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Thursday, May 28, 2020

"Brown bread" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Marcel Fiedler from Pexels

"Brown bread" = bánh mì nâu, được chế biến với một lượng đáng kể ngũ cốc nguyên cám dưới dạng bột thường là lúa mạch đen hay lúa mì Bột mì nguyên cám. Nghĩa bóng của "brown bread" là chết (đồng âm với "dead").

Ví dụ
The recipe of the moment is banana bread but some of us are a bit sick of it and want something different — so why not one for easy brown bread?

Lapskaus is a combination of meat, potatoes and onions. It is the savory stew (món hầm ngon) Grandma knew she would serve with her special brown bread to help her family regain their fortitude (kiêng cường) after the long journey.

"Brown bread? Are you delirious (mê sảng), child?"
"He means is it dead? Brown bread ... dead. Get it?" This was spoken by Anthony, and his tone indicated that if anyone was stupid it was not his little brother. 

A: "Big dress, big hair, and she was proper brown bread, sir."
B: "Brown bread? Speak properly, man! This is no time for your cockney lingo (trò biệt ngữ người thành thị)."
A: "Sorry sir, Brown bread, dead. She was dead, maybe only a few minutes I reckon (đoán)."

Thu Phương

"Brown out" nghĩa là gì?

Điện chập chờn còn nguy hiểm hơn là mất hẳn. Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

"Brown out" nghĩa là điện/năng lượng yếu, chập chờn hoặc mờ, gần như là mất điện (nhưng chưa bằng "blackout").

Ví dụ
Special Operations Command is close to equipping (trang bị) its helicopters with special sensors (cảm biến) designed to eliminate (loại bỏ) pilot blindness when landing in brownout conditions.

In yesterday’s virtual Kapihan of the Samahang Plaridel, Lagon noted the current rotating brownouts that Iloilo City is suffering is a result of More Electric and Power Company’s (MORE) lack of proper facilities.

THE Department of Energy (DOE) has once again allayed (xoa dịu) fears of yet another looming electricity shortage (thiếu hụt điện) leading to brownouts this coming dry season, assuring there is stable power supply.

That’s prompted (thúc đẩy) an average of 1,653 service brownout hours – equal to nearly 69 days — annually in recent years, Barnett said. Most of those brownouts have involved medic units (đơn vị cứu thương), but they have also included entire stations, city records show.

Thu Phương

"Brown thumb" nghĩa là gì?

Có một kiểu người, trồng cây gì chết cây đó. Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

"Brown thumb" = ngón tay cái nâu -> nghĩa là người không có năng khiếu/khả năng trồng trọt, chăm sóc cây. Ngược lại với "green thumb".

Ví dụ
I didn't know what mulch (lớp phủ, bổi) was, didn't care enough to ask, and had such a brown thumb that flowers never survived my gardening efforts.

A withering stem (thân cây khô héo) of moneyplant (cây cải âm), creeping out of a beer bottle, reflects the finances of its home. Gardening is such fertile ground for metaphors (phép ẩn dụ), even for a brown thumb.

May is a great time to get your garden going and there are three important things you need to take into consideration: location, soil and seasons. A major miss in any of these three areas will confirm your misdiagnosis (chuẩn đoán sai) of brown thumb.

A garden consult (tư vấn): “This is a great way to receive professional guidance on your garden—especially if you’re just starting out now. There is no such thing as a ‘brown thumb,’ and we can offer practical solutions (giải pháp thiết thực) that create results you’ll be able to see immediately.”

Thu Phương

"Brown bag" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

"Brown bag" = túi (giấy) nâu -> nghĩa là túi đựng thức ăn hay hộp cơm trưa. "Brown bagger" thì chính là người mang hộp cơm trưa.

Ví dụ
The University of Mississippi Medical Center is signed up as a partner to receive a lunch and Panera managers are looking for more local health care facilities that would like to participate to get the brown bag lunches.

"They were so grateful [for the lunches] but they let us know that they were not allowed to eat the regular meat and we were like, 'Well then we need to make sure that we get them what they need,'" Stordy said. Of the 700 meals handed out in brown paper bags each day, 200 are now marked with an "H" to indicate they are halal.

In the kitchen of one of Calgary's finest restaurants, some of the city's top culinary talents (tài năng ẩm thực) assemble sandwiches — white bread, ham, cheese, mayo. Those sandwiches get packed in a brown bag with all of the typical school lunch snacks: a bag of chips, an apple, a granola bar (loại bánh yến mạch hoặc ngũ cốc ăn sáng).

Thu Phương

“If (the) word gets out” nghĩa là gì?

“If (the) word gets out” = nếu lời đồn ra ngoài -> nghĩa là nếu hoặc ngay khi mọi người bắt đầu phát hiện ra điều này; nếu hoặc ngay khi thông tin bắt đầu lan truyền.

Ví dụ
"Yes three (adverse findings) is too many" says Moyna, "and I think if the word gets out there that it's lax, before you know it, it's ten, it's 15.

Scheuermann thinks the 14-day quarantine (thời gian cách ly, kiểm dịch) will minimize the virus' reach, but only if the word gets out. Scott discusses the policy at his thrice-weekly press conferences (cuộc họp báo 3 lần mỗi tuần), but Scheuermann fears the message "gets lost in the shuffle (sự ăn nói mập mờ, hành động lẩn tránh)."

If the party openly kills a citizen, then that will prompt an immediate response if the word gets out, especially if the victim has family members. Similarly, a large city run by a fanatical tyrant (báo chúa, kẻ bạo ngược) will be far quicker to mobilize a response to crimes committed on the street. Strahd von Zarovich might be amused by the players' petty attempts at mobilizing a resistance movement against him, but murdering guards that bear his colors on the street should lead to a swift and decisive response (phản ứng nhanh và quyết đoán).

Ka Tina

"Do it up brown" nghĩa là gì?

Làm hết sức, chơi hết mình. Photo by Joyce Toh from Pexels

"Do it up brown" nghĩa là làm tốt, hoàn thành tốt công việc.

Ví dụ
Let's hope the Ruskies are saving their rubles to do it up brown once we're there.

I'll pick a chicken, and you fry it and fix a little custard (bánh trứng) for the cup, and do it up brown. Go on, Maggie, you do it!

Tell George I am in hopes he is doing the thing up brown in saving the little crop (vụ mùa) he has made, and building the negro (người da đen) houses in the bottoms.

We can see the shells (đạn pháo) burst from here but I expect after we get up on the line we shall see more than we want to but the courage of the boys is good and they say if we have got to fight we will try and do it up brown and I hope we shall come out all right but at any rate, I hope we shall do our duty.

Thu Phương

Sinh nhật Bảo Vân

Bài trước: Sinh nhật Thành Việt

"Get down pat” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Aaron Burden

“Have/get (something) down pat” có từ down pat là điều khiển, thông thạo, làm chủ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là hoàn toàn thông thạo và hiểu biết điều gì.

Ví dụ
Of course, it makes writing these words correctly even more difficult, so use these spellings rules you should have memorized to help you get them down pat.

“If I can at least save someone’s sanity (sự sáng suốt, minh mẫn), then that’s a win for me,” Milner said. “The beauty of coloring is that it’s relaxing and a form of meditation (thiền định) that helps people to focus on breathing. And you don’t have to have any practice to get it down pat. You don’t feel like a failure when your basic job is to stay in the lines.”

“For sure,” Murray said to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, via “It’s just something that I don’t have a problem with. I’m extremely comfortable doing that. It’s what I’m preparing for right now which is why I spent so much time in it right now. Just get it down pat so that way if that’s given to me, appointed to me this season, I’m able to go out there prepared and everybody can count on me to be able to get everybody lined up.”

Ka Tina

"How now brown cow" nghĩa là gì?

Chào đằng ấy! Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

"How now, brown cow?" ban đầu là cụm từ dùng để dạy học sinh cách phát âm nguyên âm tròn "ow" (từ khoảng 1926), sau đó trở thành cách chào hài hước thay "how are you"...

Ví dụ
Farmers might finally be able to answer the question “how now brown cow?” thanks to Australian research that has shown cows can talk, so to speak.

In many ways, exercises like “how now, brown cow?” actively discourage (ngăn) speakers from improving – because they set odd and artificial (giả tạo) targets that most of us can’t, and shouldn’t, aim for.

As found in this very well-known English nursery (dành cho trẻ nhỏ) rhyme phrase, but rarely understood, how now brown cow, where the final letters of each word are hardly touched or stressed.

Start with a hum (ậm ừ) for a second or two, then open the sound out into 'ow': 'mmm-ow'. Imagine that you're going to intone (ngâm) slowly, 'How now brown cow?' but without the consonants apart from the initial hum – 'mmm-owow-ow-ow'.

Thu Phương

"Got it bad” nghĩa là gì?

Love on the air. Photo by Scott Broome

“Have/has got it bad” -> nghĩa là yêu rất nhiều, yêu đến điên dại.

Ví dụ
Poor Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) has got it bad for Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) in EastEnders – but he has well and truly been friendzoned as she is all about his older brother Peter (Dayle Hudson).

The secret eventually does come out and Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) tells Creed, “Jim has got it bad for Pam.” Creed seems to understand at first then he asks, “Which one is Pam?” The line definitely sheds light on Creed’s involvement in the office.

It's no secret Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are in love. Like, in love, in love. These two have got it bad. From making out all over New York City to getting engaged in the Bahamas, Bieber and Baldwin have been on one epic whirlwind (gió xoáy) romance tour. One could see why people have started circulating pregnancy rumors (tin đồn mang thai) (because everything sucks and we can't have nice things) even though they aren't rooted in any real evidence. A paparazzi recently asked Bieber if a little one was on the way and his response took me off guard. This video of Justin Bieber's reacting to Hailey Baldwin pregnancy rumors will surprise you, too.

Ka Tina

“Word gets around” nghĩa là gì?

“Word gets around” = lời đồn chạy vòng quanh ('get around' là trở nên phổ biến) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là chắc chắn người khác nhanh chóng biết tin về ai/điều gì và nhất là tin đồn nhanh chóng được lan truyền.

Ví dụ
Word gets around that we treat people fairly. Good will is, I hate to say, better than advertising in the newspaper.

"Most people knew what I was doing, it's a small town, word gets around. There were definitely others where I had to explain what I was doing and just ask if they'd like their bubble photos taken."

If the sole reason (mùa duy nhất) is that you just really didn’t trust this “work from home” thing, consider that your employees were continuing to produce work during a crisis (cuộc khủng hoảng), which is quite remarkable. When word gets around (and it will) that you just don’t like the idea of employees working from home, you are sending the message that you don’t trust them. If you would be embarrassed to tell your employees the real reason why you want them back in the office, let them continue to work from home.

Ka Tina

“When you get a minute” nghĩa là gì?

Chỉ muốn bung lụa. Photo by Aditya Saxena

“When you get a minute” = khi bạn có một phút -> nghĩa là ngay khi bạn có chút thời gian rảnh.

Ví dụ
Have a place for all of those little things you need to take care of when you get a minute.

You don't have to tell her that she calls you too much; just tell her you'll call her when you get a minute, or when you take a break.

Check it out when you get a minute, but basically, you don’t want to cause your girlfriend any unwanted psychological stress (căng thẳng tâm lý) by restricting her phone usage (hạn chế việc sử dụng điện thoại). Instead, you can lead by example. At least, try that first before you break out the rule book. When you go out to eat, make a big show of putting your smart phone away. Don’t keep it on the table and encourage her to do the same.

Ka Tina

“Tell where to get off” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Evan Krause

“Tell (one) where to get off” = nói với ai nơi xuống xe/rời khỏi xe nhanh -> nghĩa là chửi rủa, la mắng và nói với thái độ giận dữ với ai.

Ví dụ
[Laughs] I'm not her boss and she can tell me where to get off anytime she likes, she can do what she likes. That's a really big shift in it.

"She was always very principled. If you don't want to be criticised for the things you do wrong, don't go to Mama Winnie. She will tell you where to get off.

"If you want constructive criticism (sự phê bình mang tính xây dựng), she will tell you honestly what you were doing right and what you were doing wrong." Her mentorship had had a natural parental feeling about it, and he and his colleagues always listened to what she had to say. "I took it [her advice] to heart, and that she meant well. She would say, 'as a spokesperson, this is how you say things', as a young man, 'this is how you should conduct yourself'.

Ka Tina

“Like getting blood out of a turnip” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Melissa LeGette 

“Like getting blood out of a turnip” = như lấy máu từ củ cải -> cụm từ này nghĩa là không thể hoặc vô cùng khó để thực hiện việc gì.

Ví dụ
There is not another government building in America that is surrounded by more mystic legend (truyền thuyết bí ẩn) and myth (thần thoại) than the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. Getting much information about it is like getting blood out of a turnip.

“As innocent as this project looks today, that’s exactly as Ronaldson looked 30 years ago, and now it’s a monstrosity (sự quái dị)," said Banks. Banks argued adding another industrial business would be like “getting blood out of a turnip.” Councilwoman Erika Green backed Banks up, arguing the process by which tires would be collected and brought to the shredder (thiết bị cắt vụn) reminded her of clothing donation bins around the city that are often overrun with clothing and lead to further illegal dumping.

California’s rising traffic fines were the subject of debate amid the economic recession (sự suy thoái nền kinh tế) as legislators raised total penalties by expanding or adding on new assessments. Four years ago, with the state strapped for cash, then-Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg described the growing traffic penalties as “one of the patches that we’ve relied upon to avoid deeper cuts” to state programs. “It’s not the way to sustain important public investments,” Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said at the time. “At some point, it’s like getting blood out of a turnip. You can only squeeze so hard.”

Ka Tina

"Let get by with" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Raul Varzar

"Let (one) get by with (something)” có 'get by with' là 'cho qua, 'bỏ qua' -> cụm từ này nghĩa là cho phép ai làm điều sai và người đó lại không bị phạt hay bị khiển trách gì cả.

Ví dụ
Parham wrote, “This is a case where the Army just let her go with meds and didn’t really help and let her get by with things and she never thought she would be in trouble Army that’s your fault.”

“I’d like to save the American Democracy, said Richard Stratton of Paoli. ”The guy who is in office right now is compromised by the Russians, he wants to be dictator (kẻ độc tài), and we let him get by with past primal activity (hoạt động chủ yếu, chính trong quá khứ) he will increase his primal activity. He’s a threat to national security (mối đe dọa cho an ninh quốc gia).”

Some, such as IRS administrator Lois Lerner, used the fearsome (sợ sệt, rụt rè) IRS to harass law-abiding, concerned tea party and other activist conservatives and halted their participation in electoral politics. When her hand was called, Lerner basically told congressional investigators (người điều tra trong quốc hội) to stick their investigation in their ears. She wouldn't tell them anything and said she hadn't done anything illegal, and Republicans let her get by with "taking the Fifth," which is only available to people who might be charged with a crime. Then she retired and sits comfortably drawing her full, fat civil service pension.

Ka Tina

“If (something) catches a cold, (something else) gets pneumonia” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Matthew Henry

“If (something) catches a cold, (something else) gets pneumonia”, câu này chắc các bạn nghe nhiều rồi, ở trong câu 'nếu mỹ hắt hơi xổ mũi, cả thế giới viêm phổi' đó -> nghĩa là nếu một cá nhân, nhóm hoặc cơ quan có vấn đề hoặc rơi vào tình cảnh khó khăn thì những cá nhân, nhóm hoặc cơ quan liên quan sẽ chịu vấn đề nghiêm trọng và chịu tình cảnh khó khăn hơn nhiều.

Ví dụ
“When white America catches a cold, black America catches pneumonia,” Steven Brown of the Urban Institute told CNN Business. “It’s going to be a lot harder for people to dig out once things get stable again.”

Austrian Chancellor Klemens von Metternich once declared, “If France sneezes (hắt xì), the rest of Europe catches cold.” A current equivalent might be, “If the overall economy catches cold, state and local governments develop pneumonia.” To which might be added, “If the federal government (chính phủ liên bang), a major source of relief, is it itself bedridden (nằm liệt giường), then those governments are in the ICU.”

We now have data to support what many of us already knew, when America catches a cold, black America gets pneumonia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that the coronavirus discriminates (phân biệt, tách ra). It certainly does not. But the conditions that allow the disease to flourish have a 400-year history rooted in racism—inadequate (bất bình đẳng về chủng tộc) housing, over-policed neighborhoods, limited access to fresh foods, uninsured or under-insured health needs, poor-quality schools, and low-wage (aka essential) jobs.

Ka Tina

“Get your deserts” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by TAHA AJMI

“Get (one's) deserts” có từ desert là sự xứng đáng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là nhận cái mình xứng đáng được nhận, đặc biệt là chịu sự trừng phạt hoặc nhận hậu quả không tốt đẹp.

Ví dụ
I don't agree that Downton Abbey is a bore, but I want to know when that blighter (kẻ phá hoại, kẻ quấy rầy) Thomas is going to get his deserts.

The insider explained: "Talks on how Kirsty will leave are ongoing, but producers know the audience want her to get her deserts. One way or another, she will.

“It is, in my opinion, absurd (phi lý) to suppose that honest gains are charged to tax and dishonest gains escape. To hold otherwise would involve a plain breach of (sự vi phạm rõ ràng) the rules of the statute (đạo luật, quy chế), which require the full amount of the profits to be taxed and merely put a premium on dishonest trading. The burglar (kẻ trộm) and the swindler (kẻ lừa đảo), who carry on a trade or business for profit are as liable to tax as an honest business man, and, in addition they get their deserts elsewhere,” said Lord Morrison.

Ka Tina

"Bottle up" nghĩa là gì?

Đè nén cảm xúc sẽ chỉ khiến bạn khổ sở hơn thôi. Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

"Bottle (something) up" nghĩa đen là rót vào chai, nghĩa bóng là kiềm chế, nén, giữ.

Ví dụ
Sometimes we can bottle-up our anger and this can be quite an uncomfortable experience.

'It's the worst type of grief (đau buồn)' - Glens captain Kane urges people not to bottle up emotions.

And I have to tell you — if I could bottle up that energy in the second half and sell it, I’d be on a yacht somewhere right now.

Pessimists (người bi quan) would no doubt argue that the vast volume (số lượng khổng lồ) of exports necessary to become the world factory are infeasible (không thể làm được) in the wake of Covid-19. But they forget that no shock ranging from the black death pandemic of the 14th century to Spanish Flu and Great Depression of the 20th to 9/11 terrorist (khủng bố) attacks and the global financial crisis (khủng hoảng tài chính) of the 21st, has been able to bottle up trade for long. World trade will rise up again sooner than most pessimists think.'

Thu Phương

"Spin the bottle" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by HBAidanTheo

"Spin the bottle" = trò xoay chai hay còn gọi là "kissing game", nghĩa là cái chai dừng ở ai thì người đó phải hôn người xoay chai. Trò này thường chơi khi tụ tập nhiều người, ngồi vòng tròn với nhau, sau này biến thể, tùy mục đích người chơi mà trở thành nhiều trò khác nhau.

Ví dụ
These guys were playing spin the bottle in the street. However, the person who was determined by the bottle as the chosen one became the target of throwing eggs.

With schools closed because of COVID-19, the 13-year old Sarasota girl spent hours on the web-based app that allows you to play a digital version of “spin the bottle” while meeting, talking and flirting with strangers.

The star went on to explain why Michael Jordan was the best on the team and said: "Determination (quyết tâm). He just wanted to win so bad, you can spin the fastest, even spin the bottle the best, it didn't matter he just wanted to win."

"They are going to assume [Trump is] going to pack everybody in like sardines (lèn như cá mòi) and play spin the bottle on a lubricated (bôi trơn) Twister mat," Gutfeld joked. " ... But obviously, I think he and his staff know better. They are going to follow every protocol (nghị định)."

Thu Phương

"Brown bottle flu" nghĩa là gì?

Tăng nữa chứ nhỉ! :D Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

"Brown bottle flu" nghĩa là nôn nao, ốm yếu do rượu bia (trước kia bia thường bán trong chai màu nâu).

Ví dụ
Just in, corona virus just mutated (biến thành) into the brown bottle flu affecting the middle age working class. Symptoms (triệu chứng) incude no sports and multiple 30 packs.

The Irish idioms for overindulging (qúa bê tha) are, of course, classics. They might call a hangover “the brown bottle flu,” or say they are “in Lego” or “have an inexplicable headache.”

During a Barclays webcast last week, Chipotle Mexican Grill CEO Brian Niccol told investors (nhà đầu tư) that the company uses nurses to ensure employees are truly sick and not just down with the brown bottle flu.

Aside from a boisterous debate (tranh luận sôi nổi) concerning the muddling (trộn lẫn) of fruits in addition to simple bitters, the concept has remained relatively static (tĩnh, không đổi) over the years. The only real difference being the change in time, from morning to evening, and our respective reasoning (lý luận tương ứng). That is to say, we use it to get drunk and not to do away with the brown bottle flu.

Thu Phương

"Bottle-ache" nghĩa là gì?

Hơi chuếnh. Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

"Bottle-ache" nghĩa là choáng váng, đau đầu, nôn nao vì say rượu hoặc đang cai rượu.

Ví dụ
Meanwhile Mrs.Bryce, her face tied up, looking very doleful (sầu thảm) under the tooth a thoughtful little woman , had sent a strong bottle ache.

I don't even know what bottle-ache is, but I can assure you, I ain't got that. It's just a head cold, I swear. Must have got it from one of the boarders (khách trọ). It's making me ache something awful, right here.

So, apparently, I'm lucky. But I'd have been luckier to think of this yesterday—before the IVs and the race car, the limo and the lunch, the margaritas (một loại cocktail) and machine guns. And now I've got that second-day bottle-ache.

He holds my face in his hands and looks deep into my eyes, then peers (nhìn săm soi) into the crack in my head. “You're low in spirits, looks like.” I hold my breath. “One or two's okay but too many and you'll get a bottle ache. Know that?” I nod some more.

Thu Phương

"Bottle out" nghĩa là gì?

Một chút chùn chân trước trận đấu. Photo by Bruno Bueno from Pexels

"Bottle out" hoặc "bottle it" nghĩa là sợ hãi, mất đi sự can đảm, quyết tâm hoặc bỏ cuộc. "Bottle" nghĩa bóng là sự can đảm. Thường nghe ở Anh.

Ví dụ
The boxing match was set for tomorrow, but one of the boxers has bottled out and is refusing (từ chối) to fight.

“She was feeling unloved,” he wheedled (dỗ ngọt). “She needed affection (tình cảm). I've been trying and trying to get hold of you and you're never in or he is—and then when you answered I kept bottling out and...”

You didn't see her. You know that really; you know she's dead. This is just your imagination (tưởng tượng) running away with you, like it does. Forget it. But I didn't say that to him, that night. I thought I would at first, but I hesitated (do dự) and then I finally bottled out.

"We're going to be stealing from Don Skinner."
My sister sighed (thở dài). "I didn't ask you to come along. If you're bottling out, I can do it on my own."
"I'm not bottling out, I'm just saying."

Thu Phương

"Potty mouth" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

"Potty mouth" có từ potty là ngu xuẩn, mất trí -> cụm từ này nghĩa là người hay nói tục chửi bậy, dùng nhiều từ ngữ tục tĩu khi nói chuyện.

Ví dụ
I remember him being pretty intimidating (đáng sợ) to meet for the first time, he had these big shoulders and a crunching handshake – a bit of a potty mouth on him, too!

A news anchor (mỏ neo) in Nashville, Kornet admitted she shared a striking resemblance (nét tương đồng) to Martin Harrison – the woman you’re actually looking at in that photo. Both also happen to share an overwhelming passion for the game of basketball, but Harrison’s potty mouth is ultimately the key difference.

That’s a bit of a relief. At least your potty mouth is something you can stop worrying about — when in the right company, of course. So, the next time you stub your toe, or get cut off in traffic, or are just generally fed up with the state of the world — just let the filth (lời nói tụt tĩu) fly. I promise it’ll #&%$ing help.

Ngọc Lân

"Odds and sods" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Yan on Pexels

"Odds and sods" -> nghĩa là những thứ nhỏ nhặt không cần thiết.

Ví dụ
Well, Coopers Sparkling, what can we say? Malty, tasty, perfect ale for the mid afternoon, usually best while watching the footy, but ideal now if you’re planting the winter vegies (rau), or doing odds and sods around the house.

She was a real adventurer and also had hoarder tendencies (có xu hướng tích trữ), so my home was full of objects and odds and sods we had picked up from travels.

Amid (ở giữa) the odds and sods that drift through my Twitter feed every day, I occasionally find myself drawing connections among seemingly random articles and websites.

Ngọc Lân

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