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Saturday, June 13, 2020

"White trash" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

"White trash" = người da trắng rác rưởi -> nghĩa là xúc phạm người da trắng ở tầng lớp thấp.

Ví dụ
This morning the newspaper issued a statement and Smith an apology, after he went on a mini-rant (huênh hoang) ripping Trump supporters and calling them white trash, among other things. “The white trashiest people in Delco, with toys stewm all over their front lawn, are also the ones with Trump flags,” wrote Smith.

On its most basic level, the premise for Infamous could best be summarized by throwing together as many Florida clichés as you can think up, and not in a satirical (châm biếm) Good Place manner. In short, a white trash diner waitress hooks up with an ex-con (cựu tù nhân) in the back of his car before embarking on a poorly-planned crime spree (vui chơi tiệc tùng).

Flom told the New York Post that the woman “ran in my face” and alleged (cáo buộc) that that the video had been “edited” to make her “look like a racist.” She “put her narrative on it to make me look like a racist,” Flom said of the Instagram post. “She twisted the entire thing like she’s some poor girl sitting alone on a bench and I’m white trash, harassing her for no reason.”

Thu Phương

"Trash talk" nghĩa là gì?

Võ sĩ cũng giỏi võ mồm lắm đừng đùa. Photo by Gleb Krasnoborov from Pexels

"Trash talk" nghĩa là nói năng bẩn thỉu, rác rưởi, tục tĩu, lăng mạ, chê bai...

Ví dụ
The trash talk between Michigan and Ohio State occurs year round. Someone who is very new to the fold has added fuel to the fire.

“The only thing we’re gonna do now is hear everybody on the sideline and that trash talk that is gonna be happening,” the veteran joked during a Zoom call with reporters.

Most people in the world believe that talk is cheap. However, Colby Covington may defer after the recent developments. The former interim (lâm thời) champ has often been the focal point of media attention due to his bold and controversial statements. It seems that his strategy of trash-talking may have just backfired (phản tác dụng).

Whether you love it or hate it, trash-talking is simply a part of sports. Perhaps no one understood that reality better than Muhammad Ali. While the boxer was an incredibly talented fighter, his wit was just as quick as his hands. His verbal assaults (tấn công bằng lời), however, did more than psych (làm rối trí) out his opposition.

Thu Phương

"Trailer park trash" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Djordje Petrovic from Pexels

"Trailer (park) trash" là cụm từ nhạo báng người nghèo, ít học, quá thật thà, người lớn lên từ "trailer park" (loại nhà ở di động).

Ví dụ
We were classic trailer park trash. I hated it and was not going to keep living that way.

"Both of you can go to hell. This pussy done saved y'all's life many a time," Tommy replied. “Besides, I'd rather be a chick than a trailer park trash lookin' white boy.” Dollar continued laughing, but Ral's laughter faded quickly.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out, soon enough trailer park trash." He answers, licking his lips and stepping closer to me, but he does no more than that. He simply looks down at me and smiles, and that's well enough to distill (đánh tan) fear in my mind, possibly forever.

For many European Americans who were identified as unacceptable or unfit, the majority society viewed and labeled them as “poor white trash,” “trailer park trash,” or simply “white trash,” meaning they had little or no social value (giá trị xã hội) that approximated that of the normal Americans.

Thu Phương

"Take out the trash" nghĩa là gì?

Bạn đã từng phân loại rác thải trước khi vứt? Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov from Pexels

"Take out the trash" nghĩa là đi đổ rác, vứt rác.

Ví dụ
Some people may have become a little lax (không nghiêm) during the COVID-19 pandemic with the extra time spent at home as they continue to fill their garbage cans past their capacity. Now, as things return to a new sense of normalcy, it is imperative (bắt buộc) that people remember a few basic rules when it comes to taking out the trash.

During level 4 when sorting recycling (phân loại tái chế) was not possible, it had allowed households to use their yellow bins for general waste. Once recycling was possible again, this stopped. However, thousands of people had clearly not got the message and were continuing to double dip, using both their general waste and recycling bins to take out the trash.

Many accuse governments of using the end of a working week to 'take out the trash'. But it's rare when politicians use a Friday to actively announce new ways for how the trash can be taken out. Literally. Canberra's bulky (cồn kềnh) waste collection scheme will get under way from next month with residents in Tuggeranong and Gungahlin the first to be able to get rid of larger items in their homes.

Thu Phương

"Cash is trash" nghĩa là gì?

Muốn tiền tự chạy vào túi thì phải đầu tư. Photo by Natasha Che from Pexels

"Cash is trash" = tiền là cỏ rác -> nghĩa là tiền mất giá, nên đầu tư (chứng khoán) thay vì tiết kiệm.

Ví dụ
In this environment with the official national debt at $25 trillion and climbing, CASH IS TRASH. Don't hold on to it. Put it to work.

There is a lot of churning (xáo trộn) happening of the investor's belief from "cash is trash" to "cash is king" in less than three months.

There are trillions of reasons why cash is still trash. Additionally, large cap growth (tăng trưởng vốn hoá) (MGK) has outperformed small cap value (VBR) by over 220% since the Great Recession. We may be starting to see that reverse and small cap value just starting to play catchup.

Ray Dalio, founder of investment (đầu tư) firm Bridgewater Associates, said Tuesday that he thinks investors shouldn't miss out strength of the current market and that they should dump cash for a diversified portfolio (danh mục đầu tư đa dạng). "Cash is trash", Dalio said. "Get out of cash. There's still a lot of money in cash."

Thu Phương

Cuống lắm rồi

truyền hình thực tế 15 đàn ông thi nhau làm cho chị gái 41 tuổi có thai...

-> đừng có tất cả cùng một lúc nhé :D
A new reality series (truyền hình thực tế) is sparking controversy (gây tranh cãi) with its promise (lời cam kết, lời hứa) to 'skip (bỏ qua) the dating (hẹn hò) and go straight to (đi thẳng tới) the baby-making (tạo ra em bé)'.

Kirsty Katzmann is the singleton hoping to bag herself a baby daddy on the never been done before series.

In last night's debut (ra mắt đầu tiên) episode, Kirsty introduced herself to the hopefuls as a professional and a divorcee (người từng ly dị) from Chicago seeking to find the right man to have a child with.

After having no success on the dating scene, Kirsty said yes to the divisive (gây chia rẽ) premise because she felt her 'biological clocking was ticking' (đồng hồ sinh học đang điểm) and wanted to achieve her dream of motherhood (ước mơ làm mẹ).

Chúng mình thật sự thân thiết rồi

chàng trai mua bánh chúc mừng bạn gái vì đã lần đầu tiên... đánh rắm bên cạnh anh ta sau 3 năm yêu đương :D
In a relationship, there are many milestones (cột mốc) to celebrate with one another, from the first time you met, to meeting the parents and saying "I love you".

One couple from Queensland, Australia, celebrated a slightly unconventional occasion, the first fart.

Ryan McErlean’s girlfriend, Kaylie Warren, 21, finally farted (đánh rắm) in front of her boyfriend after three years together.

The pair had made a pact a month after dating, with Kaylie promising Ryan never to fart in front of him, and if she did, he had to buy her a sweet treat.

Có vấn đề gì nhỉ?

nữ y tá nga bị kỷ luật vì chỉ mặc đồ lót (bên trong quần áo bảo hộ) chăm sóc bệnh nhân covid-19

Her revealing picture went viral after being taken by a patient at a hospital in Tula, 100 miles south of Moscow, who said there were 'no complaints' from his bedfellows.

But hospital chiefs were not amused and punished the nurse for 'non-compliance with (không tuân thủ) the requirements for medical clothing'.

The unnamed medic in her 20s said she was 'too hot' wearing her nurses' uniform under the gown.

Vậy là có thể đi họp ở Tam Thôn?

các nhà khoa học đã tạo được chuột có 4% gien người...
Scientists at the University at Buffalo and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute have bred a new form of human-mouse chimera (quái vật đuôi rắn mình dê đầu sư tử; ngáo ộp; điều hão huyền, điều ảo tưởng) with the highest incidence of human cells ever recorded. Chimeras are organisms made up of a mixture of genetically different tissues—in this case, mouse cells and human stem cells. The team published its work in the journal Science Advances.

Two weeks after the researchers injected human stem cells into the developing mouse embryos, one of the newborn mice exhibited 4 percent human cells—a major advance, considering human and animal cells don't typically jive well. While they're still mostly just mice—and only a tad bit human—the breakthrough marks a step toward more advanced genetically modified embryos (bào thai biến đổi gien) in the future.

Không biết đường hối hận à?

em gái china gửi... một tấn hành cho bạn trai phản bội để "phải khóc nhiều như em ấy đã từng"... :D

The ex-girlfriend, known by her surname Zhao, was left devastated (tàn phá, phá hủy) after being dumped (bị đá) by her partner of over a year.

A picture released by Chinese media shows the alleged cheating  (phản bội, cắm sừng) boyfriend looking at the pile of vegetables after they were delivered to his door.

Ms Zhao was furious (giận dữ, điên tiết) when she discovered that her former lover did not shed any tears (không rỏ một giọt nước mắt) after the splitting while she spent three days crying (khóc suốt 3 ngày).

Bài trước: Thua anh Ba Tàu hết

Cẩn thận khử trùng cả cột rồi

clb khỏa thân được mở cửa trở lại, thoát y cũng được miễn là... phải đeo khẩu trang :D
A Wyoming strip club shut down for weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic celebrated its Friday reopening with a “masks on, clothes off” party.

The Den, located near the Wyoming-Colorado border, is one of the first strip clubs in the country to reopen during the pandemic. Its licensure as a sit-down restaurant and bar allowed it to fall under the category of businesses allowed to reopen on Friday.

...“We knew that once our doors closed, we were screwed until we could reopen,” Chavez said. “If I’d gotten the Paycheck Protection Program I might not have opened today. This is a risk we’re taking.”

The dancers are permitted to work as long as they maintain social distancing (dãn cách xã hội), wear protective masks (khẩu trang bảo vệ), and sanitize the pole (khử trùng/sát khuẩn cột) before using it,

Nhìn sân Thiên Trường mà thèm

một clb bóng đá hàn quốc phải xin lỗi vì bị lên án do dùng... búp bê tình dục lấp đầy ghế trống trên khán đài (dịch covid-19) :D
One of South Korea's top football clubs apologised for causing "deep concern" (quan ngại sâu sắc) Monday after being accused of using sex dolls to fill empty seats (ghế trống) at a weekend game.

FC Seoul insisted (khăng khăng, quả quyết rằng) the mannequins -- used in the absence of fans (vắng người hâm mộ), who are banned because of the coronavirus -- had "no connection to sex toys".

But some of the artificial (nhân tạo) spectators (khán giả), deployed for Sunday's game against Gwangju FC, wore T-shirts with the logo of SoloS, a sex toy seller.

Other mannequins, which wore facemasks and were separated according to social distancing guidelines, held placards advertising the company and some of its models.

Vẫn còn hy vọng cho tương lai

bé trai lớp 4 tự đổi tên đăng nhập là "đang kết nối..." để giả vờ internet có vấn đề (và bỏ học) khi học online qua zoom...
If only he hadn't also skipped out on the spelling lesson the day they learned 'connect'. Still, that was some smart thinking. According to teacher and Redditor reddericks, "Today one of my 4th grade students renamed himself 'reconecting ...' on our Zoom call and pretended that he was having internet issues to avoid participating in our lesson." You think he came up with the idea on his own or learned it from somewhere? Because I'm not ashamed at all to admit I just learned it from a 4th grader. Am I smarter than a 5th grader? Maybe not at math, but definitely at other things like being tall.

Thanks to Ashley I, who agrees we really don't give kids enough credit for developing (nghĩ ra) novel solutions (giải pháp mới lạ, cách sáng tạo) for shirking responsibility (lẩn tránh trách nhiệm).

Ngày hôm nay của bạn thế nào?

có mệt mỏi ko?

có mệt bằng "dùng tay lấy tinh dịch lợn" cả ngày ko :))
Australia's biggest pork company wants to hire semen (tinh dịch) collectors (thu thập) who will be responsible for 'milking' hundreds of boars as part of its plans to expand its empire (mở rộng/bành trướng đế chế).

Westpork, based in Western Australia, has lodged a development plan with the City of Swan for a semen collection facility (cơ sở) in Bullsbrook.

The facility would see boars 'milked' for their semen, which would then be distributed to other farms to artificially inseminate (thụ tinh nhân tạo) pigs across Australia.

The boar would have to mount (cưỡi) a dummy sow (lợn nái giả) and the worker would have to collect the semen by hand, one to three times a week.

Đây rõ ràng là dịch vụ thiết yếu

clb vũ nữ khỏa thân được nhận tiền cứu trợ phòng chống dịch covid-19... :D
U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman in Flint, Michigan, issued a preliminary injunction barring the U.S. Small Business Administration from enforcing a rule to exclude businesses that present live performances or sell products of a “prurient (ham muốn không lành mạnh; thèm khát nhục dục) sexual nature” from loans under the Paycheck Protection Program.

The judge also said the SBA cannot exclude other businesses such as banks, political lobbying firms and restricted private clubs from the roughly $660 billion program, saying Congress intended to support all qualified small businesses, including those it might have been “disfavored” before the pandemic struck.

Simply put, Congress did not pick winners and losers in the PPP,” Leitman wrote.

"Fat cat" nghĩa là gì?

Đúng không mọi người? Photo courtesy: michael szpakowski

"Fat cat" = mèo béo -> một người giàu có và quyền lực, thường có liên quan đến kinh doanh hoặc chính trị. Tiếng Việt hay gọi là nhà tài phiệt.

Ví dụ
Firms that borrow emergency taxpayer-backed (thuế truy thu) loans will have to rein in (kiếm soát) executive bonuses (lợi tức chia thêm) and cancel dividend payouts (chi trả cổ tức) in a crackdown (trừng trị) on fat cat pay.

It began with an ideal metaphor (phép ẩn dụ), as, in true fat-cat style, he spent the New Year celebrations on the private Caribbean Island of Mustique. Questions arose (nảy sinh), which have yet to be answered, as to who picked up the £15,000 bill. One thing is clear; it wasn’t Boris.

The spectre (điều đáng lo ngại) of the overwhelming success of the initiative on fat cat salaries in 2013 hangs over the future vote. Back then, after lengthy discussions, parliament had also adopted a counter-proposal (lời đề nghị) but couldn’t clip (cắt) the initiative’s wings (bảo trợ).

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Nine to five job" nghĩa là gì?

"For old times' sake" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Annie Spratt

"For old times' sake" -> nghĩa là vì những kỷ niệm cũ/ký ức xưa mà chúng ta có. Cụm từ này có nghĩa tương tự với bài hát bất hủ "for auld lang syne".

Ví dụ
The family that owned the Liverpool Public Golf and Country Club for 73 years hoped to keep the club’s sign for old times’ sake, but a thief has ruined (phá hủy) those plans.

If it pours it down (and it looks very much like it might), then you can watch from the comfort of your living room, though you might want to pull on your wellies (ủng cao su cao đến đầu gối) for old times’ sake.

No official plot details have been revealed about Evil Dead Now, but the fact that it's being talked about as the official fourth film suggests that it will ignore the events of Fede Alvarez's quasi-remake (tái hiện lại, làm lại y như thế), and instead tie directly back to the original Evil Dead trilogy (tác phẩm bộ ba) in some way. If that's the case, it'll be interesting to see how Cronin's script explains Ash's absence, if at all, and whether or not Ash vs. Evil Dead is still considered canon in Evil Dead 4, which will have a female protagonist (nữ vai chính). It would also be fun to see Campbell make a cameo (phòng mái vòm) for old times' sake, possibly as a monster (yêu quái) or in some other non-Ash role where he could be disguised (cải trang) a bit under make-up.

Ka Tina

"Every time I turn around" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Louis Smit

"Every time I turn around" = lần nào tôi quay lại (cũng thế) -> nghĩa là điều gì đó xảy ra quá thường xuyên/nhiều lần, đến phát bực.

Ví dụ
He was convicted of third-degree murder in 2004 after participating in a botched robbery (vụ ăn cướp hụt, thất bại) at age 20 that left a pizza delivery driver dead. “I was young and I am not the same person,” he said, and now he’s focused on providing for his family. “I see this as a second chance in life to make a difference.” Kendrick added: “I just keep looking for opportunities and every time I turn around it seems like doors just shutting in my face.”

I feel like life is a dark highway, and every time I turn around, there’s a game about a guy walking around in random places to learn something about some kind of tragedy (thảm kịch, bi kịch) that ties into his past trauma (nỗi đau trong quá khứ). Those Who Remain has some neat ideas and memorable visuals, but it’s so tedious (chán ngắt, buồn tẻ) and so familiar that it’s hard to recommend to anybody but the most ardent (mãnh liệt, sôi nổi) of psychological horror (kinh dị về mặt tâm lý) fans.

Through a partnership with United Way, Johnstown Rotary Club and the Pitt-Johnstown Book Center, they added math games, coloring pages and journals to allow kids to write about life during a pandemic. “Now,” Zahorchak said, “they have some of the same opportunities that most other families already have around their homes.” With help from Conemaugh Health System, the group also included hand sanitizer (dung dịch rửa tay) and masks. “That helps a lot,” Diane Brown said with a smile, while her three grandchildren looked through their activity bags. “Because every time I turn around, they are losing their masks.”

Ka Tina

"Doss down for some time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by bruce mars

"Doss down (for some time)" có doss là ngủ, giường -> cụm từ này có nghĩa là nằm xuống ngủ một lúc.

Ví dụ
They also get visitors looking for a place to doss down for some time. A sofa-bed in the corner of the hut is well used.

Occasionally, if he is lucky, he is able to doss down for some time on a friend's sofa but that is the exception to the rule.

"He went for the weekend and was required to 'doss down' in the house, and on the second night he slept in the hotel, probably to use it as a safe place to keep the drugs and cash (tiền mặt).

Ka Tina

"Serve time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Damir Spanic

"Do/serve (one's) time" -> nghĩa là chịu hết thời gian ở tù.

Ví dụ
“Ms. Janavs should not be forced to choose between risking her life by surrendering to BOP custody (sự canh giữ, bắt giam) or waiting indefinitely to serve her time,” Janavs’ legal team wrote.

Some kids are tough, amiright? They do the crime, do their time.....aaaaand go right back to the crime -- even more hardcore (lõi cứng, nhân) this time. (What's a parent to do?) Well, according to the national online parenting university we just made up, nothing. There's pretty much nothing we can do, and yet, somehow, we know we're going to raise a pretty decent human being.

Michaela spent a lot of time justifying her actions and explaining why she didn't feel guilty (có tội) about turning on Annalise and lying for the FBI in an attempt to save her own skin. It became clear that she was only really looking out for herself when it was revealed that she got a better deal than Connor without telling him. As Connor is being taken away to serve his time, she attempts to console (an ủi) Oliver, who lashes out at her, insisting that she should be the one going to prison. She desperately attempts to call Laurel but the call doesn't go through due to the number apparently being disconnected, leaving her utterly alone. During the final montage (sự dựng phim), we see a much older version of her being sworn in as a judge, one of her many goals (seemingly accompanied by her two daughters) but she is not present during Annalise's funeral (đám tang).

Ka Tina

"Dance out of time" nghĩa là gì?

"Dance out of time" -> nghĩa là nhảy sai nhịp/trật nhịp điệu.

Ví dụ
We may waltz (nhảy vanxo, tung tăng) in the kitchen now, my dear, or dance out of time in our sleep instead. Get old enough so you have nothing left to fear. Everything beautiful must be learned by ear.

“I suppose initially there was an irony (sự mỉa mai, châm biếm) in it. One of the main technical points in Irish dance is you dance in time with the music, and one of the major faults would be if you dance out of time to the music.

Strictly Come Dancing viewers were unimpressed by the judges’ critique (bài phê bình) of Ruth Langsford’s latest ballroom (phòng khiêu vũ) efforts, accusing the show of being a fix. The TV star struggled to get to grips with (nắm vững, am hiểu) the foxtrot after kicking off the dance out of time to partner Anton du Beke. Langsford scored 18 points for the performance which was slated (công kích, chửi rủa thậm tệ) by the judges’ who claimed the dance was too fast and resembled a “gallop” (nước phi (ngựa)).

Ka Tina

"Come back anytime" nghĩa là gì?

"Come back anytime" -> câu này thường nói với khách/ai đó, nghĩa là hãy quay lại bất kỳ lúc nào, nhớ quay lại đây hoặc bạn luôn được chào đón.

Ví dụ
“The model that we used to have, of flying in writers and thinkers and artists around the world, that's that's not going to come back anytime soon.

In 2016, my doctor advised me to stop taking medications. He wished me luck. As I was leaving the room, he told me to come back anytime — that means, anytime I have symptoms again.

All of those players become part of the Big Blue Nation — forever. They can come back anytime. Calipari will welcome them, the current players will welcome them and the fans will welcome them. There are no walls built to keep certain players out. That’s just the way it is in John Calipari’s Kentucky culture — and it always will be.

Ka Tina

"Can't call your time your own" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Dan Gold

"Can't call (one's) time (one's) own" = không có thời gian của riêng mình -> nghĩa là làm việc liên miên suốt ngày.

Ví dụ
According to Blanch, directed evolution (sự tiến hóa, phát triển) is based on the premise (giả thuyết) that the approach taken by nature to optimize biological function (tối ưu hóa chức năng sinh học) — basically Darwin’s process of natural selection (chọn lọc tự nhiên) — can be used in the lab (phòng thí nghiệm) to provide remarkable results. The number of industrial enzymes to come out of directed evolution continues to soar. Ever since the Nobel Prize came her way, Arnold can scarcely (chắc chắn là không, hầu như không) call her time her own. That’s why she took time off a few weeks ago and headed to her cabin in the San Gabriel Mountains. It’s a 1.5-mile walk from the nearest road.

The first essential of good parenthood (bậc cha mẹ) is the acceptance of the role. A man who marries when he is young may resent his first child for it would be a rival for the affection of the lady of the house. Similarly. a woman may resent her first child because it suddenly puts her in a different class of women. Couples who become parents can no longer call their time their own. Often the newcomer may necessitate (bắt phải, đòi hỏi phải) changes in the household routine (lề thói gia đình), giving up of a job on the part of the mother and various other sacrifices (sự hi sinh). The world of affection which should surround a child should precede its birth. It is here that good parenthood begins.

Olson is happy to have Jones as part of the team at Broderick Garden Centre, even on a flexible schedule (lịch, thời gian biểu linh hoạt) that works for all parties involved. “It’s great because she can call her time her own, and I just let her know when something needs to be done,” said Kim. “She can do things whenever it works for her schedule, as she’s a busy girl as well, and I just take care of getting the product and paying for it.” On display during the grand reopening were a number of floral arrangements (cắm hoa) that were ready to go home with anyone who may have been looking to spruce up (diện, chải chuốt, dọn dẹp gọn gàng) their home. “Today, we have some beautiful fresh roses, alstroemeria (hoa thủy tiên), miniature carnations (cẩm chướng nhỏ) and daisies (cây cúc),” said Laura. “I’ve got a few nice arrangements done up and ready to go if anyone wanted to take any of them today.”

Ka Tina

"Buy on time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Clay Banks

"Buy (something) on time" = mua đúng hạn -> nghĩa là mua trả góp, mua cái gì và cam kết sau này trả đúng hạn.

Ví dụ
“The first piece of art I ever bought was Cliff Segerblom’s ‘Patriarch,’ which Darlene allowed me to buy on time in 1973 when the Gal’ry was in the space next to the Backstop Sports Pub where the coffee house is now,” said Dennis McBride, Boulder City native and director of the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas.

In an increasingly debt-averse society, platforms such as these aren’t as bad as you might have heard they are, as long as they’re used responsibly. Just like a credit card, BNPL isn’t buy now, pay never - you still have to repay everything you buy on time. It can simply offer a more structured and technology-focused approach to repayments, which is something that massively appeals to younger consumers.

There are other sections also on the offer page having discount up to 90 per cent including the section containing Flipkart’s own brands containing items of home and kitchen essentials, home décor, sports and fitness, appliances and furniture as well. So, in case you are waiting for the discount offers to begin purchases for the upcoming festive season (mùa lễ hội sắp tới), you may book items of you choice by adding those in wishlist (góp ý về sản phẩm) to minimise the chance of failure to buy on time before the items go out of stock.

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"Bean time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kevin Curtis

"Bean time" = thời điểm ăn đậu -> nghĩa là tới giờ ăn tối.

Ví dụ
Bean time! Dinner is served from r/BeansInThings. Classic Satan bean. Beans in vintage ads from r/BeansInThings. You've Got Bean!

While the rest of us may never be ready to take our relationship with beans to that level, at least we can agree: It's bean time, all the time.

It's bean time, baby. Thoroughly rinse (rửa nhẹ nhàng, qua loa) one pound of dried cannellini beans, then add to the whey in the Instant Pot with three fat pinches of salt.

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"For the time being" nghĩa là gì?

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"For the time being" -> nghĩa là ngay bây giờ, ở thời điểm hiện tại.

Ví dụ
For the time being, the historic site will be open 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Friday through Sundays, with plans to expand hours of operation at a later date.

The 32-year-old has been linked with a move to Italy, but he says he would prefer to remain at Camp Nou for the time being. Ivan Rakitic is seeking clarity over his future at Barcelona amid ongoing rumours linking him with a summer move.

For the time being, a person can only be a part of one circle, in order to limit contact while still allowing individuals to see more of their family members or close contacts. Other provinces have referred to this as expanding social "bubbles," but the concept is essentially the same.

Although it is a month later than originally expected, one of Lethbridge’s biggest tourist attractions is once again up and running. Executive Director of the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Michelle Day says it was exciting to open the gates, but while they do have some new opportunities for guests, there are also some new restrictions (sự hạn chế, giới han)·. Attendance will be limited to 50 visitors per hour in the garden and 10 in the visitors centre. For the time being, there will be no usual guided tours for the time being.

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"Be only a matter of time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

"Be only a matter of time" = chỉ là vấn đề thời gian -> nghĩa là sớm muộn cũng sẽ xảy ra và sau này sẽ không tránh được.

Ví dụ
While the case does not raise the question of whether a social media platform or other online service provider (such as a website host or search engine) may be liable (có bổn phận, trách nhiệm pháp lý) for defamatory (phỉ báng, làm mất danh dự) posts by third party users, it may be only a matter of time before this issue is also considered by the courts.

After someone posted a photo of a rare FD RX-7 in the flooding parking garage of the Biloxi Golden Nugget Casino, Gulfport resident Austin Owens knew it would be only a matter of time before the floodwaters generated by tropical storm (cơn bão nhiệt đới) Cristobal would reach it. Despite not knowing the owner of the car or if they planned on rescuing it, he knew that he didn't have much time before the rising water would inevitably render the car a total loss. So, he sprung into action.

Papwa played again in the British Open in 1963 and finished ahead of other notable (có tiếng) golfers, including defending champion, Arnold Palmer. With respect to this, golf writer Herbert Warren Wind wrote “I have an idea that it will be only a matter of time now before a major title falls to the world’s greatest cross-handed golfer-Sewsunker Sewgolum.” During the same year, he was granted permission by the government to compete in the Natal Open in Durban, a tournament that had previously refused his entrance because of the color of his skin. Despite the pressure, Papwa persevered and won the tournament by a stroke (nước bài, nước đi, cú, đòn, thành công lớn).

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"At this moment in time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sidney Severin

"At this moment in time" = vào đúng khoảnh khắc này -> nghĩa là ngay bây giờ, ngay lúc này, ở thời điểm hiện tại.

Ví dụ
In a perfect world, we would know that all are created equal, but at this moment in time there is a major focus on how black people are treated.

"When the Legislature doesn't get along, it further demonstrates the reason that use of executive authority is appropriate at this moment in time," House Speaker Melissa Hortman, D-Brooklyn Park, said.

“We have to be thinking of recovery (phục hồi) and not just looking at business critical (mang tính quyết định) aspects." Head of legal and democratic services Clive Pinney said: “I totally accept what’s being said. “But at this moment in time we are only having scrutiny (rà soát, kiểm tra kỹ) about business critical activities and other priority issues.

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