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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"Be fleet of foot" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

"Be fleet of foot" nghĩa là nhanh chân.

Ví dụ
Notching (đạt) 100 sidesteps in just 45 seconds, it's clear that the German star is fleet of foot, but could anyone beat him?

Elk (nai sừng tấm) can maintain speeds of 30 miles per hour for extended (kéo dài) periods of time. Although elk are very fleet of foot, their endurance (sức chịu đựng) is.

Van Dyke is the type of quarterback (tiền vệ) that will set the tone for an offense because of the way he works. Van Dyke isn’t the most fleet of foot and doesn’t necessarily have the strongest arm, but he is accurate (chính xác) and is willing to put the work in to improve at the areas of his game that need work.

The sheep in the highlands would live off the land (sống nhờ đất) by themselves and would not be under the constant eye and care of a shepherd (người chăn cừu). To survive, they would not only be fast and fleet of foot to run from predators (kẻ săn mồi), but they also would be leery (ranh mãnh) in nature, always alert to any and all predators.

Thu Phương

"Fleeting glance" nghĩa là gì?

Người người nhà nhà dán mắt vào cái TV, mấy ai chăm chú đọc báo nữa. Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

"Fleeting glance" nghĩa là liếc nhìn nhanh, nhìn thoáng qua.

Ví dụ
I gave a fleeting glance to the TV screen and turned back to the pages of the newspaper. Everyone has the freedom of choosing their own entertainment today.

I'm sure that at some point in the past few years I've seen this minigame with a fleeting glance, and forgot it exists. But try as I might, I actually can't recall it.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker took Daisy Ridley's Rey to some interesting places, though her temptation (quyến rũ) to turn to the Dark Side was only given a fleeting glance in terms of screentime (lên hình).

Friendship involves mutual affection (tình cảm) between parties—with an emphasis on mutuality (tương trợ)—and is strengthened (củng cố) by compassion (lòng trắc ẩn), kindness, altruism (vị tha), and understanding. “Friendship” based on a fleeting glance between bars or a few strokes on the belly isn’t friendship at all, not even a remote semblance (làm ra vẻ) of one.

Thu Phương

"Dart a glance at" nghĩa là gì?

Gotcha! Photo by Bill

"Dart a glance at (someone or something)" = quăng cái liếc nhìn -> nghĩa là nhìn liếc qua rất nhanh.

Ví dụ
I dart a glance at Cia and she's got ostrich (đà điểu) eyes. Kel looks like he wants to hide behind the plywood (tấm gỗ dán) again, but instead he steps right out.

Before I can stop them, my eyes dart a glance at the Hound. He's watching me, his face unreadable (không thể đọc được). 'Even the redoubtable (đáng gờm) Marcus is no match for a mage (pháp sư)!'

She paused occasionally to dart a glance at the budgerigars (chim vẹt đuôi dài ở Úc) that hovered (bay liệng) nearby, making a few threatening movements towards them if they dared come too close.

She saw Sam dart a glance at her chest and she couldn't stop herself from giving a self-conscious (bất giác) laugh. “I know, I have all the necessary equipment (thiết bị cần thiết). But I didn't produce enough milk, and the boys just screamed and turned red and refused to latch on (theo đuổi)."

Thu Phương

"Throw a glance at" nghĩa là gì?

"Nhìn gì mà nhìn? Không thấy người ta đang tắm à?" Photo by Bogdan Glisik from Pexels

"Throw a glance at (someone or something)" = ném cái nhìn liếc qua. Nghĩa khác là rà soát, soi mói.

Ví dụ
The cat was famous for the way it would open its eyes and throw a glance at anyone who came in, even if they were the stealthiest (lén lút) of thieves.

The mother bear dropped to the ground threw a glance at me once more, and then she retreated (rút lui) back into the misty (sương mù) depths of the tundra (lãnh nguyên). What a touching moment that was!

“Your answer is sitting right here,” I say. On all fours, Abigail cranes her neck (nghển cổ) to look up at me. She gives me a slobbery (ủy mị) grin and tries to reach for me. I give her back half a smile and my index finger (ngón trỏ) and then I throw a glance at the Executor. 

As in good old days–thought Athena–when the evenings were free when you did not require more and more money, when you didn't need to throw a glance at the watch every half–hour, and when you were the hundred percent relaxed. A couple of hours weres enough to relax.

Thu Phương

"At first glance" nghĩa là gì?

Có việc để làm mùa dịch chính là một loại hạnh phúc. Photo by Terry Vo

"At first glance" nghĩa là thoạt nhìn, thoáng nhìn (lần đầu).

Ví dụ
In a video tweeted by the police handle, little Kabeer can be seen baking cupcakes. At first glance it may seem like he’s preparing the treats for himself. However, Kabeer was making the adorable desserts (tráng miệng) for a whole other reason.

At first glance, it looks as if the economic consequences (hậu quả kinh tế) of the coronavirus have disproportionately (mất cân đối) harmed lower-income workers. About half of the 21.4 million American jobs lost since February were low-paid positions in retail, restaurants, hotels, and recreation (giải trí).

"The Angolan Public Prosecutor's Office presented material evidence (vật chứng) that was fabricated (ngụy tạo) and based on a forgery (giả mạo). This court (tòa án) decision should be struck out as abuse (lạm dụng) of process and the judgement (phán quyết) set aside," dos Santos said in the English-language statement. "The forgery of the passport is obvious at first glance," it said.

Thu Phương

"Furtive glance" nghĩa là gì?

Ôi, ánh mắt ấy... Photo by Antonio

"Furtive glance" nghĩa là nhìn trộm, nhìn lén lút.

Ví dụ
It was unclear when we were supposed to start rubbing ourselves, so I threw a furtive glance at my neighbour to check if I was doing it right.

It’s easy to forget just how much sex there is in Sally Rooney’s Normal People, when many of its greatest romantic beats are carried in a furtive glance or something left unsaid.

In a rare dreamy montage (đoạn phim) in an otherwise economical series, Marianne and Connell —the outcast (người bị ruồng bỏ) and the school jock — cross each other on the corridor (hành lang) of their Irish high school, a furtive glance and half-smile the only hints of their secret relationship.

The film is masterful (bậc thầy) in its depiction (miêu tả) of human behavior. For instance, there’s a scene in which Ingimundur is going through his wife’s things and discovers an old shirt. His instinct (bản năng) is to sniff it. Although he’s the only one in the house, he still takes a quick, furtive glance around before doing so.

Thu Phương

"Know at a glance that" nghĩa là gì?

Em đẹp nhất khi em cười. Photo by Daniel Xavier from Pexels

"Know at a glance that" nghĩa là nhận biết rất nhanh (bằng mắt thường) mà không cần thông tin/bằng chứng cụ thể.

Ví dụ
People who know how to look will know at a glance that they are omens (điềm báo) of misfortune (bất hạnh).

In order to keep you up-to-date and informed, we are keeping track (theo dõi) of the latest numbers and information you need to know at-a-glance as of 6 p.m. on March 21, 2020.

Think about what a smile does for you. It attracts (thu hút) people. It says to the world "I'm a happy, confident, competent (có tài), satisfied person." It helps you transcend (vượt qua) difficult times. It lets others know at a glance that you're optimistic (lạc quan) and conscientious (tận tâm).

Anyone who has lived with oriental rugs (thảm phương Đông) will almost invariably (luôn luôn) know at a glance that the rug is not a real oriental. If the copy is so good (and I don't know of such a copy) and you have no expert (chuyên gia) advice nearby, I suggest that you open out the nap and examine the base of the nap.

Thu Phương

"Glance over" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

"Glance over (someone or something)" nghĩa là xem qua, đọc qua hoặc bàn lướt qua vấn đề.

Ví dụ
Tip: quickly read the first few sentences to get a sense of how tough the passage text will be, and glance over the questions.

The Giro has been postponed (hoãn lại) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and stage 5 from Enna to Mount Etna is rescheduled for October 7. In the meantime, Cyclingnews casts a glance over the Giro’s previous visits to the volcano (núi lửa).

Let’s quickly take a glance over their operational (hoạt động) hand financial (tài chính) position to understand their business growth trajectory (quỹ đạo tăng trưởng) and action plans taken lately to combat (chống lại) against coronavirus pandemic.

Riggs admitted (thừa nhận) that his error (lỗi) resulted from a quick glance over the department’s map showing the breakdown of cases by county. If a county has between one and six cases it has a light tan color, easy to confuse (nhầm lẫn) with the white color of the counties without any cases.

Thu Phương

"Parade of horribles" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: chuttersnap on Unsplash

"Parade of horribles" có từ parade là cuộc diễu hành, horrible là những điều kinh khủng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là những điều không may hoặc việc làm sai trái liên tiếp xảy ra.

Ví dụ
"The state's brief presents a parade of horribles that may or may not come to pass. However, that is not a reason to continue a practice rooted in racial and ethnic (sắc tộc) discrimination (phân biệt đối xử)," Marc Brown, a public defender in Oregon whose clients include ones appealing nonunanimous guilty verdicts (tuyên án), said last August.

While this parade of horribles will be visited upon every school district in the State of New York, the Northport-East Northport School District faces an added threat (mối nguy) in the pending (chưa giải quyết) tax certiorari (lệnh toá án cấp trên xét lại vụ án) litigation (tranh chấp) that hangs over its head like the proverbial sword of Damocles (những nguy hiểm luôn cập kề với người có quyền lực).

Counsel therefore should spend time considering (cân nhắc) the full parade of horribles that a particular client in a particular industry may someday face.

Ngọc Lân

"Knuckle-bones" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jennifer Wilson

"Knucklebones" là xương đốt, xương khuỷu hoặc hình khối nhỏ bằng gỗ, xương, nhựa... để chơi game.

Ví dụ
With captivation often comes frustration (thất vọng), especially at the repetition (lặp lại) of what seems like a simple task. Throw a knucklebone, pick up another, catch the original knucklebone.

Mechanical design engineer (kỹ sư thiết kế cơ khí) Mikhail Tikh learned about knucklebones as a form of dice from a Reddit thread, and his interest was piqued (kích thích). A fan of ancient history, he decided to look into obtaining a set of knucklebones, but discovered that they were pretty elusive; not many people use the ancient form of dice anymore.

And then were discovered, they say, the ways of playing with the dice and the knucklebones and the ball … These games they invented as a resource against the famine (nạn đói)… on one of the days they would play games all the time in order that they might not feel the want of food, and on the next they ceased from their games and had food: and thus they went on for 18 years.

Thu Phương

"Golden parachute" nghĩa là gì

Photo by: Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

"Golden parachute" = chiếc dù vàng -> nghĩa là tiền trợ cấp cho những người bị buộc thôi việc.

Ví dụ
Stephenson is leaving with a golden parachute retirement (nghỉ hưu) package. His pension (tiền trợ cấp) is valued at $64 million with an additional $27.6 million in deferred earnings, according to the New York Times.

Kelly Loeffler got a $9 million golden parachute when she left her job to join the U.S. Senate – at a company where her husband is the CEO.

But less than six months after the deal was announced, Smith and Drahi parted ways, and the CEO walked away with a golden parachute check for a whopping (to lớn khác thường) $28 million. To replace him, Drahi hired Altice CFO Charles Stewart.

Ngọc Lân

"Knuckle-dragger" nghĩa là gì?

Giám đốc cũng có người this người that. Photo by The Coach Space from Pexels

"Knuckle-dragger" nghĩa là có lớn mà không có khôn, trông ngu ngốc (thường nói về những người cao lớn, trông như con đười ươi). Cụm từ tương tự có "knucklehead".

Ví dụ
What’s worse than a knuckle dragger? A drunk knuckle dragger on meth (ma túy đá).

Rob’s not the kind of guy that I don’t think… like I said, he’s a mute, he’s a bit of a knuckle-dragger.

“I have been called everything from ‘knuckle-dragger’ to ‘old white man’ in trying to move this forward,” McCarter said.

It amazes me how many executives (giám đốc điều hành) are knuckle-draggers. A knuckle-dragger, for purposes of this conversation, is someone who is unintelligent (or makes unintelligent decisions) and is stuck in the past, promoting and using antiquated (cổ xưa) and ineffective (không hiệu quả) methods.

Thu Phương

"Knuckle down to" nghĩa là gì?

Đăm chiêu học hành. Photo by Masha Raymers from Pexels

"Knuckle down to (do) (something)" nghĩa là quyết tâm, bắt tay vào làm gì.

Ví dụ
With nearly 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook needs to knuckle down to stop the vast spread of fake news and it sees AI (trí tuệ nhân tạo) as a tool that can take the "drudgery (việc vất vả) out" of tasks that would take humans a lot of time to complete.

Discover (khám phá) the joy that throwing off the yoke of productivity (năng suất) can give you. Refuse (từ chối) to knuckle down to pointless (vô nghĩa) tasks, glitchy video conferences and the other indignities (sỉ nhục) of a time that should be a gift for reflection and idleness (lười nhác).

“We go to the supermarket once a week to do grocery shopping,” Yang says. “We play tennis and volleyball in our courtyard. My mom watches lots of Chinese soap operas. I knuckle down learning French, one of the official languages in Seychelles. My French is good enough for daily conversation (hội thoại) now.”

Thu Phương

"Knuckle under to" nghĩa là gì?

Lệnh này tự nguyện, không cần ép buộc. Photo by ready made from Pexels

"Knuckle under to (someone or something)" nghĩa là đầu hàng, chịu khuất phục.

Ví dụ
If you knuckle under to Dear Old Dad's demands, you are making a big mistake.

And yet, still the sanctions (lệnh trừng phạt) appear light on. The onus (nhiệm vụ) is on all of us to knuckle under, and mostly we've complied (tuân theo)

Many liberal Jews (người Do thái) believe that it is not only their right, but their duty, to lobby (vận động hành lang) Washington to "save Israel from itself" by using every lever (đòn bẩy) of power, including withholding (từ chối) US aid, to force Jerusalem to knuckle under to their demands.

The playbook for beating the NCAA is plain to see in the examples set by Kansas/LSU – cheat, deny, fight. Louisville’s mistake was to knuckle under by trying to do the right thing. They didn’t want the reputation (danh tiếng) of their city’s university sullied (ô nhục) by the actions of Pitino and Jurich, so both were canned (bị đuổi).

Thu Phương

"White-knuckle" nghĩa là gì?

Cảm giác mạnh hết hồn. Photo by Min An from Pexels

"White-knuckle (ride)" nghĩa là ( chuyến đi) căng thẳng hoặc sợ hãi tột độ. Nghĩa khác là nắm chặt cái gì đến nỗi ngón tay chuyển sang màu trắng.

Ví dụ
Audible has snapped up an exclusive (độc quyền) “white-knuckle suspense” thriller (phim kinh dị) from Kindle bestseller Paddy Magrane.

Thrill seekers (người tìm kiếm cảm giác mạnh) may never have to queue (xếp hàng) for white- knuckle rides again as theme parks draw up plans for a safe reopening.

When you think of intense (hồi hộp), white-knuckle thrill rides, you probably think of skydiving (nhảy dù), whitewater rafting (chèo thuyền vượt ghềnh thác), or that one roller coaster at Great America where you had to stand up and your head got knocked around so often you’d get a concussion (chấn động).

With the Queensland Government still running a ban (lệnh cấm) on driver licence testing during the coronavirus pandemic, and no clearance (cho phép) for interstate workers to travel into harvest (thu hoạch) districts, it's a white knuckle ride into the start of harvesting in the Burdekin, set to start on June 2 at Wilmar's Inkerman Mill, followed by Invicta Kalamia and Pioneer mills on June 9.

Thu Phương

"Be near the knuckle" nghĩa là gì?

Vô duyên lại tưởng mình hài hước. Photo by Heinz Bunse

"(Be) near the knuckle" nghĩa là gần như xúc phạm, thô tục bất lịch sự (câu chuyện, câu nói đùa...)

Ví dụ
Over the last few weeks Geoff has become very nasty (tục tĩu) and cruel (tàn bạo) and that's what makes it really near the knuckle.

There are definitely some jokes, especially as the show goes on, which are very near the knuckle. But we were very hot on expletives (lời tục tĩu).

Ricky’s cheeky, near-the-knuckle humour is back, as well as his love of the c-word. There were also ­plenty of laughs filming series two at the expense of Ricky’s co-stars.

With a reputation (danh tiếng) as an outrageous (thái quá) and near-the-knuckle comic, Gervais' contemplative (suy tư) and introspective (hay nội quan) Derek proved to be a jarring  (mâu thuẫn) shift of gear that viewers either "got" immediately or failed to connect with entirely.

Thu Phương

"Sandwiched between" nghĩa là gì?

Tòa nhà nằm giữa nhiều tòa nhà. :D Photo by zhang kaiyv from Pexels

"Sandwiched between" nghĩa là bị kẹp giữa.

Ví dụ
The property is located adjacent to Sunnyside Yards and is sandwiched between two new high-rise (cao tầng) developments.

The crunch (giòn tan) of properly fried breading, the juicy chicken lurking beneath (ẩn giấu bên dưới), and the sloppy (loãng) combo of secret sauces and toppings sandwiched between two squishy buns (bánh mềm) all make a good chicken sandwich a joyous mess to devour (ngấu nghiến), especially when sided with fries or tots and a cold beer.

Construction projects (dự án xây dựng) in downtown Tuscaloosa are changing the face of the city from hotels to new apartment and condominium buildings (tòa chung cư) are replacing older, smaller buildings. A small apartment building is see sandwiched between the new Westgate development on the right and the HERE Tuscaloosa development on the left Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Thu Phương

"Hero sandwich" nghĩa là gì?

Yum yum. Photo by jeffreyw

"Hero sandwich" = sandwich anh hùng -> tên đầy đủ là "Sandwich Grinder, Hoagie, Po Boy, Torpedo, Submarine, Zeppelin". Đây là loại bánh thon dài (6-inch), có thịt nguội Ý, phô mai, gia vị, dầu và giấm. Thuật ngữ “Hero” có nguồn gốc từ những năm cuối thế kỷ 19 khi các bánh sandwich đã được tạo ra để phục vụ cho người lao động Ý, những người muốn một bữa trưa tiện lợi ở nước Ý đã rất thích món ăn này.

Ví dụ
They worked with a renowned (nổi tiếng) cheesemonger (người bán pho-mát) for the grilled cheese creations (sáng tạo), and source cold cuts from LP’s Quality Meats for their not-so-humble newbie, the Hero Sandwich.

An anonymous (ẩn danh) Twitter user photoshopped the militants (chiến sĩ) carrying big hero sandwiches in place of (thay thế) guns. She reportedly told the News & Reporter her mock-up of the protesters (người biểu tình) was meant to point out the absurdity (vô lý) of the idea that guns might in anyway be useful in a war against a pandemic.

The menu is pretty basic — tasty, crispy (giòn), properly British fish ’n’ chips, in a sundry (nhiều) of sizes, along with shrimp (tôm) ’n’ chips, oysters (hàu) ’n’ chips, scallops (sò) ’n’ chips and clams (trai) ’n’ chips. There are number fish tacos. There are yam chips (khoai lang chiên). The combos have names like The Piccadilly, The London and The Big Ben. There’s a secondary menu of hero sandwiches.

Thu Phương

"Dagwood sandwich" nghĩa là gì?

Nghĩ ăn như nào cho bớt đau mồm nhỉ? Photo by Beebe Bee

"Dagwood sandwich" là loại bánh sandwich tiêu biểu của Mỹ ấn tượng về màu sắc và kích thước lớn gồm nhiều nguyên liệu từ gà tây Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ, rau diếp, cà chua và nhiều nguyên liệu khác.

Ví dụ
Long may we devour (ngấu nghiến) the Dagwood sandwich, layered (xếp lớp) with sardines (cá mòi), onions, cheese, cold baked beans and whatever Dagwood Bumstead could find in the fridge.

Stacked high, the Dagwood sandwich — named after the “Blondie” comic strip character (nhân vật truyện tranh) Dagwood Bumstead, who was known for gigantic enormous (siêu khổng lồ) sandwiches — had just the right amount of everything.

First some background. The cornerstones (nền tảng) of South Island cuisine (ẩm thực) are of course the mutton pie (bánh thịt cừu), the cheese roll and the dagwood sandwich. While most know the first two, the third is shrouded (che giấu) in mystery.

In reality, Opportunity Zones represent yet another public subsidy (trợ cấp) for private gain (lợi ích cá nhân). Just one more layer in a Dagwood sandwich of public handouts (tài trợ) that include tax-increment financing (tài trợ dựa vào gia tăng thuế), tax abatements (khấu trừ thuế) and myriad other forms of tax relief for commercial real estate (bất động sản) owners.

Thu Phương

"Knuckle sandwich" nghĩa là gì?

Tự nhiên lại muốn "được" ăn đấm. Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 from Pexels

"Knuckle sandwich" (tiếng lóng) nghĩa là cú đấm vào mặt. Cụm từ cũng dùng để chỉ cái bánh mì (có thể làm bằng bánh mì mềm sandwich hoặc là bánh mì thường) nhiều thịt nhiều nhân đến độ giống như cái mồm há ra.

Ví dụ
Steve Kerr opened up about Jordan feeding him a knuckle sandwich. Basically, Kerr took it like a boss and said “It builds character.”

With barely any passengers (hành khách) during the circuit breaker (ngắt điện), one taxi driver started delivering food thanks to arrangements (sắp xếp) from his company, except he wasn't expecting to be served a knuckle sandwich.

He decided to call her a lot of dirty names and kept approaching (tiếp cận) her and getting so close, that I felt the need to step in between him and her. Fortunately, a manager came up and asked him to leave before she took more abuse (lạm dụng), and I took a knuckle sandwich to the face.

“Pop” cherished (thương yêu) his family and especially loved the time he spent with his grandchildren. The beloved grandkids never left “pop” without a good story, a knuckle sandwich, and a few bucks. The love he had for them was immeasurable (bao la) and they could never do wrong in his eyes.

Thu Phương

"I couldn't ask you to do that" nghĩa là gì?

Ngại nhờ người khác thì đừng nhờ nữa. :D Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

"I couldn't ask you to do that" nghĩa là tôi không muốn nhờ bạn làm việc đó (thật ra là tôi muốn nhưng vẫn phải lịch sự nói thế).

Ví dụ
Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that. If you'll just give me a few directions (phương hướng), I'll make out fine.

Aina: “I couldn't ask you to do that, Luce.”
Lucinda: “You didn't ask. I volunteered (tình nguyện). Now, go. The doctor's waiting for you down on the riverwalk...and you don't want to be late."

And my feelings and love for you—so powerful—that I can't express myself in these mere words. I realize it might seem what I have written is asking you to wait, because I must go slowly, I couldn't ask you to do that. That would be asking too much. I guess you have also realized (nhận ra) I can not let you go. I love you.

A: “If it makes any difference, I could do a couple of pieces on spec (theo may rủi)? You wouldn't have to pay me unless you liked them.”
B: “Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that.”
A: “I don't mind.”
B: “No, I'm sorry, but it's not company protocol (giao thức)."

Thu Phương

"No questions asked" nghĩa là gì?

Hãy đi kiểm tra khi thấy có triệu chứng. Photo by Amornthep Srina from Pexels

"No questions asked" nghĩa là không có thêm yêu cầu/câu hỏi gì, không truy cứu (đối với kẻ tình nghi/đối tượng đang bị điều tra).

Ví dụ
Transparency International (Tổ chức Minh bạch Quốc tế) Sri Lanka (TISL) is concerned by steps taken by the Government to enact (ban hành) a “no questions asked” policy on deposits of foreign currency (ngoại tệ).

An oversized chair has gone missing from the grounds of Otago Girls’ High School during the lockdown, prompting (nhắc nhở) staff to call for its immediate return with no questions asked. She hoped the culprit(s) (thủ phạm) would think better of their actions and simply return it to its rightful place, no questions asked.

Mobile operators (nhà khai thác mạng di động) SK Telecom, KT and LG u+ have provided contact information for 10,950 people who were in the area between April 24 and May 6, so the city could text them to encourage them to go through testing. The government has promised that anyone who may have been in affected (bị nhiễm) can get tested anonymously (ẩn danh), no questions asked.

Thu Phương

"Don't ask me" nghĩa là gì?

Mị còn trẻ mị chưa muốn lấy chồng! Photo by Hải Nguyễn from Pexels

"Don't ask me" = đừng hỏi tôi, tôi chẳng biết gì hết -> sử dụng khi bạn thấy phiền hoặc không biết trả lời sao.

Ví dụ
Don't ask me about marriage!

Don't ask me when sports will be back. Maybe late summer. Maybe the fall. Maybe not until 2044.

Please don't ask me when I last washed my hair. Because when I told my mother over FaceTime last week. She gave me a look that I had never seen before — a mix of horror (kinh dị) and disgust (ghê tởm) sprinkled (rải lên) with a dash of disappointment (thất vọng).

As one who has always regarded tech (công nghệ) as a tool of the trade (thương mại), to be able to share such a fun time through a screen opened my eyes to the social possibilities (khả năng) afforded by the digital world, not least in keeping those feeling isolated (cô lập) and alone in touch with friends in family. So bring on technology. Just don’t ask me how to work the TV zappe.

Thu Phương

"If you don't see what you want, just ask for it" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by emre keshavarz from Pexels

"If you don't see what you want, just ask (for it)" hoặc "if you don't see what you want, please ask (for it)" = không thấy thì hỏi -> là cách nói lịch sự thường dùng trong nhà hàng, khuyến khích vị khách không cần e dè hỏi lại về món ăn sao chưa lên.

Ví dụ
Anything you want, please ask for it. We want you to be happy.

I know some people love cocktail sauce with fried seafood (hải sản), but I am not a fan of it with fried oysters (hàu). I just ask for it to be left off. Order how you like. No judgment (phán xét) from me.

While it was disappointingly (đáng thất vọng) clean, the menu in the window was extensive (phong phú), simple, and said at the bottom; “If you don't see what you want, just ask." I also noticed that there were booths along the front window and that breakfast was an all day proposition (đề xuất). I was sold.

I wondered if my father and Miss Ellen were secretly having an affair. A café owner, and a single, brown-skinned buxom (đẫy đà) woman, Miss Ellen usually wore a revealing low-cut neckline and always smelled sweet. She also served delicious food and drink to her mostly male clientele (khách quen) with a flirtatious (tán tỉnh) smile and an, "If you want anything else, just ask for it.”

Thu Phương

"Ask after" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels Đại gia đình bên nhau vui vẻ. Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

"Ask after (someone)" nghĩa là hỏi thăm sức khỏe của ai.

Ví dụ
Madame, so some one ask after me, tell dem dat I am one mad.

I found I couldn’t bear to ask after Bridie, as if the night nurse were the young volunteer’s keeper (quản lý).

Mrs.Lu wants to ask after Amy, but from a vague sense (cảm giác mơ hồ) of propriety (phép lịch sự), stops herself and instead asks for Alice.

Parents can then ask after new friends that are not part of the peer group and invite them over for sleepovers (qua đêm), family outings (đi chơi), or other get-togethers (tụ họp).

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"Golden ticket" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Andy Li on Unsplash

"Golden ticket" = chiếc vé vàng -> nghĩa là người hoặc vật đem lại cơ hội thành công lớn về mặt tài chính.

Ví dụ
But there is a true golden ticket of marketing: the right messaging (truyền thông). With the right messaging, you can create effective, targeted communication that helps build lasting relationships with current customers and allows you to reach ideal customers in larger numbers.

They think that Barack Obama's endorsement (xác nhận, tán thành) is a golden ticket. It is not a golden ticket. Hillary Clinton had Barack Obama's endorsement, and he worked his heart out for her.

That's not the case for Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, who has stayed out of the limelight and yet remains on most lists as a possible running mate for presumptive (có cơ sở) Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Why? On paper, Cortez Masto seems like the key to a golden ticket. However, multiple sources tell CBS News that Cortez Masto might not be interested.

Ngọc Lân

"Ask point-blank" nghĩa là gì?

Có vẻ thích phá nhiều hơn là giúp. Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

"Ask/tell/refuse (someone) point-blank" nghĩa là hỏi/nói/từ chối thẳng thừng, trực tiếp. "Point-blank" nghĩa đen là bắn thẳng (ở cự li gần), nhắm vào điểm chính giữa mục tiêu (blank).

Ví dụ
It took me two years to decide that he wasn't, only because I never, ever wanted to ask him pointblank.

If I were but nineteen, I would refuse point blank, for I don't like to be married in a week to a man I never saw.

Asking people point-blank how they're feeling might not work. How many times have you heard "I'm fine," or "I'm OK," when you know that's likely not the case?

So, on day one of the lockdown, at morning tea, I broached (đề cập) the subject eagerly (háo hức) with my wife, “I think from today I should help you in the kitchen.” She refused point blank. “No, thanks. Last time you helped me there, I was on the point of a nervous breakdown (suy sụp tinh thần).”

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