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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"Look a sight" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by lan deng

"Look a sight" = Nhìn dơ bẩn, nhớp nhúa và xấu xí.

Ví dụ
Whereas my sister will happily say, “I don't like that outfit, you look a sight,” and that is invaluable. If I'd axe-murdered someone, I could tell her.

"I get the late train (back) and no-one recognises me – I look a sight and am as rough as you like. I actually think people avoid me because I look like a bag lady!" Moyet told The Graham Norton Show.

"Truleigh was in the frontpack on her first bush walk when she was just two weeks old." She said they often joined their best friends, who have eight children and one on the way, for picnics. "I'm sure we look a sight when we pull up at a park with 18 children."

Ka Tina

"Look at cross-eyed" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Riccardo Fissore

"Look at (one) cross-eyed" = Lác mắt nhìn ai -> Trợn mắt nhìn ai, đe dọa/chế giễu/chất vấn ai.

Ví dụ
The new factor here is Trump’s weaponization (vũ trang hóa) of the Justice Department to attack companies that look at him cross-eyed, Joe writes. That adds to economic uncertainty, along with the country’s growing resemblance to a banana republic.

"Noah Tyson said at the beginning of the year, 'I want to go undefeated this year,'" said Raiders coach Mike Wood, who notched his 200th win with the Raiders. "I look at him cross-eyed — I'm cross-eyed anyway — and told him that's a mighty tall task. For it to come to fruition (thành công, có kết quả)? It's not something I ever would've expected."

“He doesn’t just do something because everybody else does it,” Wagner said. “He finds the best possible thing and internalizes. He does not have any sense of care about what other people think about what he’s think. Where something could be conventional people could look at him cross eyed about … Trevor’s got no filter to what other people think about him or what they say.”

Ka Tina

"Look for all the world like" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by 浮萍 闪电

"Look for all the world like (someone or something)" = Đi tìm khắp thế giới giống như ai/điều gì -> giống nhau ở mọi mặt, đặc điểm.

Ví dụ
They take their time reacting and adjusting to the changes in their environment, and look for all the world like regular people as they do so.

They look for all the world like stills from the latest film version of a classic Dickens novel. But these remarkable pictures were taken not on a Hollywood set, but 140 years ago on the streets of London, among the Victorian capital’s itinerant workers (công nhân lưu động).

WEST HAM look for all the world like a team in major trouble and I don’t think the manager is right for them at all. They’ve just been turned over by Crystal Palace and now they have to play Leicester. That’s not easy, and looking at the table they are right up against it. Things haven’t been right at West Ham for months. But watching Mark Noble having a go at his team-mates tells me there’s a problem there.

Ka Tina

"Look kindly upon" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Louis Watson

"Look kindly upon" = Được đón chào, được tán thành hoặc được làm vui mừng; thể hiện sự quý mến/thiện chí cho ai/cái gì.

Ví dụ
Look kindly upon yourself as one who overcame obstacles (khó khăn, thử thách) within and without and made it successfully, with God's help, to this new year.

Another problem for conscience-ridden service members is that Trump’s unlikely to look kindly upon those who refuse orders to break the law. In November, Trump personally intervened in several military cases to pardon (ân xá, xá tội) service members accused or convicted of war crimes.

In what’s billed by local media as the “divorce of the century,” the chairman of South Korea’s third-largest conglomerate (tập đoàn) could wind up surrendering up to $1.2 billion of his shares to his aggrieved wife. Chey Tae-won has good reason to worry that judges won’t look kindly upon him: He’s already started a second family with a glamorous (đặc biệt thu hút) American-Korean internet sensation, not to mention his wife is the daughter of former President Roh Tae-woo. But it looks like this Hollywood-caliber split could have more repercussions in the boardroom than the bedroom.

Ka Tina

"Look like a saddle on a sow" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ben Mater

"Look like a saddle on a sow" = trông như cái yên ngựa trên lưng con heo nái -> Nhìn rất quái lạ, mắc cười và rất lố.

Ví dụ
Kealiher said the purpose of his posts in the aftermath of police shootings is to make both sides look like a saddle on a sow at the same time.

This is all being done in the name of selling stuff, of course—baseball thinks it can unload a bunch of these hoodies on playoff-mad fans and make a few bucks. Never mind that you’ll look like a saddle on a sow walking around in a DO DAMAGE sweatshirt by the first week of November, and maybe sooner.

This particular scene is briefly comedic because as he is running, his huge clown (chú hề) shoes are slapping against the pavement making him look like a saddle on a sow. However, the mood changes quickly when he finally catches up to them, and they are waiting for him and basically—to put in the simplest terms… beat the crap out of him.

Ka Tina

"Look me up when you're in town" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Nitish Meena

"Look me up when you're in town" = Hãy liên lạc với tôi khi bạn đến thị trấn/thành phố của tôi.

Ví dụ
He waves back at me from the lobby (hành lang): “Promise to look me up when you're in town!”

It’s funny you bring his name up because to this day, when I see Ray Bourque, he just remembers the fact that I refereed in his first Cup ever — he’ll never let me forget that. He hugs me, says, ‘Make sure look me up when you’re in Boston.’ It’s a good feeling that some of these guys remember, you know. They were all pretty good guys.

Though the full complement of 1972 Dolphins aren’t regarded as angry old men, the “don’t look me up when you’re in my town, call me when you’re on my block” rants of Mercury Morris from 2007, which ultimately were parlayed into a series of Reebok commercials featuring Morris and other members of the team, cemented (gắn kết) the widespread belief that the ’72 Dolphins don’t want to see their 17-0 eclipsed with a 19-0.

Ka Tina

"Look straight through" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Milada Vigerova

"Look straight through (one)" = Cố tình làm lơ trước mặt ai; vờ như không thấy/không nghe gì họ (nghĩa tiêu cực); nhìn thấu được ai (nghĩa tích cực).

Ví dụ
If they look straight through you, move your glance ever-so-slightly over their shoulder and they'll think you were smiling at someone else.

“There's something about Saoirse on-screen,” says Gerwig. “You feel like you could look straight through her, like you can see her insides and her brain working.

If you do decide to take pity on these poor souls, do so with a grain of salt. Do not stand there with a polite smile on your face expecting a thank you. Once these senior moochers (người ăn xin) pass through Market’s gates, they will look straight through you as if you were just another stranger in the cafeteria. Which you are, but you’re a stranger that gave them the gift of food, so the sudden coldness in this new, fragile (mỏng manh, dễ vỡ) relationship will sting a bit.

Ka Tina

"Look the part" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Artsy Vibes

"Look/dress the part" = Ăn mặc/hành xử phù hợp và gây ấn tượng đúng với một vị trí hoặc vai trò cụ thể nào đó.

Ví dụ
Going for a classy collab, Love Island launched their own range of sunglasses with Polaroid to offer quality sunnies which still look the part.

If the man in your life is keen to be more sustainable, look no further than Elvis & Kresse, a circular economy brand that upcycles London firehose (vòi rồng) and Burberry leather scraps into stylish new pieces for men and women, including card holders, belts, travel cases, cuff links and more - with a range of goods for under £50. Bonus: the firehose items are red, for anyone who wants their Valentine's gift for him to look the part.

A brief snippet (đoạn trích ngắn) of gameplay footage for Godfall has now leaked online. The small clip initially appeared on Reddit and appears to be taken from an internal trailer at Counterplay Games that was shown at the beginning of 2019. This could be the first six seconds of PS5 footage we've seen, or it might simply be captured from the PC version of the game. Either way, the use of flashy effects (hiệu ứng lóe sáng) and impressive lighting certainly look the part, and it offers a hint (gợi ý, nói bóng gió) of Godfall's presumably weighty melee combat. You can watch the footage here.

Ka Tina

"Look through a millstone" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Mathieu Turle

"Look through a millstone" = Có ánh mắt xuyên cả đá cối xay -> Chỉ khả năng phi lý/khác thường và không thực.

Ví dụ
She wishes she could look through a millstone and fly into the sky. How daydreamlike (có vẽ hão huyền) she is!

He said that he has a supernatural power (năng lực siêu nhiên) that looks through a millstone. NEVER trust in him!

She's not honest so much, so be careful about what she says like she can look through a millstone or something like that.

Ka Tina

"Fall into oblivion" nghĩa là gì?

Chẳng ai nhớ đến tui :(( Photo by: Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

"Fall into oblivion" = rơi vào quên lãng -> nghĩa là không được ai biết đến, nhớ tới, nghĩa khác là hoàn toàn bất tỉnh.

Ví dụ
It brings back memories and I think it is worth framing. No one from the north can see this without a little tugging (giật) of the heart strings, even in this most Canadianised home. Thank you and please keep up the good work. Do not let our heritage (di sản) fall into oblivion.

We should develop (phát triển) useful projects and practical activities to reproduce spaces for traditional culture to live and create favourable conditions for young people to learn. Conservation work only focuses on keeping historical values. If its living space is lost, traditional music will fall into oblivion.

Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Austin Hooper are too talented for the Falcons to fall into oblivion. It's a testament (là chứng cứ rõ ràng) to Jones' dominance that his pace of 91 receptions and 1,280 yards would mark his lowest total in receptions since 2017 and yards since 2013.

Ngọc Lân

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