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Sunday, December 29, 2019

"Gives me life" nghĩa là gì?

Just simple things. Photo by Kristopher Roller

"(Something) gives me life" = Ban sức sống cho tôi -> Tôi thích điều gì đó rất nhiều (thông tục).

Ví dụ
I love Glasgow to bits. I love Scotland to bits. It gives me life. It gives my daughter life.

“It’s a beautiful addiction (sự gây nghiện), and it gives me life, to just get lost in the studio,” Deeb said. “Time goes by, and I look up and think, ‘How did that image happen in front of me? That was not a plan.’ I like the surprise and the spontaneous (ngẫu hứng, ngẫu nhiên).”

Immediately after stepping out on stage at the event, tons of people took to Twitter to rave (nói như điên như dại) about her hairdo (kiểu tóc). One user, adeleyellow, wrote, “Michelle Obama with natural hair. That’s it. That’s the tweet.” Meanwhile, another hilarious (buồn cười) tweet from yagrlhannahrose, read, “Michelle Obama’s natural hair gives me LIFE I have been waiting for this era (kỷ nguyên) for YEARS.”

Bin Kuan

"Give shape to" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Trung Thanh

"Give shape to" = diễn đạt/giải thích cái gì một cách rõ ràng.

Ví dụ
It is a call to rise above the usual and the normal of our day-to-day life toward the sublime (cao thượng, siêu phàm) and the noble (quý tộc) that will give shape to a better future.

Colin Dodgson did not approach Deeper Green as he usually would a project. The photographer went in with an open mind — free from any preconceived (nhận thức trước, biết trước) ideas of what he wanted to create. Belize was unfamiliar territory (lãnh thổ), and Dodgson wanted his experience to give shape to the images he made.

CBT had partnered with Central Banks and government institutions in the past to give shape to some crucial projects (dự án quan trọng). Dr. Paolo happily affirmed to maintain cordial (thân mật, chân thành) working relations with Ripple in the future to carve (tạo thành) out multiple projects. He confidently stated that the gap between academia (giới học viên) and industry could be blocked in the future which will pave the way for a highly secured and independent global economy.

Bin Kuan

"Give leg bail" nghĩa là gì?

Có vẻ là một vụ bắt cóc. Photo by  Morgan Sessions

"Give leg bail" = Chạy trốn, tẩu thoát.

Ví dụ
Swimmers were forced to give leg bail from the water after a great white shark was seen circling just metres from shore (bờ biển).

A convicted felon (người phạm tội nghiêm trọng) who tried to give leg bail from police loses control of his vehicle and crashes in northwest Indiana early Saturday morning.

A driver slammed head-on into a police cruiser early this morning after trying to give leg bail an early morning crash at the corners Main and Worthington streets, according to a department spokesman.

Bin Kuan

"Give it some welly" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  sydney Rae

"Give it some welly (giày ủng)" = Thực hiện một cách rất nhiệt huyết và đầy nỗ lực.

Ví dụ
I could actually give it some welly and it'd go really well. Which is why I had to go after it. Into the pond, ankle deep at first. Then knee deep.

A non-exec (không chạy, không thực hiện) at the Cork tech group, which is backed by PCH International's Liam Casey, as Smartzone prepares to give it some welly.

When I was playing in my first Wee Wonders final my grandad was standing at the sidelines and he didn't really know the rules of golf so just when I was about to putt he shouted ‘Give it some welly!’ Now whenever I’m putting I always remember that!

Bin Kuan

"Give it a burl" nghĩa là gì?

Thử cảm giác đạp xe trên mặt tuyết. Photo by  Anastasiia Tarasova

"Give it a burl" = Gỡ nút -> Thử làm việc gì.

Ví dụ
Plus, any difference in taste and texture is mitigated (giảm, bớt nhẹ) by the other burrito ingredients (nguyên liệu). If you're a vegan (or vegan curious) give it a burl.

Maybe one day someone will see the value in Tequila once more, with white doves and cathedral (nhà thờ lớn) spaces, or tea-houses being demolished (phá hủy) in bullet-time. But for now, if you never played it, give it a burl. It's great.

'Weightless' is an eight-minute relaxation track created by therapeutic (trị liệu) sound therapist Lyz Cooper. According to a study by market research firm Mindlab International, it is capable of reducing the listener's anxiety and physiological (sinh lý học) resting levels. If you're feeling stressed about the start of a new work week, give it a burl.

Bin Kuan

"Give her the bells and let her fly" nghĩa là gì?

Jingle bell jingle bell. Photo by  Chris Slupski

"Give her the bells and let her fly" = Reo chuông thông báo cho ai đó ra đi -> Giải thoát cho ai đó để tự do, thường là thoát khỏi một công việc.

Ví dụ
It could also give you the bells and let you fly that don't serve you. Your friends will help you when Capricorn season starts Saturday.

Panelo also slammed Leahy for renewing his call for the Duterte administration to give de Lima a fair trial and to give her the bells and let her fly.

You have to keep pushing the envelope. They will give you the bells and let you fly if every day you keep putting that company on blast (nguyền rủa) for the bullsh*t that they do," stated Ryback. "That is where the talent is f***ing up when they are not committed to be released right away.

Bin Kuan

"Give credit where credit is due" nghĩa là gì?

Dư âm mùa Noel. Photo by  Kari Shea

"Give credit where credit is due" = Hãy khen cho thích đáng -> Biết rõ năng lực cũng như sự đóng góp của ai cho việc gì.

Ví dụ
Now that the USMCA is set to become law, the Democrats of the House are selling it like it was their idea the whole time. This is just another page out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's playbook to keep the Democrats in power. No one person can be wrong all of the time. Can Democrats at least give credit where credit is due?

Joel Kellman doubled the San Jose lead in the early goings of the second, putting a shot through Hart’s five-hole on the breakaway to leave the Flyers in a 2-0 hole. I’ll give credit where credit is due, Simek made one helluva (kinh khủng, ghê khiếp) a pass to spring Kellman into the Philadelphia zone, but this was one the goalie should’ve had.

And for that, I tip my cap to Ross Atkins, Mark Shapiro, and the rest of the Blue Jays front office. I’ll give credit where credit is due, and I’ll happily eat my words that I didn’t think they’d offer a serious enough contract to bring in a pitcher of Ryu’s calibre (năng lực). I know I’m not alone in that sentiment either, and I’m very pleased to be wrong.

Bin Kuan


shared from fb Duong Quoc Chinh,
Hôm qua, trong stt trước, có mấy người bảo là VIN đầu tư ở tỉnh nào thì cũng góp phần làm đẹp đô thị. Đại khái là VIN có công lớn về việc phát triển kiến trúc, đô thị...Vì tút kia dài rồi, cmt cũng quá nhiều, sợ loãng, nên mình khất sang tút này để phân tích cho rõ về kiến trúc của VIN và vai trò của VIN trong việc phát triển đô thị. Tút này không chỉ nhằm vào 1 mình VIN mà với đa số các chủ đầu tư khác nữa.

10 năm nay, do vấn đề luật lệ không được phép bán nền đất ở ở các đô thị lớn nữa, nên kiến trúc nhà ở xây mới hầu hết là ở các khu đô thị, khu dân cư mới phải theo 1 số mẫu giống nhau. Nhà dân tự xây chủ yếu chỉ còn ở các lô đất xây chen cũ.

Điều đó có cái hay là tạo nên sự đồng bộ. Nhưng nhược điểm là giết chết sự sáng tạo trong

"Give a bawling out" nghĩa là gì?

Biến áp lực thành sức mạnh. Photo by  Maciej Karoń

"Give (one) a bawling out" = Chửi mắng ai hà khắc.

Ví dụ
She gives me a foolish answer so I give her a bawling out. There are occasions when a whip has to be heartless, not to care about who you humiliate (làm nhục, lăng mạ).

I didn't do that,' the bespectacled (đeo kính) young boy pleads. 'I don't have anything with ink or whatever this is.' Cody's denials (sự từ chối) only send his parents into further fury, as they give the boy a bawling out. 'You're writing a thousand sentences,' dad Mike yells. 'I'm gonna have to sell all your Pokemon stuff!'

But what of the love of the father? Can any family reach its true potential without masculine love (tình yêu của đàn ông)? This is the love that demands respect, that will lay down conditions. This is the dad who will kick your backside if you disrespect your mother. The father who will make you clean up your room, or who will give you a bawling out for a bad report card.

Bin Kuan

"Give the shirt off back" nghĩa là gì?

Yêu nhau í à. Photo by  Jonathan Borba

"Give (one) the shirt off (one's) back" = Cởi áo trên lưng cho ai -> Thể hiện sự phóng khoáng và không vị kỷ; sẵn sàng hy sinh tất cả những gì mình có cho ai.

Ví dụ
"She would give a shirt off her back to a person in need her kids are entwined (bết, quấn) with mine forever", Diana said.

Georgia lived her life on her own terms. Both stubborn (bướng, cứng đầu) and loyal she would argue about the color of the sky but give you the shirt off her back.

“I don’t understand how you love somebody, how you can do this to them,“ said Virginia Kelly, Johnson’s mother. “She was caring, loving, would give the shirt off her back. She was everything a mother could ask for.“

Bin Kuan

"Give the shake" nghĩa là gì?

Để gió cuốn đi. Photo by  David Martin

"Give (one) the shake" = Giũ bỏ ai -> Thoát khỏi ai, từ bỏ ai.

Ví dụ
The police later took Herry to uncover the hideouts (phơi bày nơi ẩn trốn) of KN in Mangga Besar, West Jakarta. However, Herry then attempted to give the police’s clutches (sự bám chặt) the shake, prompting the personnel (nhân viên) to open fire.

Unfortunately, if you're a recent ex, possibly named Pete Davidson, trying to get over the star, it's likely very difficult to give her the shake. From her new single's promo (quảng cáo) to the new 'Thank U, Next' video that features an ode (ca ngợi, tụng ca) to Davidson, it's clear it hasn't been an easy ride for Pete post-Grande.

That said, since having read the book, I find myself much less tolerant (chịu đựng, khoan dung) of sluggish (uể oải, lờ phờ) dating behavior. If a guy doesn't perk (trông tốt hơn) right up and show interest in me, I'm more likely to give him the shake. No more settling for half-hearted, weak-kneed attempts to woo (theo đuổi, tán tỉnh) me.

Bin Kuan

"A different kettle of fish" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Yunming Wang on Unsplash

"A different kettle of fish" = (trong) bể cá khác nhau -> nghĩa là phạm vi hoặc miêu tả hoàn toàn khác so với điều đang được bàn luận.

Ví dụ
Players will be looked upon because they’re playing at the top flight, at the top club in Scotland, along with Rangers as well. These players are a different kettle of fish to your Aberdeens, your Kilmarnocks – every other team that’s in the Scottish Premiership.

"She made quarters this year, the finals of Sydney, whereas I kind of struggled (vật lộn) in the Australian conditions and that first little chunk of the year has never really been so easy for me. "So I think that in itself is going to help her, but it's totally a different kettle of fish now going into it as world No.1."

Nicky Henderson runs The Cashel Man. He's also taken a while to get going after moving from David Simcock's but showed he has a proper (thích hợp) engine here last time out. This is a different kettle of fish all together though and he needs to step up again after the form has taken a couple of knocks too.

Ngọc Lân

Nợ sinh viên - 'án chung thân' với hàng triệu người Mỹ

đừng vay nợ để đi học, mà hãy mời nhà đầu tư, đầu tư cho việc học của mình :)

ở Lambda School, tuyên ngôn: bạn được học miễn phí, không phải trả đồng nào cho đến khi có việc làm kiếm được 50.000 usd/năm
In an ISA, a student borrows nothing but rather has his or her education supported by an investor, in return for a contract to pay a specified percentage of income for a fixed number of years after graduation. Rates and time vary with the discipline of the degree achieved and the amount of tuition assistance the student obtained.

An ISA is dramatically more student-friendly than a loan. All the risk shifts from the student to the investing entity; if a career starts slowly, or not at all, the student’s obligation drops or goes to zero. Think of an ISA as equity instead of debt, or as working one’s way through college — after college.

An excellent point. If you watch Shark Tank the entrepreneurs are always wary about debt because debt puts all the risk on them and requires fixed payments regardless. Yet when it comes to financing the venture of one’s own life suddenly equity becomes akin to slavery and debt bondage becomes freedom! It’s very peculiar.

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