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Friday, August 14, 2020

"Smack dab in the middle" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Silvan Arnet on Unsplash

"Smack dab in the middle" -> nghĩa là đúng vào chính giữa/trọng tâm (của cái gì).

Ví dụ
I found myself smack dab in the middle of four generations (thế hệ) -- my 4-year-old grandsons, my daughter, my 85-year-old Mom, and me.

The restaurant near Belton that serves up praline (kẹo hạt sẻ) bacon as an addictive meal starter reopened June 3. This time, it has a smaller restaurant footprint and a bigger footprint for events. It has been done successfully, smack dab in the middle of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The data (dữ liệu) comes from the week containing the 12th of the month, which was smack dab in the middle of a national resurgence (trỗi dậy) of COVID-19 cases.

Ngọc Lân

"Give him a nudge" nghĩa là gì?

Có ai cho mình một cú đẩy không? Photo courtesy: MontanaRoots

"Give someone a nudge" có từ "nudge" là thúc đẩy, cú huých -> cụm từ này nghĩa là hướng dẫn, nhắc nhở nhẹ nhàng hoặc đưa ra lời động viên.

Ví dụ
It’s a subject close to my heart; I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I am today without having benefited from the guidance of colleagues, industry peers and senior leaders who took the time to impart advice or give me a nudge in the right direction.

The Super Bowl party was not the first time Trump has not shown the same respect for the anthem he has accused (kết tội) others of lacking. During the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2017, Trump appeared to forget to put his hand over his heart as the anthem began — until first lady Melania Trump gave him a nudge.

Universities should be looking to AI to do the heavy lifting (công việc nặng nhọc) of faculty to free up time to allow them to focus on the actual job of teaching and doing research. AI’s potential to change the way teachers teach and students learn, helping maximize student success and prepare them for the future. ​Collective intelligence tools will be available to save teachers time with tasks like grading papers so teachers can spend more time with students. AI can help identify struggling students through behavioral cues (ám chỉ) and give them a nudge in the right direction. Universities can even use AI to offer a truly personalized learning experience, overcoming one of the biggest limitations of our current education model. AI has the power to become a great equalizer (đòn cân bằng) in education and a key differentiator for institutions that embrace it.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Right up my alley" nghĩa là gì?

"All over hell and gone" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Louis Paulin on Unsplash

"All over hell and gone" -> nghĩa là khắp mọi nơi, trong khu vực rộng lớn.

Ví dụ
“There’s cats all over hell and gone out there now,” Roelke joked. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (successor to the old game commission) estimates (ước tính) there are now between 100 and 180 adult panthers roaming (lang thang) around. But that has created a new problem, because panthers need a lot of room to roam.

In Albuquerque we delivered the car to an old bitch who accused (buộc tôi) us of driving all over hell and gone. She refused to reimburse (hoàn trả) me for repairs because her contract said it was supposed to be delivered by October 20. I didn’t even leave New York until the twenty-third! The cops came and agreed with her side of the story and gave us twenty-four hours to get out of town. We had ten dollars between us so we hitched to Grants, New Mexico, where we were thrown in jail for seventy-two hours.

“Fundamentally (về cơ bản) cannabis is agriculture (nông nghiệp),” she said. “Cannabis is growing things and there is no proviso (điều khoản) if you want to grow ginseng or hothouse flowers. You can pour concrete all over hell and gone if you want to do that.

Ngọc Lân

"Wide place in the road" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Chris Ried on Unsplash

"Wide place in the road" = nơi cách xa đường cái -> nghĩa là thị trấn/thị xã hẻo lánh, thưa thớt dân cư.

Ví dụ
The air is kept cold. It is too noisy to hear someone cough (ho), noisy enough that people regularly shout in one another’s faces. And, in rural towns like Cactus (which Waylon Jennings described as a “wide place in the road”), many workers were getting driven back and forth (chạy đi chạy lại) to plants in packed vans.

Holtzclaw grew up in Nora, Virginia. “It’s a little wide place in the road, but it was the most wonderful childhood place it could be to live,” Holtzclaw said. One of nine siblings (anh chị em), Holtzclaw said her family moved to Nora when she was five. That year marked her first visit to the Santa Train as it made a short stop there. She kept going each year until she married and left home. But her memories of the Santa Train didn’t fade (phai nhạt).

“There were actually only two stores here when I was growing up,” Beene said. “Now there’s really not a store downtown. Downtown is a misnomer (nhầm tên), sorta, ’cause all it is really is a wide place in the road.”

Ngọc Lân

Sẽ không đi xa được đâu

vì làm gì có pin, một tên trộm vào nhà em gái 38 tuổi ở Brunswick và lấy đi "đồ chơi tình dục" dài gần 31cm của em ấy... :D

An unidentified (không xác định danh tính) 38-year-old woman from southern Brunswick County reported the break-in last week, which she said included the theft of jewelry, coins, a make-up bag, an Amazon Fire Stick and a foot-long “Electric Vibrator Wand.” The missing items, including the $30 sex toy, are valued at $450. The crime site said the victim’s home measured a sizable 1,600 square-feet.

The robbery was reported just after 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police are searching for the man or woman responsible for the reported robbery. That suspect could face charges of larceny (sự ăn cắp) and breaking and entering.

Ai có thể kiên nhẫn được như này

chú hổ đi 800 dặm trong 5 tháng để... tìm sex :D

A heartsick (tương tư) tiger traveled a whopping (to lớn khác thường) 800 miles in search of a soulmate (bạn tâm giao) and food, a five-month-long procreation (sự sinh sản, sự sinh sôi nẩy nở, sự sinh đẻ) pilgrimage (cuộc hành hương) that marks the longest walk ever recorded by a tiger in India.

The horny 3-year-old, dubbed C1 by scientists, embarked on his record-breaking journey at Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra in June. From there, he traveled nonlinearly through seven districts, over farms and highways, and even into a neighboring state, before arriving in the western Dnyanganga sanctuary (khu bảo tồn động vật hoang dã và làm cho chúng sinh sôi phát triển).

By the end of C1’s epic love odyssey five months later, he had wandered an arduous (khó khăn, gian khổ, gay go) 808 miles. Researchers were able to track his trek using GPS satellite information and a radio collar that had detailed his movements since February, recording him at more than 5,000 locations.

"Tear in two" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Aliyah Jamous

"Tear (someone or something) in two" = xé làm hai -> nghĩa đen là xé toạc cái gì thành hai miếng/hai mảnh; nghĩa bóng là gây đau khổ và làm tổn thương ai thật nhiều; "người đi một nửa hồn tôi mất".

Ví dụ
They tie Peter to a couple of trees, hoping to tear him in two, but instead the trees act like a giant catapult and send him flying through the air to unexpected freedom.

So now that we’ve all established that this movie is going to tear us in two, let’s get into some tweets about everyone already over-analyzing the Emma Thompson script.

I suspect, if prodded harder than I can handle, that this fear of mine contains so much about my womanhood (nữ tính) that it would tear me in two, if fully deconstructed. Instead, I live in the cramped life my fear has made for me. The terror of loneliness has made itself so physical it lives in my throat like an ortolan (chim sẻ rừng), a dessicated little lump that hurts and hurts me. For some it’s fear of fat that keeps their mouths tightly shut amid plenty. For me, it’s lack of company.

Ka Tina

"Tear limb from limb" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Damir Spanic

"Tear (someone or something) limb from limb" = cắt tứ chi -> nghĩa là gây thương tật cho ai, đánh túi bụi/tới tập; cũng thường được dùng như lời đe dọa, chứ không phải miêu tả hành động thật; mày có muốn tao "bẻ chân xỉa răng" không?

Ví dụ
Back with Trent, they are still having no luck getting him to talk. Finally Cantos himself storms in. He is talking tough about getting him to talk or he would tear him limb from limb. Of course, seeing as how Santo was built like Gilligan, that didn’t inspire any real fear for him. Trent made it clear that they really didn’t care why he killed Spagnola. Because of all the horrible things Santos and Ron Fang (the sleezy film Director) have done, just to make more money, the question they really want answered is why he didn’t kill THEM!

Anyhow, the Vision confronts Ultron, and I pointed out some issues that I had with their big fight sequence, "For a clever robot, Ulton's fight with the Vision was kind of stupid. I mean, I love the bit where he blatantly decides to trick Vision to get him to lower his defenses by interrupting himself in the middle of saying he will tear him limb from limb. That's a good bit. But A. not knowing that the powers that HE GAVE Vision would allow Vision to escape? and B. working in "My only weakness are these two electrodes (điện cực) that I PUT ON MY OWN HEAD" into conversation is hilariously foolish."

The most frightening sound of the evening were Trump supporters reacting to protestors, who interrupted the rally three times, first a group of four or five, followed by two individuals. The howling hatred started as a murmur (tiếng rì rầm, kêu ca) then crescendoed  (mạnh dần, lên đỉnh cao) like a jet taking off as it filled the whole stadium. As the protestors were led away by security, Trump supporters jumped up and tried to tear her sign away from her, looking so full of wrath that you had the feeling they would tear her limb from limb and throw her internal organs around the Panther Arena if they could get away with it, while the crowd shouted “USA! USA! USA!”

Ka Tina

"On a tear" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Julia Raasch

"On a tear" -> nghĩa là đang trong một cuộc chè chén rất say sưa; hoặc rất nhanh, ngay lập tức và bất thình lình.

Ví dụ
Facebook's shares are on a tear after the company launched a new Instagram feature that will compete with TikTok in the US. The move propelled Zuckerberg's personal net worth to over US$100 billion for the first time.

From there Venus, who has been tinkering (làm qua loa, sửa vụng) with the serve motion that once helped her hit the second-fastest recorded delivery at the 2007 US Open (129mph), went on a tear, roaring through the next six of the next seven games to serve out the opening set.

ETH’s trading volume increased from $12,408,772,745 on August 12, when it was at $391.02, to $17,784,047,349, when it was at $429.84 USD— a 10.43% increase in 24 hours. ETH has been on a tear in part because of the explosion in interest and use of DeFi, a mostly Ethereum-based trend. The last time ETH was above $429 was August 1, 2018.

Ka Tina

"Move to tears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by DANNY G

"Move (one) to tears" -> nghĩa là cảm động đến ứa nước mắt; cảm xúc dâng trào đến phát khóc.

Ví dụ
“That was the hardest thing. It’s going to move me to tears thinking about it right now,” ACPS middle school teacher Tabatha Myers said. “It’s just not having that opportunity to come full circle. We had lots of plans for them.”

That’s the predicament (điều đã được dự đoán, khẳng định trước) for Elia Saldana, who is playing Mexican-American television writer Lucia in “Fade,” which opens this week at Trinity Repertory Company. A native of Mexico who grew up in Los Angeles, Saldana understands Lucia’s angst (cảm giác lo lắng, tội lỗi hoặc hối hận) over succeeding in an Anglo world. The feelings, in fact, move her to tears when describing them.

I have to admit I do look forward to getting in front of an audience again and being in an audience again. I cannot wait to be in an audience and see somebody just move me to tears with a beautiful speech by themselves onstage. The last thing I saw Off-Broadway was Deirdre O'Connell in Dana H. And I thought to myself recently "Gosh, I miss that." I know it's only been four months, but still I think people are hopefully going be longing for that live connection with an audience and with actors, cause there's nothing like it. It's its own animal. What you feel, what you experience that way, you cannot really convey virtually - but we try as much as you can.

Ka Tina

"End in tears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by ev

"End in tears" = kết thúc trong nước mắt -> nghĩa là thất bại, kết cục không có hậu và gây đau khổ cho mọi người.

Ví dụ
Moderna has been on a tear since the start of the year. It's about to end in tears as the stock is trading at insanely high levels.

“I already thought last week that this will end in tears and so it happened,” said Carsten Fritsch, a commodity analyst at Commerzbank AG. “This is over for now. We will consolidate (củng cố, hợp nhất) for several weeks before making another run toward the record high.”

Andrew asked the expert if "this is going to end in tears," using the confusion around lockdown easing as the point that could risk a rise in cases. "We've seen our numbers starting to climb," said the expert, "people are talking about a second wave when we're not even out of the first wave yet," suggesting we have a lot of work to do in fighting the virus before we can look at how we come out of the pandemic.

Ka Tina

"Bore me to tears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Yoab Anderson

"Bore (someone) to tears" có tear là nước mắt -> cụm từ này nghĩa là làm phiền ai phát khóc, quấy rầy ai rất nhiều đến tức chết; làm ai chán chường kinh khùng.

Ví dụ
"If the All-Ireland was on in my garden, I wouldn't watch it," he laughed. "Other sports never appealed to me. They bore me to tears.

“Karl is the one person that makes me shy,” says throaty Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco. “I think I’ve conquered—I’ve run the gamut on people that I speak to, and very few times have I been shy. But Karl is beyond, and I’m afraid I’d bore him to tears.”

“I couldn’t do minimalism (chủ nghĩa thiểu số) if I tried,” confesses Anna, the incredibly cool purveyor (dịch vụ cung cấp hàng hóa) of vintage fashion and home decor under the Instagram moniker Barbie Roadkill. “White and gray bore me to tears.” I first got a taste of Anna’s bold approach to interior design in her last house tour, an Irving Park apartment with a no-painting rule. “We were coming from an apartment where we weren’t allowed to paint the drab beige walls, so my initial approach to decorating our new condo was largely reactionary to that; an attack on neutrals,” she explains.

Ka Tina

"Talk through the back of his neck" nghĩa là gì?

"Talk through the back of (one's) neck" -> nghĩa là nói xấu sau lưng.

Ví dụ
Protect him and cover him. Don't talk through the back of his neck. Don't mock him or give ammunition (lý lẽ, đạn dược) to others to bring him down.

The girls spot Theo and talk through the back of his neck as a bad boy – the type they used to be attracted to back in the day. They still have men who don’t play by the rules.

Apart from that, Sarah felt isolated and needed years to learn how to endure the rumors and talk through the back of her neck. She eventually learned that while there might be people who love to gossip, there are also people who pray for her and her family.

Ka Tina

"Shot in the neck" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by deviun

"Shot in the neck" có shot là ngụm rượu -> cụm từ này nghĩa lóng là say xỉn.

Ví dụ
“People aren’t coming down here to get shot in the neck,” Bruce said. “They’re here to have good food, play some pool and have a good time.”

Baldwin later said he had seen a Facebook post by the mother saying she was struggling and that he wanted to help her, the charges said. When asked what his intentions were with the girl, Baldwin said he was shot in the neck and didn’t know, according to the charges.

In Brooke’s bedroom, she wants Ridge to tell her that he didn’t marry Shauna. Ridge replies, “I’m sorry, I did.” Brooke’s appalled that he can’t remember and declares Shauna can’t be trusted – he can’t take her word for this. Ridge relays there’s a marriage certificate (giấy kết hôn). Brooke reminds him he can’t legally marry someone else. Ridge shares the papers were filed, though he doesn’t remember. “Now it’s official. Our divorce is final, and I’m married to Shauna.” Brooke, with tears, declares he betrayed (phản bội) their love. She cries that she doesn’t care if he was shot in the neck and orders him out. Ridge says he’ll always love her as he goes. Brooke sobs.

Ka Tina

"By the nape of the neck" nghĩa là gì?

"By the nape of the neck" có nape là gáy -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tóm cổ, tóm gáy.

Ví dụ
Manfred? Well, what can you say? It’s possible that he could grab them by the nape of the neck them figure it out. But that’s not good. The owners would have their needs–the players their own. But Manfred needs to go.

She will carry the kit the same way a domestic cat carries its kitten, by the nape of the neck with its teeth. By ten weeks the kits are weaned and begin eating solid food and at three months will be foraging (lục lọi, đánh phá) with the mother and finding their own food.

Gritty crime thriller Ozark marches fans to the edge, grips them firmly by the nape of the neck, and forces them to stare into the darkness below. The story of the money laundering Byrde family maintains a constantly simmering (cố nén lại) tension: All the players involved must remain scrupulously (thận trọng) calm and poised, because losing one's cool means death. But no one can keep everything under wraps for long in the Ozarks, where dirty deeds never stay hidden for long.

Ka Tina

"Yoke around your neck" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Adli Wahid

"Yoke around (one's) neck" = cái gông đeo cổ -> nghĩa là gánh nặng; đè nặng ai (gái có chồng như gông đeo cổ).

Ví dụ
Many tribal members (thành viên bộ lạc) complained about the inherent inequity and indignity of the conservator program, describing it “like having a yoke around your neck.”

Term sheets are something you can’t avoid. Yet they need not be a mystery (sự huyền bí) or a yoke around your neck. If you take the time to understand the basics, and start looking for investors before you are desperate, the whole process can be fun and exhilarating, rather than a gauntlet (găng sắt) of fear and pain.

That debt is a yoke around my neck. It’s the reason why I always answer the question of how much money is enough with “more.” Enough money for me is a healthy savings to retire on. Enough means being able to provide for the children that I’d like to have. I am, in my own way, trying to buy happiness because, for me, happiness is a sensible plan. It’s a strong sense of security in a fundamentally unstable world.

Ka Tina

"Thither and yon" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by:

"Thither and yon" -> nghĩa là ở khắp mọi nơi.

Ví dụ
Masks and ventilators are going around the world thither and yon without any pragmatic (thực tế) rhyme or reason.

Many once thought that mushrooms spread by passively dropping their spores (mầm), after which the reproductive packets would hopefully get picked up by a gust of wind (cơn gió), and carried thither and yon.

So that sound you keep hearing outside your window, this afternoon, may be car doors slamming (tiếng rầm cửa) as people toss (quăng) packages (or their suitcases, if headed to the airport) in the back of cars as they prepare to head hither and thither and yon.

Ngọc Lân

Ai mua xác không?

ko, luật cấm, chỉ có hiến được thôi...

tổ chức phi lợi nhuận ở chicago nhận tử thi được hiến (ví dụ, từ các gia đình không thể tổ chức đám tang cho người thân đã mất), rồi xử lý, ướp và bán cho FBI (để huấn luyện chó đánh hơi/tìm xác nạn nhân bị sát hại), hoặc bán cho các trường y (nơi sinh viên học giải phẫu) 1.300 usd cho tới 2.3000 usd/tử thi...; mỗi năm bán hơn 400 tử thi...

The Chicago-based nonprofit faces "the same challenge any business would have, whether I'm selling Hostess Twinkies or cadavers (xác chết, tử thi)," says Stephen Burnett, a professor of management and strategy at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

To stay ahead, the association wants to supply body parts to the FBI and launch new products, including its own plastinated bodies, says Mr. Dudek, 62, executive vice president since 2005. He draws on his entrepreneurial experience as a co-owner of an MRI center in the south suburbs, which he sold to join the association.

Originally known as the Demonstrator's Society, the association has not changed its business plan since its founding in 1918. Bodies are donated (hiến tặng), embalmed (ướp) and transferred to institutions such as med schools, where dissection (giải phẫu, sự mổ xẻ) remains a rite of passage.

Reasons for donations vary. Some gifts are part of estate planning, while others are made by relatives (họ hàng, người thân) who cannot afford funerals (đám tang).

By law, bodies cannot be sold, although groups like the association can be paid for processing. Member med schools pay about $1,300 per cadaver; nonmembers pay $2,300.

Nationwide, there's a shortage of cadavers, in part because of the rise in organ donation. Cadavers without their organs are not suitable for medical education, Mr. Dudek notes. The association needs about 425 bodies a year for its members but missed that mark in 2009 and has barely met it in three of the last six years.

And yet globalization and government may come to the rescue:
The Middle East, where the culture discourages body donations, could be a new market. Schools in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia have recently expressed interest, he says. Law enforcement agencies also are prospects. Anatomical Gift is close to signing a contract to supply the FBI's K-9 unit, which uses body parts to train dogs to find crime victims, he says. Limbs cost $570, plus $335 for HIV and hepatitis testing, since they are not embalmed, Mr. Dudek says. An FBI spokeswoman declines to comment.

Nền kinh tế Lebanon trên bờ vực sụp đổ

thật ra ko phải 'trên bờ vực', 'mấp mé' sụp đổ đâu, mà là sụp rồi...

nhiều nơi, người dân không có điện, cùng lắm chỉ 2h/ngày, máy bay ko hạ cánh được vì đường băng ko có điện, đèn giao thông ko có điện -> giao thông hỗn loạn,

tiền lebanon mất giá 60% chỉ trong một tháng qua, 80% kể từ tháng 10 năm ngoái, giá cả leo thang chóng mặt, thực phẩm "biến mất" trên quầy kệ, bánh mỳ thiếu thốn vì chính phủ ko thể nhập khẩu lúa mỳ, thuốc thiết yếu "biến mất" khỏi các nhà thuốc, bệnh viện sa thải y bác sĩ do chính phủ ko cấp đủ ngân sách, hủy bỏ các cuộc phẫu thuật vì phòng mổ ko có điện, ko có xăng để chạy máy nổ,

các nước phương tây nói 'thẳng thừng' sẽ ko cứu trợ trừ khi chính phủ "đốt lò" diệt tham nhũng, và làm lành mạnh khối DNNN, khu vực công...
Here is the opening:

Most parts of Lebanon are receiving no more than two or three hours of electricity a day. An incoming flight at Beirut’s airport had to abort a landing this month because the lights on the runway went out. The traffic signals in the capital have stopped working, adding to the congestion on Beirut’s already chaotic streets.

These are among the latest symptoms of an economic implosion that is accelerating at an alarming pace in Lebanon as its government, its banks and its citizens run out of foreign currency simultaneously.

The Lebanese pound has lost over 60 percent of its value in just the past month, and 80 percent of its value since October. Prices are soaring and goods disappearing.

Bread, a staple of the Lebanese diet, is in short supply because the government can’t fund imports of wheat. Essential medicines are disappearing from pharmacies. Hospitals are laying off staff because the government isn’t paying its portion, and canceling surgeries because they don’t have electricity or the fuel to operate generators.

Newly impoverished people are taking to Facebook to offer to trade household items for milk. Crime is on the rise. In one widely circulated video, a man wearing a coronavirus mask and wielding a pistol holds up a drugstore and demands that the pharmacist hand over diapers.

“Lebanon is no longer on the brink of collapse. The economy of Lebanon has collapsed,” said Fawaz Gerges, professor of international relations at the London School of Economics. “The Lebanese model established since the end of the civil war in 1990 has failed. It was a house of glass, and it has shattered beyond any hope of return.”

Lebanon’s Western allies long ago made it clear that they won’t help out until the government undertakes efforts to reform the corrupt and bloated (húp híp, béo phị; phồng lên, sưng lên) public sector. An $11 billion package of loans and investments has been on offer since 2018 — on the condition that the government undertake some limited changes. It hasn’t.

And if you had any doubts:
Staggering amounts are now missing from the banking system — perhaps as much as $100 billion, according to government figures.

Three-quarters of the deposits in the entire banking system were denominated in U.S. dollars, and many ordinary Lebanese may have lost most or all of their savings, said Jad Chaaban, an economist at the American University of Beirut.

Không còn mùa thu

thật ra là 'không còn con cu', chú vịt bị chủ thiến vì cuồng dâm :D
A sex-mad duck had to have his penis removed after it became “traumatised” (bị chấn thương) when he tried to mate 10 times a day (làm tình 10 lần/ngày).

Randy Dave the duck became injured after refusing to stop mating with pond-friends Dora, Freda and Edith.

The excessive (quá mức, thừa, quá thể, quá đáng) mating only came to an end after Dave’s penis became “traumatised” and his owner, Josh Watson, 39, intervened (can thiệp).

Duck owner Josh, from Torquay, Devon, took Dave to the vet where he had his manhood removed.

Nữ mạng tuổi Tân Dậu

...là những người làm việc có thứ tự ngăn nắp, khả năng quản lý cao, dễ thành công ở ngành thư viện, tổ chức hành chính.

nữ thẩm phán 38 tuổi ở kentucky bị buộc tội ép nữ thư ký cùng 'làm tình tay ba' với linh mục... :))

Family Court Judge Dawn Gentry allegedly gave attorneys preferential treatment (đối xử ưu ái) if they appeased (làm hài lòng, thỏa mãn) her sexual demands (yêu cầu tình dục) and donated to her campaigns for re-election. 

The 38-year-old has now been hit with nine misconduct charges. 

According to an investigation by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, she flirted with attorneys over Snapchat, put pressure on them to sleep with her and, in one case, asked a female attorney to join her in a threesome with her former church pastor turned lover.

Bài trước: Hẳn nhiên rồi

Hẳn nhiên rồi

từ thời tiền sử, con người đã biết 'cười để được làm tình' :D

A team of scientists is claiming that the kindness humans can show via facial expressions (biểu lộ nét mặt) was a key factor in our evolution (tiến hóa).

They focused on genetic samples from Neanderthals, which showed that gene mutations may have led humans to “self-select less aggressive mating partners”.

They added that this led to 'self domestication'.

This term is usually used to describe the process of wild animals adapting to life living with humans without direct selective breeding.

"Feast of reason" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Alexis Brown on Unsplash

"Feast of reason" = bữa tiệc lý lẽ -> nghĩa là cuộc thảo luận học vấn/học thuật, trí thức.

Ví dụ
Why his rule is compared to the Sikhashahi, I can’t imagine. However, one can imagine the feast of reason and flow of soul when he and Imran have their meetings. Of course, both he and Imran would like to get over this and concentrate (tập trung) on the upcoming Eidul Azha.

Like dinners at Monticello in Tracy Frist’s home state of Virginia, the ball will have unique elements that lend a “feast of reason” to the affair (vấn đề), while focusing on the peoples of Tennessee.

That evening, good men and women would rally (tụ họp) round these two public servants with bourbons and good cheer, a feast of reason in Donald Trump’s Washington.

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