Journey in Life: 09/02/20

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Là bản chất rồi

bịa chuyện nữ công nhân làm việc xuyên ngày đêm theo dõi trạm biến thế, để được trao thưởng của tổng liên đoàn lao động cho thi đua yêu nước...

tgđ dnnn này đã bị sa thải rồi,

Li Tongzhi was replaced as chairman of Beijing Electric Power Corp. on Nov. 27 and has been suspended from work (đình chỉ công tác), an anonymous (ẩn danh) source told Caixin. This came after the company in March released a fabricated story about a female employee — who, it was claimed, worked a 24-hour shift monitoring (giám sát/theo dõi) a transformer substation (trạm biến thế) in central Beijing — in an attempt to win an annual prize for working women handed out by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

Bài trước: Không dễ chút nào

Không dễ chút nào

công nghệ có ba dạng: công cụ, hướng dẫn cụ thể, và kiến thức quá trình (process knowledge),

process knowledge quan trọng nhất, vì khó viết thành lời: cũng như có thể cho ai đó công thức nấu ăn, bếp xịn, mà ko có kinh nghiệm nấu ăn thì cũng ko thế có món tuyệt ngon được,

cứ mỗi thế hệ, nhật bản lại tháo dỡ hoàn toàn đền Ise rồi xây dựng lại để ko quên cách xây,

báo cáo năm 2009 cho biết chính phủ mỹ quên cách sản xuất/tạo ra "Fogbank", tài liệu mật để chế tạo bom hydro, và cuối cùng phải mất nhiều triệu đô-la để lấy lại kiến thức này, 
My essay How Technology Grows argues that technological capabilities ought to be represented in the form of an experienced workforce. We should distinguish technology in three forms: tools, direct instructions (like blueprints and IP), and process knowledge. The third is most important: "Process knowledge is hard to write down as an instruction: you can give someone a well-equipped kitchen and an extraordinarily detailed recipe, but absent cooking experience, it's hard to make a great dish."

We should think of technology as a living product, which has to be practiced for knowledge even to be maintained at its current level. I offered the example of the Ise Grand Shrine, which Japanese caretakers tear down and rebuild anew every generation so that they don't lose its production knowledge. Here's an example I came across more recently: Mother Jones reported in 2009 that the US government forgot how to produce "Fogbank," a classified material essential to the production of the hydrogen bomb, because relevant experts had retired. The government then had to spend millions of dollars to recover that production knowledge. I believe that the hard-to-measure process knowledge is more important than more easily observable tools and IP. We would be capable of making few meaningful advancements if a civilization from 2,000 years in the future were able to dump blueprints on us, just as the Pharaohs and Caesars from 2,000 years in the past would have been able to do nothing with the blueprints of today.

Bớt u mê

54 nghiên cứu viên của nih (nước anh) bị buộc phải từ chức hoặc sa thải, vì nhận tiền từ china...

The new numbers come from Michael Lauer, NIH’s head of extramural (ngoài trường đại học) research. Lauer had previously provided some information on the scope of NIH’s investigation, which had targeted 189 scientists at 87 institutions. But his presentation today to a senior advisory panel offered by far the most detailed breakout of an effort NIH launched in August 2018 that has roiled (khuấy đục, chọc tức, làm phát cáu) the U.S. biomedical community (cộng đồng y-sinh), and resulted in criminal charges (tội hình sự) against some prominent (xuất chúng, xuất sắc) researchers, including Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University’s department of chemistry and chemical biology.

“It’s not what we had hoped, and it’s not a fun task,” NIH Director Francis Collins said in characterizing the ongoing investigation. He called the data “sobering.” (làm tỉnh rượu)

"Pop the cherry" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash

"Pop the cherry" = vỡ quả anh đào -> nghĩa là lần đầu làm tình; như "hái hoa, bẻ cành", "ăn trái cấm" đó các bạn.

Ví dụ
“I was 17, but it was years later OK. I was 17, I started dating this other guy and I did not want to be a virgin. I was embarrassed (xấu hổ) that I was a virgin. I needed someone to, like, pop the cherry and make me a veteran (cựu chiến binh),” she said, adding that she initiated the sexual encounter.

If you've explored the campsite and music twice, you'll be coughing up €185. And if you're a total EP virgin (đồng trinh), it's time to pop the cherry and find €205 to spurge on a ticket.

"She will actually pop the cherry for you," Darren says. "So I put the question to her fairly straight, 'Are you a prostitute (gái điếm)?'"

Ngọc Lân

"Have a pop at" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

"Have a pop at someone/something" -> nghĩa là tấn công hoặc chỉ trích/phán xét ai, nghĩa khác là thử làm việc gì.

Ví dụ
THESE caring kids are having a pop at saving the environment — with a blow bubbles (bong bóng) not balloons drive. The pupils at Longniddry Primary in East Lothian made the most of lockdown to spread (lan tỏa) the message — using the idea as an alternative to clapping for the NHS on Thursday evenings.

He added: "I felt that was a dig every time they wanted to have a pop at me. You couldn’t get into an argument with a journalist (nhà báo) because they will always have the last say.”

It is the way of life that opposition politicians generally have a pop at the government - but in this case I'm not going to do so.

Ngọc Lân

Tương lai nào cho người dân Hong Kong

sống trong khu tự trị ở ireland nhé :)

The Department of Foreign Affairs (bộ ngoại giao) has been in contact with the Victoria Harbour Group (VHG), an international charter city investment company (công ty đầu tư thành phố đặc quyền quốc tế), since December about a plan to create a city from scratch (từ con số 0) that would be home to tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents…

The proposed city was referred to as Sim City in its early stages, after the computer game in which players create their own city. Over time its name changed to Nextpolis.

Kỹ năng tay nghề cao của công nhân mỏ china

lon: làm ở nhà, qua mạng, điều khiển máy xúc nhờ nối mạng 5g rồi nhé...
The company, China Molybdenum, has applied 5G technology in the Sandaozhuang mine in central China since 2019, 

A series of photos put up showed the technological marvel (vật kỳ diệu, vật tuyệt diệu, kỳ công) currently in place in an industry few thought would be possible:

CCTV said 5G technology enables workers to remotely control equipment at the mine with precision (độ chính xác cao), owing to the high speed and low latency connectivity.

Cho thêm một đĩa pizza nào

nam thanh niên china ko rơi xuống giếng vì quá béo :D
Luckily, he’s got guts!

The 28-year-old only identified as Liu got trapped in his family’s well after breaking through wood that had been used to cover it in his hometown.

An official fire service video clip shared on social media showed rescuers  (nhân viên cứu hộ) arriving last Friday as the shirtless (cởi trần) man patiently waited with his arms crossed.

He remained that way as gobsmacked locals watched a team of at least five firefighters tie a strong rope around his waist to finally heave him out to safety — totally unharmed,

Còn muốn thế nào nữa?

nhà hàng yêu cầu thực khách đứng lên cân điện tử để ứng dụng gợi ý gọi món theo cân nặng, đã phải xin lỗi...

-> thật ra là ý tưởng hay chứ, đúng ko các bạn?

(đáp ứng lời kêu gọi của chủ tịch tập về hạn chế lãng phí thức ăn, do dịch bệnh covid-19 và lũ lụt làm tăng giá thực phẩm)

A restaurant in China has apologised (xin lỗi) for its controversial policy (chính sách gây tranh cãi) of asking diners to weigh themselves before entry in an overzealous response to a new national campaign against food waste.

The beef restaurant in the central city of Changsha was heavily criticised on Chinese social media as soon as it unveiled the policy on Friday.

...President Xi Jinping this week urged the nation to stop wasting food, as the coronavirus pandemic and serious flooding last month have led to a rise in food prices.

In response, regional catering groups have urged customers to order one dish fewer than the number of diners at a table — an attempt to overturn the ingrained cultural habit of ordering extra food for group meals.

Bài trước: Rõ khổ

"Blow this pop stand" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

"Blow this pop stand" -> nghĩa là rời khỏi nơi buồn tẻ này càng sớm càng tốt.

Ví dụ
I'm still perfecting (hoàn thiện) my leash-walking skills. I'm a curious (tò mò), gentle (hiền), affectionate social butterfly who is eager to find a home and a loving family. Pretty much I'm the total package, ready to blow this pop stand. One thing, I don't like being left alone all day, so take note.

"Let's blow this pop stand," he says. "We'll clear out of here tonight and head back home. We've had three days in Las Vegas and now this. Too much. I want to just lay back and maybe drive my boat some. I'm one of your clean-living NFL quarterbacks and I need to replenish (làm đầy) my physical resources."

But the downturn (đi xuống) in the economy crushed her art career, so the couple said, "Let's blow this pop stand," and moved to Lorton with their two parrots (con vẹt) in 2007. 

Ngọc Lân