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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

"Fall into a heap" nghĩa là gì?

Ngủ đủ giấc là liều thuốc cho tinh thần Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

"Fall into a heap" nghĩa là trở nên xúc động, buồn bã; ngã/đổ gục xuống.

Ví dụ
"If Medevac fails, we're going to fall into a heap. I don't know what will happen to the guys but I know what will happen here - anger and frustration," Sr Keogh said.

However, this love connection is so deeply rooted that he would risk his own life to save hers and vice versa. Likewise, if she acted out and turned against Gotham to plan and destroy it, Batman would fall into a heap of misery. If it came down to it, she could easily defeat him.

As a mother of a four-year-old and someone who suffers from debilitating endometriosis (viêm nội mạc tử cung), I was battling fatigue (mệt mỏi), anxiety and working-mum-guilt coupled with an overwhelming feeling of discontent in my work. Exerting (nỗ lực, sức ép) all of my energy at work was commonplace and I would fall into a heap on the couch as I walked through the door each night. 

Bích Nhàn

"Loose as a goose" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by:
Katie Barrett on Unsplash

"Loose as a goose" = thả lỏng như con ngỗng -> nghĩa là thư giãn/thoải mái.

Ví dụ
Kent State would have been the sixth seed regardless of Friday night’s outcome. The Flashes’ main concern laid elsewhere. “Loose as a goose, man,” coach Rob Senderoff said. “I have never cared (quan tâm) less about a loss in my nine years of coaching.”

“Lenny Randle was light-hearted (vui vẻ) and loose as a goose,” Torre said. “They started doing it and then he really got it going.”

“Jerry Collins was an unbelievable player and loose as a goose, as well,” said James. “He was unpredictable (khó đoán) to the point where no-one knew what he was going to do. “There’s loads of stories about him. One of them concerned the way he used to rock up on Saturdays or Sundays at random places. He’d have a look at a map of Wales and say to the taxi driver: ‘Take me there’.

Ngọc Lân

"Pain-in-the-neck" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Hermes Rivera

"Pain-in-the-neck" = đau ở cổ -> nghĩa là rất phiền toái, bực tức và khó chịu (cái của nợ).

Ví dụ
Working from home can be a pain in the neck, chiropractor (người chữa bệnh bằng phương pháp nắn khớp xương) warns. 'I get it, you’re at home and want to relax on the bed, but if your back is not getting proper support, it could cause serious issues,' says local chiropractor.

“It really, really was a pain in the neck, actually, to get to that point where you had someone really interested, you were about ready to get the deal started and then to have to say to them, ‘but of course, it all depends on what Congress is going to do with LWCF next year, or the year after," Dolan said.

The confrontation (chạm trán, đương đầu) is not with the Chinese people per se, but with the present Chinese government, which is totalitarian (cực quyền, chuyên chế) in outlook and methods and is not a credible representative of the Chinese people. It is sad that the present Chinese government has become a pain in the neck of the world, and that the Chinese government does not seem to mind this.

"Kiss mi neck back" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Eliott Reyna

"Kiss mi neck back" = hôn sau gáy -> nghĩa là rất ngạc nhiên, hoảng hồn. Thường dùng theo cách hài hước hoặc phóng đại lên.

Ví dụ
He's not interested in surfing anymore. Oh, kiss mi neck back!

Kiss mi neck back to read John Edelberg’s reaction to the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs that some of us have displayed in our yards (Aug. 5 Letter to the Editor.)

I didn’t know until years later that Dennis, a Virginia native like me, had been raised in Wilson by his grandmother in hardscrabble (được đồng lương chết đói bằng lao động cực nhọc) circumstances. Before entering the Army and coming to UNC, he had attended Barton College but flunked out. Kiss mi neck back... because he did well in J-school. But it did help explain how Dennis could write so knowingly about rural eastern North Carolina.

Ka Tina

Cao thủ đa nhiệm

vừa thủ dâm vừa chống đối cảnh sát... :))
A man who was allegedly (bị cáo buộc/cho là) high on meth (phê ma túy, ngáo đá) reportedly fought off more than a dozen police officers while publicly masturbating (thủ dâm công khai).

Andrew Frey, 37, apparently made a series of outbursts (bột phát, bùng nổ) and then began masturbating in an Oregon restaurant.

Incredibly, police were reportedly unable to subdue Frey with a Taser.

It took 15 officers to finally take him into custody (bắt giữ) and stop him pleasuring himself (tự sướng).

Xảy ra quá thường xuyên

một em gái rơi lông mày giả vì... dương vật giả bay đập vào mặt... :D

Tegan Denham documented the bizarre (lạ lùng, kỳ dị) mishap (việc rủi ro, việc không may; tai nạn; sự bất hạnh) in a hilarious (buồn cười) video - in which she explained how her lash extensions were ripped from her eyes.

She told how the sex toy (đồ chơi tình dục) had whacked her in the face as she danced at Bongo's Bingo.

In the clip, which went viral after she posted it to social media, Tegan looked shocked as she peered down at her bare eyelids.

"Have the neck to do" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Nosiuol

"Have the neck to do (something)" có neck là tính táo tợn, tính liều lĩnh -> cụm từ này nghĩa là có gan làm/đủ ý chí làm điều mạo hiểm.

Ví dụ
She says the only way to reduce emissions (sự phát xạ, tỏa nhiệt) on the scale that is necessary is to make fundamental changes to our lifestyles, starting in developed countries. But she doesn't believe any leaders have the nerve to do that.

So what does Ian think of Pat's decision – did he admire him going for a new challenge at 65? "I was delighted for him," he says. "Pat came up to me after I did it and said, 'I admire your bravery (tính gan dạ, can đảm) and best of luck with it,' so he probably thought, 'God, I'd love to have the neck to do it, too.' It's going to be a major change for him, and I'd say that there is stuff that he wasn't allowed to do in RTE, which he may be able to as a commercial operator.

"I liked the material very much. I love playing women who have the neck to do things that I don't have the neck to do, and Berta is certainly one of those," Conchata previously shared with reporters when recalling the audition process. "So I worked it like they wanted, but I also worked it in my own voice, and I thought to myself, 'You know, this really works better for me in my own voice, so what I ought to do is ask them if I can do it both ways.' So I planned on that. And then I got there, and there were 32 women auditioning for this role. It was supposed to be a two-part arc."

Ka Tina

"In any way shape or form" nghĩa là gì?

Xin được từ chối dưới bất kỳ hình thức nào. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

"In any (way), shape or form" nghĩa là dưới bất kỳ cách nào hay hình thức nào.

Ví dụ
Truth be told, I was scared to death of sex and was not ready in any way, shape or form for it.

I am afraid you are all going to have to leave as we are a nonviolent (bất bạo động) organization totally opposed to violence in any way shape or form.

Did you ever in any way, shape, or form, order or instruct Lieutenant Pullman to carry out downloads of classified material in defiance of regulations (bất chấp quy định)?

They do not want to deal with it in any way, shape or form, any kind of soul searching or conscience (lương tâm) that they may feel, they do not want to feel guilty about in any way shape or form, so the only way for one to do anything wrong in life and to get away with it, is to get away from religion.

Thu Phương

"In rare form" nghĩa là gì?

Phần trình diễn xuất sắc. Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

"In rare form" = ở dạng hiếm -> nghĩa là ở trạng thái đáng kinh ngạc (làm tốt, xuất sắc) hoặc "high" quá đà (say rượu...).

Ví dụ
The doings of the remainder (người còn lại) need no comment, with the exception of Ballet Girl, who went in rare form.

Jasper was in rare form that evening. J.D. watched in amazement as the CEO flagged down their waiter and ordered another round.

“You're in rare form today, Mr. Wardsmith. And I liked that market research rimshot.”
“I'm in rare form every day. If you were around more, you'd know that.”

Kirja was in rare form, on the run, but fighting back, turning each weapon to his advantage as he tried to score against Rafael. Seems like old times. I live to hear the shriek (tiếng rít) of the trees when the ice pierces their hearts.

Thu Phương

Bài trước: "In bad form" nghĩa là gì?

"In bad form" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by LoboStudio Hamburg on Unsplash

"In bad form" nghĩa là trong trạng thái thể chất/tinh thần không tốt, dẫn đến thua cuộc thi/cư xử thô lỗ.

Ví dụ
I was all over the place and in bad form and I can imagine the phones were buzzing between their headquarters and Chris up on Merseyside.

That passionate breast no longer asked for life; but for one boon (ân huệ) it craved (khao khát): to see Peter in bad form before it was cold for ever.

They have players to win all of the games with 2 goals. They’re in bad form at the moment. I know it doesn’t make sense to you because you don’t know anything about Norwegian football.

It had been wrong of me to leave John alone, and in bad form, and the beauty of the sun filtering through the hedgerows (hàng rào cây) and heavy trees, dappling (lốm đốm) the road in front of me with golden spots, was spoiled by guilt over my rejection of him.

Thu Phương

"In fighting form" nghĩa là gì?

Cậu chàng cũng đã sẵn sàng rồi. Photo by 42 North from Pexels

"In fighting form" nghĩa là trong trạng thái sẵn sàn chiến đấu, đã chuẩn bị sẵn sàng xử lý tình huống.

Ví dụ
I loved seeing him back in fighting form, even as I was a little ashamed of my own performance.

He was in fighting form, and standing behind the lectern (bục giảng kinh) he spoke passionately, warmly, with humanity.

A: "Don't fret (phiền muộn) about me. By tomorrow, I'll be in fighting form. You'll see.”
B: “The only thing you're going to be fighting is me if you don't sit down and take some weight off that foot.”

This little book written in 1982 has survived the intervening years in fighting form and much to my amazement (ngạc nhiên) acquired quite a following. It has been translated (as far as I know) into Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese.

Thu Phương

"On present form" nghĩa là gì?

Tình trạng hiện tại cũng không tồi. Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

"On present form" nghĩa là (đánh giá) dựa trên trạng thái, hoàn cảnh, hành vi hoặc hiệu suất hiện tại của ai đó hoặc điều gì đó.

Ví dụ
Because on present form they don't seem likely to win promotion, with or without Suárez.

Based on present form. Or can u point any other teams from ur plastics league?? Maybe wolves.

Q: How many Bayern players make it into our starting XI?
Alaba, Lewandowski, Thiago, Kimmich, Davies and probably Muller. On present form I'd also take Gnabry over Griezmann.

Q: Is Collingwood still a premiership contender (đối thủ)?
A: Not on present form and style of play they are playing, have been winning ugly form against bottom sides is a huge worry.

Thu Phương

"In top form" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

"In top form" nghĩa là có thể chất/hình thể lý tưởng hoặc thông minh, hài hước.

Ví dụ
The baby arrived safely and my wife's health was in top form.

James is on top form. Funny, witty, sexy, and I'm proud to be there with him.

Keeping my body in top form has made the rest of my life go much better. I am less stressed, more alert, stronger, and more agile (nhanh nhẹn). I can take on most physical tasks that life presents to me with confidence and without injury.

The idea here is that you should be physically prepared to meet life's challenges. However, this is not to say that if you are not in top form that you cannot find success. For example, you may think that marathons are only for highly conditioned runners. But the best marathon times are posted by people who cannot even run, the wheel chair competitors. Just because someone is handicapped (tàn tật), physically challenged, or just plain out of shape does not mean you are out of the running in life.

Thu Phương

"True to form" nghĩa là gì?

Đứng đó nói hươu nói vượn gì không biết. Photo by Daily Trojan

"True to form" = đúng hình thức -> nghĩa là đúng như mong đợi, theo khuôn mẫu chuẩn.

Ví dụ
True to form, Iran's ayatollahs (thủ lĩnh Hồi giáo) have pirated (sao chép) my new book, The Room Where It Happened. I hope they enjoy reading my criticism of their corrupt regime (chế độ thối nát). And I hope someone pirates their edition so the people of Iran can read it!

Funnily enough, our current Prime Minister did not highlight the totally foreseeable (có thể thấy trước) difficulties with Brexit when he stood in front of that notorious Vote Leave bus. True to form, he thought it better to propagate (truyền bá) a lie about an illusory (hão huyền) extra £350m for the NHS.

True to form, old man Lukashenko, in a bid to cling (nỗ lực bám lấy) to Belarus presidency, turns to a practice many dictators (độc tài) have in past to manipulate elections: slow down/disrupt internet service. Opposition groups rely increasingly on social media to get out the vote/monitor irregularities (không chính quy).

Thu Phương

"By the scruff of the neck" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo by
Deb Kennedy

"By the scruff of (one's)/its/the neck" có scruff là gáy, cần cổ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tóm cổ, tóm gáy.

Ví dụ
On two occasions misfortune has conspired to subvert the Brazilian prodigy’s chances of grabbing the competition by the scruff of the neck in the red and blue colors of Paris Saint-Germain.

“I am not unsympathetic, as they suggest. If you say someone in the church did (something wrong, then) file a complaint. ’’The church cannot just take him (the archbishop) by the scruff of the neck and throw him out. There are processes to be followed.”

Sunday’s victory, in Binder’s rookie season in the MotoGP category, was only his third GP in the elite (ưu tú, cao cấp) class. And the Potchefstroom-born rider’s triumph was one of sustenance and style, taking the Brno circuit by the scruff of the neck to beat out his opponents (đối thủ) by an impressive 5.266 second.

Ka Tina

"Return to form" nghĩa là gì?

Nỗ lực hết mình cho giải đấu. Photo by Mabel Amber from Pexels

"Return to form" nghĩa là trở lại phong độ, trở lại thời đỉnh cao hoặc trở lại dáng vẻ đẹp đẽ, trở lại trạng thái xuất sắc.

Ví dụ
Chris Froome's bid (cố gắng) to return to form in time for the Tour De France continued today.

We fought hard but, unfortunately, we fell short to @GZCharge today. We will work hard to return in better form for the Countdown Cup next weekend!

So instagram liked these photos and I thought twitter would too. Please prove me right or else I will have to return to my human form and no one wants that.

Critics laud (ca ngợi) Toohey’s recent tweets as a return to form for the troubled and erratic (thất thường) content creator, but the reality is that his output still hovers (lảng vảng) somewhere between pseudo-philosophical (ngụy triết học) meanderings and inside jokes that only he seems to be in on (and those are his good days).

Thu Phương

"By a neck" nghĩa là gì?

"By a neck" -> nghĩa là sát nút/sát cổ/sát nách (về khoảng cách, thời gian...); "sát đến đít rồi"

Ví dụ
Winner of her maiden over this course and distance, Laburnum then failed by a neck to cope with Even So in the listed Naas Oaks Trial before finishing fourth, beaten four lengths, to the same, Ger Lyons-trained filly in the Juddmonte Irish Oaks.

Bring Me a Check was second by a neck at the same distance on turf (lớp mặt đất có cỏ) in his last start, a $25,000 conditioned claimer June 29 at Lone Star. The Beyer of 79 that he earned is the best last-race number in the field at Evangeline.

Trainer Christophe Clement and jockey Joel Rosario continued to forge the summer meet’s most fruitful partnership, with the duo teaming for a third stakes victory when Classic Lady took the lead in the stretch and outlasted War Canoe by a neck in the first running of the $85,000 Dayatthespa for New York-bred fillies and mares 3-year-olds and up on Wednesday at Saratoga Race Course. 

Ka Tina

"Break your neck" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Yogendra Singh

"Break (one's) neck" -> nghĩa là nỗ lực hết sức/làm hết khả năng.

Ví dụ
“For my part, I’m going to break my neck to beat Miami and West Palm,” he quipped, pointing to Broward’s southern and northern neighbors. “Competition is good. And it’s the one measuring stick regular people understand.”

“I see now that I can’t be silent. I may not jump on the front lines, but I definitely just can’t be silent about stuff like this,” he said. “I’m still going to be quiet as a church mouse, but I just want to work towards that direction. If anybody I can help in any situation that I was in, I’m going to break my neck to do it, because a lot of people helped me in this situation.”

While there were few dancers on Courtnae's radar which inspired her starting out, Lorcia Cooper from’s Backstage was one that stood out. “I thought it was such an interesting thing, she was the only coloured female dancer that I knew existed.” The lack of representation encouraged her to pursue breaking. “I always asked myself why are no girls doing this? Girls were always doing the sexier contemporary kind of stuff and the guys got to do all the cool shit. So I said no, something’s got to give, I’m going to try even if I break my neck!”

Ka Tina

"Turn your caps lock off" nghĩa là gì?

"Turn your caps lock off" = tắt nút caps lock đi -> đây là câu nhắc nhở 'đừng viết hoa nữa' với ai đang nhắn tin hoặc viết bài toàn bằng chữ hoa (có thể do sơ suất hay cố ý như muốn hét vào mặt người khác).

Ví dụ
Turn your caps lock off mate because it makes you look like a troll as well as being stupid.

ARE YOU YELLING?!?! Because that's what using all caps looks like. Unless you want to give your email recipient a heart attack, turn your CAPS LOCK off. And while you're at it, ease off on all the exclamation points.

I don't know who needs to hear this in 2020, but turn your caps lock off. Messages in all caps are the equivalent of yelling at someone, so unless they just told you they're pregnant with triplets (con sinh ba) (CONGRATS!) or just drove your car into a ravine (hẻm núi) (WHAT?!), there's absolutely no reason to shout. 

Ka Tina

"Level the locks" nghĩa là gì?

"Level the locks" có locks là mái tóc -> nghĩa (lóng) là chải tóc.

Ví dụ
It may not seem like it, but your hair is fragile (mỏng manh, dễ gảy), but you need to handle it with care. Don't comb your mane (tóc bờm) when it's wet. Level the locks twice a day when it is dry and do a brushing motion that starts from the top to bottom.

You know when you blow-out your hair and it looks kinda...dull? Yeah, this round brush is basically the secret to avoiding that. Working in sections, level the locks and hit it with a dryer and it'll work to build the perfect amount of volume, shape, and shine. And did I mention that shine actually lasts? Because it really lasts.

Brush hair in the shower after applying the conditioner (dầu xả). This one’s easy. After washing your hair with the shampoo, apply the conditioner and then level the locks. This is the only time you should brush your hair, and you may actually want to stick to using a wide-toothed comb or even just your fingers depending on the texture of your curls. You also want to rinse (rửa nhẹ nhàng, qua loa) out most of the conditioner — but not all of it!

Ka Tina

"I only have one pair of hands" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by:
christian ferrer on Unsplash

"I only have one pair of hands" = tôi chỉ có hai tay mà thôi -> nghĩa là sức người có giới hạn, vì vậy đừng đưa ra những yêu cầu vô lý hoặc những mong muốn không thực tế.

Ví dụ
Mrs Woodward: Oh no! Actually Ed, I do also need flour (bột mì) for the cake. You’ll have to replace it when you get the eggs tomorrow.
Ed: You are pretty demanding, you know. I only have one pair of hands. But I’ll see what I can do.

Four nights after giving birth, Angela returned home and has had to look after both babies by herself ever since. She said: “It’s hard because one will need changing and then the other will need changing and I only have one pair of hands.”

Probably the more important factor (yếu tố) is that I only have one pair of hands – there’s only that much I can do at a time. Thankfully, most of my customers do understand that it takes time for a piece of handmade craft.

Ngọc Lân

Bài trước: "Firm hand on the tiller" nghĩa là gì?

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" nghĩa là gì?

Bắt chước theo phong cách của người nổi tiếng cũng là chuyện dễ hiểu. Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" = bắt chước là biểu hiện chân thành của nịnh hót -> nghĩa là nếu ai bắt chước bạn, làm giống bạn (trang điểm, ăn mặc giống bạn...) nghĩa là họ ngưỡng mộ bạn.

Ví dụ
Although it is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I do not believe it. Criticism (chỉ trích), not imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery.

I like the fact that Dr. Joyce Brothers said, “Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery,” because for me, it is part of that first step of observation.

You've heard the saying, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And it's true. We rarely, except in jest (nói đùa chơi), imitate someone we don't like. No, the way we pattern our behavior says a lot about whom we admire and respect.

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If this is true, then many people are showing flattery to others in the clothes they wear, the lifestyles they choose, and the things they pursue. There is much imitation going on.

Thu Phương

"Attack is the best form of defense" nghĩa là gì?

Không thể đứng yên chờ chết được. Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

"Attack is the best form of defense" nghĩa là tấn công chính là cách phòng thủ tốt nhất.

Ví dụ
The SAS assumed that the best form of defense was attack, so they constantly hit the Iraqis to keep the on the defensive.

Ever since his days as a young revolutionary (nhà cách mạng), Castro had been convinced that the best form of defense was attack.

On the useful principle (nguyên tắc) that attack is the best form of defense, Aeschines responded by launching a prosecution (khởi tố). He chose Timarchus, the weaker target.

The simplicity of the question left Marshall flabbergasted (kinh ngạc). He had to think what he would have answered if his story had been true, and it left him scrabbling (đào bới) for the right words. Attack seemed like the best form of defense. Attack, and then leave.

Thu Phương

"As a matter of form" nghĩa là gì?

Có vẻ chưa đúng form. Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

"(Do something) as a matter of form" nghĩa là vấn đề về hình thức, thể thức, quy chuẩn, thủ tục...

Ví dụ
It is one general rule that matter of form may be amended (sửa đổi), and another that matter of substance (căn bản) cannot be ; yet there are some few exceptions to both these rules.

He might not be obliged to make it, unless the precept (quy tắc) was directed to him, but he may do the act without such direction, which, being a mere matter of form, cannot be necessary to give it validity.

With gold, we explicitly confront the problem of matter as matter, and yet it once again slips through our conceptual grasp (hiểu biết khái niệm). Gold, as matter, is always already a matter of form— what Marx called the "money form."

“Do you want me to go back and find that damned form?” asked Simon seriously.
“Of course not, silly! Let's get in our car and drive to Niagara!”
“So it won't be a matter of form after all?”

Thu Phương

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" nghĩa là gì?

Cũng thật áp lực để khiến mọi người vui vẻ hơn. Photo by HIVAN ARVIZU @soyhivan on Unsplash

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" = mỉa mai không phải hài hước -> nghĩa là chế nhạo hay mỉa mai người khác là thô lỗ và gây khó chịu chứ không phải hài hước gì.

Ví dụ
And sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and reserved for those who know how to use it and before you say anything else that's me so without further ado been to a fancy dress party have we?

They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Well, in that case, there must be plenty of witty people in the office. Sarcasm is easy. It requires little by way of intelligence or, indeed, skill.

It's good to know that you're listening to what I say, I told her, failing to keep the sarcasm from my voice. My dad always used to say: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit! He'd had no time for it, and I was suddenly disappointed in myself.

Obviously nobody had ever told him that sarcasm was the lowest form of wit. Because he thought he was being hilarious. I decided that this was simply a brilliantly twisted fabrication (bịa đặt) designed to punish. But I was smarter than that.

Thu Phương

"Sink so low" nghĩa là gì?

Thế giới hỗn loạn, đạo đức tha hóa, đừng để giới trẻ tiếp diễn điều đó. Photo by Abderrahim Chaouni from Pexels

"Sink so low" nghĩa là đạo đức đã bị tha hóa đến mức không thể cứu vãn, cư xử thiếu văn hóa thiếu đạo đức, đáng khinh...

Ví dụ
I never thought they'd sink so low. I mean they've been hit or miss since 2010. But damn.

Not as much as the beating you're going to get for allowing yourself to sink so low as to take it up the ass from a DEMON!

The SHS students insulting (xúc phạm) the President @NAkufoAddo in those short videos making the rounds, is very depressing to say the least. When did our value system sink so low? Sad!

Them degraded (hạ thấp) me as a female patronised (chiếu cố) me not treated me as a human being but done it so much causing a lot of distress which was funny to them treat disrespectful but differently it was constant enough as seen in a colleague to make them sink so low to bully into terminating.

Thu Phương

"Keep it on the down-low" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

"Keep (something) on the down-low" nghĩa là giữ bí mật, chôn vùi bí mật.

Ví dụ
If you keep it on the down-low, they're not going to track you down.

You think I would've showed it to you if I was trying to keep it on the down low?

I don't mind you using my parking space at the company when I'm gone, but let's keep it ON THE DOWN LOW!

But they all remembered the strict guidelines from their boss, lay low, keep it quiet and keep it on the down low until the time was right.

Thu Phương

"Hold in low regard" nghĩa là gì?

Đừng phớt lờ cảm xúc của trẻ, chúng rất dễ tổn thương. Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

"Hold (someone or something) in low regard" nghĩa là thiếu tôn trọng, coi thường, nghĩ xấu về ai/điều gì.

Ví dụ
A nation cannot at the same time honor the rule of law and hold its courts in low regard.

Your best opinions are those you hold in low regard. Only such humble opinions will always be whittled (chắt lọc) and moulded (nhào nặn) to accurately fit the facts as you know them.

Insects, which humans generally hold in low regard (we'd love to expunge (loại bỏ) many ofthem from the face ofthe Earth altogether), are so important, says Eldredge, that “humanity probably could not last for more than a few months” without them.

They expect a negative reaction and can even become paranoid (hoang tưởng) thinking that others are always critical of them or hold them in low regard. This style of thinking causes someone to become very introspective (hay nội tâm) and nervous, and it can make your child lose confidence, isolating themselves from others so as hot to risk imagined judgment (phán xét) or condemnation (lên án).

Thu Phương

"Lie low and sing small" nghĩa là gì?

Đố bạn tìm không thấy! Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

"Lie low and sing small" nghĩa là ẩn nấp, che giấu mình, hoặc thu mình lại, tránh tương tác với người khác.

Ví dụ
It would be better if I lie low and sing small for a while.

“Go, lie low and sing small, Lieutenant,” his captain and mentor had said to him just before Jassat had beamed down.

Unlike Gladstone, Morley believed that it was the English radicals who must “lie low and sing small”: if they “threaten and bluster (hăm dọa) the Irish will very quickly show them the door.”

Your PERSONAL role in this tragic (bi thảm) story of injustice (bất công) and heartlessness (nhẫn tâm) is known to all of us, Mrs May. We suggest you lie low and sing small. I speak for the majority: We want to hear nothing more from you on this or any other subject.

Thu Phương

Không cần tới Thu Cúc

công nghệ mới, có thể xét nghiệm tinh trùng bằng điện thoại :D
CES 2020 is proving to be an interesting venue to check technologies that are translating from the professional medical space to the consumer. At the event we met with a rep from YO, an at home sperm testing system that allows men to visualize their own sperm (tinh trùng) and measure its motility (có thể vận động; di động).

Bài trước: Dám lừa anh à

Dám lừa anh à

rồng komodo phá tan máy quay phim vì cố làm tình với nó mà không được đáp ứng... :D
FILMING of a BBC nature show went horribly wrong when a komodo dragon tried to have sex with one of their cameras — then tore their equipment to shreds when his seduction flopped.

The technology — worth tens of thousands of pounds — was hidden inside (giấu bên trong) an imitation female (con cái giả tạo) placed inside a pack of the giant lizards as part of upcoming show, Spy in the Wild II.

As a form of foreplay (mơn trớn trước khi làm tình), one of the seven foot long males sank its razor sharp claws into her back.

But it became obvious she wouldn’t be giving any of the dragons getting any action.

So the 90kg beasts took their frustration out on a dummy pig, with another camera inside, which was put nearby to get footage from a different angle.

Cho biết tên sản phẩm với

một anh chàng phải nằm viện 3 ngày với cái chim cương cứng, vì uống nhầm viagra dành cho bò :D

...He took it after arranging to meet a 30-year-old woman, and ended up requiring urgent surgery (phẫu thuật khẩn cấp).

“He had taken a sexual stimulant which he had bought in Veracruz, used by farmers in that region to invigorate (làm cho cường tráng, tiếp sinh lực cho; làm thêm hăng hái) bulls for insemination (sự thụ tinh).”

His current condition is not known, and the name of the stimulant (chất kích thích) was not reported.

"Firm hand on the tiller" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

"Firm hand on the tiller" = bàn tay rắn chắc trên tay lái -> nghĩa là kiểm soát hoàn toàn tình huống.

Ví dụ
Morrisons has a firm hand on the tiller at present and the share price performance has improved of late, with a 6% increase over the last three months. The shares still remain down 10% over the last year, although this compares favourably with the decline (giảm sút) of 17.5% seen by the wider FTSE 100 index. 

These forecasts (dự báo) are absolutely key, and in recent years they have generally exceeded the initial (ban đầu) prediction. Mboweni will need a firm hand on the tiller to keep them from running away.

Most of all, the Government will want to make clear that it has a firm hand on the tiller. For investors (nhà đầu tư), periods (giai đoạn) like this require calmness. Long-term investing means accepting volatility (bất ổn) and if you invest on a regular basis, the ups and downs in the market are to your advantage. 

Ngọc Lân

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