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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

"Fruit of the poisonous tree" nghĩa là gì?

"Fruit of the poisonous tree" = trái của cây độc -> nghĩa là dấu vết/vết tích của hành động phi pháp. 

Ví dụ
The provision (điều khoản) tells us that evidence obtained and confiscated (tịch thu) on the occasion of such unreasonable searches and seizures is deemed polluted, stained or contaminated and should be excluded for being a fruit of the poisonous tree. Hence, it is inadmissible in evidence for any purpose in any proceeding.

There is a concept (khái niệm) in the law called “The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree,” whereby the government cannot pursue (theo đuổi) an illegal means to obtain a legal end. This is why evidence obtained illegally is inadmissible in a court. This is a Supreme Court precedent that goes back to and has been affirmed since 1920. 

Due to the illegality (tính bất hợp pháp) of the search, the appellate court ruled all the evidence “obtained as a result of that unlawful detention is fruit of the poisonous tree and must be suppressed.” The case was sent back to the trial court for further proceedings and a possible retrial (xử lại).

Rush said the evidence (bằng chứng) is the “fruit of the poisonous tree” and concluded that reliance on the search warrant affidavits (bản khai) was unreasonable, adding that “we are confident that apply the exclusionary rule here will deter similar reckless conduct in the future.”

Ngọc Lân

"Tree is known by its fruit" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jon Sailer on Unsplash

"Tree is known by its fruit" = cây được biết đến là nhờ quả -> nghĩa là nhân cách, tính cách được đánh giá/nhìn nhận qua hành động. 

Ví dụ
‘A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds (hành động). A good deed is never lost; he who sows (gieo) courtesy reaps (gặt) friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.’ Saint Basil. Mark James Bonin was born in Chesterton, Indiana on 28th December 1956, and died in Samoa in the South Pacific Region on 16th January 2020, aged 63 years. His parents were the late Robert and Patricia Bonin of Dune Acres, Indiana.

As Jesus said, a tree is known by its fruit. In the end, God will either by our Father or our Judge. It’s up to us to choose if we’re among (giữa) the sheep or the goats. Jesus stretched out His arms on the cross (thánh giá), forever welcoming sinners to come to Him to receive forgiveness and to have a heart transformation, literally a new nature.

For now, when people ask me what I think about Kanye’s new album and recent conversion, my answer will be, “Ask me in a year.” A tree is known by its fruit. And some trees take a little time to grow before you see the fruit.

They say ‘a tree is known by its fruit’ but nearly a quarter of respondents admitted to not knowing that a kumquat (quả quất) is even a fruit, with 12.5% believing it to be a yoga position! 3.8% thought it was an Australian marsupial (động vật có túi); another 3.8% thought it was a star constellation (chòm sao); and 2.9% of respondents actually thought it was a type of exercise squat!

Ngọc Lân

Không ai bị bắt là sao

cãi nhau khi chơi cờ vua -> bị đâm vào mông...

Sgt. Kenneth Jarrett said police were called to an apartment on Mohawk Court on the report of an assault after 5 a.m. Saturday.

The 51-year-old victim said he knew only the first name of the man who stabbed him, and refused to give police any more information.

"Fruit of the union" nghĩa là gì?

"Fruit of the union" có union là liên minh, liên hiệp -> cụm từ này nghĩa là con cái của hai người đã kết hôn hoặc sống chung như vợ chồng; nghĩa khác là kết quả/sản phẩm của cả hai bên phối hợp làm ra. 

Ví dụ
A decade ago the OpenStack Foundation was born, the fruit of the union between NASA and Rackspace Holding. The two organisations jointly (phối hợp) opened-up their codebase and gave it freely to all that wanted to make use of it. 

In January, Koenigsegg struck a joint-venture and investment deal with National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). The Chinese electric car firm put in $171 million to take a 20 percent stake (cổ phiếu) in the Swedish supercar maker, and a 65 percent stake in a collaboration (hợp tác) to "develop a product for new and untapped segments (phân khúc)." One fruit of the union will be a less expensive supercar that uses Koenigsegg's "freevalve" camless (không trục cam) tech and could be carbon neutral.

Caro, a malbec-cabernet blend made in a collaboration between Bodegas Catena Zapata and Baron Eric de Rothschild of Château Lafite Rothschild, is one example of an Argentine Bordeaux-style wine. Another is Cheval des Andes, the fruit of the union of Terrazas de los Andes, another major name in Argentina, with Château Cheval Blanc, a premier grand cru (nho) wine from Saint-Émilion.

The fruit of the union between Zeus and Danae was a son named Perseus who Danae managed to hide from her father for some time. When Acrisius did find out about the birth of this child, he ordered the maid (tỳ nữ) to be killed and had Danae and Perseus enclosed in a shrine (hòm) and thrown into the sea.

Ngọc Lân

Con người của hành động

làm đổ nến khi đuổi gấu trúc nên... cháy rụi cả nhà :D

The fire occurred on West Evans Road north of Prosser on Sunday morning.

...a 38-year-old man was in the trailer when he became frustrated with (chán nản, thất vọng) a family of raccoons living under the house. the man accidentally knocked over a candle (nến) during the commotion (sự rối loạn; cuộc bạo động, cuộc khởi nghĩa) which started a fire.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find the trailer home mostly engulfed in flames (nhận chìm trong biển lửa).

Bài trước: Có lẽ nào

"Lead you astray" nghĩa là gì?

Đi chỗ này "vui" lắm! Photo courtesy: Julian Knap

"Lead someone astray" có "astray" là chệch khỏi con đường hay hướng đúng = dẫn đi sai đường -> cụm từ này nghĩa là dẫn đi lầm đường, lạc lối.

Ví dụ
What the Liberal (Đảng Dân chủ) news media will not tell you is that Joe lied many times during the debate. Where was the fact check list that the paper normally runs after the presidential debate? I must have missed it. Don’t let the Liberal media lead you astray. Check out the true facts and come to your own conclusion, not what the Liberals want you to think.

Given the practicalities (tính thiết thực) of furnishing a workspace (budget, mainly, but also overhead fluorescent lighting and lack of window), I had a few priorities in mind: Source ambient (xung quanh) lighting, primarily one desk lamp and one floor lamp. Bring artwork from home to personalize the space. Select flexible pieces that can be used elsewhere in the office, if needed. And don’t let my champagne tastes lead me astray when picking out a bookshelf.

Of course Queen Barb, the leader of the Rock Trolls, is obviously in the wrong with her goal to turn all of the other music trolls into rock zombies. But protagonist Queen Poppy, leader of the Pop Trolls, is nearly as bad, spouting (nói dài dòng) rhetoric (lối nói hoa mỹ) about all trolls being the same while also declaring her music superior. Even Poppy's advisors lead her astray, with her father urging her to keep the various Troll tribes cocooned (bảo vệ an toàn) away from each other so that none of them will ever have to change, and Poppy's best friend Branch cautioning her to only trust members of her own community.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Lead the way" nghĩa là gì?

"Lead the way" nghĩa là gì?

Theo tôi nào! Photo courtesy: Moweena Roessingh van Iterson

"Lead the way" = dẫn đường -> nghĩa là người hoặc tổ chức tiên phong, mở đường và đã thành công trong một lĩnh vực.

Ví dụ
“We are a country that can take action. We are a G20 country. We have the luxury of being a fairly wealthy country that can implement (thực hiện) measures and restrictions that are meaningful. I think if Canada really wants to lead the way, there is a lot more that can be done,” McCord said.

We recognise that net-zero targets can’t be achieved in isolation which is why CWG are partners in Supply Chain Sustainability School where I chair (chủ trì) the Climate Action Group. A net-zero future, by its definition, involves all of us, and places such as Canary Wharf that involve their whole community in this journey will lead the way.

These are only a few suggestions -- so much more can and should be done. Therefore, I would challenge us in higher education to lead the way in making sure mental health is an integral part (một phần không thể thiếu) of our diversity, equity (công bằng) and inclusion efforts. Because openness (cởi mở), dialogue and knowledge are core values that define our institutions, we are distinctly positioned to encourage conversation that can not only change lives but also save them.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Quaking in your boots" nghĩa là gì?

Để giỏi giang hơn trong công việc

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Ý chí chiến thắng, khát vọng thành công, sự thôi thúc phát huy hết khả năng ở bạn... đó là những yếu tố làm nên bậc kỳ tài.

Đừng nhầm lẫn

"chính sách công nghiệp" không phải khuyến nghị/đề xuất của nhà nước đâu, mà là 'mệnh lệnh' của nhà nước ép người dân đấy...
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 307 of Kristian Niemietz’s important 2019 book, Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies:

Since economic activity cannot be coordinated by scarcity signals (tín hiệu khan hiếm) – i.e. market prices – the only substitute is command (mệnh lệnh) and control (kiểm soát). When people do not behave in the way economic planners want them to behave, the state needs to use force to make them comply (tuân thủ).

DBx: Do not overlook this reality: Industrial policy is not a series of recommendations that the state kindly offers to citizens. It is, instead, a set of commands that the state imposes (áp đặt) on its citizens. The state will enforce these commands against any and all who resist (kháng cự, chống đối) them, with violence if necessary. Government officials will cage you if you refuse to obey their orders. And if you resist this caging with sufficient stubbornness, these same government officials will see to it that you are killed.

So-called “industrial policy” is not sweet counseling. It is brute force.

If you trust Donald Trump and his lieutenants and lackeys (người hầu, đầy tớ; kẻ xu nịnh, kẻ khúm núm; tay sai) with such power, I pity you for your gullibility. Ditto if you trust with such power Joe Biden and his cronies and keepers. If you trust any human being with such power, you are a fool.

Unfortunately, the world is overpopulated with such fools.

Ảo tưởng về 'nhà nước khởi tạo'

các dự án do nhà nước đầu tư thật ra là ngớ ngẩn thôi, như máy bay concorde và mỏ carmichael, được giảm thuế và trợ cấp quá lâu, chứ chẳng tự sống được...
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 88 of the May 9th, 2020, draft of the important monograph – forthcoming in October jointly from the Adam Smith Institute and AIER – by Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi, The Myth of the Entrepreneurial State (links added):

The State’s projects that in fact prove foolish, such as the Concorde and the Carmichael mine, last for a long, long time, with tax-and-regulation subsidization (trợ cấp). The Carmichael mine would be producing coal (than) that nobody would buy at the high cost at which it can be mined well into the age (thời đại) of solar panels (tấm năng lượng mặt trời). The Concorde lasted from its first unprofitable (không có khả năng sinh lợi nhuận) flight in 1976 to its last unprofitable flight in 2003. Twenty-seven years of failing the test of commercial profitability is to be contrasted with NeXt’s one year, Edsel’s three years, New Coke’s three months, Google Glass 2012-2015, Juicero in 2017 for squeezing oranges (closed down five months after a massive investment in it by Silcom Valley). Declares [Mariana] Mazzucato: the invisible hand, which works quickly, should be replaced by a visible fist of the State, which keeps on pounding. We don’t think so.

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