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Monday, December 7, 2020

"Behind every great man, there's a great woman" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Shawnee D on Unsplash

"Behind every great man, there's a great woman" -> nghĩa là đằng sau thành công của người đàn ông luôn có bóng dáng người phụ nữ.

Ví dụ
It’s often said that behind every great man there’s a great woman, and when you look at the legacy (di sản) of someone like Judy Murray, it’s easy to see why. When her sons, Jamie and Andy, were showing early potential (tiềm năng) as tennis players, Judy fought for her boys to have access to the coaching and facilities that would allow them to develop their game – and she didn’t stop at local or even national level.

As the saying goes, behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Behind every father in an essential job is a mother doing double duty at home, picking up the slack, making it possible for him to lean in. 

History has told us that behind every great man there’s a great woman, but really, she should never have been behind in the first place. For thousands of years, women have been seen as the weaker sex - and now, neuroscientist and evolutionary biologist Dr Sharon Moalem has found that females are genetically superior (vượt trội) to men.

And we love that old adage that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Perhaps we should also remember that often behind great women, there are several men supporting her, too.

Ngọc Lân

"Contented mind is a perpetual feast" nghĩa là gì?

 Phải luôn biết phấn đấu nhé!. Photo courtesy : Coralline Clin

"Contented mind is a perpetual feast" có contented là thỏa mãn/hài lòng, a perpetual feast là bữa tiệc dài lâu -> cụm từ này nghĩa là nếu hạnh phúc và hài lòng sẽ không phấn đấu để đạt được nhiều hơn.

Ví dụ 
Once I reframed (sắp xếp lại) my priorities, I realized that I had everything I could ever want. I guess it's true that a contented mind is a perpetual feast.

 Jill: "Lillian doesn't make very much money, but she seems to be happy all the time. I wonder how she manages that?" Jane: "A contented mind is a perpetual feast."

A grueling schedule (lịch trình mệt mỏi), but Zhao has no complaints. "I was not a skilled person so I had to work hard", he said. "Every day is a new day. Between being depressed and happy, why not choose the latter? A contented mind is a perpetual feast."

Thùy Dương

"Mexican standoff" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Joe Hernandez on Unsplash.

“Mexican standoff” = hòa kiểu Mexico -> nghĩa là cuộc chiến bất phân thắng bại.

Ví dụ
Mexican standoff: Boris under pressure (chịu áp lực) as VITAL auto trade deal stalls. Boris Johnson has been delivered a blow to his post-Brexit plans after a vital trade agreement with Mexico has stalled.

This current Mexican standoff is resulting in low-risk clients, who are perfectly capable (khả năng) for paying a mortgage (thế chấp), being turned away as they don’t have a large enough deposit. This can’t continue.

We now run the risk of the internal market bill, which returns to the House of Commons next week, being debated and passed by MPs just as talks are at a critical phase, which will likely increase tensions (căng thẳng) on both sides as the legislation (pháp chế) has stirred up unease in the EU. Talks are to continue over the weekend with a view to having a deal before the EU Council meeting of Dec 10th/11th. If we don't have a deal by then we start to be worried that the talks falter and it becomes a Mexican standoff.

Anh Thư

"Chance favors the prepared mind" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy : STIL

"Chance favors the prepared mind" -> nghĩa là càng chuẩn bị kỹ càng hay có kiến thức càng có thể tận dụng tối đa các cơ hội và óc quan sát; cụm từ này được cho là do nhà vi trùng học Louis Pasteur nói đầu tiên.

Ví dụ
My husband, Jeff, shared a quote with me that inspires and guides many aspects of my life. Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” which really resonates (gây tiếng vang) with me.

It was only because of my years of research that I was able to seize on the scientific potential (tiềm năng khoa học) that lay hidden in the natural phenomenon (hiện tượng). Chance favors the prepared mind!

You do your best to swim through the muck (bãi lầy), to evade (tránh) the stings of jellyfish (vết đốt của sứa). As the years pass and your limbs atrophy (các chi bị teo), it becomes less easy to negotiate the pool, although, as a French chemist once pointed out, chance favors the prepared mind. 

Thùy Dương

"His mind goes blank" nghĩa là gì?

Tức cái mình mỗi lần định nói gì cái tự nhiên quên mất :(((.Photo courtesy : Kelly Sikkema

"His mind goes blank" = đầu óc trống rỗng -> nghĩa là bỗng nhiên quên/không nhớ ra điều gì.

Ví dụ 
She went to introduce her husband to the producers, but her mind went blank when she tried to remember their names.

Even though I'd been preparing for the interview for days, my mind went blank as soon as they started asking questions.

Charlie Blackmon has built his brand as a bearded (có râu) batting champion with a zen approach (tiếp cận), one readied by the preparation invested in his craft (kỹ thuật) before and after his mind goes blank for each incoming pitch (cú ném).

One post here reads: “Trump is lost & disoriented (mất phương hướng) here. His mind goes blank and he doesn’t remember what he’s supposed to do next. He’s deep into his degenerative neurological disease (bệnh thoái hóa thần kinh), mindlessly lumbering (lơ đễnh) and zigzagging (đi ngoằn ngoèo) in the grass towards a puddle.

Thùy Dương

"Thousand pound gorilla in the room" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by frankatthebank

"Thousand pound gorilla in the room" = con khỉ đột nghìn cân trong phòng -> nghĩa là vấn đề lớn trong mối quan hệ giữa hai hay nhiều người hoặc nhiều quốc gia.

Ví dụ
After reading about Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred giving his support to a split (chia ra) season for the Rays between Tampa Bay and Montreal, I would like to address the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If the Rays make the playoffs, where will they play? Would each home game alternate (xen kẽ) between cities? Imagine the logistics if they made it to the World Series.

It's way too early, obviously, to be talking about the 2024 presidential race. But I'll do it anyway. Anything can happen over the next two or three years. Especially unknown is the status of the thousand-pound gorilla in the Republican Party - Trump himself.

“You learn what it takes to become something bigger than yourself and living for your team. Everyone in the 308th understands that but Chief Ziegler has lived and breathed it for 33 years. This is a great example of living in our core (cốt lõi) values of service before self.” The commander remarked that Ziegler is considered a thousand-pound gorilla in the pararescue community.

Anh Thư

Bài trước: "Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" nghĩa là gì?

"Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" nghĩa là gì?


Photo by Gert Rasmussen

"Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" = lo lắng như con mèo dài đuôi trong căn phòng toàn ghế bập bênh -> nghĩa là rất lo lắng.

Ví dụ
The pressure (áp lực) was on Conwell-Egan senior forward Emma Devine. But you never would have known by just looking at her. However, she was as nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

President Donald Trump's advisors are nervous as long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs now that former campaign (cuộc vận động) manager Brad Parscale has landed a seven-figure book deal, according to Bloomberg News.

Mookie Betts hit the game-tying home run in the ninth inning (hiệp) for the Dodgers on Wednesday. As WBZ’s Bob Lobel used to say, “Why can’t we get players like that?” … Former jockey and current NYRA analyst Richard Migliore, upon seeing storm clouds over the track: “When I was riding, thunder and lightning made me as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

Anh Thư

"Hit the bull’s-eye" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Stefano

"Hit the bull’s-eye" = bắn trúng hồng tâm -> nghĩa là đúng mục tiêu.

Ví dụ
Plans for West Lebanon Target store hit the bull’s-eye for Upper Valley shoppers. WEST LEBANON — Plans for a Target store in West Lebanon are generating the kind of enthusiasm (sự nhiệt tình) you used to see in the stands at a Patriots game. “Yes!” cheered Suzette Bedson, pulling a fist pump outside T.J.Maxx on Saturday morning. “I won’t have to go to Keene anymore.”

Paik said he never expected to work on the Bronco Sport program but couldn't resist (kháng cự) joining the sketch blitz. "It's one of the big thrills of car design," he said. "You're going all out, you're pumping out (bơm ra) ideas, really trying to hit the bull's-eye on the design. You give it 200 percent."

Surely, many failures come along the way, probably more than successes, but entrepreneurs (doanh nhân khởi nghiệp) never shy away from situations they perceive as opportunities (cơ hội). They continue to persevere (kiên trì) knowing full well that one of their ventures (đầu tư mạo hiểm) will eventually hit the bull’s eye.

Anh Thư

"Cop an attitude" nghĩa là gì?

"Cop an attitude" -> nghĩa là cáu kỉnh, cáu gắt. 

Ví dụ
Don’t cop an attitude. Are you being a little lax (lỏng lẻo) about the social-distancing thing because you’ve convinced yourself you couldn’t possibly be a carrier? Are you hoarding (tích trữ) groceries or toilet paper? Then you’re not being a good Islander, because good Islanders are looking out for the collective needs of the community. 

Pritzker’s rules are similar in concept to the laws that impose (bắt buộc) fines (tiền phạt) on convenience stores if they sell cigarettes to minors, or the laws that hold taverns responsible if they over-serve customers who go on to cause harm. They’re levers that inspire compliance by retailers and give employees a strong excuse to hold firm when customers inevitably cop an attitude.

It’s hard for anti-maskers to cop an attitude at an airport. At the grocery store or mall, worse-case scenario, you get asked to leave and you make a scene and go to the next grocer or mall. Do that at the airport, and there is no next. 

To be fair, it’s still ridiculously early in training camp and anything can happen. Hill could fall to injury, regress, or cop an attitude. But based on what we’ve seen and heard he’s corrected course and he deserves as much recognition (công nhận) for that as he deserved ire for his play from last season.

Ngọc Lân

"Not much cop" nghĩa là gì?

"Not much cop" -> nghĩa là không tốt lắm, không đáng chú ý hay đặc biệt chút nào. 

Ví dụ
And suddenly there they all are, lolling (thơ thẩn) about, a giant silverback with his chin (cằm) propped up on his fist like a sullen (ủ rũ) teenager, his wife sprawled on her back next to him in the dappled sunlight, then climbing over him for a spot of grooming. They look at us with little curiosity – a bunch of tourists in masks is not much cop as far as they’re concerned.

What is called liberalism (chủ nghĩa tự do) is not much cop on YouTube. As Steven Turley puts it, Twitter is “basically a secular (trường kì)-liberal echo-chamber that preaches to the choir and throws out old, tired euphemism and trite little hashtags that die out as quickly as they arise.”

It’s then your job to use that knowledge to work out how best to attack them; piercing (sắc nhọn) weapons are not much cop against leather but the slashing of swords will find its weakness, with the opposite true for chain mail.

Meanwhile, in the state sector, King Football reigns supreme. Even though we are not much cop at football as a country, compared with Germany or Italy, the game is more popular than ever, or at least more visible.

Ngọc Lân

"Have the attention span of a mosquito" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy : Maria Lamas

"Have the attention span of a mosquito" = có sự chú ý của con muỗi -> nghĩa là dễ bị phân tâm; giống 'não cá vàng' đó các bạn 😉

Ví dụ 
We all have the attention span of mosquitoes after so many years of multitasking (đa nhiệm).

My son has the attention span of a mosquito, I swear. If I tell him to do something, he forgets about it almost instantly!

By the time the couple tied the knot (thắt nút=kết hôn) in a two-day ceremony in 2014 to strains of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings, Malusi Gigaba had already shown himself to have a wandering eye and the romantic attention span of a mosquito.

Thùy Dương

"Have a roller-coaster ride" nghĩa là gì?

Chóng mặt á :D. Photo courtesy : Tomwf

"Have a roller-coaster ride" = đi tàu lượn siêu tốc -> nghĩa là trải nghiệm có phần tốt phần xấu.

Ví dụ 
Last week the roller coaster of crude oil (dầu thô) prices climbed to $89.47 on Thursday and $90 on Friday.

2004 BBC News: Business Shares have been on a rollercoaster ride, with US shares plunging (lao dốc) and then recovering twice over.

After she graduated from college, her life became a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs as she tried to establish herself as a fashion designer.

Markets on both sides of the Atlantic have had a roller coaster ride over the past five days. The past week was an emotional roller-coaster ride for these people.

Thùy Dương

"Awkward as a cow on a crutch" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy : herby_02

"Awkward as a cow on a crutch" = lúng túng như con bò trên nạng -> nghĩa là rất vụng về.

Ví dụ 
When Lulu was overweight, she was awkward as a cow on a crutch.

Tom will never be a gymnast. He's as awkward as a cow on roller skates!

He'll never make the basketball team—he's as awkward as a cow on a crutch.

When my toddler (đứa bé mới biết đi) was first learning to walk, she was awkward as a cow on a crutch. 

Thùy Dương

"As gaudy as a butterfly" nghĩa là gì?

Nhìn mà thấy bực luôn á!. Photo courtesy : Paul

"As gaudy as a butterfly" -> nghĩa là lòe loẹt (như con bướm).

Ví dụ
I don't like this dress, it's as gaudy as a butterfly.

Samantha looked as gaudy as a butterfly in her new designer dress.

I wasn't planning on wearing a dress with such a bold pattern—I don't want to look as gaudy as a butterfly.

Thùy Dương

"Live long and prosper" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kay Lau on Unsplash

"Live long and prosper" = sống lâu và thịnh vượng -> nghĩa là câu chúc sức khỏe hài hước có nguồn gốc từ bộ phim Star Trek.

Ví dụ
“People still talk about him as a local boy who made good. His father was a barber (thợ cắt tóc). It’s a great hometown story,” said Phillips about what attracted him to the project. “The message of ‘live long and prosper’ and the hand gesture is from another planet and is this universal gesture of goodwill (thiện chí).”

Young people will probably not read this column (mục). So, parents and grandparents share this column with them. And even tell them that someone who never met them wants the best for them, because I do. Probably more important, model these good decision-making practices, and if they aren’t paying attention, point them out to them. May you and they live long and prosper.

Live long and prosper, too. Seems like some people don't want to wear a mask because then no one can see that they are smiling.

I leave the board with a sense of pride (tự hào) and gratitude (biết ơn), mixed with regret for the finitude of things. To you, and all the members of the board, to the Town Manager (Kathleen Ramsay) and all who serve in the town administration, I extend my gratitude and very best wishes. May you all live long and prosper.

Ngọc Lân

"The only free cheese is in the mousetrap" nghĩa là gì?

"The only free cheese is in the mousetrap" = pho-mát chỉ miễn phí khi bẫy chuột -> nghĩa là không có điều gì là miễn phí cả mà phải luôn đi kèm với những điều kiện.

Ví dụ
Then the user will be asked to activate the entrance with a phone number. After confirming the number, the victim will not only not get his profile back, but will also lose a certain amount from the mobile phone account. The method of dealing with this type of fraud is only one. Remember that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap, and do not trust tempting offers.

"Underground markets are full of phishing kits at all levels and cost, some even distributed at no charge, usually revealing one of the oldest rules in the book -- you get what you pay for," said Luda Lazar, security research engineer at Imperva. "Here we found the only free cheese is in the mousetrap," she added.

Second, it goes without saying that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. Eight countries that have signed up to the BRI are now believed to be in danger of falling into China’s ‘debt trap’, which, according to former US secretary of state Rex Tillerson, could undercut their sovereignty (chủ quyền) and harm their long-term sustainable growth (sự phát tiển bền vững lâu dài).

Ka Tina

"According to Cocker" nghĩa là gì?

"According to Cocker" = theo như Cocker -> nghĩa là điều gì đúng đắn, đáng tin cậy. Edward Cocker là nhà số học người Anh ở thế kỉ 17.

Ví dụ
Satin bowerbirds (giống chim có bộ lông sặc sỡ) use strange blue objects to decorate their bowers. Of the 10,000-odd species of birds on earth, bowerbirds are the only ones to build their nests this way on the ground, according to Cocker.

While the lower cost compared to skiing (trượt tuyết) is also a contributing factor (you can hire a pair for about $40 a day, half as much for kids, plus you don’t need a lift pass), according to Cocker, the increase in popularity of snowshoeing (giày đi tuyết) is the result of “the feeling of absolute joy of being free with no stress, no crowds and no rush.”

According to Cocker, the species (giống loài) is much better off in the UK than in its native home range.

According to Cocker, he was “still a virgin” when recording It, and his partial (một phần) embarrassment regarding the album comes from a “very idealised view of love and romance which was to change rather radically over the course of the next few years.”

Ngọc Lân

"Beg the question" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo courtesy : Rajiv Patel (Rajiv's View)

"Beg the question" -> nghĩa là đặt câu hỏi.

Ví dụ 
It does beg the question for most fans; Are you ready to get back into the stadium and cheer your team on?

The report says that the major shifts (sự thay đổi) in New Zealand media ownership (quyền sở hữu) and landscape (bối cảnh) beg the question about the Government’s role in the future funding of media beyond the Covid-19.
This account of his career is drawn (đúc kết) from more than a dozen interviews with past employees, customers, advisers (cố vấn) and investors (nhà đầu tư) in Nikola and some of his former businesses. It is a tale of company failures and lawsuits (vụ kiện) that beg the question of why investors did not look more closely at Mr Milton’s business history.

Thùy Dương

"A good voice to beg bacon" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy: Tomasz Ludwik

"A good voice to beg bacon" = giọng tốt để xin thịt xông khói -> được dùng để chế nhạo giọng nói kỳ dị, khó chịu hoặc không thích hợp (ví dụ: để hát). Thời xưa, thịt xông khói tượng trưng cho sự no đủ, giàu có, phải xin thịt xông khói nghĩa là có giọng khàn khàn, như suy dinh dưỡng.

Ví dụ 
"If you don't cure your sore throat then sooner or later you will have a good voice to beg bacon."

"I don’t want to hear anybody say that Naz Shah is a good voice to beg bacon because she wears a scarf."

In her limited free time, she listens to music and sings, despite having what she says is "a good voice to beg bacon."

Did you hear the way that singer was screeching last night? I'm glad we didn't stay too long, he had a good voice to beg bacon.

Thùy Dương

"A turkey shoot" nghĩa là gì?

Con gà hay con heo hong biết nữa :)))). Photo courtesy: Greg Adams

"A turkey shoot" = bắn gà tây -> nghĩa là cuộc chiến chênh lệch/không cân sức.

Ví dụ
Some American pilots described the experience as a turkey shoot. 

The game was turning into a turkey shoot with Roberts blasting the ball (đưa bóng) past the goalkeeper.

The fighting stopped earlier than expected partly because of public anxiety (lo lắng) at the turkey-shoot. 

They lost money on the event because of the cost of the turkeys, but that’s not really what the turkey shoot is about. "We’ve never made money on a turkey shoot", Niebch said. "It’s a fun event. It’s to try to get the public in".

Thùy Dương

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