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Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Beginning of the end" nghĩa là gì?

Nơi tình yêu kết thúc. Photo by Omar Roque

"Beginning of the end" = Bắt đầu của sự kết thúc -> Bắt đầu rạn nứt, đổ vỡ (tình yêu); sắp qua đời hoặc thứ gì hết giá trị sử dụng; bắt đầu sự xuống dốc của điều gì.

Ví dụ
Is it the beginning of the end for Theo Epstein with the Cubs? It is starting to feel like it as he heads into his ninth season in Chicago.

Or as Winston Churchill once put it, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”.

The creation (sự sáng tạo, sự lập) of zones described as “democracy” or “anti-communist (chống Đảng cộng sản) zones” by the insurgents (nỗi dậy, khởi nghĩa) was usually the beginning of the end game.

Bin Kuan

"Be the end of the road" nghĩa là gì?

Nơi cuối con đường. Photo by Ren Wang

"Be the end of the road" = Đường cùng; hết khả năng chịu đựng.

Ví dụ
Could this be the end of the road for Ken or will his family be saved from another tragedy (thảm họa)? Corrie fans will have to tune in to find out.

“Now has to be the end of the road for travel costs. I’m calling on the kind people of North Devon to get behind our campaign and write a message to all party leaders, asking them to commit to a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund.”

In just under twelve hours, the ten candidates (ứng viên) who were able to meet the criteria (chỉ tiêu) established by the Democratic National Committee will meet on a stage in Atlanta for the fifth debate (tranh luận) of the Democratic campaign cycle. Coming as it does some 76 days before the Iowa Caucuses, this will be among the more significant of the encounters between the candidates, and could mean the end of the road for candidates such as Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and others unless they are able to revive campaigns that are quite clearly floundering while the frontrunners continue to advance forward, Additionally, thanks to some significant changes in the polls over the past month we’re likely to see increased focus on candidates who have previously sailed under the radar even as their poll numbers rose, specifically including South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Bin Kuan

"Be on the wrong end of" nghĩa là gì?

Càng đi càng lạc lối. Photo by Wil Stewart

"Be on the wrong end of (something)" = Chịu kết cục sai trái, trái với điều gì -> Dính phải những điều không tốt đẹp hoặc rắc rối nên vì thế phải chịu hậu quả và hệ lụy của nó.

Ví dụ
After seeing the lineups and an opportunity to defend the honor of the WEC, Mendes jumped back into the gym and prepared to be on the wrong end of many size differentials.

Mitnick is quick to tell Wired that his team is screening both the researchers and customers, and won't sell to either gangs or nosy governments. He knows first-hand what it's like to be on the wrong end of the law, after all.

"We’ve got a heavy schedule," he said. "You can be on the wrong end of a schedule some time. I don’t think it’s unfair but it’s still something you have to deal with. We’re not going to moan (than vãn) about it, but it is something we’ll have to prepare. We’ve got three tough games.

Bin Kuan

"Be at the receiving end" nghĩa là gì?

Điều bạn xứng đáng được nhận. Photo by  Ester Marie Doysabas

"Be at the receiving end (of something)" = Phải hứng chịu cái gì, thường là hậu quả của việc nào đó hoặc những điều tiêu cực và chịu bị đối xử tệ bạc bởi ai.

Ví dụ
With an increase in the tariffs (thuế xuất nhập khẩu), Tejas will be at the receiving end of profits as it deals with designs and develops data networking products.

“The ever-changing nature of Lagos coupled with climate change (biến đổi khí hậu) means that unprotected marine population[s] (số lượng sinh vật biển) will be at the receiving end of development,” he says. “Increasing sea levels and rising global temperatures will affect the fish population in Nigeria.”

“Irish people have always been so thoughtful (suy nghĩ thấu đáo) and so courageous (can đảm) and have earned that through the fights and struggles that your people have made. “You know what it’s like to be at the receiving end of a system that’s unfair and looks at you as sacrificial (hy sinh) and that’s what you’re doing to Pennsylvania.

Bin Kuan

"At the end of the day" nghĩa là gì?

Sau tất cả anh quyết định về quê làm nông. Photo by  Luca Zanon

"At the end of the day" = Vào cuối ngày -> Cuồi cùng thì, sau rốt; sau khi mọi việc đã được xem xét và đưa ra kết luận cuối cùng.

Ví dụ
“At the end of the day, someone has to be accountable. At the end of the day, the buck falls on the CEO and the board to some extent.”.

His first session return of 0-19 from eight overs indicated the control he was able to exert, and his reward came at the end of the day when he returned with second new-ball in hand to scythe (cắt) through Pakistan's tail.

“Ambassador Sondland had intended to fly back to Brussels to resume his duties at the end of the day, so it would be a great convenience to ... try and wrap up (tổng kết) in time that he might be able to make his flight,” asked his lawyer, during a break in the proceedings three hours into the hearing.

Bin Kuan

"At the end of your tether" nghĩa là gì?

Không biết làm gì thì hãy làm thinh. Photo by Abbie Bernet

"At the end of (one's) tether" có từ tether là phạm vi, giới hạn (sự hiểu biết, sức chịu đựng) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là kiệt sức, hết hơi; hết phương kế để có thể giải quyết vấn đề.

Ví dụ
I'm becoming so frustrated (nản lòng, nản chí), as I can't celebrate and I feel like he's ashamed. How can we move forward? I'm at the end of my tether.

But the judge conceded that: “There was a considerable amount of provocation (sự khiêu khích) at the hands of your noisy neighbours.” However, he told Lampitt: “You should telephone the police and not take matters into your own hands.” Judge Jenkins added: “Perhaps you were at the end of your tether.” A pre-sentence report assessed the defendant (bị cáo) as being at a “low-risk of reoffending”.

As a parent, it’s easy to feel as though you’re permanently at the end of your tether – or so far beyond your tether that you barely remember what a tether is (what is a tether?). Exhaustion (sự kiệt sức), boredom, stress and the seemingly supernatural ability (năng lực siêu nhiên) children have to pick the worst possible time to play up, can lead to you frequently getting bored of the sound of your own voice. “Don’t touch that”, “PLEASE stop hitting me on the head”, or “Will you just STOP!”

Bin Kuan

Đúng quy trình

tại một bãi đất trống gần trung tâm thương mại của thành phố, có hai anh lao công đang lao động rất hăng say; một anh thì đào hố còn một anh theo ngay sau lưng xúc đất đổ xuống hố. hai anh cứ làm việc như vậy, hùng hục.

hết chịu nổi, bà chủ quán trà đá gần đó ra hỏi:
- các anh làm cái quái gì vậy?

một anh đáp:
- tổ trồng cây bọn cháu phân công nhau, một người xúc đất, một người bỏ hạt vào hố, còn một người thì lấp đất lại ạ,
- vậy anh gieo hạt đâu?
- hôm nay nó ốm nên xin nghỉ rồi bác ạ.

"At an end" nghĩa là gì?

Họ đi khuất xa chúng ta thật rồi. Photo by  Werner Du plessis

"At an end" = Tới lúc kết thúc -> Đã hoàn thành xong việc gì; mọi điều đã kết thúc nên dừng lại từ đây (không còn gì giữa hai người yêu nhau, chia tay thôi).

Ví dụ
THE International break is at an end, and it proved to be a hugely successful one for a number of Rangers’ players.

With his cross-country adventure now at an end, Sasha's owner says he plans to do a whole lot of cuddling with his long-lost friend.

Now the wedding process is over, I think we both feel a sense of elation (niềm vui, hoan hỉ). Not just because we have married each other but because, quite frankly, it is finally over. Months of planning. Weeks of agonising. Days of teeth-grinding frustration, suddenly at an end. I could swear that I had fewer grey hairs (tóc bạc) at the beginning of this process.

Bin Kuan

"All's well that ends well" nghĩa là gì?

Cuối cùng cũng được tung bông. Photo by Lili Kovac

"All's well that ends well" = Kết cuộc tốt là tốt -> Kết thúc tốt đẹp dù có nhiều khó khăn, trở ngại – tiền hung hậu kiết

Ví dụ
All's well that ends well but that 1989 season didn't start on a high note, did it?

I do not know Mayor Vagramov but all's well that ends well and I am glad he is able to resume his duties as mayor (bổn phận người thị trưởng).

Harriet is currently playing in theaters. Critics have been particularly impressed with Erivo's performance in the lead role, so all's well that ends well. As for Roberts, she'll always have Erin Brockovich. You can read the full interview with Howard at Focus Features.

I'm not privy (riêng tư, bí mật) to Daniel's motivation for writing the book, but Sikwane made it clear that his was not for any commercial gain. For the "all's well that ends well" feel to the book, I can't help but wonder why Daniel didn't just wait for Kolisi to avail (giúp ích) himself and speak about his own life. On his own terms.

Bin Kuan

"All good things come to an end" nghĩa là gì?

You Only Live Once. Photo by  Kimson Doan

"All good things come to an end" = Cuộc vui nào rồi cũng sẽ tàn/bữa tiệc nào rồi cũng sẽ tàn -> Những điều tốt đẹp nào rồi cũng kết thúc, không kéo dài mãi được và tất nhiên điều này không tránh được.

Ví dụ
All good things come to an end and in football, they just make a big noise. There came a time, when Pochettino's plans had not been working.

"We’ve had three great seasons, finishing third in the Liverpool Business Houses League in our first year, and amassed (chất đống, tích lũy) more than 35 trophies, but all good things come to an end."

"I do feel for the staff because it's a loss for them too. But who knows? Maybe it will be the best thing that will ever happen to them and they'll find something fantastic." The change in downtown is one reason the store will be leaving but it isn't the only. Green said the store has been struggling to sustain itself for close to 15 years and as they say, all good things come to an end.

Bin Kuan

"Good enough to eat" nghĩa là gì?

Tái bút: Tình yêu muôn màu. Photo by Chris Barbalis

"Good enough to eat" = Đủ ngon để ăn -> Chỉ vẻ bề ngoài của một thứ rất đẹp về mặt thẩm mỹ và tính nghệ thuật để thưởng thức.

Ví dụ
Here's a handbag that looks good enough to eat! The Mini Ramen handbag seems like something from the quirky imagination (trí tưởng tượng phong phú) of designer.

Embellished (tô điểm thêm) all over with gold chevron (sọc hình chữ V) sequins, Rixo's midi looks good enough to eat. Then, that backless cutout and black velvet (vải nhung) bow is revealed, and you're stealing everyone's thunder just like that.

Disney Food Blog posted a peek of this year’s festive merch on Instagram. In the shot, we see the iconic mouse ears headband reinvented so that each ear is a gingerbread (bánh gừng) cookie-shaped ear. It also has some ridiculously cute bows on it for good measure. Frankly, it looks good enough to eat. We won’t try to bite into a headband—promise—but we will wear it to holiday parties where we will eat all the cookies and look adorable doing so.

Bin Kuan

"You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die" nghĩa là gì?

Liệu có thể tới đó vào một ngày nào đó không? Photo by  Sasha • Stories

"You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die" = Trước khi chết bạn phải ăn hạt sạn/cát trong thức ăn của mình -> Không ai mà không ăn phải cát hoặc vết bẩn dính trên đồ ăn của mình; cả cuộc đời thì không tránh khỏi việc gặp phải những điều không như ý muốn, điều rắc rối và phiền muộn trong cuộc sống.

Ví dụ
"That is all very convenient, but I was told as a boy, “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die”. I think people would have a job to eat a peck of dirt today, because everything is washed so clean.

Dr. Young thus follows in the footsteps of my grandmother (and the grandmothers of many other people, I’m sure), who would say, “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die,” but would never let you go out in the yard and gobble some up (ăn ngấu nghiến, ngon lành).

“You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die,” is a lot more than a silly (ngớ ngẩn) old proverb. Growing research suggests that dirt isn’t always the enemy (kẻ thù), in fact, America’s obsession (ám ảnh) with cleanliness might actually be making children sicker, not healthier.

Bin Kuan

"Eat up with" nghĩa là gì?

Lá đang bị chúng ăn dần ăn mòn. Photo by  Victoria Tronina

"Eat(en) up with (something)" = Bị hao mòn, bị tàn phá hoặc bị tiều tụy với điều gì.

Ví dụ
"I feel like I can't grieve (đau buồn), I'm just eaten up with anger." "They all had proper bowel training," she said.

“Eads is being eaten up with parking from all over the place, and this is just going to exacerbate (làm trầm trọng thêm) the situation,” said neighbor Colin Wallace.

"The reason why this county is eat up with drugs is because I can't put them in prison (bỏ tù) because they don't qualify under these worksheets. And I'm sick of it and the legislature (cơ quan lập pháp) needs to do something about it to fix it," Casey said.

At sixteen, I was an assistant nurse in training in a hospital full of war casualties (nạn nhân của chiến tranh) and elderly people who were eaten up with bitterness (sự đắng cay, đau đớn) and arthritic rheumatism (bệnh thấp khớp). The atmosphere was thick with hatred (sự căm thù). But there was one woman who bonded with me. She had been a Matron of a big teaching hospital and was wounded in her spine which meant that she was unable to move her body from the neck down, though she could breathe well. My job was to bathe her, dress her and feed her.

Bin Kuan

"Eat like a pig" nghĩa là gì?

Ăn cho lém. Photo by Fabian Blank

"Eat like a pig" = Ăn như heo -> Rất tham ăn, ăn nhiều một cách cẩu thả và phát ra tiếng.

Ví dụ
I don’t know about you, but I eat like a pig on gamedays. This weekend, maybe take a break from the greasy foods and implement (bổ sung) a diet. Or not, again, I’m not a doctor.

Jimmy Kimmel makes his eating times count, but he revealed to Men's Health that on Mondays and Tuesdays, "I eat fewer than 500 calories a day, then I eat like a pig for the other five days." He reasoned that, "You 'surprise' the body, keep it guessing."

B. Simone has shared in a previous interview with Dj Small Eyes that she is a vegetarian to help manage her weight. “I feel pressure to not eat like a pig. Just because you’re vegan (người ăn chay) doesn’t mean you’re healthy. You can be vegan and eat pasta all day… you can be vegan and eat hot Cheetos all day.” She says she feels constant pressure to be on a diet because she loves how she looks when she is at her best weight. Veganism has been a rollercoaster (tàu lượn siêu tốc) ride for her when trying to find the right foods to eat because she does realize her weight can fluctuate (dao động, lên xuống) often.

Bin Kuan

"Eat like a bird" nghĩa là gì?

Yêu thương là sẻ chia. Photo by James Wainscoat

"Eat like a bird" = Ăn nhấm nháp như chim -> Ăn rất ít.

Ví dụ
Also, he hardly ate any of his food, and I ended up eating way more than him even though I eat like a bird (awk).

Norman gives Marion a light dinner and while she’s eating mutters (lẩm bẩm, thì thầm, cằn nhằn), “You-you eat like a bird.” The two then joke about the phrase since birds actually eat quite a bit of food compared to their weight.

"It actually made me look more feminine (nữ tính, như đàn bà) (in my opinion), and I was able to shape my body the way I wanted with specific exercises! "What’s funny is I remember thinking my butt looked so good back then! All I did was cardio and eat like a bird.

Bin Kuan

"Eat face" nghĩa là gì?

Thả tymmmm. Photo by Jared Sluyter

"Eat face" = Cắn mặt -> Hôn nhau rất đắm đuối và thắm thiết.

Ví dụ
Literally all these two do is eat face and touch each other and kiss some more, all the while I'm praying the camera pans to something else.

And then they eat face. Dubbed 'Hyle' by Geordie Shore fans the non-couple are going through a good patch but that's all about to change by the end of the episode.

Collett adds. "Exaggerated (làm quá lên) displays are often linked to tough times, because they're a way in which the rich can publicise their capacity to withstand economic hardship (giai đoạn khó khăn của nền kinh tế). This applies as much to signs of affection and public snogging (sự ôm ấp vuốt ve và hôn hít) as it does to cars and clothing, which are widely known to be barometers (áp kế) of the health of our economy." So, the frivolity (tính phù phiếm, tầm phào) of the rich and famous during hard times is nothing new, but this time it's clearly a case of "let them eat face".

Bin Kuan

"Eat for breakfast" nghĩa là gì?

Đang vật hay giỡn nhau đó? Photo by Archie Fantom

"Eat (someone or something) for breakfast" = (Khiến ai/điều gì làm bữa ăn sáng của mình) -> Đánh bại ai, hoàn thành việc gì hoặc nắm giữ điều gì một cách dễ dàng.

Ví dụ
Hell, I'll even throw in Maggie Smith in “Sister Act,” but I'm leaving out Meryl Streep in “Doubt” (Leo would eat her for breakfast).

We'll be looking to see whether Biden adequately (thích đáng) prepared for this round or whether Kamala Harris will eat him for breakfast again.

Julian Castro? Sure, the guy might be OK—for a secretary (thư ký) of something or other, nobody can even remember what. Even you probably can’t remember what he did, all those years ago. But president? Come on, it’s no contest (cuộc thi) there. And he can’t win. Trump will eat him for breakfast.

Bin Kuan

"Eat for England" nghĩa là gì?

London mỗi khi chiều xuống. Photo by Fas Khan

"Eat for England" = Ăn cho cả nước Anh -> Ăn nhiều vô cùng (nói quá lên).

Ví dụ
I could eat for England. Golf and I both love to eat and what we really enjoy lately is to seek out the best street dishes, such as khao moo krob.

The ideal truck stop, workers and those passing through make the cafe part of they journey, with many praising its friendly staff, cleanliness and ability to fill up even those that could eat for England!

We all know someone who claims they can eat for England. With an appetite (sự thèm ăn) of a king and an relentless (không ngừng) stomach, they wolf down (ăn ngấu nghiến) their dinners clearing their plates with ease and are often left asking for more.

Bin Kuan

"Home stretch" nghĩa là gì?

I am the champion! Photo courtesy: Mirela Momanu

"Home stretch" có từ "stretch" là quãng đường thẳng của một vòng đua -> phần cuối của một cuộc đua hoặc hoạt động nào đó.

Ví dụ
Clinton also had two personal strikes (tấn công) against him as he went into the home stretch toward the July Democratic convention (hội nghị).

Now in the home stretch toward completion, stringers (xà ngang) and the rest of the lights will need to be placed and plaques (tấm, bản) will be set along the bases of the bents (thảm cỏ).

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the home stretch for the 2019 NFL regular season is essentially here. There’d be a few surprise playoff (trận đấu quyết định) teams if the season ended today, but that’s likely to change between now and the end of December.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Himalayan blunder" nghĩa là gì?

"Don't know whether to eat it or rub it on" nghĩa là gì?

Tròn tròn, đen đen nhưng không dám thử. Photo by Louis Hansel

"Don't know whether to eat it or rub it on" = Không biết liệu nên ăn hay phủi sạch nó đi. -> Không biết nó là gì và cách sử dụng nó ra sao (thường dùng để mô tả đồ ăn lạ và không biết tên).

Ví dụ
I don't have enough money and I don't know whether to eat it or rub it on. I don't recognize it. It's not a skill that I was raised with,” Heinen says.

IF YOU'VE GIVEN UP, THERE'S DEEP-FRIED BUTTER. Even Americans don't know whether to eat it or rub it on (aside from eating it, of course). Yes, the day has come where deep-fried butter is a 'dish.'

Plus, each meal is a window into Ethiopian culture and cuisine (văn hóa và ẩm thực), and Habtesilssie is eager to share it. "They don't know whether to eat it or rub it on, so we explore this. I'm happy to give my authentic (chính cống) Ethiopian food to (people who don't know about it)."

Bin Kuan

"Did everything he could 'cept eat us" nghĩa là gì?

Behind the scene. Photo by Shlag

"Did everything he could 'cept eat us" = Làm tất cả mọi thứ để có thể ăn tươi nuốt sống chúng tôi -> Đối xử và hành động với ai một cách hà khắc và đầy thù ghét.

Ví dụ
First, while parents with substance use disorders (sự rối loạn) are more likely to do everything they could 'cept eat their children, they don't do so all the time. What are the triggers (người khởi sự, người gây ra)?

So far so bad. We know the way to treat people who did everything they could 'cept eat us but we want to find a way of interfacing (hàn gắn, vá lại) with them. If you look at all appointments (cuộc gặp), they have been terribly lopsided (lệch, không cân) against the Muslims.

Morstad was allowed back in a boat after a few days, but says she realized she couldn't be a part of a team that did everything they could 'cept eat people. She quit (từ bỏ) in late September 2018. She filed a statement in support of the complainants (người phàn nàn, kiện) but did not file her own complaint because she believes others were treated worse.

Bin Kuan

"The cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet" nghĩa là gì?

Mèo đang thèm mùi tanh. Photo by Lina White

"The cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet" = Mèo muốn ăn cá nhưng không muốn ướt chân -> Để có được điều mình muốn thì phải sẵn sàng chịu sự rủi ro và những điều phiền toái.

Ví dụ
'You deserve more. Take a risk and be all of yourself no matter how much someone tries to keep you down. The cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet'

If you want to be successful, realize that "The cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet". Successful people have to take risks – financial and career risks and personal and professional ones as well.

'As I look towards a podcast, otherwise known as unemployment (thất nghiệp), the cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet. For years I've wanted to be part of something really big.' The Queensland-born radio personality then revealed she plans to launch (mở, khai trương) an acting career in China.

Bin Kuan

Lý do hợp lý

có cặp vợ chồng đến nộp đơn ly hôn.

hôm sau tòa mời hai bên đến để giải quyết, vừa đến tòa người vợ bước vào phòng, cô thư ký tòa hỏi:
- chồng chị có lên không?

người vợ liền đáp:
- chồng tôi không "lên", chứ lên bình thường thì tôi ly hôn làm gì...

"Putting socks on an octopus" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash.

"Putting socks on an octopus" = đi tất cho con bạch tuộc -> nghĩa là làm việc bất khả (attempting an impossible task).

Ví dụ
For Hannah, writing a play for a zany (quái gở) contest is like trying to put socks on an octopus: almost impossible! She needs the help of her best friends, Isabel and Darin, and a full cast of wonderfully weird characters -- from a narcoleptic (mắc chứng ngủ rũ) mermaid to a doomed dead king -- to get the job done.

As one American pilot put it, bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail (Đường mòn Hồ Chí Minh, Đường Trường Sơn) to a standstill (đi đến chỗ bế tắc) was like trying to put socks on an octopus, because it wasn’t just one road, but a living, breathing, ever-evolving network of tracks and trails that, stuck end-to-end, stretched over 12,000 miles and criss-crossed over into neighbouring countries (nước láng giềng) Cambodia and Laos – neutral territory, so off-limits for US ground troops.

More a maze (mê cung) than a road, the trail disappeared, returned to view, dissolved (biến mất), emerged (hiện lên), contracted, expanded, split, reunited, vanished, materialized (hiện ra). We blasted (phá được) a big chunk of Laos, the 600-year-old monarchy, the Land of a Million Elephants, to bony, lunar dust. Yet somehow the Ho Chi Minh Trail, itself the enemy, was always there. Killing it was like trying to put socks on an octopus. The truckers themselves were much admired by Misty. Their side called them “pilots of the ground,” the metaphor causing no offense.

Thảo Nguyễn

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Vậy được chưa em yêu?

cô gái trách chàng trai:
- sao khi về anh chào bố mẹ em cụt lủn thế, anh chỉ biết chào "chào bác, cháu về" thôi à. lần sau đến nhà em, khi về anh chào tử tế vào nhé, ví dụ như: bố nghỉ, con về.

hôm sau, trước lúc ra về, chàng trai thấy mẹ người yêu đang nằm xem báo, bố đang chơi bài, còn các em đang xem phim, anh ta bèn chào:
- mẹ nằm, bố chơi, các em ngồi xem, con về.

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