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Monday, February 17, 2020

"Put in the nips" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Thought Catalog

"Put in the nips" = Cấu véo, kìm kẹp -> Van xin, mượn tiền hoặc bóp nặn tiền ai.

Ví dụ
There are many circumstances in which it’s appropriate to put in the nips, so it’s worth keeping a few rules of thumb in mind when taking on debt. There are distinctions to be made between “good debt” and “bad debt,” but the greatest impact of all may be whether you manage whatever you borrow effectively.

And my message and response was always the same: “Do not put in the nips to attend West Texas A&M University (or any university) for the first two years. If you must borrow, attend community college, but don’t borrow a penny for community college either. Pay as you go.” And I should have added: Live with your parents rent-free as long as possible.

Consumers are starting to lose patience. Imagine this situation: you want to put in the nips to buy a car you just took on a test drive. No customer wants to trek all the way back home, mail a copy of their passport or utility bills and wait days or weeks to get financing. With today’s ‘on-demand’ mentality, it’s much more likely that they will borrow money from a provider who can take them through the KYC processes as quickly as possible and provide the funds in an instant.

Ka Tina

"Put hair on your chest" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jake Davies

"Put hair on (one's) chest" = Lông mọc trên ngực -> Cách nói hài hước về cái gì rất sâu cay (ớt), về cái gì đó sẽ làm cho bạn mạnh mẽ (như một người đàn ông); hồi sinh lại sức mạnh (về việc uống rượu).

Ví dụ
81 Days Below Zero is a survival story through the worst Mother Nature has to offer and tells tales that will put hair on your chest and send icy shivers down your spine.

Like so many Pennsylvanians of German descent, I grew up with the unmistakable perfume of sauerkraut (món dưa cải bắp (Đức)) wafting from the kitchen on New Year’s Day. Despite my mother’s insistence that “It’ll put hair on your chest,” (as if that was an enticement (dụ dỗ, cám dỗ)), I have never shared her passion for the stuff.

In Turkey, coffee is boiled on the stovetop and served unfiltered in immaculately (tinh khiết, không tì vết) designed cups that, in the bottom fifth or so, form a thick sediment (cặn) of grounds. Turkish coffee is bitter, though divine (thần thánh, siêu phàm). The little cups are held on saucers and require one to flip their pinky up to drink it. Do not let this dainty factor fool you: Turkish coffee is the type of drink that will put hair on your chest.

Ka Tina

"Put flesh on" nghĩa là gì?

"Put flesh on (the bones of) (something)" = Thêm da/thêm thịt cho cái gì -> Bổ sung thêm/cung cấp thông tin chi tiết về cái gì để giải thích hoặc minh họa về nó rõ ràng và đầy đủ hơn.

Ví dụ
It is two months since he was handed a huge majority to put flesh on the bones of his plans and already he’s confirmed the HS2 project will go ahead and has revived talk of a £20 billion bridge across the Irish Sea. Next up? Heathrow’s third runway must be decided soon.

As of October, she was the presumptive (có cơ sở, giả định) nominee. She was leading in New Hampshire; she was leading in Iowa; she was picking up ground in places like South Carolina. And then she presented her “Medicare For All” plan. She tried to put flesh on the bones of Bernie Sanders’ garbage plan, and she completely fell apart.

“Studying genealogy (phả hệ) makes me painfully aware of the absolute horror of all that slavery was,” she read. “The pathos (tính chất bi ai) emerges vividly through underground research. When I started researching my family, it almost instantly became an obsession (sự ám ảnh). In confirming slaves on both sides of my family, I was filled with horror and sorrow. With every name I uncovered, I yearned to put flesh on the bones of people who made me but were now long dead. I read everything I could find.”

Ka Tina

"Put down a marker" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Hugo Kemmel

"Put down a marker" = đánh dấu -> minh họa/thể hiện điều bạn có thể làm hoặc ý định về điều bạn muốn làm sau này cho tất cả mọi người biết.

Ví dụ
Inside the ancient walls of the Silk Road oasis (ốc đảo) town of Khiva, China has put down a marker of its geopolitical ambitions (tham vọng về khoa địa chính trị).

The smile etched across the face of Jonjo O’Neill junior said it all as Native River put down a marker for this year’s Cheltenham Gold Cup and, possibly, Grand National.

For club captain Friend the return to action offers a chance to make up for lost time and to close in on a personal target. After abortive (thất bại sớm, non yếu, đẻ non) returns in August and November he is now looking to put down a marker.

Ka Tina

"Put dibs on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lorenzo Lamonica

"Put (one's) dibs (thẻ đánh bài) on" -> Tuyên bố quyền lợi của mình về cái gì và xác nhận muốn làm trước ai đó/người khác.

Ví dụ
It’s always fun for the theatre staff to predict which of the lesser-known shows might resonate (tạo ra tiếng vang, đồng thuận) with the public the most. “I put my dibs on Lumberjacks in Love as the darkhorse of the year,” said master predictor Huber.

Peter Eliopoulos has been in the hospitality business for a long time—almost four decades. Today, his banquet (bữa tiệc lớn) hall business hosts three dozen weddings weekly, but back in 1982 he had only one restaurant: a Greek counter in North York that served his grandmother’s best recipes. Nothing was fancy, but the place developed a serious fanbase. People would call in advance to put dibs on the roast potatoes.

"I'm one of those people, I am always trying to collect something for free, but -- everything," Davis laughed. "Everything in my apartment, which is beautiful -- I mean, the set design for the entire six seasons has been great. I put dibs on my car, all the costumes, all the wardrobe, the Tom Ford coats, and the Alexander McQueen, and the Armani, and the Max Mara, absolutely, Escada, everything. Everything. "

Ka Tina

"Put balls on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Vance Osterhout

"Put balls on (something)" = Đặt những quả bi/tinh hoàn lên việc gì -> (thông tục) Làm cho điều gì trở nên mạnh mẽ, lực lưỡng (rất đàn ông), đầy quyền lực và có sức mạnh.

Ví dụ
Pin hitters hammered down kills from everywhere on the court, setters put balls on the money, and the back line was strong in the Skyhawks’ season opener at home Thursday night, a 25-16, 25-17, 25-15 win over Rock Valley College.

The footage of the Bruce Lee movies reminds us of the icon, who was a total genius in his body. He was 5’7″ and 135 lb, and so fast and so strong. The clips of his “one-inch punch” are astounding (làm kinh ngạc, sửng sốt). He was beautiful and immortal. His goddaughter Diana Lee Inosanto says, “He put balls on Chinese men.” Provocative. More to the point: Bruce had the perfect body, was charismatic (lôi cuốn), and sexy. MMA Champion Gina Carano (“Haywire”) vehemently agrees. It is interesting that there have not been any crossover Asian stars as compelling as Bruce. Then again, how often does Bruce Lee come along in a lifetime? What landed for me was Linda talking about Bruce’s legacy even today. She said she is touched by the fact that Bruce inspired generations to be great. As a kid watching his movies, he inspired me to pursue the martial arts (võ thuật). Now I am a Sensei, and have the opportunity to give something back to others. Bruce made us dare to be great. And that is an amazing legacy (di sản, vật để lại).

Ka Tina

Trùng trùng quân đi như sóng

hơn 200 tỷ con châu chấu tràn ngập parkistan và đang trên đường đến china...

A locust (châu chấu) invasion (xâm lược) in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia has left crops (mùa vụ, mùa màng) devastated (tan hoang). It is the biggest swarm in decades, with billions of the ravenous (đói cào cả ruột, đói lắm) insects nibbling (gặm, nhắm, rỉa; nhấm nhẳn, ừ hữ, ầm ừ) their way through the already climate-ravaged region.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that one locust invasion in Kenya covered around 2,400 square kilometers (930 square miles) and contained up to 200 billion locusts which descend to feed off plants and vegetation.

For Ethiopia and Somalia, the infestation (sự tràn vào quấy phá, sự tràn vào phá hoại) is the biggest in 25 years, and for Kenya it is the greatest swarm (đàn, đám, bầy) in 70 years.

The FAO warned that the insects could "reproduce (sinh sản) rapidly and, if left unchecked (không kiểm soát), their current numbers could grow 500 times by June,'' spreading to Uganda and South Uganda.

"Put a warrant out on" nghĩa là gì?

Địa ngục trần gian. Photo by  Damir Spanic

"Put a warrant out on (one)" = Đưa ra lệnh bắt giam/cầm tù ai.

Ví dụ
Belvidere Police have officially put a warrant out on The Grinch after the grumpy green-skinned bandit (tên cướp) was caught on a doorbell camera, stealing Christmas decorations.

“You said, have I ever heard his name? I don’t even know his name!” Boone told NewsChannel 3’s Merris Badcock. “The only think I know, they said that somebody got killed, and then they wanted to question me, but I never went in for questioning, so they put a warrant out on my arrest.”

You may be surprised to learn someone has put a warrant out on you! You have an option to be "safe" by going to the website and purchasing an immunity card. Either being arrested or getting immunity is raising funds for a great cause, defeating cancer in adolescent (đang tuổi thanh niên) and young adults (AYA).

Ka Tina

"Put a brave front on" nghĩa là gì?

Cố tỏ ra là mình ổn nhưng sâu bên trong nước mắt là biển rộng. Photo by  Melissa Askew

"Put a brave front on" = Mặt đầy can đảm khi làm việc gì -> Cố tỏ ra mình rất can đảm/dũng cảm khi làm cái gì; phản ứng/đối mặt với sự khó khăn và thử thách với tinh thần quyết tâm cao và đầy ý chí.

Ví dụ
Tamar Braxton does try to put a brave front on, despite the miscarriage (sẩy thai), and that endears (làm cho được mến, quý chuộng) fans to her even more. “Im ok!! The storm is over!!

Among the new generation, our plucky (tỏ ra gan dạ, can trường) and ebullient (sôi nổi, hăm hở) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has, with considerable success, tried to put a brave front on our recollections of those times.

It's also clear that that's okay in the grander scheme of things — Buckingham Palace was doing all it could to put a brave front on it and to negotiate a graceful way to accomplish it all. It's why the couple's move out of Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage was done so quickly — quite aside from any "feud" (mối hận thù) between Harry and William, Ms. Markle needed some elbow room and some distance to occur. The Palace was happy to grant it.

Ka Tina

"Put to good account" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

"Put/turn (something) to good account" = Tận dụng/sử dụng cái gì một cách hữu ích, theo hướng tích cực; tận dụng khả năng nào đó để kiếm ra tiền.

Ví dụ
Concern about a personal matter is due to increase over the next forty-eight hours, but this is all to the good if it alerts you to possible weaknesses. Put your time to good account by cleaning up your diet, improving your exercise and devoting more attention to your responsibilities.

To describe this as a ‘literary’ novel is not to suggest it is out of reach for any reader. Far from it. But it’s a book that could only have been written by someone whose life has been filled to every crevice (kẽ hở) with books and beautiful things – paintings, objects, lasting images, glimpses (ý nghĩ lờ mờ) and influences. All those years Smither spent as a New Plymouth librarian, and her habit of storing away things that are significant to her, have been put to good account.

Dawkins’s weakness is reflected in his revealing assumption that “true” science can be distinguished from sordid (bẩn thỉu, hám lợi) examples of abuse on the ground. The truth, in Robert Bellah’s memorable expression, is that there is no perfume without mustard gas. We have also noted that scientific knowledge put to good account in curing disease can assist the torturer in causing even greater pain. As Martin has argued, if Christianity can be blamed for Torquemada, then biology must carry the can for nuclear weapons (vũ khí hạt nhân), sociology (xã hội học) for neo-Darwinian eugenics (thuyết ưu sinh), and the Enlightenment for Stalin.

Ka Tina

"Put on the market" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by The Ian

"Put (something) on the market" = Đưa cái gì ra thị trường -> Đưa cái gì để bán, thường là bán nhà.

Ví dụ
An historic pub has been put on the market for £175,000. The Three Crutches, in Old Watling Street, Strood, is having its leasehold sold by owners Gavin and Dawn Coward so they can focus on their other businesses.

“I know, everyone's so baffled when I want to put my house on the market,” she told ET in 2017. “It's nothing crazy! I'm just trying to get a little closer to where my children are gonna go to high school, if that makes any sense.”

He said the family had been frustrated by the lack of progress in the case to get justice for Sajid. “I’m going to put my house on the market and go online to get funds to do a private prosecution (bên nguyên, khởi tố),” he added. “There is no other way. “We’ve been thinking about it for a while.” He said he had talked to lawyers about starting a legal case and had been told it could cost £700,000.

Ka Tina

Tầm quan trọng của việc bảo mật dịch vụ email trong kinh doanh

cẩn thận ko như email của cfo đội bóng man city bị hacked, lộ ra gần 70 triệu usd tiền tài trợ đến trực tiếp từ ông chủ đội bóng... :D

...this serious trouble (tình huống rắc rối nghiêm trọng) for City sprang from (nảy sinh, phát sinh từ) a tiny number of emails, a fraction (phần nhỏ, miếng nhỏ; (tôn giáo) sự chia bánh thánh) of the documentary dump provided to Spiegel by its source, Rui Pinto, a Portuguese national now charged in his home country with 147 criminal offences (tội hình sự) including computer hacking, all of which he denies (chối bỏ).

One of the emails, from City’s then chief financial officer (giám đốc tài chính), Jorge Chumillas, headed “Cashflow” (dòng tiền), stated that Mansour’s own company vehicle, the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), would be paying £57m as a “contribution to 13/14 sponsorship fee”, while only £8m was Etihad’s “direct contribution”. Then Chumillas sent invoices for Etihad, internally to the City executives Ferran Soriano and Simon Pearce, stating that for 2015-16, the Etihad sponsorship was £67.5m, of which “£8m should be funded directly by Etihad and £59.5 [sic] by ADUG”.

Cái giá của chiêu trò "thổi phồng" doanh thu

clb bóng đá Man City bị cấm dự Champions League hai mùa...
Manchester City have been banned (cấm thi đấu) from the Champions League for the next two seasons (mùa bóng) by Uefa and fined €30m (£25m) after they were found to have seriously (nghiêm trọng) misled (thông tin sai lệch, khiến ai hiểu sai) European football’s governing body (cơ quan quản trị) and broken (vi phạm) financial fair play rules (quy tắc công bằng tài chính).

The severity (mức độ nghiêm trọng) of the ban from both of Uefa’s elite (tinh hoa) club competitions and the scale (quy mô) of the fine (khoản tiền phạt) reflect (phản ánh) how seriously Uefa’s FFP compliance bodies (cơ quan giám sát sự tuân thủ) consider the club to have breached the rules and code of conduct (quy tắc đạo đức).

City responded (phản hồi) immediately (ngay lập tức) with a characteristically (theo tính cách đặc trưng, nét đặc trưng) forthright statement, alleging (cáo buộc) that the process (quy trình, quá trình) was “prejudicial” (định kiến, thiên lệch) and stating that they will immediately appeal (kháng cáo) to the court of arbitration (tòa trọng tài) for sport (Cas).

City were found guilty by Uefa’s club financial control body (CFCB) of having falsely inflated (thổi phồng) their sponsorship revenues (doanh thu tiền tài trợ), when they made submissions (nộp, đệ trình) for the FFP compliance process (quy trình rà soát sự tuân thủ).

"Put on the cuff" nghĩa là gì?

Hoa được tặng. Photo by  Nick Karvounis

"Put (something) on the cuff" = Mua cái gì và hứa trả tiền sau, cho vay/cho nợ, mua chịu.

Ví dụ
I got a phone from the US. My cousin helped me put it on the cuff. They give you a credit card and you have to pay it off over a specific time. That way I didn’t have to spend all that money at once. I am gradually paying it off.

“If you have to put it on the cuff it means you cannot afford it. With so many deals available on Black Friday, it is important for consumers to know exactly what they want to purchase and how much they are prepared to spend. Have a plan, have a budget and stick to it.”

And that, he says, forces us to make big decisions: Do we choose to buy something with the money we’ve made, which is often a choice not to buy something else; or do we prefer an experience – which also costs, but in a different way. If you choose to purchase, will you have time to fully enjoy the item? If you put it on the cuff, what’s the cost of your time to fill out the application or wait on the phone with customer service?

Ka Tina

"Hold him to ransom" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Sofia Sforza on Unsplash

"Hold someone to ransom" có từ ransom là tiền chuộc; cụm từ này nghĩa là bắt giữ ai để đòi tiền chuộc hoặc đòi ai phải nhượng bộ bằng cách đe dọa.

Ví dụ
He will not let Eriksen leave cheaply (rẻ) just because he would otherwise be free. If a player thinks he can hold him to ransom, he won’t win.

Given the popularity of the character, it’s likely that Sony would face a big backlash (phản ứng dữ dội) from fans if they tried to hold him to ransom and blocked him from appearing in future MCU movies, or even possibly as part of a new cinematic Avengers line-up.

Written by Red’s younger brother Nikolas, Dead Kids marks the 27-year-old’s first foray into dark comedy (hài kịch đen tối). It tells the story of a gang of beat-down high schoolers who plot to kidnap (bắt cóc) the class jock, who happens to be the son of a corrupt (biến chất) politician, and hold him to ransom.

Ngọc Lân

"Put on hold" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ciocan Ciprian

"Put (someone or something) on hold" = Ngưng nói chuyện/liên lạc hoặc kết nối với ai (đặc biệt khi nói chuyện điện thoại); trì hoãn, trì trệ cái gì.

Ví dụ
There are two components (bộ phận) to skipping the long wait in the holds line: knowing what book you want, and how to put it on hold early.

“They may even put you on hold, play music or read a horoscope (lá số tử vi)”, it reports – or even lie and tell you that you've won a non-existent prize.

For those too young to remember having a home phone, dear Aunt Betty would call for your mom and you didn’t simply put her on hold. Rather, you would chat with Aunt Betty for a bit, forming a relationship of your very own.

Ka Tina

"Put in layaway" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jordan Rowland

"Put (something) in layaway" = Đặt cọc cái gì -> Trả một ít tiền cho cái gì trước rồi khi nào trả đủ mới lấy được.

Ví dụ
The closure has left customers scrambling for alternatives. Buyers generally put down half the cost of a dress, the store orders the proper colour and size from a mainland supplier, and customers pay the rest or put the dress on layaway after delivery.

Helena Reid had worked at a suicide hotline based in Tallahassee, Florida, for only a few months when she answered a call that challenged her skills and quickened her pulse. The woman described how she had put a gun on layaway at a local store. Her plan was to make payments over the next few months and, eventually, take the gun home and use it to end her life.

These days you can put just about anything on layaway, including that upcoming family vacation. More and more companies are now offering various payment plans to book trips geared toward customers who cannot pay upfront. Many times, payment plans make travel more accessible to people. But in some cases, consumers may end up paying more than they bargained for. Jennifer Caldwell is a frequent traveler. Her policy is, “book now, pay later.”

Ka Tina

"Sex on a stick" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

"Sex on a stick" = cây gậy dục tình -> nghĩa là người rất hấp dẫn về mặt tình dục, gần giống 'quả bom sex' đó các bạn.

Ví dụ
Meanwhile, Blaine stops by his old school to visit the Warblers and meets Sebastian, an attractive (hấp dẫn) new member of the a capella group who aggressively hits on him. At one point, he calls Blaine "sex on a stick with a voice like a dream."

For those of us who were kids in the 1980s, Bowie was terrifying (ghê sợ) and intriguing (hấp dẫn) as the antagonist (phản diện) of this fantasy flick... that is, until we weren't kids anymore, at which point we realized that Jareth the Goblin King was basically sex on a stick.

I was a trainer at a local gym, and the owner (who is basically sex on a stick) and I always had playful banter (trêu đùa), but nothing ever came of it. Until he added me on Snapchat. We talked more than my boyfriend and I did.

Ngọc Lân

"Put down to experience" nghĩa là gì?

Chẳng phải là nắng nhưng vẫn chói chang. Photo by  Pepe Cast Zam

"Put/chalk (something) down to experience" = Coi thất bại là một bài học/kinh nghiệm -> Bạn không đau buồn, thất vọng hay chán nản vì thất bại hoặc sự vấp ngã nhưng lại xem đó là một trải nghiệm/bài học hữu ích cho sau này.

Ví dụ
It's not as if the end result tastes any different, he adds, so don't treat it as a catastrophe (Kết thúc thê thảm, thảm họa); serve it up anyway and put it down to experience.

In any case, certainly in the heavyweight division, one win and you are right back in the thick of it. You put it down to experience and the proof of the pudding is someone like Dereck Chisora, who has had multiple opportunities to come again.

“They had a clinical patch at the start of the second half which took the game away from us. We were still in it at half time but have to start second halves better than we did. “It was a quicker game than we were used to, and it was disappointing not to get the bonus point try, but we will draw a line under it and put it down to experience.”

Ka Tina

"Put down in black and white" nghĩa là gì?

Trang giấy trắng. Photo by  Neven Krcmarek

"Put (something) down in black and white" = Viết cái gì xuống bằng giấy trắng mực đen để rõ ràng, minh bạch và hiệu lực.

Ví dụ
Donald Trump will officialise the USMCA deal on Wednesday. The trade pact between the United States, Canada, and Mexico will be put down in black and white during a ceremony on Wednesday at the White House.

When you’re a writer with an interest in investing sometimes you just want to put down in black and white how the numbers can really rack up over the long term. It can be an opaque (đen tối, không rõ ràng) business so it’s nice to be able to lay it out in simple terms when you can.

The function of this monster is to record on a chart the comings and goings of anyone who wanders into its field of electronic vision. Placed on a man’s desk, it will put down in black and white the information that the inhabitant went to the john for 16 minutes, 22 seconds, beginning at 3:07 p.m., and then got up for a coffee break 11 minutes later.

Ka Tina

"Put my teeth on edge" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by  Joey Nicotra

"Put/set (one's) teeth on edge" = Cắn răng/nghiền răng -> làm cho ai bực mình; làm cho ai gai người; làm cho ai ghê tởm.

Ví dụ
"There are nights in the theatre where I feel that I am watching a different show than everyone else. So it was at Heathers. I was mildly entertained at points, but the sheer raucous (khàn khàn) noise of the thing put my teeth on edge. Yet all around me, was an audience whooping (kêu la, hò reo) with joy."

"Paradise Jess" aside, New Girl Season 3 seems to be presenting us with a newer, improved-er Jess who splits the difference between the two older models - though the Jess who drinks until she dances inside an open toilet is pure Season 2, the first few scenes of Jess struggling to impress her new co-workers were so Season 1, it put my teeth on edge.

Each skin has its own song and visual style, and they’re all interesting, even if a few are designed to be discordant (chói tai) or even distracting. Some of them feel blissful, others may put your teeth on edge. The skins transition gracefully from one to the next, and the tempo (nhịp độ, độ nhanh) of each song controls how quickly the vertical bar slides across the screen. You’ll be playing fast songs differently than slow songs, and keeping track of where the bar is and when it will knock out your squares is essential if you want to pull off the biggest combos.

Ka Tina

"Put in harm's way" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Karl Fredrickson

"Put (one's) in harm's way" = Đẩy ai vào cảnh khó khăn, tai hại và nguy hiểm.

Ví dụ
However, Waring argued that he knew nothing about those terms and that he feared going back to the county jail, saying sheriff’s deputies have put him in harm’s way and failed to protect him while he is in custody.

Friends say the 33-year-old mother was a loving person. A quality that, in the end, put her in harm’s way. Dahabrah was strangled on Jan. 31 at her Westminster apartment complex by Naulls, her ex-husband, according to Westminster police. She died from her injuries a few days later.

Though Krista was struck while using a crosswalk, she said that since the incident she has experienced a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (rối loạn căng thẳng sau chấn thương) that has caused her to constantly overthink every decision that she makes because she is afraid that a decision as small as walking to the refrigerator could somehow put her in harm’s way.

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"Put in a bad mood" nghĩa là gì?

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"Put (one) in a bad mood" = Khiến tâm trạng ai tồi tệ, cáu gắt và buồn bã.

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The singer said: “She loved watching videos of other people opening presents and playing with toys. “It put her in a bad mood, so we stopped it completely.” Asda customers will be able to pick up a play planner, take part in in-store fundraising activities or purchase Pudsey clothing and ears, with all donations going to Children In Need.

The hearing was clearly on Kim’s mind. A 38-year-old self-described “law-school dropout (người bỏ học khỏi trường luật),” she is temping at a nonprofit, identifies as an anarcho-communist, and is a proud member of Democratic Socialists of America. She says dating often “feels like work,” and the hearing put her in a bad mood on a day when she’d already woken up hung over. As the date started, she was still feeling the previous night’s drinking, and she told Bob as much soon after they sat down.

To whatever credit this amounts to, Assassins Pride wasn’t the worst thing I have seen from 2019. Then again, it wasn’t the worst thing in the sense that other shows actively infuriated (cố tình chọc tức điên) me. Therefore, it was to this series’s fortunate benefit that it came out in the fall rather than the winter. Had it aired any earlier, then perhaps I wouldn’t have been as numbed to Assassins Pride’s problems as I was. Granted, this show was laughably dull and all over the place, but at least it didn’t put me in a bad mood afterward.

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"Put your tail up" nghĩa là gì?

Hạnh phúc là cùng nhau nhìn về một hướng. Photo by Roberta Doyle

"Put (one's) tail up" = Vẫy đuôi lên/dựng đuôi lên -> Có thái độ, suy nghĩ và tầm nhìn lạc quan, vui vẻ và tự tin.

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“It was just natural, I guess,” McLain said Sunday of the rescue. “I just approached him very carefully and reached out for the jar. He never attempted to do anything. He put his tail up and he just looked at me, once, but I knew he was pointing in the opposite direction so I knew I was good.”

“It gets real loud. The air gets real loud. You’ve put your tail up and nose down and increasing your speed. The mini-guns and the rockets are going off at the same time slow you down so fast that the last thing you want to do is stall a helicopter or lose your lift. If you loose your lift, the blades aren’t grabbing any air.

Schwartzman takes it to 15-15 in one of the best rallies you will see all tournament, retrieving the point at one stage with an impudent (trơ tráo, trơ trẽn, mặt dạn mày dày, vô liêm sỉ) flick (cú đánh nhẹ, vụt nhẹ) from between his legs. It seems to put his tail up as Zverev double-faults for the SIXTH time and is then taken to 15-40. Zverev digs in and returns it to deuce (tỉ số 40 đều) with some rapier-like groundstrokes, and then earns a set point. It’s an exceptional game, this particular one. Zverev sees it through and takes the first set 6-3!

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