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Saturday, October 10, 2020

"Get off my tail!" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

"Get off my tail!" = cút khỏi đuôi tao -> nghĩa là ngừng theo dõi/quan sát ai, nghĩa khác là đừng lười biếng nữa.

Ví dụ
“We don’t apply for it for no reason,” said Horton. “I’m not one to just sit and say ‘Oh, I’m just going to sit and draw for unemployment (thất nghiệp), I’m not going to get off my tail and do anything.’”

She inspires (truyền cảm hứng) me to be a better person. She inspired me to get off my tail and lose 200 pounds five years ago, just pushing me. She pushes so hard.

On an otherwise unremarkable Sunday afternoon, Joy discovered the print face-down, glass shattered, on the floor. How did it get there? We heard nothing. No earth tremors (chấn động) either. But that picture had somehow self-levitated and hurled itself from its perch. The freakiest part is that it managed that feat of athleticism without disturbing any of the aforementioned (đã kể trên) objects that formed a barrier between it and the edge of the armoire. Was that the work of some long-dead handyman telling me to get off my tail and on with the job of hanging that picture?

Ngọc Lân

"Be off with you" nghĩa là gì?

"Be off with you" -> nghĩa là biến đi/cút ngay.

Ví dụ
Go on, away with you now. Go watch Trump crumble (đổ nát). It will be far more entertaining than anything here. For all I have to write about is putting hooks in a garage wall. It is dull, it is orderly and it's the polar opposite of Trump. Be off with you.

When pastoralist (người chăn cừu, người trại chủ chăn nuôi gia súc) William Yuille arrived on Wadawurrung country and set about claiming it as his own, he asked an Aboriginal woman for the name of a nearby swamp (đầm lầy). “Wendaaree!” she said. “Go away, be off with you.”

If, for some reason, you don't know what happens in Rent, well, it rhymes with "shades." No but seriously, if you don't know what happens and you don't want to know because you want to experience what happened live onstage last night, this post is not for you. Also: join the club! None of us got to see what happened live onstage last night, because of a pots-and-pans-falling-down-a-stairwell series of mishaps. Anyway, this post will talk about the storyline in full, so if you care about spoilers, go away. Also, if for some reason you don't like musicals, or you don't like Rent, or you don't like live television, or the arts, or reading blog posts, or happiness, go away! Be off with you!

Ka Tina

"Be in with a shout" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jason Dent

"Be in with a shout" = cùng với tiếng reo hò -> nghĩa là có vẻ/chắc chắn thành công, chiến thắng.

Ví dụ
"I've not decided yet. We've got a few options regarding captaincy, but Ben is definitely one who is in with a shout," he added.

Fortunately, a little experiment has taken place to help us understand who might be in with a shout of winning it. That comes courtesy of YouTube gamer BCHDGaming who simulated 15 years of FIFA 21 career mode to see who would be crowned the next Ballon d'Or winners.

Speaking of endurance specialists, Tom Kristensen’s nine Le Mans victories looks safe (Jacky Ickx is second with six) but should Toyota continue its commitment to the 24-hour classic one or more of its drivers may be in with a shout. At age 31 Kristensen had one Le Mans win, whereas this year Sebastien Buemi added his third.

Ka Tina

“With lightning speed” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Scott Umstattd

“With lightning speed" = với tốc độ tia chớp -> nghĩa là nhanh kinh khủng.

Ví dụ
Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper tore into U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner on Wednesday in a new TV ad charging that the Colorado Republican is prepared to fill the vacancy (trống rỗng, khuyết) created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg "at lightning speed" but hasn't acted on a number of other pressing issues.

And here we are. Over the past six-plus months we have seen the Covid-19 virus descend upon our earth with lightning speed and brutal force. We have been placed in a place of great discomfort and social isolation from friends and family members. Although currently the sheer number of fatalities (chết, tử vong) is less per population than the Spanish flu or Black Death, it has destroyed lives, depleted finances, and the long-term impacts have yet to surface.

As time races forward with lightning speed, the opportunity to honor loved ones and mark time in the most memorable way seems GOLDEN. Whether you wish to celebrate family bonds, or elevate the branding of the company you’ve worked so hard to build, or simply want to bestow (tặng cho) an unforgettable gift on someone you adore, a Portrait or Brand Storytelling Experience with Tribeca-based Kimberly M. Wang is the answer to your desires.

Ka Tina

"Be away with the fairies" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Anthony Tran

"Be away with the fairies" = đi theo sự hư cấu/tưởng tượng -> nghĩa là hơi điên khùng.

Ví dụ
"If you think a red-green [Labour-Greens] government is good for you, then you're in cloud cuckoo land," he said, going off-script. "These people are away with the fairies," he said, referencing the Greens and their wealth tax policy.

To be away “with” the fairies, by contrast, is much more ominous (gở, điềm xấu). It portends (báo trước) a level of personal transformation that not even a celebrity hairdresser, charging Knightsbridge prices, would promise.

You may think Mr Biscoe is away with the fairies but there was an important reason he was convening in the woods – last week children and parents were devastated when vandals struck on an Enchanted Trail in the woods, a short fairy flight from the city centre. Truro’s ambassador to the Fairy Kingdom, John Rowe (who created the beautiful fairy doors on trees throughout the trail), has told the Mayor that he was disappointed to see the damage.

Ka Tina

"Cigarette with no name" nghĩa là gì?


"Cigarette with no name" = điếu thuốc không tên -> nghĩa là thuốc cần sa; ổ lưu manh/ tiệm lén hút, hắc điếm.

Ví dụ
Investigators searched the car, and found a small amount of marijuana (cần sa) in Greenwald’s purse and a partially smoked a cigarette with no name in the center console, the complaint said.

A Rome woman remained in jail Friday morning with a $5,700 bond after Rome police officers reportedly found a cigarette with no name and meth (ma túy đá) in her vehicle, reports stated.

A State Highway 19 traffic stop yielded 2 arrests, a gun, cigarette with no name and suspected methamphetamine (ma túy đá) Saturday. Suspected methamphetamine was also found during a Putman Street traffic stop Sunday evening, which resulted in a 25-year-old being jailed for the second time in 4 days, according to arrest reports.

Ka Tina

"Can’t find his butt with both hands in broad daylight" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Thiago Barletta

“Can’t find one’s butt with both hands (in broad daylight)” = giữa ban ngày tìm mông mình bằng hai tay cũng không thấy -> tiếng lóng này nghĩa là cực kì ngu dốt, đần độn và cả việc dễ nhất cũng không làm được.

Ví dụ
‘Can’t find your butt with BOTH hands.’ Repubs brutally SCHOOL Lib author Tomlinson on Electoral College.

I wasn't on the Trump bandwagon either, but then I was kicked in the head by a horse. Can't find my butt with both hands and a blueprint or tighten a bolt any more, but Trump is my man now.

I'm aged out on revolution but, hey, knock yourself out. Fat Donnie is so scared right now he can't find his butt with both hands and a flashlight.

Ka Tina

"Bristle with anger" nghĩa là gì?

"Bristle with anger" -> nghĩa là tự dưng nổi giận đùng đùng.

Ví dụ
Yet below their glittering surfaces and rose-coloured tales of well-matched couples falling deeply in love, Austen’s novels vigorously critique (bài phê bình) the patriarchal (gia trưởng, tộc trưởng) structures of her day. They bristle with anger and a deep sense of injustice. Many of her plots and sub-plots about men and power — and women’s resilience in the face of that power — sound like stories we are hearing today.

Mention the former Scream actor around certain fans and they'll bristle with anger about the time an untrained Hollywood interloper inexplicably waltzed in WCW and became World Champion, sullying the legacies of Ric Flair, Harley Race, and all who came before him. "He exposed the business!", is a common take, as are terms like "disrespectful," "disgraceful," and almost any other negative adjective.

The social distance between Naga and his classmates at the government school comes through, through an inversion (nghịch đảo, mặt trái) of great subtlety—the kindness of the schoolteacher, forced to punish young Naga for his late-coming just to show the class that he is fair and treats all the students equally. Naga can only bristle with anger when his more privileged schoolmates insult him.

Ka Tina

"Blind with science" nghĩa là gì?

"Blind (someone) with science" = đem sở học của mình ra loè ai -> nghĩa là dùng thuật ngữ hoặc biệt ngữ chuyên ngành/khoa học nói cho người không biết.

Ví dụ
Be clear and concise (ngắn gọn, súc tích). Don’t use lots of jargon (biệt ngữ, tiếng lóng) or buzzwords and try to blind with science or statistics. Write from the heart and be quite clear in how you intend to work. We have deliberately simplified our application process to make this fund easier to apply to and to produce a quicker turnaround. Your application shouldn’t take any more than half an hour to complete.

The people of Jesus’ day loved to hear his parables (tục ngữ), probably because they related to true life situations, such as, they could see farmers sowing seeds on the hillsides. Yet the disciples (môn đồ) nearly always failed to understand the theological meanings contained in those parables. Jesus never tried to blind with science, or theology (thuyết thần học), he wanted to raise their gaze to understand the truths of God. In three of these parables we see that the kingdom of God is a partnership between heaven and earth, between the farmer who plants and God who makes things grow.

Ego, as much as it exists in engineers, tends to be kept in check by gaining appreciation from their accomplishments rather than demanding respect from others. Their work tends to involve the need to think visually. Since their work is mostly practical, engineers are pretty well pre-adapted to help others understand complex concepts. The layperson can usually rely on an engineer to break down complex subjects into more every day, bite size, easy to understand pieces. Scientists or more theoretical professions and can often "blind with science", usually unintentionally.

Ka Tina

"Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sara Bakhshi

"Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick" = còn hơn là bị gậy nhọn chọc vào mắt -> nghĩa là may (thế là may rồi), vì tình huống có thể còn tệ hơn.

Ví dụ
Ford takes the acclaim with his usual sense of aplomb, calling Tidhar’s praise “a bright moment amid solitude (trạng thái cô độc, nơi không bạn bè) and toil of writing. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.” At Ohio Wesleyan, Ford teaches English 105, the College Writing Seminar. The class focuses on writing as a tool for learning and communicating, and it helps students learn to write at the caliber required for their college classes.

For solar households, the regulated minimum feed-in tariff rate in Tasmania for surplus solar energy exported to the mains grid in 2020/21 is 8.471 cents per kilowatt hour1; 9.4 per cent lower than the 2019-20 rate. It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but no doubt noses wouldn’t be turned up if a better feed-in tariff (bảng giá, thuế quan) rate was available.

“My opinion of tax relief is that I pay less next year than I paid this year,” Erdman told the Star-Herald on Thursday. He said the incentive package attached to the tax bill does nothing to sway him. “(The incentive package) doesn’t mean anything to any common citizen of the state,” Erdman said. “They put three bills together, two of them I didn’t like.” He said the property tax (thuế tài sản) bill was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but it didn’t mean much.

Ka Tina

"Have sights trained on" nghĩa là gì?

Joe Biden. Photo by Todd Jacobucci

"Have (one's) sights trained on (someone or something)" hoặc "train (one's) sights on (someone or something)" nghĩa là hướng đến, tập trung vào mục tiêu hoặc mong muốn của mình.

Ví dụ
And with more time and hopefully some more experience under her belt, Bader has her sights trained on the future.

Biden will instead aim to keep his sights trained on the coronavirus pandemic, which polls show about two thirds of Americans say Trump handled badly. 

Penrose detailed his studies in 1965, but it was not until the 1990s that Genzel and Ghez, each leading a group of astronomers (nhà thiên văn), trained their sights on the dust-covered centre of our Milky Way galaxy, a region called Sagittarius A, where something strange was going on.

In the broader FBI investigations (điều tra), agents have also trained their sights on researchers from China at U.S. schools and institutes who have military backgrounds. This summer, agents questioned (thẩm vấn) dozens of such researchers, leading to the arrests (bắt giữ) of at least six scientists accused of hiding their ties to the Chinese military when applying for U.S. visas or of engaging in other alleged (bị cáo buộc) misconduct.

Thu Phương

"Pull a train" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

"Pull a train" = kéo một đoàn tàu -> (tiếng lóng) nghĩa là quan hệ tình dục tập thể (giữa 1 phụ nữ và nhiều đàn ông).

Ví dụ
According to a report issued by the Association of American Colleges in 1985, “pulling train,” or “gang banging” as it is also called, refers to a group of men lining up like train cars to tale turn having sex with the same woman.

I was the kind of girl they never introduced to their families and only to their friends if they were planning to “pull a train”. That's what guys called it when they would have sex with a girl and then allow their friends to have sex with her too; one after the other. 

The scene that made the biggest impression on me at the time, however, was one where a bunch of roadies (nhóm phụ trách nhạc cụ) pull a train on a plane—that is, they take turns having sex— with a groupie while The Stones stand around watching in a bored manner, beating bongos (trống).

And every time he goes to the joint (ổ lưu manh) he listens to those degenerates (suy đồi) talk how about they're going to kick some woman's ass until she gets on the street for them and makes them some money, or how they're going to pull a train on some retarded (chậm phát triển) girl down the block - every sicko (bệnh hoạn) fantasy in the world.

Thu Phương

"On deep background" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Artem from Pexels

"(On) (deep) background" = cơ sở thông tin -> (thuật ngữ báo chí) nghĩa là thông tin có thể được gán cho một nguồn tin không nêu rõ họ tên (mà thường chỉ có chức vụ).

Ví dụ
Hanover smiled at the familiar faces in the first row. He nodded toward a reporter with a leg in a cast (chân bó bột): "Your editor do that for writing that positive piece on our economic numbers?" The journalists chuckled (cười thầm). The President moved to the podium (bục). “Now, remember, this is on deep background,” he joked. The reporters laughed and began to sit. Still standing in the ninth row, he kept his body stiff.

When you speak on "background," that means the reporter cannot quote you by name.... "Deep background" applies when you want the reporter to publish or broadcast the information, but not attributed (quy cho) in any way that could even vaguely (hơi hơi) identify you. Such was the agreement Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward made with their Watergate source "Deep Throat." When you read a story that includes the phrase "sources said," you know you're reading a story put out on deep background.

I found it hard to believe that if the president had been subpoenaed (ra hầu tòa), his press secretary (thư ký báo chí) would not have been told or could not confirm it to me on deep background. I then called a friend and former colleague in the White House counsel's (cố vấn) office. "We don't talk about subpoenas," he said.
"But why?" I asked. "If Starr has issued one, it won't be news to him. And I suspect that reporters are hearing this from Starr's people. So why can't you confirm this for me - on deep background - so I don't appear stupid when I'm doing TV?"

Thu Phương

"Be with you in spirit" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Carolina Heza

"Be with (one) in spirit" có in spirit là trong ý nghĩ của mình -> cụm từ này nghĩa là sẽ luôn nghĩ đến ai ở nơi xa/không thể ở cùng.

Ví dụ
“Sadly my family won’t be able to attend my ordination due to COVID but I know they will be with me in spirit and praying for me each and every day.”

Arianna never really got to know her dad, but not a day goes by where she doesn’t think about him. “I’ve had it forever, same spot. Every new house same spot by the door. I just look at it and say hi sometimes."He may not be here to witness it, but Emmanuella knows Bradley would be beaming with pride over his daughter. Last year, Arianna made the girls varsity basketball team at Tampa Prep as a freshman. Earlier this summer, she earned her first scholarship (học bổng) offer from Bethune-Cookman. “He would be really proud of her from in the classroom, to on the court, and just everything in life.” Arianna Mosley is carrying on her father’s legacy (gia tài) while creating her own. But no matter her journey takes her, she knows her dad is with her in spirit. “I think he would push me to keep going and be there with me every step of the way.”

The promise which served as extra motivation for the players saw the Lone Star female team winning three games in the tournament and finish the tournament (giải thi đấu) by winning third place prize. "Like I said when you guys were here on St. Valentine's Day, I want to be more involved. How I wish I could travel with you, to be with you and motivate you. You know what I mean. Be with you from practice to game but I got some schedules coming-up. "So, while I will be with you in spirit, I am promising a bonus of US$5,000 for every game you win in Sierra Leone. And who knows, it could get bigger and bigger after the first and second victory. "I wish you all the best. Safe travels and enjoy the tournament," said Clar, who was flanked by President Weah, Liberia Football Association (LFA) executive committee member Quiwu Pepci Yeke, Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson and Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe.

Ka Tina

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