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Friday, February 14, 2020

"Mop-up operation" nghĩa là gì?

Sẵn sàng cho bãi "chiến trường". Photo by Ronê Ferreira from Pexels

"Mop-up operation" hoặc "mop-up" chỉ sự thu dọn, nhặt nhạnh (sau trận lụt, hỏa hoạn...)/ chuốt lại (các phương án). "Mop-up operation" còn có nghĩa là cuộc hành quân tảo thanh; cuộc truy quét tàn quân.

Ví dụ
A massive mop-up operation is underway after Storm Ciara battered the Borders - causing widespread disruption (gián đoạn lớn) across the region.

Residents in Western Australia’s Pilbara region are mopping up the damage from ex-tropical cyclone (xoáy thuận ngoài nhiệt đới) Damien, which could bring flash flooding to inland parts of the state.

The Nigeria Police Force Headquarters has said its operatives have arrested (bắt giữ) three more terrorists (kẻ khủng bố) belonging to the Ansaru terror group, in continuation of its mop-up operations at Kuduru Forest, in Kaduna State.

The PMF, which has played a central role (vai trò trung tâm) in operations to defeat ISIS in Iraq since 2014, and participated in almost all mop-up operations since the group’s territorial defeat in Iraq in 2017, has also been excluded (bị khai trừ) from the Heroes of Iraq operation.

Thu Phương

Corona virus sẽ gián tiếp gây ra 2 cú sốc cung và 1 cú sốc cầu lớn

các nhà sản xuất ô tô hàng đầu của Nhật Bản (Honda, Nissan) và châu âu đều có các nhà máy ở vũ hán (hồ bắc)

ảnh hưởng nặng nề nhất là đài loan, thứ hai là Việt Nam,

cú sốc cung lao động: nhiều người china ko thể quay lại làm việc,

khách du lịch china giảm mạnh...
These shutdowns (phong tỏa) constitute (góp phần) a major shock to global companies’ supply chains (chuỗi cung ứng) across Asia. Based on the value (giá trị) of its exports (hàng xuất khẩu) to mainland China and Hong Kong relative to GDP, Taiwan is likely to be the hardest hit, followed by Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea. Regional employers face a further supply shock because many Chinese working in Japan or other Asian countries will not or cannot return from China. Furthermore, the coronavirus outbreak (bùng phát) will disrupt (phá vỡ) exports of Chinese products to Japan, in particular processed food (thực phẩm chế biến) and clothing (quần áo). All these factors will cause supply shortages (thiếu hụt) and thus dampen (làm nản chí, làm nản lòng, làm mất vui, làm cụt hứng) economic growth among China’s trade partners (đối tác thương mại).

The coronavirus also will cause a large demand shock, not least because Chinese travelers (khách du lịch) have been a great boon to many countries’ tourism sectors. Chinese tourist numbers are now falling sharply as China bars its citizens from group tours abroad, and many countries refuse or restrict the entry of Chinese. Judging by the size of Chinese visitors’ expenditures relative to GDP, popular destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore will take the hardest hit. Japan will be especially concerned should the outbreak persist (tồn tại dai dẳng), because the Summer Olympic Games are scheduled to start in Tokyo on July 24.

"Mop and mow" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Gratisography from Pexels

"Mop and mow" nghĩa là (mặt) nhăn nhó, làm cho buồn cười.

Ví dụ
Don't mop and mow like that, Gibbie.

While one straightens the fork so precisely on the tablecloth, a thousand faces mop and mow.

Ineluctably (chắc chắn) that vast army is shaping, moving upon the future, in silence, in humility, nameless and without nationality, while you, who should be their leaders, mop and mow your antique grimaces (cau có), and dance your ritualistic capers (nhảy cỡn) at the end of the rope from which hangs Judas. This, I think, ends my apology.

Before you can say 'come' and 'go,'
And breathe twice and cry 'so, so,'
Each one, tripping on his toe,
Will be here with mop and mow.
Do you love me, master? no? ("The Tempest" của Shakespeare)

Thu Phương

Bài Trước: "Sunday driver" nghĩa là gì? 

Dám chê à

nam thanh niên bóp cổ bạn gái vì bị chê... đánh rắm quá thối :D

When officers arrived, the victim (nạn nhân) said they were at a friend’s house sitting on the couch.

The victim told police that Ragsdale farted (đánh rắm) and that she told him it smelled horrible (thật khủng khiếp, tồi tệ).

Ragsdale then grabbed (túm tóc) the victim by the hair and threw her on the ground,

Ragsdale then sat on her back and wrapped his arm around her neck and choked her.

Christopher Ragsdale is charged with assault family violence (bạo lực gia đình) – choking. His bond (gông cùm, xiềng xích, sự tù tội) has not yet been set.

Bài trước: Tình yêu ấm áp

Manila đối phó với tình trạng nước biển dâng

và San Francisco nữa, làm như nào ta...

Our Climate reporters looked at the way the sprawling metropolitan areas of Manila and San Francisco are handling the climate crisis and rising sea levels.

Will they try to redirect water (nắn dòng) to adapt (thích ứng) to their needs, or reimagine their coastlines (đường bờ biển)? Their decisions could offer crucial lessons for coastal cities around the world.

In Manila: The ground has been subsiding because of the rapid extraction (sự bòn rút, sự moi) of ground (mặt đấ) water, and sea levels (mực nước biển) have risen by as much as 5 to 7 centimeters a year — double the global average.

Residents have responded with Band-Aid fixes, like pouring layers of cement and sand on the floor. Many have nowhere else to go.

In San Francisco: Wealthy Bay Area municipalities can afford costly sea walls (bức tường) and new infrastructure, staving off (ngăn chặn) destruction (sự phá hủy) for a few more years. But even so, some quickly eroding (xói mòn) communities (cộng đồng) are running out of options (hết giải pháp).

Tình yêu ấm áp

ấm nóng, ướt át :)

cãi nhau -> đái ra giường bạn gái...

...The victim (nạn nhân) said she was laying in bed (nằm trên giường) with Jolin when she asked him to move over (dịch ra một chút). She said when Jolin didn’t move, she told him it was her bed and he doesn’t own it. The victim said at that point, Jolin urinated in the bed while she was still in it.

The victim said she asked Jolin to leave and he became very aggressive, punching (đấm) the bedroom TV and cracking (làm nứt) the screen. She said Jolin then shoved her in the chest, leaving a visible mark that was observed and photographed by the officer,

Bài trước: Quá xuất sắc

"In a jiffy" nghĩa là gì?

5 phút nữa em đến anh eii!! Photo by: Luca Campioni on Unsplash

"In a jiffy" -> nghĩa là ngay lập tức, rất nhanh chóng.

Ví dụ

If you do have multiple homepages, redirect them to a “master” homepage. That will fix the problem in a jiffy. Also, if you have one homepage for mobile visitors and another for desktop visitors, your website is about six years behind the tech curve (con đường công nghệ).

Avenue, a user-based library of global market report database, provides comprehensive (toàn diện) reports pertaining to (gắn liền với) the world's largest emerging (nổi bật) markets. It further offers e-access to all the available industry reports just in a jiffy. Avenue is a premium subscription-based model that serves as an informative solution on which the world-leading companies can rely on.

The RAM boost feature allows the device to know what apps you use the most and then load data accordingly (phù hợp với điều được nhắc đến) and at the right time. Ultimately, this minimizes the app launch times and the content is available for interaction (tương tác) in a jiffy.

Ngọc Lân

Bài trước: "Bitten by the same bug" nghĩa là gì?

"Bitten by the same bug" nghĩa là gì?

Gì hay thế, cho xem với!! Photo by: bruce mars

"Bitten by the same bug" = bị cắn bởi cùng một con bọ -> nghĩa là có chung nhu cầu hoặc sở thích.

Ví dụ
It’s another injury-plagued (chấn thương) season for the Nets, who were bitten by the same bug last season when both Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie went down early last year. Those injuries paved the way (mở đường) for D’Angelo Russell’s emergence (nổi lên) as an All-Star.

Some believe Game Of Thrones will be the last show the world watches together like this, all of us bitten by the same bug, obsessively (ám ảnh) fearful of spoilers (tiết lộ).

Tom Eskam was first bitten by the bicycling bug as a child, when he rode one to deliver newspapers. He fixed a bike for another kid in his neighborhood, and calls it his “first paying job better than mowing.” Today, bicycles remain a paying job for Eskam, who has made a career of helping others bitten by the same bug.

Ngọc Lân