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Friday, May 15, 2020

"Be that as it may" nghĩa là gì?

Tập mà sống chung với lũ. Photo by Michael Walter on Unsplash

"Be that as it may" = cứ cho là có thể xảy ra -> nghĩa là mặc dù vậy, tuy nhiên, cho dù lời bạn nói có thể đúng...

Ví dụ
Be that as it may, the past is in the rear-view mirror (gương chiếu hậu), and it behoves (có nhiệm vụ) us all to learn from it whilst continuing to take precautions (đề phòng).

Be that as it may, we have learnt a lot about other things — the state of our preparedness (chuẩn bị sẵn sàng), the quality of our leaders, and ourselves. Now that the first-wave dust has somewhat settled (lắng xuống), one thing is certain: We will have to learn to live with the pandemic. It is not going away anytime soon.

Movie theaters remain closed in the U.S. and around the world. Be that as it may, new movies are still making their way out into the world via streaming, which can provide lovers of cinema some solace (an ủi) in these crazy times. This week is no exception (ngoại lệ), as we have a wide array (danh sách) of new and recent releases coming down the pipeline (sắp chiếu).

Thu Phương

"As the case may be" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

"As/whatever the case may be" nghĩa là tùy theo từng trường hợp (mà điều đó có thể đúng hoặc sai).

Ví dụ
The Company makes no representation (tuyên bố) that the RMB or USD amounts referred could be converted into USD or RMB, as the case may be, at any particular rate or at all.

Call them "underrated," "unappreciated," (không được đánh giá cao) or just "undervalued." Whatever the case may be, today we will take a look at a number of those players from the Cleveland Indians, both past and present.

Whatever the case may be, once you have decided it’s time to receive monthly installment payments (thanh toán trả góp) from your TSP account balance (số dư tài khoản), you might wonder how long it will take to begin receiving the money.

At the request of the importer (nhập hàng) of record, the owner, or the transferee (bên được nhượng), as the case may be, two general samples may be taken from a sampling unit if the taking and testing of a second general sample is feasible (khả thi).

Thu Phương

"Young men may die, but old men must die" nghĩa là gì?

Tuổi già đến, không ai có thể tránh được. Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

"Young men may die, but old men must die" nghĩa là người trẻ có thể chết (vì tai nạn/bệnh tật) nhưng người già chắc chắn chết (tuổi tác).

Ví dụ
"I doubt not, my friend, that you have been both a valiant soldier (người lính dũng cảm) and skilful hunter (thợ săn tài giỏi), in your day,” said the divine (thánh thần); “but more is wanting, to prepare you for that end which approaches.—You may have heard the maxim (châm ngôn), that 'young men may die, but that old men must.'"

A Roman noblewoman once said that ‘young men may die, but old men must die.’ I’m in my forties, and never thought about my own mortality (cái chết) until now. I was always under the impression (ấn tượng) that I might live to old age like my parents. Hearing the statistics of those in Ireland and worldwide who have passed away is frightening. Being young brings no immunity (miễn dịch) from this disease.

Now our age brings us, after a weary race (cuộc đua mệt mỏi), within some breathings of our goal: for, if young men may die, old men must: a condition, which a mere carnal (trần tục) heart bewails (khóc than) and abhors (ghê tởm); complaining of nature, as niggardly (hà tiện) in her dispensations (sắp đặt) of the shortest time to her noblest creature (sinh vật cao quý nhất); and envying the oaks, which many generations of men must leave standing and growing.

Thu Phương

"The darling buds of May" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

"The darling buds of May" nghĩa là những nụ hoa chớm nở đầu xuân. Cụm từ xuất hiện trong Sonnet 18 của Shakespeare: "rough winds do shake the darling buds of May".

Ví dụ
Does the Bard’s Sonnet 18 warning (cảnh báo) over ‘rough winds and darling buds of May’ cause concern by metaphoric (ẩn dụ) extension due to our current Covid-19 situation? Or, may that question just screw up one of Shakespeare’s best sonnets?

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but do those winds have to be quite so cold and must it snow? Apparently, yes. New York City saw traces of snow early Saturday morning in climate sites at Central Park and La Guardia and John F. Kennedy airports, according to the National Weather Service.

By the time the darling buds of May have blossomed, a well-heeled (giàu có) patron or patroness (nhà bảo trợ) of good causes may have sipped Champagne, danced, or auction-bid (đấu thầu) weekly or more for his or her pet causes — not that, given the state of things, any of them are looking for pity for the social-calendar hit.

Thu Phương

"Media darling" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tycho Atsma on Unsplash

"Media darling" nghĩa là con cưng của truyền thông, người nổi tiếng được giới truyền thông ưu ái.

Ví dụ
Arruda’s missteps (bước đi sai lầm) were capped off (che đậy) by the most ridiculous furor (phẫn nộ) of all, as the doctor and social media darling was criticized (chỉ trích) for appearing in a video with a Quebec rapper, doing a funny dance.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes (viện dưỡng lão) to take in (tiếp nhận) people with coronavirus and thousands of people in these facilities subsequently died of the virus. But the media doesn't care. As The New Republic notes, "If a media darling has emerged during the coronavirus crisis, it’s Cuomo."

Over the past few weeks, Osaka Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura, who also serves as acting leader (quyền lãnh đạo) of Osaka Ishin no Kai, has gone from being a locally liked politician (chính trị gia) known as a team player to a national media darling, admired (ngưỡng mộ) by the public for his strong individual leadership and communication skills in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Thu Phương

"Your mileage may vary" nghĩa là gì?

Chọn tai nghe tùy sở thích. Photo by Sound On from Pexels

"Your mileage may vary" (YMMV) có từ "mileage" nghĩa là lợi lộc, lợi ích -> kinh nghiệm hay kết quả thu được có thể khác nhau tùy vào nhu cầu cá nhân bạn.

Ví dụ
Not all motherboards (bo mạch chủ) will support the new connectivity (kết nối), so your mileage may vary with compatibility (khả năng tương thích).

The two companies have just announced a plan to bring the solar technology (công nghệ năng lượng mặt trời) to other electric vehicle makers, so your mileage may vary.

I did start to find them a bit uncomfortable (không thoải mái) after wearing them for an extended period. Obviously ear sizes are a bit like snowflakes and your mileage may vary.

Your mileage may vary depending on how much you dislike the smell of French cheeses and care about seeing a pretty face in the mirror, but you can skip a lot of hygiene (vệ sinh) if you have a tolerance for the consequences (chịu đựng hậu quả).

Thu Phương

"Monkeys might fly out of my butt" nghĩa là gì?

Chắc trêu! Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

"Monkeys might fly out of my butt" nghĩa là nếu điều đó có khả năng, thì con khỉ cũng có thể bay ra từ mông tôi được -> ý chỉ điều không thể xảy ra.

Ví dụ
Now, we know what you're thinking. Are gen-xers (thế hệ X) gonna actually click on an article and read all the way to the second-to-last paragraph to get mad online? Sh'yeah, right. And monkeys might fly out of our butt. That sounds like way too much work.

Sam, have you considered that with a healthy Shea Weber, the Canadiens would have been a playoff team this year? Also, have you considered that monkeys might come flying out of my butt? Yeah, underrated (đánh giá thấp) in Nashville, overrated (đánh giá cao) in Montreal.

Since most of the dialogue (hội thoại) in Wayne’s World is made up of obscure (tối nghĩa) American slang, translating it for foreign markets proved to be a nightmare. In many international versions of the film, there are lines that have virtually no connection (kết nối) to the original. For example, Wayne’s line “And monkeys might fly out of my butt!” as a response to something unbelievable (không thể tin được) was translated into Spanish as “When Judgment Day comes!” 

Thu Phương

"Let the chips fall where they may" nghĩa là gì?

Đối với dịch bệnh, lạc quan chứ đừng chủ quan. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

"Let the chips fall (where they may)" nghĩa là cứ để mọi việc xảy ra dù kết quả có tệ như thế nào đi chăng nữa.

Ví dụ
His advice? “We’re in survival (sinh tồn) mode. Apply for everything you can. The important thing is to answer every question as honestly as you can. Then let the chips fall where they may.”

When you see people really care and go above and beyond to make sure you’re all right, you want to repay (trả ơn) them the best way you know how. My fighting, people enjoy it, so I want to get back in there, that’s the way I say thank you. Go in there, put on a show, fight my heart out and let the chips fall where they may.

Their attitudes (thái độ) and behaviors (hành vi), like other age groups, run the gamut (trải qua hết) from being extremely cautious (thận trọng) to overconfident (cả tin). Like the risk tolerance (chấp nhận rủi ro) tool that financial services professionals use with their clients, there is great variation in risk-taking behavior. Some people are more willing to take chances and let the chips fall where they may. Others are more cautious, taking the road to safety.

Thu Phương

"Mish-mash" nghĩa là gì?

Dọn dẹp đi em gì ơi. Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

"Mish-mash" -> nghĩa là lộn xộn, mớ hỗn độn.

Ví dụ
If you think about it, Boston is a relatively “short” city when it comes to our real estate. Due to a mish-mash of laws (luật lệ) and zoning regulations (quy định quy hoạch), even Boston’s tallest buildings would barely be a blip on the New York City skyline.

The end result of this mish-mash is not surprising. Sickness and death have escalated (leo thang) and, as one public health expert declared (tuyên bố) ominously (lo sợ), “we’re only in the second inning.” A draft federal government report last week predicted a sharp increase of up to 200,000 new cases per day—and 3,000 deaths per day—by June 1. More than 150,000 Americans are forecast to die of the virus by August.

Staff at MMH wear a mish-mash of personal protective equipment that has been purchased, donated from the community and distributed through the Ouray County Unified Command. Volunteers sewed washable and reusable gowns (áo choàng) for the staff out of shower curtains.

Ngọc Lân

"Cry wolf" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Ekrulila on Pexels

"Cry wolf" -> nghĩa là kêu cứu đùa, kêu cứu láo để đánh lừa mọi người. Câu này xuất phát từ câu chuyện ngụ ngôn cậu bé chăn cừu, cậu bé kêu cứu giả nhiều lần vì bị sói tấn công đàn cừu đến nỗi dân làng không còn tin cậu bé nữa và khi bị sói tấn công thật thì cả cậu và đàn cừu gặp nguy hiểm.

Ví dụ
Did you ever hear the saying, “Never cry wolf”? Well, I raised a false alarm one too many times. It resulted in the rejection of a subsequent (tiếp sau) valid (hợp lệ) claim, which had disastrous consequences (hậu quả). Although I lived to tell about the nightmarish event, I definitely regretted the previous trumped-up assertions.

It's time for the government to undo the 'cry wolf' and work on the sinking (đang chìm dần) economy. Do not give an impression that COVID -19 spoiled your economy. Start working now.

Within Swedish culture, people trust one another to behave in a responsible way and respect others. Moreover, they usually trust their authorities, not only politicians but also the public administration (chính quyền). ‘Recommendations’ are taken seriously. Rarely do the authorities cry wolf, and so when they do, people respond.

Ngọc Lân

"Drink to your health" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash 

"Drink to one's health" = uống cho sức khỏe của ai đó. Cụm từ này để chỉ việc nâng ly để chúc sức khỏe của một người (thường trong các dịp tiệc tùng, lễ cưới hỏi,..). Cụm từ này có thể dùng trong trường hợp sức khỏe người được nhắc tới đang yếu và chúc khỏe lên, nhưng không được dùng để tưởng nhớ người đã mất.

Ví dụ 
To celebrate with Richard and Susan on their wedding today, I would like everyone to join me and toast a drink (nâng ly) to the newlywed couple's health. 

Drinking to one's health is usually seen as a great opportunity to show great appreciation for someone. However, for some people who are abstained (kiêng cữ) from drinking, it can create an awkward atmosphere when they can not toast with everyone around the table or to the person directly. Sometimes this occasion creates peer pressure (áp lực từ người quen) on non-drinking people, making them feel like they are being impolite or left out (bị bỏ rơi).

Minh Đức

Bài trước: "Drink myself to death" nghĩa là gì?

"Drink myself to death" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by thom masat on Unsplash 

"Drink oneself to death" = uống (rượu) tới chết -> nghĩa là uống say đến mức không còn biết trời đất gì, không còn chút tỉnh táo gì để nhận biết xung quanh. 

Ví dụ
Leong and other experts continue to stress (nhấn mạnh) one tried-and-true (đã thử và thấy hiệu quả) method that will indeed kill the virus without having to drink yourself to death - just wash your hands. 

The two-time Oscar winner said his struggles with alcohol, his divorce from Jennifer Garner, and a "troubled shoot" on Justice League prompted him to abandon the role of Bruce Wayne. "I showed somebody The Batman script" Afflect told the Times. "They said, "I think the script is good. I also think you'll drink yourself to death if you go through what you just went through again." A common trait among alcoholics is that they often drink themselves to death when stressed out (căng thẳng thần kinh).

Minh Đức

"For a lark" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

"For a lark" có từ lark là trò vui đùa, trò bông đùa -> cụm từ này nghĩa là làm việc gì đó cho vui.

Ví dụ
Did he really think that right now, given the situation across the country, the “general public” would hop on (nhảy lên) to Shramik Special trains for a lark?

But then I was chatting to a friend who suggested a podcast. So, just for a lark, we decided to record a test-episode and it all turned out pretty well. I had the idea that as part of the project I wanted to narrate my diaries, which we will be doing, as well as just chat about things that are going on with me and that have shaped my life and career.

Someone please explain why we are giving away priceless habitat (nơi sống) for a lark? We really don't get how lucky we are here in Nova Scotia to be surrounded by natural beauty. Saddest news story I've seen in some time, and there are many to choose from. I don't blame the person who won it not his fault, and hope he will do good with it like perhaps donate it to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Ngọc Lân

Dân Mexico thật lạ

shared from fb linh hoang vu,
Xem Narcos Season 2 có cảnh hai đứa trẻ (4 và 6 tuổi) dùng súng thật xử tử cô bé hầu gái. Và một trong hai đứa đó sau này thành Tổng thống. Chi tiết đó hoá ra là có thật. Và cô hầu gái bị bọn trẻ giết kia mới có 12 tuổi.

Đó là Tổng thống Mexico Carlos Salinas. Đứa còn lại thì thành doanh nhân, và từng bị kết án tù vì ám sát anh/em rể mình là ứng cử viên Tổng thống của đảng PRI (đảng nắm quyền ở Mexico suốt gần 100 năm). Tay này sau đó còn bị bắt ở Thuỵ Sĩ vì rửa 100 triệu đô-la.

Chính trị Mexico thật là kinh khủng, Tổng thống nào cũng tham nhũng và nhận tiền từ Mafia. Một viên Tổng thống gần đây, người phát động cuộc chiến chống ma tuý bị trùm mafia Chapo tố nhận 100 triệu đô-la. Nhưng dân Mexico cũng lạ, làm sao lại có thể bầu cho một kẻ psychopath máu lạnh, giết người từ nhỏ như thế (vị Tổng thống tương lai khoe với cảnh sát là "I killed her with one shot; I'm a hero.").

"Golden duck" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by prise69

"Golden duck" = con vịt vàng. Đây là thuật ngữ trong môn criket (bóng gậy), khi cầu thủ đập bóng (batsman) bị loại ngay cú đánh đầu tiên.

Ví dụ
Mysterious (bí ẩn) ring-in (mở màn) your mate was talking up for ages, only for him to be bowled for a golden duck and never seen again.

Pakistan, however, gave a body blow to India through Shoaib Akhtar. The local boy removed man in form Virender Sehwag for a golden duck and Dravid walked in with a job on his hand.

A slider off the next ball beat David Miller’s outside edge (biên) and Rahul quickly took off the bails (thanh ngang trên bộ cọc gôn). The dangerous Miller was gone for a golden duck and RCB were back in the game.

Dhoni did not have the best of debuts (ra mắt) in International cricket. He was run-out for a duck in his very first game for a golden duck but Srikkant feels that the 148 he stroked against Pakistan in the 2005 ODI series in Vizag gave him the confidence (tự tin) that he has what it takes to become a cricketer that he eventually became.

Thu Phương

"Golden oldie" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels

"Golden oldie" nghĩa là cổ nhưng đắt giá ngàn vàng (bài hát, thước phim... cũ mà vẫn còn giá trị đến ngày nay).

Ví dụ
This week's Market Squared plays a golden oldie with a new mix for these unprecedented (chưa từng có) times: Why are important decisions being made in closed meetings?

One of my fave parodists (người viết văn thơ nhại), Chris Mann, has a hysterical (kích động) C-19 take on a 1979 golden oldie, “My Sharona,” entitled (tiêu đề) MY CORONA.

From Paris Saint-Germain's goalscoring (bàn thắng) exploits to Stade de Reims' stingy defence (hàng phòng ngự), the prodigies (thần đồng) Eduardo Camavinga and Rayan Cherki to the golden oldie Vitorino Hilton, the 2019-20 campaign was not short on impressive stats (chỉ số ấn tượng).

And it seems Van Der Valk is not the only golden oldie making a comeback on our screens. Earlier this week we were treated to a return from that other 1990s throwback (trở lại), Tony Blair, who said the Government was slow off the mark in responding (đáp trả) to the coronavirus outbreak.

Thu Phương

"Golden shower" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

"Golden shower" = trận mưa vàng -> nghĩa là tè vào người khác, thường là để thỏa mãn tình dục, hoặc làm nhục. Hoặc tiếng lóng là trong khi quan hệ tình dục qua đường hậu môn, bạn tình đi tiểu vào lỗ hậu của người kia.

Ví dụ
From Page 3 babe Katie Price, to Marvels superstar A-lister Robert Downey Jr, they have spilled their sexual antics (trò hề). Having sex all day, orgies (cuộc vui điên cuồng) in fields, getting dumped on during the act, "enjoying" golden showers, to having sex with "at least" 5,000 women.

“I knew where Harvey and I were,” Mann recalled. “We were in the shower. He wanted to shower first, which was beneficial (có lợi) to me, and he asked me to come into the shower and then he said to me, ‘Have you ever had a golden shower?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And then I felt him he peeing on me.”

While to some, golden showers are the butt of a Donald Trump joke, to others, they are an extremely erotic (gợi dục) experience. Golden showers are one form of piss (đi tè) play, which is exactly what it sounds like: sexual play involving piss. Though they may seem easy to make fun of because most of us grew up with bathroom humor, we should probably be nicer when it comes to the topic of golden showers because a lot of people are into them, and kink-shaming (bêu rếu sở thích tình dục) isn't cool.

Thu Phương

"Golden ratio" nghĩa là gì?

Tỷ lệ cơ thể hoàn hảo. Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

"Golden ratio" nghĩa là tỷ lệ vàng, tỷ lệ thần thánh. Trong toán học và nghệ thuật, hai đại lượng được gọi là có tỷ số vàng hay tỷ lệ vàng nếu tỷ số giữa tổng của các đại lượng đó với đại lượng lớn hơn bằng tỷ số giữa đại lượng lớn hơn với đại lượng nhỏ hơn. Tỷ lệ vàng thường được ký hiệu bằng ký tự (phi) trong bảng chữ cái Hy Lạp nhằm tưởng nhớ đến Phidias, nhà điêu khắc đã xây dựng nên đền Parthenon.

Ví dụ
"The other mammals (động vật có vú) we surveyed actually have unique ratios that approach the golden ratio with increased species sophistication (tinh vi)," says Tamargo.

“They erased her Black features (tính năng) for the sake (mục đích) of ‘perfect’ ones,” the original poster continued. “Idgaf about the method or the golden ratio, it’s still racism (phân biệt chủng tộc). I do NOT allow gaslighting (đèn khí) over here.”

A new study comparing (so sánh) human skulls with those of other animals claims that the dimensions (kích thước) of our heads appear to follow the golden ratio - that special number with a controversial (gây tranh cãi) reputation for being the "formula (công thức) for beauty".

Many celebrities seem to have a flawless (hoàn hảo) face and body. One example is former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, who revealed she enhanced (nâng cấp) her looks through plastic surgeries (phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ). Some would argue celebrities like her have achieved the “golden ratio of beauty.”

Thu Phương

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