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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Cưới Xuân Quảng + Phương Dung

"Take the low road" nghĩa là gì?

Bóng dáng ai mơ hồ? Photo by William Felker

"Take the low road" = Chọn đường tắt/đi đường xuống cấp, trái nghĩa với "Take the high road" -> Dùng những cách vô đạo đức, thấp hèn hoặc ghê tởm để làm việc gì; trong kinh doanh thì là việc cạnh tranh bằng cách hạ thấp giá cả hàng hóa để bán được.

Ví dụ
In the end, as much as people want to take the low road and make fun of Virgin's name, he's the one playing in the NFL right now and living out his dream. The Chattanooga product has seen a decent amount of snaps in every game the Lions have played this year, and has logged six tackles (sự cản) and a forced fumble (bắt bóng).

While we pay lip service to achieving civility (sự lễ độ) in the legal profession, the adversarial (mang tính đối kháng) nature and the high stakes involved sometimes make it difficult. Opposing counsel chooses to take the low road for a number of reasons. But instead of complaining about it, you will have to learn how to deal with it.

The title also poses the question: “Are you going to take the high road, or are you going to take the low road?” “I think having choices is empowering, and sometimes making the right choice, it might seem easy,” she says. “It’s not always the right thing. So, I just felt like it was kind of a good album for the time period that we live in.”

Bin Kuan

"Take the moral high ground" nghĩa là gì?

The world's influencers. Photo by  Evangeline Shaw

"Take the moral high ground" = Cho là có nền tảng/giá trị đạo đức cao -> Cảm thấy tự tin vì cho rằng quyết định hay ý kiến của mình là hợp với đạo đức hơn so với của những người khác hoặc đối thủ (dùng trong kinh doanh và chính trị).

Ví dụ
“Sectors have to transition (sự chuyển tiếp) and they’re going to need financing,” says one head of sustainable (ổn định vững chắc) finance. “We cannot take the moral high ground and withdraw financing from the biggest polluters, yet none of us seem clear on the tool that will work best to finance that transition.”

Bringing Familia aboard would have far more wrinkles (nếp nhăn, mách nước). The veteran reliever has been suspended for domestic violence (bạo lực gia đình) in the past which should make him a no-go for a Blue Jays club that tried to take the moral high ground with Roberto Osuna — albeit in ham-fisted (vụng về, lóng ngóng) manner.

Sheely says he receives a lot of comments that try to take the “moral high ground” and see issues with how Sheely plays the game. But he thinks they miss the point. For him, playing through the game this way helps to highlight the issues and moral dilemmas (thế tiến thoái lưỡng nan, tình trạng khó xử) that are front and center in a game about war.

Bin Kuan

"Take the offensive" nghĩa là gì?

Cuộc tranh chiến của thế giới động vật. Photo by  joel herzog

"Take the offensive" = Bắt đầu tấn công; hoặc dùng thái độ hung dữ và lấy vị trí thuận lợi để giành lợi thế trước.

Ví dụ
Instead, FDR endorsed a “Europe First” strategy, assigning enough resources to tie down Japan until he was ready to take the offensive to the Pacific Theater.

Barry Lunney Jr., the former University of Arkansas quarterback (tiền vệ) who served as interim (lâm thời) head coach for the final two games in November, is expected to take the offensive coordinator position at Texas-San Antonio, sources told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Tuesday.

Afghan commanders (sĩ quan chỉ huy) vowed last year to take the offensive, rather than go on fighting a static (tĩnh, không thay đổi) “checkpoint war.” But in most major battlegrounds (đầu đề tranh luận), the bulk (phần lớn) of the regular Afghan forces (lực lượng) are still holed up in fortified (củng cố) bases and outposts (tiền đồn). Most offensive operations have been left to small numbers of Afghan and American Special Operations soldiers, backed by both countries’ air forces (lực lượng không quân).

Bin Kuan

"Take the spear" nghĩa là gì?

Người tối cổ thời hiện đại. Photo by Crawford Jolly

"Take the spear (in one's chest)" = Đỡ lấy ngọn giáo/để giáo đâm trúng ngực -> Chấp nhận sự khiển trách, cáo buộc và hình phạt.

Ví dụ
Co-leaders of the tribe have developed a strong hatred for each other because Gipiir did not get permission from Labongo to take the spear.

He continued: “When you’ve got two radio stations saying it’s not researching … you know what research is? When you go out there and sell the arena (trường đấu) out. … So, to the band and the crew, they’re the ones that actually take the spear and put it into the body, so for them I say thank you for every night you do that.”

Now let me make myself clear, I did not expect our ambassador (đại sứ) to the EU to be a beacon or perhaps even bacon of truth, but seeing as he donated a million dollars to the Trump campaign in exchange for a position he is in no way qualified for, I figured he would know a thing or two about quid pro quo, and that he likely was not the type who would take the spear for Trump.

Bin Kuan

"Take the wheel" nghĩa là gì?

Super boy! Photo by  Nick Fewings

"Take the wheel" = Cho bánh xe lăn -> Kiểm soát/quản lý cái gì; bắt đầu lái xe để thay ai đó.

Ví dụ
I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough. I will let the NAN network and others go ahead and take the wheel now.

As Jeff Jr. and Kelly worked to take the wheel of the businesses following Jeffrey Sr.’s death, the current businesses took priority over work on Yates Pizza Palace. After getting a green light from the city earlier this year, however, Kelly said the pair is ready to take off and fire on all cylinders to get Yates Pizza Palace open.

On Nov. 8, “Wheel of Fortune” producers announced that longtime host Pat Sajak, 73, had emergency surgery (cuộc phẫu thuật cấp cứu) to correct a blocked intestine. Since the show was in the middle of taping, it needed a fill-in while Sajak recuperated (hồi phục). So White, a durable (bền lâu) icon of American entertainment but mostly silent during the games, was asked to take the wheel. The request was a surprise to White, to say the least.

Bin Kuan

"Take the wraps off" nghĩa là gì?

Cuối cùng cũng thấy được gương mặt thật của cô ấy. Photo by  Elle Cartier

"Take the wraps off (something)" = Mở bọc ra -> Phơi bày điều đã che dấu hoặc tiết lộ bí mật; lần đầu nói cho mọi người biết về một sản phẩm hoặc kế hoạch mới nào đó.

Ví dụ
Siemiatkowski came to the event largely to take the wraps off a new tech hub in Berlin that will house 500 employees in product and engineering. But we were far more interested in discussing the future of the company, which is best known for providing instant credit to online shoppers at the point of checkout and is growing fast, with nearly 3,000 employees across 17 countries.

As the truly wireless earbuds (tai nghe không dây) contribute to a new product category (loại, hạng mục) that is booming right now, several companies have started coming up with such offerings. Realme is all set to take the wraps off its first pair of truly wireless earbuds on December 17. Also, there are claims that OnePlus is going to launch a similar product in the coming months.

One of the first big surprises of this year’s Game Awards came early in the proceedings, when Microsoft’s Phil Spencer took the stage to take the wraps off one of the most long-awaited reveals (tiết lộ, phơi bày) of the upcoming console (bàn giao tiếp) generation. We’re talking, of course, about what its Xbox One replacement console, codenamed Project Scarlett, will actually be called when it hits the streets — not to mention what it’ll look like sitting in our living rooms.

Bin Kuan

"Take to wife" nghĩa là gì?

Khi hai ta chung đường. Photo by  Emma Frances Logan

"Take (someone) to wife" = Lấy ai làm vợ.

Ví dụ
Most readers will probably remember the LORD’s command that when a man died, his widow should not be cut off, but the man’s brother or other near kin (gần dõng dõi, huyết thống) should take her to wife and raise up an heir (người thừa kế) for the one who had died (e.g., Deut 25).

“A bastard (kẻ đểu, xấu), is it?” Craster looked Jon up and down. “Man wants to bed a woman, seems like he ought to take her to wife. That’s what I do.” He shooed Jon off with a wave. “Well, run and do your service, bastard, and see that axe is good and sharp now, I’ve no use for dull steel.”

He was a man of the Night's Watch, and she was a wildling. He couldn't take her to wife, and he wouldn't abandon his vows. She loved him to the point that she couldn't kill him, even though he betrayed (phản bội) her. As she said to him as she died: "You remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave."

Bin Kuan

"Take two and hit to right" nghĩa là gì?

Căng thiệt. Photo by  Jose Morales

"Take two and hit to right" = Trong bóng chày thì cụm này còn rất mơ hồ về nghĩa (người đánh bóng chày ném hai quả bóng chày trước rồi đánh vào một vị trí chính xác trên sân), nó gần giống với việc bạn hỏi ý kiến của ai về việc nên đánh như thế nào thì người đó lại trả lời không chắc chắn và rất mơ hồ; không biết nên làm gì (cứ đánh đại đi, trúng được cái nào thì trúng).

Ví dụ
Get ’em on, move ’em along. Take two and hit to right. Hit behind the runner. Line drives. Grounders up the middle. Hit ’em where they ain’t. On and on.

It has often been speculated that the Irish are one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Apparently, in their wanderings (chệch hướng), the Irish learned to “take two and hit to right.”

He got to live out a dream by writing sports columns for the Reporter and broadcasting an online talk show recorded with other residents — he finished shows with the signoff (ngừng, rời khỏi hệ thống): “Take two and hit to right” — but had to stop those and other hobbies because of health issues. Back pain keeps him craned, as if ducking beneath a door frame. He stays active mostly through lively conversations.

Bin Kuan

"Take up the running" nghĩa là gì?

Chiến thắng bản thân là chiến thắng vĩ đại nhất. Photo by  Camila Cordeiro

"Take up the running" = Dẫn đầu cuộc chạy đua.

Ví dụ
"We'll take up the running and just try get him into a better rhythm (nhịp điệu) with his breathing and action and hopefully he can run the trip out strongly.".

Then Nelson was holding back his mount, thereby allowing King Arthur (Omar Walker) to take up the running. Nelson then urged his charge to go in chase of King Arthur approaching the home bend and Crafty and Ready quickly caught up with the leader at the top of the straight.

After opening at $12, Holbien ended up jumping at $4.40 in what was a significant betting move. He recovered from a scratchy (cẩu thả, lộn xộn) start to take up the running over on the inside rail but he was a spent force at the furlong marker, fading to finish 5th, beaten 3.15L. No excuses were offered post-race and if you've been riding the Holbien train for a while, it might be time to jump off.

Bin Kuan

"Take your cue from" nghĩa là gì?

Hãy nghe hiệu lệnh của trọng tài. Photo by  Nathan Shively

"Take a/(one's) cue from (someone or something)" = Nhận hiệu lệnh, ám chỉ hoặc gợi ý từ ai/cái gì -> Theo sự ra hiệu của ai/cái gì mà làm theo.

Ví dụ
Then, take your cue from Sienna Miller, 37 – and indeed the Queen – and try a deeper berry lip in one of this season's velvety (nhung) textures.

So, no, Timothée didn't coordinate his keyring (vòng chìa khóa) with his choice of formalwear, but that doesn't mean we can't take a cue from the look. We're already envisioning (hình dung) an OOTD that swaps (tráo đổi) out our finger rings for a small keychain, and the best part, you won't forget your keys either.

Take your cue from the results of this recent study that claims that students, who don't eat or rarely have breakfast on school days, may score lower grades than those who eat it regularly. So, if you want your children to be good in academics, make sure they have their breakfast as frequently as possible.

Bin Kuan

"Take your lumps" nghĩa là gì?

Không chiến thắng nào là không bỏ mồ hôi xương máu. Photo by Mike Kotsch

"Take (one's) lumps" = Chịu đau bởi những cục bướu -> Chấp nhận sự khó khăn, thất bại hoặc những điều xấu xảy ra với mình mà không một lời than trách.

Ví dụ
It was hard-nosed, smashmouth football. You’d beat us, maybe, but you’d always take your lumps.

If I'm NBA commissioner Adam Silver, this is what I'll tell the Rockets: "Put your big boy pants on and take your lumps like grown men.

But it was just something – I mean, freaking out (sốc, sợ hãi) is not going to help you at all, so you might as well try and take your lumps and move on.”.

There's a prevailing (có ưu thế, thịnh hành) thought in sports in general that you must take your lumps before you really learn how to win, especially in the playoffs.

Bin Kuan

"Take-off artist" nghĩa là gì?

Tên trộm khét tiếng. Photo by  Sara Kurfeß

"Take-off artist" = Nghệ sĩ cuốn đi -> Tên trộm, tên cướp hoặc kẻ tấn công (thông tục).

Ví dụ
A take-off artist seems to be operating in one of the most secure buildings in the world—the White House.

That problem is a take-off artist took all $1,600 worth of gifts. As CBS 2's Tim McNicholas reported Thursday night, the principal of St.

Brent Moellering thought his truck was safe in his driveway until he caught a take-off artist on video using a saw to cut out his catalytic converter (máy biến mô xúc tác).

Bin Kuan

"Winner takes all" nghĩa là gì?

The winner takes it all. Photo by  Fauzan Saari

"Winner takes all" = Người thắng vơ cả -> Người chiến thắng thì luôn được trao tặng tất cả giải thưởng.

Ví dụ
Other drivers of price erosion (sự hao mòn) include high prices, high volumes, and tendering by 'winner takes all' where there are alternatives available.

Winner takes all - what priority is afforded to a cost order made against a company in liquidation (sự thanh toán nợ, sự đóng cửa công ty) after the commencement (sự khởi đầu) of the winding up?

There is no better way to decide a football championship than what is on the cards in Zimbabwean football this season – a winner takes all match on the final day — unless something out of the ordinary happens in week 33 of the 34 game-season.

Bin Kuan

"Take your hat off to" nghĩa là gì?

She is the brightest star in my heart. Photo by pawel szvmanski

"Take (one's) hat off to (someone or something)" = Ngả mũ trước ai/cái gì -> Tỏ sự mến mộ, kính trọng và tán dương tới ai/điều gì.

Ví dụ
"For what she's done for women's golf in Japan, and her achievements out here on the LPGA Tour, you've got to take your hat off to her," said Norway's Suzann Pettersen.

But despite her smoky custard (món sữa trứng có mùi khói), her gravy (nước chấm) is so good that Moran vows to take his hat off to her, which is odd as he's not only hatless, but hairless.

With Kylie being the seventh most followed person on Instagram, and Kendall being the 14th, in the Bush Telegraph Ian admitted: 'You have to take your hat off to her girls because they have rinsed it in how well they have used social media and taken it to levels that are out there.'

Bin Kuan

"Hit the bottle" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: rebcenter moscow on Pexels

"Hit the bottle" -> nghĩa là uống rất nhiều rượu, nghiện rượu.

Ví dụ
One person determined (quyết định) to make sure Christmas is a success is Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) who is preparing to pull out all of the stops forOllie – but as Linda (Kellie Bright) continues to hit the bottle in a big way, can he pull it off?

EMMERDALE viewers saw Moira Barton continue to spiral this evening as she hit the bottle and lost one of her most loyal customers at the farm. Her behaviour (hành động) in recent weeks has pushed away her husband Cain Dingle and now her business partner Pete Barton.

It's not clear if the truth is out at this point, and if the entire pub has been informed about the affair (sự việc). Phil also appears to be tempted to hit the bottle again, following years of battling alcoholism. He's shown staring (nhìn vào) at a glass of whiskey, before the teaser pans back to him having a furious chat with son Ben.

Ngọc Lân

"Take years off" nghĩa là gì?

Luôn hé môi cười để mãi tươi trẻ. Photo by  Allef Vinicius

"Take years off (someone or something)" = Hack tuổi/năm tháng -> Làm cho ai đó tươi trẻ hơn.

Ví dụ
The brow artist had a very soothing voice and when she promised it would take years off me, I was in that chair in a flash.

Up next, five eye makeup tricks that will actually take years off your face. This article originally appeared on Who What Wear.

Clearly it would be harder to take years off me as I'm only 23, but I was hoping that the treatment would leave my skin glowing and fresh.

Everyone is in agreement that the extensions take years off me, but for some, as I discovered at the salon, they can be literally life-changing.

Bin Kuan

"Take up where left off" nghĩa là gì?

Hãy bắt đầu lại từ nơi mình đã thất bại. Photo by  Rowen Smith

"Take up where (one) left off" = Bắt đầu lại, tiếp tục lại từ nơi/vị trí đã hoặc vừa mới dừng.

Ví dụ
I hope that eventually parents will see that they don't need a lady and her dog to read to their children and that they take up where I left off.

Having grown up in Haywards Heath, I had lots of good friends who also had young families there and assumed I'd just take up where I left off.

"However, I know he would have wanted me to take up where I left off, and it is therefore my intention (ý định) to get back into music in a big way.".

Bin Kuan

"Take up time" nghĩa là gì?

Trân trọng từng thời khắc đang có trong cuộc sống. Photo by  Devon Janse van Rensburg

"Take up (one's) time" = Chiếm hết cả thời gian của ai, tốn thời gian của ai.

Ví dụ
I do this before checking my emails as I often find they take up my time without being productive on what needs to be done that day.

"They take up your time, you have to stop and answer the phone to make sure it's not another customer, while you're waiting on customers.".

I eventually saw a doctor who diagnosed (chẩn đoán) me on the spot. I was prescribed anti-depressants (thuốc chống trầm cảm) and put on the waiting list to see a psychiatrist (bác sĩ tâm thần học). I was in and out within an hour and left back to my own devices. I tried the tablets for a week or so but they didn’t really work for me, I needed something that would occupy my thoughts, something that would take up my time and stop me from thinking negatively. That’s when I picked up a camera.

Bin Kuan

"Take up the cudgels" nghĩa là gì?

Sống luôn tương trợ lẫn nhau. Photo by Neil Thomas

"Take up the cudgels (dùi cui) for (someone)" = Che chở ai, bảo vệ ai hoặc ủng hộ ai.

Ví dụ
Brusque (lỗ mãng, cộc cằn) and determined, Munns told Daily Maverick he was not averse (không chống đối) to taking the fight all the way to the Constitutional Court. Should he not be able to continue with the mission, his board of trustees would take up the cudgels for Arkians.

The position of the MWSS then, Hilbay said, was that the companies should shoulder these. “If [the government] wants to take up the cudgels for the consumers, they would fight for this position,” said Hilbay, the solicitor (luật sư, cố vấn pháp luật) general when the water concessionaires (chủ đồn điền, người được đặc quyền) brought the case to the arbitration (phân xử) court.

There’s a lot to be said for having a large young segment in our society. In a few years’ time, they will hopefully take up the cudgels for senior citizens (người cao tuổi) like me, and other persons exiting the workforce (nhân lực lao động). Say what you will about the problems posed by a “population explosion,” (sự bùng nổ dân số) but all these new job entrants (người mới vào việc) are necessary if we are to fund the pensions (lương hưu) of retirees.

Bin Kuan

"Take up space" nghĩa là gì?

Chỉ để trưng cho đẹp mắt chứ bán cũng ít người mua. Photo by Charles Postiaux

"Take up space" = Chật hết cả chỗ/chiếm hết cả không gian -> Hoàn toàn rất vô dụng/vô ích, không làm được gì cả ngoài việc chiếm hết chỗ.

Ví dụ
“Kitchens take up space that not everyone uses – so why not replace them with a microwave, toaster, kettle, and a small sink in the corner?”

"Barn (kho thóc, nhà thô sơ) doors and 'rail system' doors are here to stay, partly because they don't take up space by swinging (xoay ra) out," Stokes says.

The benefits of these products lie not just in their spatial efficiency (tính hiệu quả về mặt không gian), but in their ability to only take up space when actively in use.

Bin Kuan

"Take up abode" nghĩa là gì?

Bình yên đến lạ. Photo by Robert Ostheimer

"Take up (one's) abode" = Chiếm gạch sống/đất nện -> Ổn định cuộc sống hoặc bắt đầu chọn một nơi để làm nhà.

Ví dụ
Afridi tribe (bộ tộc), having no shrine (mồ, bàn thờ) to worship (tôn thờ) at, “induced by generous offers a saint (vị thánh) of the most notorious piety (lòng mộ đạo rõ ràng) to take up his abode among them.

The direct ancestors (tổ tiên) of the Pembroke were brought across the Channel by the Flemish weavers (thợ dệt) who had been induced by Henry I of England to take up their abode in Wales. This occurred in 1107, and it stands as a sturdy cornerstone (viên đá đặt nền vững chắc) upon which the development of a breed (nòi giống) has been built.

Implore Mary to lend you her heart so that you may receive her Son [in Holy Communion] with her dispositions (sự sắp xếp, bố trí). Remind her that her Son’s glory (vinh quang) requires that he should not come into a heart so sullied (ô nhục, bẩn thỉu) and fickle (không kiên định) as your own, which could not fail to diminish (giảm bớt, thu nhỏ) his glory and might cause him to leave. Tell her that if she will take up her abode in you to receive her Son – which she can do because of the sovereignty (quyền tối cao độc lập, chủ quyền) she has over all hearts – he will be received by her in a perfect manner without danger of being affronted (lăng mạ, sỉ nhục) or being forced to depart. – Saint Louis de Montfort

Bin Kuan

"Take under advisement" nghĩa là gì?

Bữa sáng ngon lành cho một ngày mới tốt đẹp. Photo by  Frame Harirak

"Take (something) under advisement" = Cần lời khuyên/sự tư vấn cho việc gì -> Nghe và suy nghĩ tới điều gì một cách cẩn thận; cân nhắc cẩn thận cái gì.

Ví dụ
In the end, members opted to take the proposal under advisement. “It's a lot to digest (lĩnh hội, hiểu thấu) and a lot to think about,” Ton said.

After two hours of briefing, Honorable McCarville told the room that he would take the information presented under advisement. For now, the annexation (sự sáp nhập, thêm vào) remains on hold as both parties wait for McCarville's opinion.

“We’re going to take it under advisement, Mr. MacDonald will take a look and take it into consideration. If he has no concerns we can proceed with your request and he will bring those forward at the next meeting. I suspect it may be out of order, but we will let him go through and have a proper consideration of it and get back to us,” Panciuk said.

Bin Kuan

"Take umbrage at" nghĩa là gì?

Hôm nay lại khiến thầy thất vọng rồi. Photo by  Vadim Fomenok

"Take umbrage (phật ý) at (something)" = (đùa cợt) làm mếch lòng (làm cho ai cảm thấy bị xúc phạm, bị coi thường).

Ví dụ
I have to take umbrage at parts of Harry De Cosemo’s article on reputation (danh tiếng). The good ebenings from Unai were seen very much as an enduring trait by many arsenal fans. Especially at the start of his tenure (nhiệm kỳ, thời hạn được thuê). We appreciated the fact he was trying to speak a different language and as I said earlier his foibles (nhược điểm) were enduring.

I listened to the game and although I take umbrage at times with the Redskins play by play cast always painting a more than rosy picture, there was a sense, articulated by the crew, that Haskins was there to lead his team. Certainly, there are questions abound about keeping Haskins in amid an ankle injury (chấn thương ở mắt cá chân) that limited his mobility and how it may impact the Redskin’s future, but this I am certain of.

For devotees (người mộ đạo, ủng hộ) of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the prime minister, who take umbrage at any criticism and whose natural response is to deflect (lệch hướng) and attack, let me remind you what the word evaluation means. It means that a measurement or assessment is being done of actual performance or outcomes, relative to planned performance. In this regard it is facts and data which matter, not public relations.

Bin Kuan

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