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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

"Be his good angel" nghĩa là gì?

"Be his good angel" có angel là thiên thần, thiên sứ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là che chở, phù hộ.

Ví dụ 
I have for the first time found what I can truly love — I have found you. You are my sympathy — my better self — my good angel. I am bound to you with a strong attachment. 

It depicts (miêu tả) the artist, naked, skinny and jaundiced (bệnh vàng da), sitting behind Edith, his "good angel", who looks much healthier, displaying the serenity of a nude Madonna. The model for their own never-to-be-born child was Schiele’s nephew, Toni.

The boy, being very young, was greatly afraid going by himself to such a lonely place, until a page appeared, bearing a torch ( ngọn đuốc), and conducted him safely to his destination. His mother did not doubt that it might be his good angel who had rendered (đáp lại) him the charitable office.

Thùy Dương

Đã có "tàu nhanh", giờ lại có...

tàu ngầm nữa...

sỹ quan hải quân hoàng gia quay phim sex với bạn trai ở tàu ngầm và kiếm tiền online ở web khiêu dâm :D

Lieutenant (đại úy hải quân) Claire Jenkins, 29 – known as Cally Taylor on the website – has posted dozens of explicit pictures and footage, some of which feature her boyfriend Liam Doddington. The pair are both based at the Faslane nuclear submarine (tàu ngầm hạt nhân) HQ in HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow. 

The Navy has launched an investigation (mở cuộc điều tra) after the ‘porn to order’ account came to light amid fears the pair could be blackmailed (tống tiền) by foreign agents (đặc vụ nước ngoài). 

Lt Jenkins’ job has seen her command a team of sailors (thủy thủ) on the submarine HMS Artful and deploy special forces (lực lượng đặc nhiệm) teams at sea for special missions.

She’s understood to have been extensively vetted for the role, including answering questions about her sex life. But she’s also seemingly been making money by secretly posing under a pseudonym and asking Only Fans customers to pay for her to act out their sexual fantasies.

"Be brain dead" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Artem Kniaz

"Be brain dead" = bị teo não -> nghĩa (lóng) là đầu óc mệt mỏi, không tập trung nên làm việc nhầm lẫn, thiếu sót.

Ví dụ
The two experts made their comments in November 2019, after Mr Macron had claimed NATO is "brain dead".

“As a filmmaker who at this moment is attracting the biggest international attention to the Romanian culture and cinema, I consider it would be hypocrisy (đạo đức giả) to accept this decoration since the cinema and its institutional structures are brain dead. From March 2020 till now the authorities not only have refused to address this topic, but moreover have aggravated it by neglect and lack of initiative,” Nanau said in a letter posted on Facebook on 12 January 2021 and widely distributed in the media and on social platforms.

In mid-October, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said that he wanted to show himself two priorities that the World Trade Organization needed. She wants to be able to present an agreement on fisheries subsidies (trợ cấp nghề cá) at the organization’s next ministerial conference – which is currently at a standstill – to demonstrate that the World Trade Organization can still produce multilateral progress. The other priority is to rebuild the dispute settlement body – the WTO Tribunal – which was torpedoed (tấn công bằng ngư lôi, làm tê liệt) by the Trump administration and is brain dead. “I am a candidate for reform,” he said again.

Ka Tina

"Be boxing clever" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Timothy Dykes

"Be boxing clever" -> nghĩa là lanh lợi, khéo léo và tài giỏi đối mặt, xử lý tình huống rắc rối để có lợi cho mình.

Ví dụ
"He might just be boxing clever a bit. What I know from behind the scenes at the club there has been money available, there will be money available in the summer," the former Spurs manager told

Restaurant doors may be closed but chefs are boxing clever. Takeaways have evolved into home-delivery kits, and chefs who may never have envisioned their food being reheated and plated up outside of their restaurants are now packing and sending meals to homes all over the country.

A Rutherglen woman is boxing clever in a bid to bring some comic relief to young hospital patients and the NHS heroes who are looking after them this Christmas. Andrea Murray is part of a team at Glasgow pop culture shop, Geek-Aboo, which in previous years distributed up to 2000 free superhero comics to children and young people in hospital over the festive period. Because Covid-19 restrictions mean that will be impossible this year, Andrea has been working on an exciting alternative to raise funds for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

Ka Tina

"Be bone idle" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Mink Mingle

"Be bone idle" -> nghĩa là lười vô cùng, lười ngấm tận xương.

Ví dụ
And now I don’t have to. For the beauty of SCT is that it’s really just ADHD without the H. You can be bone idle, like me, and still have it. In fact, bone-idleness seems to be an essential part of the condition. The clue is in the ‘sluggish’ (chậm chạp, uể oải).

Video games and general online life were vexing (chọc tức, bực mình) many. It causes family members to be bone-idle, according to 32 percent of the respondents in homes with children. Just 25 percent of homes overall reported the same idle behavior.

A Tory MP has questioned how Benefits Street 'star' White Dee can make repeated live television appearances while she is unable to work because she is depressed. The unemployed single mother-of-two was accused of being 'bone idle' today after she was interviewed by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on ITV's This Morning. The 42-year-old appeared to have had her hair coloured and put make-up on before appearing on the show. White Dee - whose real name is Deirdre Kelly - went on the show just two days after she appeared on Channel 4's Benefits Britain: The Live Debate.

Ka Tina

Cô sinh viên say mê làm tình nguyện

để sinh viên tích cực tham gia tình nguyện, nên tặng quà như áo thun, bút...

đừng gửi tiền, vì các em coi như trả công, và lại so sánh/đánh giá xem có đáng công bỏ ra hay ko...
Dear Dan,

I’m responsible for setting up a mentorship program, and I need student volunteers. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time getting enough people to sign up. Should I offer to pay students for volunteering?

Traditional economics teaches that financial incentives (động cơ tài chính) are the best way to reward (thưởng) and motivate (tạo động lực) people, but in some cases they can backfire (tác dụng ngược). For instance, research has shown that when it comes to rewarding people for a public-spirited action like volunteering, a small gift is likely to be a very good motivator, while a small amount of money is worse than offering nothing at all. That’s because we are used to thinking of money as payment for work, so we start to evaluate (đánh giá) whether the amount being offered is fair compensation for the effort involved in volunteering. Gift-giving, on the other hand, belongs to the realm of social exchange; it’s something we do to build relationships and be part of a community (là một phần của cộng đồng).

If you were paying students a large amount of money, on the other hand, that could be a very good motivator. But since volunteer efforts and nonprofits usually can’t afford to pay much, projects like your are better off keeping people in the realm of social exchange by offering volunteers small gifts, like a T-shirt or a pen.

Đi bộ cũng phải đúng cách

kết hợp nghe sách nói hoặc podcast yêu thích để khỏi ngại :)
Dear Dan,

It’s only January, and I’m already bored by my New Year’s resolution (nghị quyết đầu năm) to go on a walk each day (đi bộ mỗi ngày). What can I do to make this daily exercise more enjoyable?

Rather than dreading (kinh hãi, khiếp sợ, nghĩ đến mà sợ) the time you set aside for your daily walk, why don’t you try to combine it with something you find more pleasurable (mang lại niềm vui thích; thích thú)? For example, you could allow yourself to listen to your favorite audiobook or podcast only while you’re walking. The key is to keep this pleasure only for your walks and promise yourself not to listen to it any other time (tự hứa với mình ko nghe vào lúc nào khác (chỉ khi đi bộ thôi)). This way you will start to associate taking a walk with something positive, making you look forward to it as a reward rather than seeing it as an unpleasant obligation (nghĩa vụ khó chịu).

Các ông chồng cần biết: Hiểu vợ bao nhiêu là đủ?

mua tặng em trai máy pha cafe ngày sinh nhật -> vợ khen lấy khen để,

đến khi sinh nhật vợ mua tặng cái giống thế thì vợ lại chẳng vui, thế là thế quái nào?

-> vì vợ cho rằng chồng "lười suy nghĩ" và ko khiến cô ấy "cảm thấy đặc biệt" đấy ;), ít nhất nên là cái máy khác, xịn hơn :D
Dear Dan,

I bought my brother a top-of-the line espresso machine for his birthday. My wife remarked that it was a very generous and thoughtful gift, so I took that as a hint and got her the same espresso machine for her birthday. But she ended up not being very happy with my gift. Why do you think she wasn’t as excited as I expected?

Gifts are ways to give people things they want, but with romantic partners, what they really want is to feel special. According to a recent study by Lalin Anik of the University of Virginia and Ryan Hauser of Yale, that’s why people often prefer to receive a unique gift from their significant other rather than a lavish one. By giving your wife the same coffee machine you gave to your brother, you’re not communicating that she is special to you; in fact, she may feel that you simply wanted to spend a minimum of time and effort finding a gift. Even if you were to give her a coffee machine, it would have been better to give her a different model and tell her how much time you invested finding the exact right machine for her.

Rủi ro thứ 5

đó là "quản lý dự án", năng lực quản trị (quốc gia) của chính phủ,

trong cuốn 'the fifth risk', tác giả Michael Lewis trình bày các vấn đề chính phủ mỹ phải đối mặt hiện nay không thuần túy về ý thức hệ mà là những vấn đề mang tính kỹ thuật lâu dài như điều tra khảo sát, ngăn chặn (sự lây lan của) vi-rút,

một mối nguy hiểm đối với hoạt động bình thường của các cơ quan liên bang là (những con người) kém năng lực và chểnh mảng, tác giả Lewis miêu tả cách đội ngũ của Trump đưa vào Bộ Nông nghiệp những người không phải chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực phi nông nghiệp, như nhân viên ở câu lạc bộ đồng quê hay chủ sở hữu của một công ty nến thơm,

nhưng sự bổ nhiệm vụng về này chỉ là một phần thôi, đáng nghi hơn là việc đưa những người như là "nhóm phá hoại" vào lãnh đạo các cơ quan công quyền, những người có lợi ích ở khối tư nhân (hđqt, tgđ doanh nghiệp gia đình) từ trước đã kêu gọi xóa bỏ các cục/vụ này hay lobby để hạn chế tối đa quyền điều tiết của họ,

ví dụ Trump đưa Barry Myers (tgđ công ty AccuWeather) làm Cục trưởng Cục Quản trị Khí quyển và Đại dương Quốc gia (thuộc Bộ Thương mại), từ lâu Myers đã lobby để Cục không tiếp xúc trực tiếp với công chúng, nói rằng Cục này nên "biến khỏi" ngành dự báo thời tiết, trong khi công ty AccuWeather của Myers chỉ là "đóng gói lại" dữ liệu thời tiết miễn phí của chính phủ và bán lại cho dân lấy tiền (lợi nhuận) thôi,

cứ đà này, muốn đi cafe hay chạy bộ cũng phải trả tiền để biết ngày mai mưa hay nắng mất... :)
...But this kind of bumbling (vụng về) patronage (sự bảo trợ, sự đỡ đầu; quyền ban chức cho giáo sĩ; quyền bổ nhiệm (các chức vụ hành chính...)), according to Lewis, is only one part of

the Trump method (phương pháp). The other involves bringing in what looks suspiciously (đáng nghi ngờ, khả nghi) like a wrecking crew. Trump has repeatedly placed essential agencies under the leadership of individuals who have previously called for the elimination (loại bỏ, loại trừ, khử) of the same agency, or else a radical limit to its authority.

Take, for example, Barry Myers, Trump’s nominee for the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Myers also happens to be chief executive of AccuWeather, his family’s company. As a private citizen, Myers lobbied to prevent (ngăn chặn) NOAA’s National Weather Service from having direct contact with the public, saying that “the government should get out of the forecasting business” — despite the fact that AccuWeather repackaged (đóng gọi lại) free government weather data (dữ liệu thời tiết miễn phí của chính phủ) and sold it for a profit.

With Myers in charge, Lewis says “the dystopic (bất công) endgame is not difficult to predict: the day you get only the weather forecast you pay for.”

Buồn quá

game thủ bị chấn thương ngón tay cái... phải "nghỉ hưu" ở tuổi 25 :D

Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto announced the decision (thông báo quyết định) to stop playing competitively in an emotional statement (tuyên bố đầy cảm xúc) on Twitter. He was a member of the New York Subliners, a team in the professional “Call of Duty” League.

“It breaks my heart (làm tan vỡ trái tim) to step away from a game I put my heart and soul into every single day for eight years,” Paparatto said. “Tearing up just writing this, but I don’t know what else to do at this point. It’s been an amazing run... I don’t regret anything and I am grateful to have had a long playing career doing what I love to do at such a high level.”

Paparatto said an injury that caused weakness in his thumb and wrist and required surgery several years ago recently returned, hindering his ability to compete at a high level.

Bài trước: Mùi gì thế nhỉ?

Mùi gì thế nhỉ?

gã đàn ông đánh rắm trong xe uber, đã phải hầu tòa rồi đấy... :D

But the repercussion (tác động trở lại, ảnh hưởng; hậu quả) for the taxi driver was that he has returned to his native Bulgaria.

Drunken James Mallett let rip as Aleksander Bonchev was driving him to Chasers night club in Kingswood.

Bristol Crown Court heard it was the final straw (cọng rơm cuối cùng) for the cabby who, after suffering abuse from other fares, told Mallett to get out of his vehicle.

The court heard when Mallett left he reigned blows (đấm) on the driver, who knocked down Mallett in self-defence.

...She told Mallett: "Mr Bonchev sustained a broken finger (gãy ngón tay), he was unable to work, lost his job with Uber, lost his accommodation and lost his car.

Bài trước: Tiểu xảo à?

"Loaves and fishes" nghĩa là gì?

"Loaves and fishes" = bánh mì và cá -> nghĩa là phúc lợi hoặc phần thưởng để tạo động lực làm việc. 

Ví dụ
This little book here I hand that out to some of the kids its all based upon the loaves and fishes in the bible (kinh thánh) where he has five small loaves and two small fish that’s sometime the way we feel here we get a big rush of people and we think oh my land we didn’t fix near enough food it seems like the good lord or another always finds the food.

Urging (thúc giục) the masses to overthrow (lật đổ) the failed leadership, Singh said that people had paid a very heavy price for voting these opportunist leaders who worked solely for their own loaves and fishes. These leaders only amassed huge wealth and worked for their own personal enrichment at the cost of public, said Singh.

"The policy (chính sách) and the intelligence of the federal system eludes me," Cuomo said. "We will do the best we can. I happen to be Christian. This is a loaves and fishes situation."

“We officially got going in September for the pilot.” Arthur explains. “We got funding together and we started doing it. October was our first operation (chiến dịch). We planned for 600 meals.”  But in a loaves-and-fishes scenario, additional donations meant the group was able to stretch (giãn) their resources and reach that 1k meals milestone,  all without sacrificing (hi sinh) portion size or quality.

Ngọc Lân

"All your geese are swans" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by vivek kumar on Unsplash

"All one's geese are swans" = tất cả ngỗng đều là thiên nga -> nghĩa là người hay phóng đại mọi chuyện lên, không phù hợp với thực tế. 

Ví dụ
“The head said, the trouble (vấn đề) with you, Mrs Imison, is that all your geese are swans. I didn’t say it at the time but I thought, ‘well, I’m damn glad all my geese are swans’. That comment has always stuck with me.”

Steve Cauthen once said of the start of the season, all your geese are swans just now, and that’s how it is for a punter (thằng khờ) on a summer’s morning like this one. You make your picks for Goodwood and Galway, read some previews, look at the odds, find out what others have plumped for. Some of it makes you feel even more excited about your own fancies...

He would speak of his Ipswich players like a man reciting (thuật lại) a litany (kinh cầu nguyện): Burley, Mills, Beattie, Wark, Talbot. Joe Mercer once said of Bill Shankly that he ‘thinks all his geese are swans’. So it was with Bobby.

Ngọc Lân

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