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Monday, June 22, 2020

"Six ways to Sunday" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Jess Bailey on Unsplash

"Six ways to Sunday" = sáu cách tới Chủ nhật -> nghĩa là hoàn toàn, bằng mọi cách có thể, từ mọi góc độ có thể tưởng tượng được.

Ví dụ
We've looked at this six ways to Sunday, so it's not that I think this will fail. It's just that I worry a bit that it is asymmetric (không đối xứng) on the backshell.

You take credit for everything under the sun, but I can prove (chứng tỏ) your false (sai lầm) claims to your supporters six ways to Sunday by way of documents.

“But based on that logic, then, should the women who have accused President Trump…” another reporter asked, and was immediately interrupted (ngắt lời). “Nah, let’s not do that today,” Conway said, “because you’ve at least covered that six ways to Sunday.”

Ngọc Lân

"Six and two threes" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Burst on Unsplash

"Six and two threes" = sáu và hai nhân ba -> nghĩa là hai lựa chọn hoặc tình huống tương đương nhau.

Ví dụ
To be honest, it is six and two threes on whether I feel safer in the hotel. I'm streetwise (lịch lãm), I know where to stay away from and where to go to.

“It’s been a six and two-threes for us,“ he says. “No business wants cancellations (hủy bỏ), but they’ve mainly been evened out by the new guests. We can’t complain. I suppose the whole things has made Whaley unique.”

It’s also cheaper than the other building. The running (vận hành) costs are lower so it’s better value. It’s about the same distance from the city centre as our old premises so it’s six and two threes on that score really.

Ngọc Lân

"Stand security for" nghĩa là gì?

Ký giấy bảo lãnh. Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

"Stand security for (someone)" nghĩa là đứng ra bảo đảm cho ai.

Ví dụ
By the same token, it was the captors' (kẻ bắt giữ) duty to look after the hostages (con tin), by requiring someone to stand security for them, or, failing that, to keep them in custody (bắt giam).

What particular trading firm stands security for any particular Wai Seng office in Johor, becomes a matter of common knowledge amongst the Cantonese, Teo-Chews and others that buy tickets.

That is to say, in other words, that certain firms in Singapore allow it to be publicly known that they will undertake to make good any embezzlement (tham ô) or defalcation (biển thủ) of the Johor office they stand security for.

Those who have no person to stand security for them , let the whole of them be again communicated through the said magistrates (quan tòa), that distinctions may be made by instituting examinations (tiến hành kiểm tra) and fully sifting the matter .

Thu Phương

"Security against" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by EVG photos from Pexels

"Security/secure against (someone or something)" nghĩa là chống lại, bảo vệ khỏi điều gì, đảm bảo sự an toàn.

Ví dụ
I examine strategies for security against nature as well as against the machinations (âm mưu) of human beings and their organizations.

Everton managed to secure a point and a clean sheet against league leaders and Merseyside rivals Liverpool at Goodison Park on Sunday evening – and both Carlo Ancelotti and Anthony Gordon have reacted on Twitter.

Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (Ducsu) Vice-President (VP) Nurul Haque Nur has lodged a general diary (GD) as he received a death threat through text messages. Nur filed the GD on Wednesday seeking security against unidentified people.

Past U.S. administrations (chính quyền) have worked with European allies (đồng minh) to help guarantee Kosovo’s security against Serbia. The Trump administration is pressuring (gây áp lực) Kosovo for a peace deal, sidelining the E.U. and ignoring Serbia’s erosion (ăn mòn) of democracy.

Thu Phương

"Security blanket" nghĩa là gì?

An toàn cho bé. Photo by Georgia Maciel from Pexels

"Security blanket" nghĩa là vật/người đem lại cảm giác an toàn, không sợ hãi. Thành ngữ này xuất xứ từ một truyện hoạt họa rất nổi tiếng của Mỹ, trong đó một cậu bé lúc nào cũng ôm một cái chăn để cảm thấy yên lòng.

Ví dụ
Your open source solution and your organization’s existing proprietary (độc quyền) security blanket can coexist in harmony.

To soothe (êm dịu) their babies to sleep, many parents use a security blanket. By providing a child one with a smooth and warm item to snuggle (rúc vào), they tend to feel more secure.

The potential lack of strict contractor (nhà thầu) liability (trách nhiệm) of delivery under the NEC4 and alliance (liên minh) models is potentially a bridge too far for many Australian owners - and their financers - who require the 'security blanket' of fixed price contracts.

Most of the public attractions will take place on Aug. 21 and 22, later than the scheduled date for many other county fairs. “I think that having a later fair where we are, where a lot of things were pushed off to August, kind of gave us a little security blanket, so to speak,” Drobnik said.

Thu Phương

"Lull someone into a false sense of security" nghĩa là gì?

Sau cơn mưa trời lại nắng, mà nắng vỡ đầu luôn. :D Photo by Maggie Zhan from Pexels

"Lull someone into a false sense of security" có từ "lull" là ru ngủ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là khiến ai lầm tưởng mọi chuyện đều ổn trước khi tấn công hoặc làm điều xấu với người đó, chính là trước giông bão, trời luôn sóng êm biển lặng.

Ví dụ
Don’t let a week of rain and dark clouds lull you into a false sense of security about the weather, because the sun is back.

While it’s not unusual for players to lull others into a false sense of security, seeing them do so in the same way as Maverick – with cards on display and over-the-top tells – would be ludicrous (tức cười).

This should not lull us into a false sense of security, however, which is why we decided this year to subject our software (phần mềm) systems to an intensive penetration (thâm nhập) test in order to uncover (phát hiện) any critical security issues.

“Unless you are changing your gloves frequently, you are probably much less likely to wash the glove, use the hand sanitizer (khử trùng) on the glove, than you would be if it were your hands,” Cannon added. “It doesn’t really add any protection and it can lull people into a false sense of security.”

Thu Phương

Nâng cao chất lượng chính sách công nghiệp

(mềm) yếu lắm, ko nâng được :)

luôn bị tác động bởi chính trị,

giả sử rằng chính trị ko có vai trò gì trong chính sách công nghiệp, cũng như giả sử rằng hơi nước ko có vai trò gì trong động cơ hơi nước vậy...
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 43 of the May 9th, 2020, draft of the important forthcoming monograph from Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi, The Illiberal and Anti-Entrepreneurial State of Mariana Mazzucato:

[Mariana] Mazzucato believes that the State is good at detecting “high growth, high risk areas.” The idea is that their evaluation (đánh giá) by a Ministry of Innovation would not be affected by politics (không bị ảnh hưởng bởi chính trị). Dream on (cứ mơ đi), we would reply. The alternative mechanism (cơ chế thay thế) of voluntary deals (giao dịch tự nguyện) responds to the boring interests rather of customers – that is, citizens, as suppliers as demanders. When political considerations are allowed to tip the scale (làm nghiêng cán cân, yếu tố quyết định), and protect ill-advised products and incompetent producers, the result is of course bad. Every moderately alert adult knows this. It is surprising that Mazzucato the economist does not.

DBx: As the penultimate (áp chót, áp cuối) sentence of this quotation correctly suggests, it is laughably unrealistic to pretend that politics plays no large role in industrial policy. The entire point of industrial policy is to replace (thay thế) market processes (quá trình thị trường) with the commands of politicians (mệnh lệnh của các chính trị gia) and their hirelings – that is, to power markets, not with the profits and losses that emerge in the process of economic competition but, instead, with prescriptions and proscriptions (sự đặt ngoài vòng pháp luật, sự cấm, bài trừ) issued by politicians. To assume that politics plays no large role in industrial policy makes no more sense than to assume that steam plays no large role in steam engines.

Quên thuyết âm mưu đi

coronavirus ko phải xổng ra từ phòng thí nghiệm vũ hán đâu, từ dơi thật đó... (theo tờ guardian)
For the past 15 years we’ve been working in China to analyse the group of viruses from which Sars and now Covid-19 have emerged. Sampling more than 16,000 bats, we showed that Sars emerged from a cluster of coronaviruses carried by horseshoe bats that are abundant across southern and central China and traded frequently in wet markets. We found Sars-related viruses that could infect human cells in the lab, cause diseases in lab animals, and evade drugs and vaccines designed to protect us. We worked with the scientists behind the breakthrough drug Remdesivir to show that it was effective against known human coronaviruses and the viruses we suspected might be the next to emerge. We raised the red flag on these viruses and pointed out their potential to cause the next pandemic.

Our 15 years of work in China now puts us in a unique position to identify, with a remarkable degree of confidence, the likely origin of Covid-19. In a recent paper, soon to appear in a peer-reviewed journal, we reported 781 genetic sequences of bat-origin coronaviruses previously unknown to scientists. These include the closest known relatives to Sars-CoV, Sars-CoV-2 and Sads-CoV, a virus that killed more than 25,000 pigs in Guangdong in 2016 and 2017. All are carried by horseshoe bats that are found across southern China and neighbouring countries. Our report firmly concludes that Covid-19 originated in bats, in a hotspot of viral evolution along the border of Yunnan province in China, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

“Rack time” nghĩa là gì?

Đêm nay anh không ngủ. Photo by Michael Mráz

“Rack time” có rack là giá đỡ, giá gác -> cụm từ này nghĩa là thời gian người lính ngủ hoặc hồi phục trên giường (tàu thủy, xe lửa).

Ví dụ
"We were on a mission (sứ mệnh) every single day because of our specialization," Drinkwalter said. "We would get two or three hours of rack time and then we were sent on another operation. There was no down time. We were constantly under fire. Every single mission we were taking fire and engaging with the enemy (kẻ thù)."

“I don’t necessarily know that I buy into the premise (giả thuyết, tiền đề) that we need to coddle (nâng niu, chiều chuộng) the older kids, let them sleep in a little bit, get rack time, when the world is in front of them pretty quick and they will need to get up really early. I think there are a lot of questions here,” parent Sean Sullivan said.

Deer camp sleeping accommodations can run the gamut (toàn bộ, cả loạt) from cushy beds, to cots (võng) and multi-level flimsy bunks (giường ngủ mỏng manh). Personal bed rolls and sleeping bags are the norm, but no matter what the camp set up, most hunters sleep like the proverbial dead when the sun sets and the lights go out. Dawn-to-dusk (từ lúc bình minh đến chạng vạng/chiều tối) hunting, with woods work, endless camp chores, cooking, dishes, cleaning game and a whole lot more make “rack time” easy, and fast, as 4 a.m. comes early in deer camp.

Ka Tina

"Second from something to something" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash

"Second (someone) from (something to something)" nghĩa là thuyên chuyển công tác, biệt phái từ nơi này đến nơi khác/ từ vị trí này sang vị trí khác.

Ví dụ
The city’s health department is now working with Provincial Medical Officer and other agencies such as those seconded from the army.

The first non-white (coloured person) to be employed in the Registrar General’s Office was Fred Phillips from Barbados, who was seconded from the Police Force in 1960.

But since March, almost all England’s 8,000 private hospital beds have been seconded to boost (tăng cường) NHS capacity, and health bosses are now on the verge of (gần với) extending the arrangement.

The college is owned by the state, and has 650 employees and 4,500 students. The majority of the staff are Canadian, and many are seconded from positions with CNA in Newfoundland and Labrador. While the workers on secondment (biệt phái) are represented by a union on home turf (sân nhà), their union protections do not extend to Qatar.

Thu Phương

"Take second place" nghĩa là gì?

Có người về nhất thì phải có người về nhì. Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

"Take second place" nghĩa đen là chiếm vị trí thứ hai, về nhì, nghĩa bóng là bị coi không quan trọng/đặc biệt bằng ai/điều gì.

Ví dụ
Loreto Kilkenny students take second place at AIB Build A Bank finals.

I was pleased, however, that Lou Gimmel took the top prize in the professional category (hạng mục chuyên nghiệp) and that another student from our Australian string work class took second place.

Cerebral diseases (bệnh về não) took over from tuberculosis (lao phổi) as the leading cause of death in 1951, cancer took second place in 1953, and heart disease moved into third place in 1958.

Lee Schoenith, back from a tour of duty in Korea, took second place at the Gold Cup in Seattle behind the Slomoshun IV. The following month, he drove the Gale II to victory in the Silver Cup and won the national championship.

Thu Phương

"Second sacker" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

"Second sacker" nghĩa là cầu thủ chốt gôn 2 (second baseman trong bóng chày).

Ví dụ
Foscue is the highest-drafted second sacker ever to come out of Mississippi State.

The sophomore second-sacker drove in two runs on the first pitch (ném bóng) he saw. He doubled into right center.

After Hensley got a glove on it, second sacker Austin Allsup fielded (ra sân). But his rushed throw to first missed its mark and Holt scored.

His son played Little League in Fulda in 1949 and remembered having a priest (mục sư) (seminarian (trường đạo sinh) Doug Gits, a fine second sacker) as his coach.

Thu Phương

"Second go" nghĩa là gì?

Cùng nhau cố gắng một lần nữa. Photo by Mica Asato from Pexels

"Second go" nghĩa là thử lại, cố gắng lần hai.

Ví dụ
Although the efforts ultimately were unsuccessful, it wasn’t for lack of trying. The team will be back later this year for a second go, Adventures With Purpose founder Jared Leisek said.

Bruno Dumont’s career has had a varied course, from the hard realism (chủ nghĩa hiện thực) of Humanité to Slack Bay’s wacky comedy (hài lập dị). This is his second go at Joan of Arc, following his 2017 musical (nhạc kịch) Jeannette, but is considerably more straightforward, albeit (mặc dù) with the same lead, Lise Leplat Prudhomme.

“I was in the studio with a bunch of musicians that I respected so much but just didn’t know that well,” she says. “Because I wasn’t super comfortable, maybe that’s why I didn’t come through.” A second go, aided by the renowned producer (nhà sản xuất nổi tiếng) Arif Mardin, provided the goods, and made Jones the seminal jazz label Blue Note’s first pop icon.

Thu Phương

"Second sight" nghĩa là gì?

Ước chi mình cũng có siêu năng lực này. Photo by JJ Jordan from Pexels

"Second sight" = thấu thị -> nghĩa là khả năng huyền bí có thể nhìn thấy những gì người khác không thể (như nhìn thấy tương lai, sự kiện xảy ra ở các nơi khác...).

Ví dụ
To men who believed in kelpie (thủy thần) and wraith (hồn ma) and the second sight, a belief in witch (phù thủy) and warlock (pháp sư) was easy enough.

Having been kidnapped and imprisoned (giam cầm) by her twin, Sandra, a young Omega woman with the gift of second sight, discovers a terrifying new holding cell where Omegas are kept.

The faculty (năng lực) of second sight is not by any means the most common of the psychic (tâm linh) powers. Psychometric (tâm trắc học) impressions which proceed by the sense of touch into that of a superior order of feeling are far more general.

Second sight is a form of extrasensory perception (nhận thức ngoại cảm), the supposed power to perceive (nhận ra) things that are not present to the senses, whereby a person perceives information, in the form of a vision, about future events before they happen, or about things or events at remote locations.

Thu Phương

"Second guess" nghĩa là gì?

Sai thì phải bị trừng phạt, kể cả là cảnh sát. Photo by Andrzej Mucka from Pexels

"Second guess" nghĩa là bình luận, phê bình, nghi ngờ về kết quả (sau khi đã công bố - pháp lý). Nghĩa khác là dự đoán tương lai.

Ví dụ
Speaking on ITV’s Peston, Mr Dowden said he did not want to second-guess the broadcaster (phát thanh viên) but “wouldn’t personally be inclined” to remove the show.

Prosecutors (công tố viên) seeking to convict (kết án) Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe for murder in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks must try to persuade jurors (ban bồi thẩm) to do something they rarely do - second guess split-second police decisions.

“No one likes to wonder what happened or what you missed, especially being in law enforcement (thực thi pháp luật), you always kind of second guess those things, so good that we can at least bring closure in the sense that her family won’t be wondering where she is,” said Deputy Shannon Wilde.

“Well, I’m not going to second guess a business’ decision,” Reynolds said. “But we will do is we’ll continue to make testing available, we’ll continue to make sure they’ll have the PPE that they need, continue to make sure that through the process that they have a safe environment for employees to work in.”

Thu Phương

"Hazard an opinion" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Will Kell on Unsplash

"Hazard an opinion" nghĩa là đánh bạo lên tiếng; liều mình đưa ra ý kiến.

Ví dụ
There’s been talk about offering a big stake (tiền đóng góp) in the airline for a foreign investor to come into the picture. From a privileged standpoint as an observer looking at the situation from the outside in, I’d hazard an opinion that this may not be the best approach.

As of now, officials are tightlipped (có vẻ dữ tợn) about the proposed changes and tax professionals are not willing to hazard an opinion. But everbody does expect a big (and possibly populist) change in the tax structure soon. Incidentally, reducing the corporate tax rate to 25% was one of the proposals of the task force. It has also suggested the removal of the Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT).

Many bold commentators hazard an opinion that women these days are leaning heavily towards the bearded kind. Cont­rary to the tired belief that a beard is a sign of unk­emptness and lack of hygiene, women have been led to believe, under the veritable blitz of clean-cut, bearded fellows straddling Boll­ywood, adv­ertising, fashion and sport, that keeping and nurturing a beard is a process requiring pat­ience and attention.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Have a good opinion of" nghĩa là gì?

"Cross the Rubicon" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Katherine McCormack on Unsplash

"Cross the Rubicon" = (chuyến) vượt sông Rubicon (của Julius Caesar tháng 1 năm 49 TCN), hành động mà chính quyền La Mã coi là sự nổi dậy/làm phản, và là tuyên bố chiến tranh lên Viện nguyên lão -> thúc đẩy Nội chiến La Mã) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là qua một điểm không thể trở lại; không thể lùi bước.

Ví dụ
It can cross the Rubicon and violate the autonomy (quyền tự trị) and the rights of the people of Hong Kong or it can step back, understand the widespread concern of the international community and live up to its responsibilities as a leading member of the international community.

I think we will need to do more work, understand their concerns, address their fears and see how we can then get them to cross the Rubicon.

If anyone wants to establish (thành lập) a dictatorship (chế độ độc tài) in our country, they will have to cross the Rubicon and act by force, because the law will not provide support.

Ngọc Lân

"Second gear" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

"Second gear" nghĩa là (ô tô, xe máy...) tốc độ số 2. Có "fisrt gear" là số 1 và "second gear" là số 2.

Ví dụ
We can’t play at 75 per cent or in second gear, there might be periods when that happens but we have to be full at tilt (độ nghiêng) and haven’t been.

Approximately two weeks after rolling into Phase 1 of reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City shifts into second gear Monday, June 22, for the start of Phase 2.

“He’s got a second gear like no other. He’s fast and he gets out in the open and he’s faster. You could coach his speed up but it’s hard to coach that extra gear that he has,” Bragg said.

Our video clip shows a 2022 Corvette Z06 prototype (nguyên mẫu) accelerate (tăng tốc) from a stop light into the private property of the GM Milford Proving Ground. When the video begins, the car is already in either first or second gear.

Thu Phương

"Argy-bargy" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Shane Rounce on Unsplash

"Argy-bargy" -> nghĩa là cuộc tranh luận, thảo luận lớn tiếng.

Ví dụ
There will be a bit of argy-bargy at the start, blokes (gã, chàng) pushing and shoving and carrying on, but at the end of the day it's a tried and true thing in football: you put your head over the hard footy and everything else will follow.

Things may change as we go along and we’ve surprised each other by unexpectedly killing off characters, and things like that. And then we get to edit (biên tập) each other’s work. There is a bit of argy-bargy at times, but we get on very well. I never feel like he’s my boss. He’s my partner, which is nice.

There's been a bit of argy-bargy over the carpet (tấm thảm) in the pub and we have had correspondence with (thư từ) the council.

Ngọc Lân

"In just a second" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

"(In) just a second" = chỉ trong một giây -> nghĩa là chỉ trong một khoảng thời gian ngắn, nhanh, sớm.

Ví dụ
We'll come back to you in just a second.

Just a second ago you weren't sure you wanted to be my girl, and now you're jealous. You can't have it both ways, Jayd.

This mode is good for things such as metrics (thi luật học), where gaps can easily be tolerated, as new data is just a second away.

Just a second, let me find the paper, I told her that I'll find out everything and let her know. Oh, here it is, 'myelodysplastic syndrome.' (hội chứng loạn sinh tuỷ)

Thu Phương

"Not give it a second thought" nghĩa là gì?

Yêu vội cưới vội dễ "toang" lắm. Photo by Улака Улака from Pexels

"Not give (something) a second thought" nghĩa là không để điều gì phải trì hoãn/tạm dừng do dự hoặc xem xét thêm.

Ví dụ
Baltimore has a civilian review board (hội đồng xét duyệt dân sự) to which six police officers apparently did not give a second thought when they orchestrated (dàn xếp) Freddie Gray’s unsecured “rough ride” in a paddy wagon (xe chở tù nhân) that severed his spinal cord (tổn thương tủy sống) and led to his death.

The creator of The View revealed that she feels inadequate in areas of her life where others might not give it a second thought. For instance, in speaking with a dictator on his turf (đất đai), she wasn’t the least bit nervous, as she explained to Winfrey about her now-famous interview with Cuban revolutionary (nhà cách mạng) Fidel Castro in 1977.

Aries (Bạch Dương), as much of a thrill it is to live a fast-paced life, it isn’t that exciting once you start living the decisions that you took in haste (vội). Especially, when it comes to a relationship. Once you think you love a person, you do not give it a second thought. Instead you go from dating to marrying that person, which is totally naïve. It’s time you become more responsible and take things slow.

Thu Phương

"Without a second thought" nghĩa là gì?

Thay tã cho con mình có gì mà đáng sợ chứ. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

"Without a second thought" nghĩa là không cần phải nghĩ, không hối hận, không quan tâm đến hậu quả.

Ví dụ
I would go bald (phô bày) without a second thought if a role demanded it.

Before coronavirus arrived in the UK, taking the train or bus to work was something many people did without a second thought.

Many older fathers and grandfathers might say they never changed a diaper (tã); younger dads accept it as a simple task that they do without a second thought.

She said they had an entire ritual of checking in when he on his bike to or from work, and it included a long list of things he should not do, things his white friends did without a second thought.

Thu Phương

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