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Thursday, April 2, 2020

"Back in the knife drawer, Miss Sharp" nghĩa là gì?

Nói gì mà khó nghe ghê. Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

"Back in the knife drawer, Miss Sharp" = quay lại ngăn kéo đựng dao đi, quý cô Xéo Sắc -> thường đáp trả ai đó khi lời nói của họ có phần gay gắt, cay độc.

Ví dụ
'Know what?' she said.'You should try a bit of make-up (làm đẹp) sometime yourself. Anything to make you less ugly.' Pilcher mock-winced (chế giễu).
'Back in the knife drawer, Miss Sharp,' he said.

'At least he's not covered in ginger fur (lông màu củ gừng). You might like to take a leaf out of his book, Frankie. Nothing wrong with hair dye (nhuộm tóc), you know.'
'Well, back inthe knife drawer, Miss Sharp,' Frank says, somewhat camply. 'Don't becross. I was only teasing (trêu). Anyway,I have to get to the studio now. Are you about tonight?' I nod.

'Fat as ever?' asked Walpole.
'Fatter. She keep advising Miss Farren to eat more whey (váng sữa), the cheek of her! Oh, and she's got her own faro table (bàn chơi bài) these days, so she can fleece (lừa) her friends without going out in the cold.'
'Back in the knife drawer, Miss Sharp,' cried Walpole with a shiver (rùng mình) of enjoyment.

Thu Phương

"Keep a sharp lookout" nghĩa là gì?

Luôn phải cẩn thận. Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

"Keep a sharp lookout (for something or someone)" = giữ cái nhìn sắc lẹm -> cảnh giác, thận trọng.

Ví dụ
They are the self-appointers (tự bổ nhiệm) upholders (người ủng hộ) of morality (đạo đức) and values, and are always on a sharp lookout for any transgression (vi phạm) of the arbitrary rules (quy tắc độc đoán) they have set up.

As unprecedented (chưa từng có) changes in the health of our country and our economy continue to unfold (mở ra), it appears accountants (kế toán viên) need to keep a sharp lookout for changes to accounting standards (chuẩn mực kế toán) that result.

The snow is so deep through that section that moose (nai sừng tấm) are going to want to use the trail (vết chân của thú đi) along with the dog teams. Mushers (người lái xe trượt truyết) are going to have to keep a sharp lookout, and the snow is deep enough that they may need to move their required snowshoes to the top of the bag.

Thu Phương

"Sharp practice" nghĩa là gì?

Toàn đội giá lên rồi sale thôi à. Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

"Sharp practice" = hành động sắc bén-> thủ đoạn bất lương, những chuyện làm ăn hoàn toàn không lương thiện.

Ví dụ
As well as acting, Seymour managed theatres in Ireland and Scotland, one fellow thespian (diễn viên) recalling that his nickname was “‘Schemer’ (kẻ chủ mưu) Seymour for his extraordinarily (lạ thường) sharp practice played upon the various stars who had visited his theatre”.

According to the article, contango means that “sharp traders can buy oil now, sell it on the forward market (thị trường có kỳ hạn) and store it in a tanker for several months”. I daresay (dám nói) some would consider this sharp practice, but would you expect anything other in the City?

I could not get a delivery for two weeks, so had to do a click and collect, I notice that some of the things I ordered are not available (sẵn có), I only know this because I had to amend (sửa đổi) my order. Not too happy about the fact Asda don’t advise people beforehand, seems a bit of sharp practice to me, as many would probably cancel and go to a local shop instead.

Thu Phương

"Short sharp shock" nghĩa là gì?

Định làm gì thế? Photo by TOPHEE MARQUEZ from Pexels

"Short, sharp shock" = ngắn, sốc đột ngột-> hình phạt/biện pháp bất ngờ, gây sốc, nghiêm khắc nhưng hiệu quả.

Ví dụ
According to economic projections (dự đoán kinh tế), Savills has predicted a ‘short sharp shock’ in UK housing transactions (mua bán) as a result of frozen activity (hoạt động đóng băng) caused by government interventions (can thiệp) introduced to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Almost two years on from the tragedy (thảm kịch) David, now 70, said “the pain is still there” and not a day went by without a thought of his son. David added: “You don’t know what the outcome (kết quả) would be if there was a short, sharp shock. That sort of punishment (trừng phạt) when you’re 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 - you don’t know if that would be the answer.”

People interpret (diễn tả) this in different ways, hence the hoards (tích trữ) of people in tourist hotspots like Filey last weekend. In my view, for public health and in the interest (lợi ích) and business and the economy (nền kinh tế), we would be better of with the short, sharp shock of telling everyone to stay at home apart from workers critical to the battle (trận chiến) against Covid-19.

Thu Phương

"Sharp cookie" nghĩa là gì?

Trông vậy mà cũng hài hước phết. Photo by Sylvester Poh on Unsplash

"Sharp cookie" = chiếc bánh thông minh -> người thông minh, hiểu biết rộng, dí dỏm. "Sharp" có nghĩa là thông minh, sắc sảo.

Ví dụ
That lady's a sharp cookie, and with a name like that, you know she's got to be good.

Being a sharp cookie, he didn’t take that price at face value (mệnh giá). He then saw this little tidbit (món ngon) in the dealer’s description section.

I think Helen thinks that Wendy is a really sharp cookie and good at what she’s doing. She thinks she’s smart and clever and manipulative (hấp dẫn), all of which are qualities (phẩm chất) she admires. And of course, they’re both mothers with the same-aged children.”

Despite his pessimism (tính bi quan), Schopenhauer nevertheless was a pretty sharp cookie. Among his other contributions (đóng góp) to Western thought and language, he apparently coined (đặt ra) the phrase “buying time.” The relevant line from his 1851 Counsels and Maxims is, “To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them.”

Thu Phương

"Look sharp" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels 

"Look sharp" = cái nhìn sắc lẹm hoặc trông sắc sảo (vẻ ngoài. Nghĩa bóng là nhanh, mau, vội.

Ví dụ
If you don't look sharp, it will be too late.

One way to remember that is that they look sharp enough to prick (chích) your finger and draw red blood.

Entering his fourth season in the brown and gold, Morrison looked sharp and determined out on the track (đường đua).

If everyone is reversing their wardrobe (tủ quần áo), then the man who looks like a slob (nhếch nhác) at work has a soul-deep need to look sharp while lazing around at home.

Thu Phương

"Prick your conscience" nghĩa là gì?

Từ bi, khoan dung và độ lượng. Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash 

"Prick (one's) conscience" = cắn rứt lương tâm.

Ví dụ
At times, laypeople (người thế tục) must prick the conscience of the administrators (quản trị viên) of these schools — most of them members of the clergy (giới tăng lữ)— to be more charitable (khoan dung).

Let Dr. Touray prick our Health Minister’s (Bộ trưởng Bộ Y tế) conscience with some powerful words of admonition (răn đe). Perhaps that will inject (tiêm) some adrenaline (một loại hormone) into his system for better performance.

These emergencies did not prick the conscience of greedy (tham lam) policy makers (nhà hoạch định chính sách) and public and private sector implementers of otherwise noble (cao quý) and responsive (dễ bảo) government policies not to exploit (bóc lột) the dire (nguy kịch) situation to negative advantage (lợi thế tiêu cực).

Thu Phương

"Policy of pinpricks" nghĩa là gì?

Quá nhiều chính sách vụn vặt, vô ích. Photo by Dom J from Pexels

"Policy of pinpricks" hoặc "pinpricks policy" = chính sách nhỏ nhặt -> chính sách nhỏ của chính phủ, lần đầu áp dụng tại mối quan hệ căng thẳng giữa Anh và Pháp cuối thế kỷ 19.

Ví dụ
So far, the pinpricks are testing US policies and threats (mối đe dọa). If they continue, an incident (sự cố) may occur that Washington cannot ignore – and then Trump’s threats will be tested fully and openly.

It has always puzzled (lúng túng) me too, how God finds time for it all. And anyway, if He must interfere (can thiệp), why doesn't He interfere effectually, instead of pursuing (theo đuổi) a policy of pinpricks?

When confronted (đối đầu) with the geopolitical appetites (thèm muốn địa chính) of the fascist powers (thế lực phát xít), the Roosevelt administration (chính quyền) could respond only with a “policy of pinpricks and righteous protest (phản kháng chính đáng),” stymied (ngăn cản) as it was by domestic isolationist (cô lập) currents.

Thu Phương

"Prick up its ears" nghĩa là gì?

"Cô chủ nói đi em đang nghe nè." Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

"Prick up one's ears" hoặc "prick one's ears up" = dỏng tai lên nghe -> chú ý nghe, nghe cẩn thận. Cụm từ liên tưởng từ hình ảnh động vật thưởng dỏng tai lên khi nghe thấy tiếng động.

Ví dụ
But when you require a backup (sao lưu), the messages are stored in an unencrypted (không được mã hóa) form. Here you need to prick up your ears to stay on the safe side. Your personal info can be exposed (tiết lộ) at the will of the backup service provider.

As someone who loves shopping for fashion I’m extremely disappointed (thất vọng). Marketers and CX professionals (chuyên gia) should prick up their ears. In crisis (khủng hoảng), there’s opportunity to alleviate (giảm bớt) pain points and deliver moments of branded wonder.

"I'm keen to make the crowd laugh for 55 minutes," he says. “Looking forward to seeing how the new shirts/pants look in the spotlights.” So prick up your ears, no matter their size, and make a beeline (đường chim bay) for Daniel Connell in 'Cheers Big Ears' for a night of easy laughs.

Thu Phương

"Pride and joy" nghĩa là gì?

Niềm tự hào to lớn của cha mẹ. Photo by Katie E from Pexels

"Pride and joy" = tự hào và vui mừng. Cụm từ xuất hiện lần đầu trong bài thơ 'Rokeby' (1813) của Walter Scott, khi tả trẻ em là "a mother's pride, a father's joy."

Ví dụ
An Eastbourne key worker is reeling (quay cuồng) after his ‘pride and joy’ motorbike was stolen.

My team has literally become my pride and joy and I thrive off (phát triển) of their energy when I watch them do well. There’s really no way I could pick just one favorite memory.

He said his brother Benn, 19, would now continue to run her business and charity (từ thiện) work. "That was her pride and joy and Benn will work to... ensure her legacy (di sản) lives on," he said.

Toni Braxton‘s youngest son, Diezel Braxton-Lewis, turned 17 years old on March 30. The “Un-break My Heart” hitmaker (tạo bài hit) seemingly did not want her pride and joy’s big day to go unnoticed (không được chú ý), so she posted videos on social media that highlighted their tight-knit (khăng khít) mother-son relationship.

Thu Phương

Churchill cứu nước Anh khỏi bờ vực thảm họa như thế nào?

Câu chuyện về Churchill, Gia đình, và Chống trả chiến dịch không kích Blitz
Tác giả Erik Larson

nguồn: NYTimes,

Quỳnh Anh dịch,

Mùa đông năm 1940, khi chiến dịch ném bom tàn bạo của Đức chống lại Anh tiếp tục kéo dài, Joseph Goebbels trút hết phiền muộn vào trang nhật ký.
“Khi nào thì con vật Churchill kia mới chịu đầu hàng?” hắn phàn nàn. “Nước Anh không thể cầm cự mãi được!” Tuy nhiên, điều khiến bộ trưởng tuyên truyền của Đức quốc xã chán ghét còn hơn cả sự bướng bỉnh của thủ tướng Anh lại là năng lực thuyết phục người khác của ông. Mỗi lần Churchill lên sóng, cứ như thể ông đang tiêm một liều thuốc can đảm đầy adrenaline trực tiếp vào người dân Anh. Tệ hơn nữa, Goebbels biết rằng ngày càng nhiều người Đức cũng bắt đầu nghe. Tin chắc rằng nghe các bài diễn văn bay bổng của Churchill không chỉ là hành vi nguy hiểm mà còn là hành động phản bội, hắn quyết tâm đàn áp cái gọi là “tội phạm radio” bằng bất kỳ giá nào. “Mỗi người Đức,” Gobbels tuyên bố, “phải xác định rõ ràng trong tâm trí rằng nghe những chương trình đó là thể hiện hành vi phá hoại nghiêm trọng.”

Điều Goebbels đã đúng khi sợ hãi — rút ra từ kinh nghiệm lão luyện sử dụng dư luận làm vũ khí của bản thân — là

Người tố giác

Từ bài blog gây đảo lộn Uber, ông lớn ngành công nghệ ngày nào. Giờ đây cô đã viết thành hồi ký.

nguồn: NYTimes,

Ngọc Tài dịch, Quỳnh Anh hiệu đính,

Năm 2017, Susan Fowler đăng một bài blog kể lại những hành vi quấy rối cô phải trải qua tại Uber, gồm nhiều câu chuyện về phân biệt đối xử và bắt
nạt nơi công sở.

Tháng 12 năm 2015, khi Susan Fowler nhận công việc mới là kỹ sư phần mềm tại công ty vận tải công nghệ Uber thì sếp của cô gửi cho cô một loạt tin nhắn trò chuyện có nội dung quấy nhiễu. Sau khi hỏi thăm về công việc, quản lý của Fowler, “Jake”, bắt đầu phàn nàn về bất công trong mối quan hệ của anh ta với bạn gái. “Đây là một mối quan hệ mở, nhưng trong các kỳ nghỉ còn cởi mở hơn nữa cơ ha ha”, anh ta nhắn như thế, khiến Fowler hoang mang. “Cô ta có thể đi chịch bất kỳ ngày nào. … Còn tôi phải cần nỗ lực phi thường mới có thể làm như thế.”

Fowler thấy rõ là Jake đang gạ gẫm cô. Cô lưu ảnh chụp màn hình cuộc trò chuyện và gửi cho bộ phận nhân sự của Uber để anh ta bị xử phạt thích đáng. Thay vì phạt Jake, họ lại nói với cô rằng Jake là một người có “năng suất cao”, và đó là lần đầu vi phạm của anh ta, vì vậy họ “cảm thấy không thoải mái với bất kỳ hình phạt nào dành cho anh ta ngoài nghiêm túc nhắc nhở.” . Fowler có quyền chuyển đến một nhóm khác trong công ty để tránh xa anh ta. Những bình luận không phù hợp và thái độ phớt lờ của công ty là những trải nghiệm mà phụ nữ ở mọi mức thu nhập đang dần phải chấp nhận như điều đương nhiên khi đi làm. Tuy nhiên, thay vì

"Get into a flap" nghĩa là gì?

Em không cần tiền, em chỉ cần TOILET PAPER. Photo by  Hello I'm Nik 🎞

"Get in(to) a flap (đập/vỗ cánh, xôn xao)" = Trong trạng thái điên cuồng, sợ hãi, kích động và lo lắng.

Ví dụ
To make sure the country doesn't get into a flap after a No Deal Brexit, the Government has launched several operations named after birds.

"It was really trying. The last few minutes tried me. Before that, I thought that if I get into a flap and start running around - I haven't got a clue about electrical stuff - I'm hoping that someone better than me could make better decisions than I could.

As we discovered, some nerves will be shredded on the big night. “Sometimes people get into a flap, worrying whether they’ve got the right shade of glitter, or about the translucency (sự mờ) of their snowman,” Pollard said. “It’s similar to the Great British Bake Off – there’s decoration-related anxiety, but almost always on the night everyone feels really proud.”

Ka Tina

"Get euchred out of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Hacker Noon

"Get euchred out of (something)" = Bị lừa để đánh mất thứ gì/mất cái gì vì sự dối trá của ai.

Ví dụ
"He was euchred out of a well-deserved Pulitzer, but I think he was prouder to win the national award named for one of his idols, Baltimore newspaper legend H. L. Mencken," said Keith George, the now retired Press & Sun-Bulletin courts reporter.

In 1890, working with Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, Harrison pushed hard for something called the Federal Elections Bill, the brainchild of Henry Cabot Lodge and George Frisbie Hoar, the two senators from the Commonwealth (God save it.) It would have allowed federal circuit judges to appoint federal election supervisors for the purpose of making sure nobody, but especially African-American citizens, was getting euchred out of their right to vote by some guy in a county clerk’s office.

The public strategy of the refs union is to draw the very short line between the quality of officiating and the health of the players, which is smart, even if Goodell long ago exhausted everyone’s “Aha! Hypocrisy!” reserves on the subject of player safety. But no one’s running to the barricades (vật chướng ngại) on the refs’ behalf now; no one’s going to throw any bricks when they get euchred out of their pension (tiền trợ cấp, lương hưu) program, either. (That’s right: We’re talking about honest-to-God pensions, not 401(k)s. Just the phrase “defined-benefit pension” seems like something out of another, hardier America. Put that in your John Facenda voiceover.) This is simply too good a time to be a fan, and the stakes are way too low—less than 1 percent of its total revenue, remember—for anyone to care too deeply about the plight of the zebras.

Ka Tina

"Get down to cases" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Lacey Raper

"Get down to cases" = Bắt tay vào việc cần làm; bắt đầu quyết tâm/tập trung làm những việc quan trọng.

Ví dụ
Now it’s time to get down to cases and talk about books that zero in on a specific period. These books are where you are more likely to find precise information about a particular item and most of them are surprisingly affordable, but sometimes can be a little hard to find.

Now it’s time to get down to cases and talk about books that zero in on a specific period. These books are where you are more likely to find precise information about a particular item and most of them are surprisingly affordable, but sometimes can be a little hard to find.

And so here we are in the final week of the 2019 baseball season. And here the Rays are too. In any language — yeah, including French — it’s that time of year, time to get down to cases in the playoff chase, one last week, six games to make a mark. The Rays are just behind Oakland and practically eyeball to eyeball with Cleveland for the wild card as they enter the final week. It couldn’t get much closer. It couldn’t get more packed with pressure, everything riding on seemingly every pitch.

Ka Tina

"Get bent" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  abi ismail

"Get bent" = Bẻ cong -> Phản ứng/đáp lại lời nói của ai một cách giận dữ, nổi cáu lên và tỏ ra không hài lòng.

Ví dụ
There’s a hierarchy (thứ bậc) to these organizations, a level of esteem that ebbs and flows depending on the hall. What some people get bent over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (no Pat Benatar?) is different than, say, wondering how the World Video Game Hall of Fame’s latest class didn’t include Contra.

She talked about a city rebuilt from the ashes after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and about how “resiliency and resolve are baked into our DNA.” She’s certain that Chicagoans will rise to the challenge once again even though the threat of the coronavirus is “real and growing.” “This is our moment to prove ourselves and a nation that, in Chicago, we may get bent, but we will never be broken,” the mayor said.

Stern tried to give Trump a reality check, adding that “the reason his ratings are higher" is "because people are scared shitless.” Clearly, Howie hates the braggadocio (người khoe khoang khoác lác) and a lot of people feel the same way about the president, but let’s add some more context: when networks like CNN and MSNBC threaten to pull the plug on broadcasting the government’s address to the people it’s charged with protecting during a crisis, perhaps the president can hit back or at least joke about it being a dumb idea. It’s a nice way to tell the vicious (xấu, ác ý) media to get bent, can’t we all agree?

Ka Tina

"Get away with murder" nghĩa là gì?

"Get away with murder" = Thoát khỏi tội giết người (lách luật) -> Phá phách/làm điều sai trái mà không bị sao/không bị trừng phạt; giết người nhưng không bị trừng trị; làm bất kì điều mình muốn mà không sợ hậu quả/không ai phạt hay trị họ.

Ví dụ
The police and other anti-narcotics enforcement agencies (cơ quan lực lượng chống ma túy) continue to "get away with murder" in the Philippines, Amnesty International has said on Thursday, as the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte announced its latest performance report in the three-and-a-half year war on drugs.

The book is tightly structured (yes, we noticed that time frame) and nicely paced. Its gender-swapping theme will find enthusiastic support, I’m sure. But among all the art-historical references which, alongside endless accounts of mixing pigments (sắc tố, nhuộm màu) (at least we don’t have to wait to watch them dry) smell of the lamp a little, we might profitably have had some words from Benvenuto Cellini, who reckoned that artists could get away with murder if only they were good enough.

She would abhor Putin’s show meant to cover up a wobbly (do dự, lưỡng lự, run), second-rate economic dictatorship (chế độ độc tài) that forces a third-world existence on its people while manipulating the entire free world. It’s lunacy (điên rồ), she would pronounce and caution that if he had learned the lessons of World War II, as we have learned it, he’d end the war in Ukraine, release all political prisoners, stop ethnic cleansing in Crimea. His exploitations in other countries — elections, cyber warfare (chiến tranh ảo/trên mạng), ugly propaganda (sự tuyên truyền)– would also stop. He has not learned that. Instead, he learned how to get away with murder just as his idol Stain had done. His upcoming victory show is but another hoax (trò chơi khăm, đánh lừa) to con the fools again. Us!

Ka Tina

"Get out of the road" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Phil Hearing

"Get out of the road" = Tránh đường/tránh sang một bên -> Ra khỏi đường/tránh lối đi của ai hoặc việc gì (dùng để ra lệnh).

Ví dụ
A pedestrian (người đi bộ) died in Tucson when he was hit by a large delivery truck after refusing to get out of the road, authorities said.

“Get out of the road!” yelled Randy Brechler, 62, a tourist from Florida, as he disembarked a cab. “This is a way of just panhandling (doi đất, ăn xin). It’s forcing people to do something they don’t want to do.”

Respass says Speciale was setting up a roadblock on N.C. Highway 306 near Aurora when a motorist in the northbound lane tried to avoid hitting a fire truck. The sergeant (hạ sĩ cảnh sát, thị vệ) said Speciale saw the car coming and tried to get out of the road before she was hit.

Ka Tina

"Get off to a fresh start" nghĩa là gì?

Mọi sự rồi đều sẽ trở nên mới. Photo by  Amy Humphries

"Get off to a fresh start" = Bắt đầu lại điều gì/làm mới lại điều gì.

Ví dụ
Hopefully all is well with Thorpe and the Twins and he can get off to a fresh start whenever things resume.

With the new year around the corner, there’s no better time to give your home a makeover and get off to a fresh start. While you may not have the budget to do a major remodel, there are still ways to make your home look good on the cheap. Following are some great options for sprucing (làm gọn gàng sạch sẻ, chải chuốt) up your digs without spending an entire paycheck.

Juventus are currently atop (ở đỉnh, ở phía trên) the table with 63 points, followed by Lazio at 62 and Inter Milan at 54 with a game in hand. The season should be cancelled and no winner declared so that the 20-team league could hopefully get off to a fresh start come September. Giving the title to Juve or any team would be unfair. It would also mean nothing. Italy is under a national lockdown after over 15,000 people got the infection (sự lây nhiễm). Hundreds of others have died as a result of COVID-19. This is not a time for sports, watching games or celebrating a title. It’s a time to mourn (than khóc, thương tiếc).

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"Get off light" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Linh Nguyen

"Get off light/get off lightly" = Trốn khỏi trong đêm tối/tắt đèn để chạy trốn -> Trốn phạt; đối mặt với hình phạt/sự khó khăn nhẹ hơn so với thực tế mình đáng phải nhận.

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And shame on any of you that think this maintenance guy should get off light because he “knew” what he was doing wouldn't cause a disaster.

At this point, Loughlin hasn’t even gone to trial for her and husband Mossimo Giannulli’s alleged role in this vast cheating scheme. However, Schiffer is already predicting that she will be convicted and will face a harsh sentence, likely harsher than she will expect. “She’s not gonna get off light. She’s gonna be doing hard time,” he said.

America took a gamble, allowing itself to be led by a charismatic fraud (âm mưu, gian lận đầy thuyết phục), and now we see we lost the bet. The awful toll of the Vietnam War, 58,000 Americans dead, was my previous high water mark for presidential folly, Now that’s chump change. And if you still like to imagine that our fellow Americans would not literally follow that man into their graves, you can stop now. Hard, I know. I have trouble believing it too. I actually thought we’d get off light, sadder and wiser and saddled with Joe Biden. Now I see that the disaster will unfold and we’ll cheer Trump into a second term, waving palm fronds, because, obviously, the world’s gone insane.

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"Get off my backside" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sávio Félix

"Get off (one's) backside/rear" = Nhấc mông lên -> Đừng lười biếng nữa, hãy năng nổ mà làm việc đi!

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It is also good to get off your backside and keep moving. Dance salsa. Reader Fred suggests you take up Latin dance such as salsa or cha-cha.

"How in hell can you possibly justify this? Time to get off my backside and look around, sick of this treatment," one CBA customer posted on Twitter, while another added: "The Reserve Bank announces an emergency rate cut and then they decide not to pass it on to consumers! People are out here losing their jobs and lives. Absolutely disgusting behaviour by these disgusting banks."

Also brought to you with the help of Google, this virtual tour is pretty cool too. Take a tour of the German Oceanographic Museum without ever having to get off your backside. Physically located in Stralsund, Germany, the museum is jam-packed full of exhibits about the wonders of the deep. This really is an interesting virtual tour if you cannot leave the house for whatever reason.

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"Get nasty" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  juan jaramillo

"Get nasty" = Trở nên rắc rối/phức tạp, tức giận và khó chịu.

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“It's going to get nasty. I think when desperation hits, people get desperate so they break in everywhere so imagine in the house.”

But here is where things get nasty: Your Operators will not only attack Reunion targets in their Range, but also Operators of opposing players!

In business things go wrong and people fall out. Without a shareholders agreement to manage that, things may get nasty fairly quickly. Without one you will be left in a situation where you have no reference point or agreement between the parties as to how you are going to manage the business and how parties may exit the business, which may create problems further down the line.

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"Christmas tree bill" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels 

"Christmas tree bill" = dự luật cây thông Nô-en -> dự luật nhỏ với nhiều sửa đổi bổ sung (và thường không liên quan) kèm theo, giống như đồ trang trí treo trên cây thông dịp Giáng sinh.

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"The speaker (phát ngôn viên) decided to add all sorts of Christmas-tree ornaments (đồ trang trí) to this bill. It was unnecessary (không cần thiết). It was too much money," he said.

As with any “Christmas tree” bill, this one is also generous (hào phóng). The legislation (luật pháp) expands oil and gas production, especially in Appalachia that is seeking to build a storage facility (cơ sở lưu trữ) so that the region can compete (cạnh tranh) with the Gulf Coast. Such development would help the area rebuild.

Brandon Rottinghaus is a political science professor (giáo sư khoa học chính trị) at the University of Houston. He says the bill, which is the largest package of its kind in U.S. history, is more than double the $800 billion appropriated (chiếm dụng) in response to the 2008 financial crisis (khủng hoảng tài chính). “We call this a Christmas tree bill,” Rottinghaus says. “It’s a big bill with lots of shiny stuff on it.”

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"Bill Cosby sweater" nghĩa là gì?

Bạn đã sắm cho mình chiếc áo len sành điệu như này chưa? Photo by Joe P

"(Bill) Cosby sweater" = áo len Bill Cosby -> loại áo len nổi tiếng với họa tiết lòe loẹt, dị hợm mà Bill Cosby mặc trên "The Cosby Show".

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Today, the Cosby sweater is back in vogue (thịnh hành). Which is somewhat mysterious (bí ẩn) to Cosby himself, who has a drawer (ngăn tủ) of the classic sweaters but isn’t totally sure why everyone else seems to love them so much.

Bill Cosby is the OG (nguyên bản) of colorful, congenial (tính chất giống nhau) sweaters, a signature of his role as America’s favorite dad, Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show since the mid-'80s. The term “Cosby sweater” (pretty much a synonym for “ugly Christmas sweater”) was even coined (tạo ra) in reference to the charm of his flamboyant (lòe loẹt), dated-looking dad knits.

In another scene, she wears a large multi-colored, multi-textured, multi-patterned sweater unmistakably reminiscent (gợi nhớ) of the distinctive (đặc biệt) sweaters made famous by Bill Cosby, the now-imprisoned creator (nhà sáng tạo bị tống giam) of the show that launched Raven-Symone’s career as a child actor, The Cosby Show . The Cosby sweater became an iconic piece of American attire (thời trang)— so much so that it’s in the dictionary.

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"A poisoned chalice" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

"A poisoned chalice" = 1 ly rượu độc -> cụm từ này nghĩa là một điều gì, một việc gì trông rất tốt đẹp lúc ban đầu nhưng thực sự lại gây hại đối với người đón nhận nó.

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“Following the latest embarrassment against Hamilton, Gers legend Barry Ferguson said Gerrard knows he’s in “a magnificent job”. Sorry Barry, but the Ibrox gig is a poisoned chalice right now.

The window to apply to become the next director general of the BBC is closing, with many leading media executives distancing themselves from a role seen by some as a “poisoned chalice” given the potential for clashes (xung đột) with the government.

A chalice is a magnificent drinking vessel used to drink a toast. In the Middle Ages it was famously used by a Catholic Pope to poison his rival. A poisoned chalice is something which seems at first to be very attractive but in time will cause failure or trouble. Becoming Prime Minister again after the victory of GE14 was a poisoned chalice for Dr Mahathir. What appeared to be a glittering (chói lọi) opportunity to enhance his legacy to the nation turned into ashes, with his reputation destroyed.

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