away" -> nghĩa là sắp bay lên cao; đang tiếp tục phát triển, thành công.

Ví dụ
Up, up, and away! NASA's Ingenuity copter makes history with Mars flight · Don't miss out on the Latest News.

Up, up... and away! Hilarious moment a woman's birthday gift of £100 cash attached to a helium balloon slips through her fingers and floats off.

Up, Up And Away! Talk about the potential of drone deliveries of merchandise has floated for years, but few companies have made drone deliveries part of their everyday distribution efforts. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has given approval to three companies —, Inc. AMZN, Alphabet’s GOOGL/GOOG Google and United Parcel Service, Inc. UPS — for commercial drone deliveries, but to date, none of the companies have incorporated this distribution method into a nationwide offering.

Ka Tina

"Week in and week out" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo

"Week in and week out" -> nghĩa là mỗi tuần, tất cả các tuần.

Ví dụ
“Our opponent [Amarillo High] had some good hitters and some good pitching but we had seen that week in and week out in our district so I definitely think the girls felt confident that they would just battle it out," said Wylie Head Coach Heather Collier.

The road for an undrafted free agent is a long one, but it’s not an impossible trek (di cư, chuyến đi xa vất vả). I saw what kind of player Stills was week in and week out this year. I also saw his Twitter reactions as the picks and rounds slipped by. Now with a chance in Las Vegas, I know I for one ain’t about to bet against him.

“They’ve been, week in and week out, our two most consistent players,” Kuehn said of Wisocki and Marthaler. “They’re gaining more confidence and they’ve put in the time, especially after missing last year. It almost feels like they didn’t miss the year. … We need their scores and they know that, and they show up and compete and get better.”

Ka Tina

"Part of the furniture" nghĩa là gì?

"Part of the furniture" = một phần của nội thất -> nghĩa là ở trong nhà quá lâu.

Ví dụ
"He's been part of the furniture and a much-loved member of the yard since arriving at our gates 13 years ago," said Maher. "He might not have been the best horse but he wore his heart on his sleeve and always gave you value (giá trị) for money."

“It’s not just the players who are worrying about the future, I’m worrying about my future, Bryan Klug’s probably worrying about his future, all these people who are part of the furniture, we could be part of the problem as well.

It will be harder to avoid taking professional office-based workers on as employees, however. “It’s the ones who are in the office and basically part of the furniture,” he said. “You’re really going to struggle (gặp khó khăn) [not to employ them].”

It’s always challenging and scary to go to a different club especially one that is miles away from home, but the girls have been fantastic (tuyệt vời), welcomed me with open arms and I feel like part of the furniture now!

Ngọc Lân

"Be like watching paint dry" nghĩa là gì?

"Be like watching paint dry" = như thể (ngồi) xem sơn (hàng rào, tường...) khô lại -> nghĩa là buồn tẻ, nhàm chán.

Ví dụ 
In awe (kinh ngạc) of the last leg of the bridge's 1-mile float, now raising 36 feet to its final position, some say it's like watching paint dry. 

Considering how almost every musician in the history of the world has described the act of touring as one of the most boring aspects of being in a band, you might think that watching a documentary about it would be like watching paint dry.

Manager Jose Mourinho will no doubt be quick to brush off (phủ nhận) Dulux's gaffes (việc làm hớ) if asked about them at his pre-Everton press conference (họp báo) on Thursday afternoon, with the manager currently facing bigger problems as some supporters claim his football is like watching paint dry.

Thùy Dương

"Dry up and blow away" nghĩa là gì?

"Dry up and blow away" -> nghĩa là đi đi, để tôi yên.

Ví dụ 
Oh, dry up and blow away—I need some peace and quiet!

"We just broke up. Dry up and blow away," said Walton, dejected as Gaul walked down the street by himself.

Specifically, following her personal page, many netizens accidentally discovered that the actress left a pretty mood line. Accordingly, the actress posted a picture of herself holding a glass of wine, accompanied by a confused state line: "Dry up and blow away!"

Thùy Dương

"Go in tandem" nghĩa là gì?

Chúng mình là một cặp. Photo by from Pexels

"(Go) in tandem" hoặc "in tandem with (someone/something)" nghĩa là cùng nhau, cùng lúc; đi đôi với nhau; cái trước cái sau.

Ví dụ
Figuratively (ẩn dụ) speaking, “doing things in tandem” refers to two people working in close association. The choice to go in tandem means uniting forces and expending less energy.

Adams argued that policing is one of three critical topics in the mayor’s race (cuộc đua thị trưởng), along with COVID and crime. And he emphasized (nhấn mạnh) that he believes police reform and public safety must be aggressively pursued in tandem.

That means that while inflation (lạm phát) may be transitory (tạm thời), a one-time adjustment to last year’s deflationary (giảm phát) recession, it may also be sticky and accelerate going forward, as wages are likely to rise in tandem in this cycle.

The university’s decision not to extend surveillance (giám sát) testing to Senior Week arrived in tandem with another unfortunate decision for the Class of 2021: the announcement that graduating seniors living on campus would be forced to move out before the beginning of Senior Week.

Thu Phương

"Nothing if not" nghĩa là gì?

"Nothing if not" -> nghĩa là câu dùng để nhấn mạnh một phẩm chất, chất lượng.

Ví dụ
The Glaziks of rural Paxton. The Glazik family is nothing if not innovative. They have more than your traditional corn and soybean operation. They raise a variety of organic crops that are sold to a variety of markets, and also started a distillery (nhà máy chưng cất rượu). And dad Jeff raises cattle.

Since leaving the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have demonstrated their willingness (mong muốn) to jump into a wide range of different fields. From the three strands of their Archewell organisation (encompassing (hoàn thiện) a charitable foundation; their Netflix production partnership; and an audio venture with Spotify), to when Meghan narrated a Disney+ documentary, and two recent new jobs for Prince Harry (with BetterUp and the Aspen Institute) – the pair are nothing if not prolific (sáng tác nhiều). 

I’m not exactly sure how Paperboy entered my cranium (sọ). I have one of the campaign postcards on my desk, and one day I spotted his Love Bus on Myrtle Avenue. Paperboy Prince is nothing if not flamboyant (lòe loẹt)!

Tuchel’s men have been nothing if not defensively solid since the German arrived and that defensively solidity is going to be needed now more than ever.

Ngọc Lân

"Bleed me white" nghĩa là gì?

"Bleed someone white" = (khiến ai) chảy máu đến trắng xác -> nghĩa là tống tiền, lấy của ai không từ một đồng nào.

Ví dụ 
These taxes are going to bleed me white!

The maid bled her famous employer white until he could no longer pay her the hush money.

He used tricks to fake women to "chat sex" with men online, then, this object used these clips to bleed his white.

After two times coming and claiming the name "reporter" asking for money to refuel, the third time "suggesting" 1 thousand dollars to take care of the year for the magazine, a business reported to the authorities. On the evening of January 26, the Economic Police Department (Phòng Cảnh sát Kinh tế) caught a group of reporters bled a business white.

Thùy Dương

"Spike our guns" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

"Spike (one's) guns" = cắm que nhọn vào súng (vô hiệu hóa súng của kẻ địch) -> nghĩa là làm mất tác dụng, hỏng kế hoạch của đối thủ.

Ví dụ 
I'm afraid the rain has spiked our guns. We cannot hold the rally as planned.

Parkers spiked their rival's (đối thủ) guns by launching their product two months before Jones was able to do so. 

She was jealous of David's progress in the company, so she spiked his guns by telling the boss that David had a drinking problem.

Thùy Dương

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