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Friday, November 30, 2018

"By an eyelash" nghĩa là gì?

The horses approach the finish line in the Sanlúcar beach races of the 2014 summer, almost at sunset. Photo courtesy Guillén Pérez.

'By an eyelash' nghĩa là chênh lệch cực ngắn, cách biệt rất nhỏ (về khoảng cách, thời gian, chiến thắng...).

Ví dụ
Phillips was safe at first by an eyelash and shockingly ended up scoring later in the inning (lượt chơi của một cầu thủ; lúc cờ đến tay, cơ hội đến tay, thời kỳ cầm quyền).

After some agonizing moments, it was determined through video review Johnson nipped Ciulla by an eyelash — one-hundredth of a second, to be exact. Johnson’s official time was 55.29 seconds. Ciulla’s was 55.30.

Red Sox second baseman Brandon Phillips raced to his right, scooped (vốc, hất lên) up the ball and fired to first. Donaldson raced down the first base line and beat the throw by an eyelash – a sign his calf is back 100 percent.

In a very close toss-up race that adds to the increasingly strong Democratic House performance tonight, Annapolis grad Elaine Luria has defeated freshman congressman Scott Taylor by an eyelash in the military-heavy Second District of Virginia.

Phạm Hạnh

Em yếu mềm, vì yêu

Đàn ông không tự tin lắm về nam tính dường như thích Thủ trưởng mình :D, hat tip to Anh Pham,

From boasting about the size of his penis (khoe khoang kích cỡ "cậu nhỏ") on national television (truyền hình quốc gia) to releasing (công bố, để lộ) records (hồ sơ) of his high testosterone levels, President Trump’s rhetoric (lời nói hoa mỹ, khoa trương; hùng biện) and behavior (hành vi) exude (rỉ, ứa) machismo (nam tính, lòng tự tôn của kẻ nam nhi). His behavior also seems to have struck a chord with (đánh đúng vào tình cảm của ai; gãi đúng chỗ ngữa) some male voters.

...What is 'fragile (mong manh, dễ vỡ) masculinity'?

Research shows that many men feel pressure to look and behave in stereotypically masculine ways — or risk losing their status as "real men." Masculine expectations are socialized from early childhood and can motivate men to embrace traditional male behaviors while avoiding even the hint of femininity. This unforgiving standard of maleness makes some men worry that they're falling short. These men are said to experience "fragile masculinity."

The political process provides a way that fragile men can reaffirm their masculinity. By supporting tough politicians and policies, men can reassure others (and themselves) of their own manliness. For example, sociologist Robb Willer has shown that men whose sense of masculinity was threatened increased their support for aggressive foreign policy (chính sách ngoại giao hiếu chiến).

Thursday, November 29, 2018

"In the blink of an eye" nghĩa là gì?

Don't blink. Blink, and you're dead. Photo courtesy stannate.

'In the blink of an eye' nghĩa là 'trong nháy mắt', rất nhanh.

Ví dụ
Singles' Day shoppers pay in the blink of an eye.

Image compression technology (công nghệ nén ảnh) to save power in the blink of an eye.

Neymar displayed pace, strength, vision and the ability to transition PSG from defence to attack in the blink of an eye.

Chopra is a style chameleon (tắc kè hoa, người thay đổi ý kiến hoặc cách ứng xử cho thích hợp với tình hình, kẻ hoạt đầu), who can switch effortlessly between Indian saris and Parisian haute couture (thời trang cao cấp) in the blink of an eye.

On a beautiful sunny day during the last week of September Andrew Hartle was enjoying some time at the beach in Puerto Rico while on a school trip. Andrew is a senior and the class president at The Burlington School in Burlington, NC and swims for STAR Aquatics in Greensboro, NC. While having fun with his classmates Andrew dove in the ocean and…….In the blink of an eye his life changed forever.

Phạm Hạnh

Mày râu nhẵn nhụi

'áo quần bảnh bao' -> khiến phụ nữ mê mẩn,

-> tầm bậy, đàn ông có râu mới hấp dẫn phụ nữ, khoa học đã chứng minh :)

The research, which was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, saw 8,520 women asked to rate photographs of men with and without beards for their facial attractiveness (hấp dẫn nét mặt).

Each of the men was snapped (ảnh chụp nhanh) clean-shaven (cạo nhẵn thín), five days after shaving, 10 days after shaving and, finally, four weeks after shaving.

The women involved were randomly assigned (chọn ngẫu nhiên) to treatments wherein they rated faces for either attractiveness in general, attractiveness for a short‐term relationship or attractiveness for a long‐term relationship (quan hệ lâu dài).

Incredibly, every single woman surveyed as part of the study preferred the pictures of the men where they were sporting facial hair.

Heavy stubble (râu (tóc) mọc lởm chởm) came out on top, receiving the highest rating for general attractiveness.

Bài trước: Nổi lửa lên em

Đừng xấu hổ khi mắc bệnh vùng kín

ngại cởi quần trước mặt nữ bác sĩ, new zealand đã có phòng để kiểm tra ung thư tinh hoàn cho các bệnh nhân nam, một cách kín đáo :)

photo credit:

Ever thought of getting a health check (kiểm tra sức khỏe) but worried (lo lắng, e ngại) about having to, well, drop your pants (tụt quần)? Meet the Testimatic.

That's a booth to allow New Zealand men to have their testicles (tinh hoàn, hòn dái) checked without having to face a doctor (không phải nhìn mặt bác sĩ).

Testicular cancer is the number one cancer in young men in Western nations and the booth is being rolled out with fanfare at a big expo in Auckland.

How does it work? Into the booth, down with the pants and a doctor will check you anonymously (vô danh, ẩn danh) through a little hole (lỗ nhỏ).

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

"Be up to your eyes in" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy David Stewart.

'Be up to your eyes/eyeballs in sth' = you are emphasizing that you have a lot of it to deal with, and often that you are very busy -> nghĩa là rất bận rộn, quá nhiều việc để làm/phải giải quyết; 'ngập ngụa' (trong).

Ví dụ
One of the things I love about Lafferty (besides his complete wackiness) is, as opposed to C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, you can be up to your eyes in Christian allegory (phúng dụ, lời nói bóng, chuyện ngụ ngôn, biểu tượng) or symbolism and not know it. You are not slapped across the jowls (hàm, má, cằm) with it.

You must be at least a strong intermediate to ski here—Rockies and rookies are not a good mixture—beeause this snow is different. The powder is so deep you're often up to your eyeballs in it, so deep that snorkels are common, if not routine, equipment.

Indeed, you may want to talk to your creditors as an alternative to bankruptcy when you're up to your eyes in bills. And it's not always necessary to consult a lawyer. If the problem seems to be that you've accumulated (tích lũy, chất đống) too much credit-card debt, for example, talk to the bankers who issued you the cards. They may be able to suggest a payment schedule to get you out from under a mountain of debt (núi nợ). Or visit a nonprofit credit-counseling service.

When you are up to your eyeballs in diapers and dishes, in homework and housework, sometimes you forget to peer over the piles and notice that man you married--the one quietly standing there, blending unassumingly (khiêm tốn, không kể công, không tự phụ) into the background.

Phạm Hạnh

Đất chật người đông

nhật bản tính trả 600 triệu đồng cho những ai rời tokyo về quê lập nghiệp :)

việt nam trả 1 tỷ chắc langdu bỏ quận hoàn kiếm ngay :D

... However, this has resulted in a population drain on other parts of Japan, who see their best and brightest moving out of the region, never to return. In recent years, the Japanese government has been looking into ways to revitalize the country's fading small-to-mid-sized regional communities, and now it's proposing what might be its most bluntly direct tactic yet: bribing (hối lộ, chi tiền) people to move out of Tokyo.

Last week, the federal government said that it's considering establishing a system to provide financial grants (trợ cấp tài chính) to people currently living in Tokyo's 23 central wards (the most populated parts of the city) who move away to start new jobs or set up new companies. They're not talking pocket change, either, as the early proposal would give you up to three million yen to get out of town.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Bedroom eyes" nghĩa là gì?

Pure Temptation. Photo courtesy Andres Atehortua.

'Bedroom eyes' = 'cặp mắt (trong) phòng ngủ' refer to a heavy-lidded or half-shut eye, reminiscent of a hazy, dreamy look shared during intimate moments. It's also sometimes used to describe when a person looks at another with sexual longing or a method of putting on eye makeup that makes a woman look seductive -> nghĩa là ánh mắt/cặp mắt đầy nhục cảm, gợi tình (đẹp một cách bí hiểm và xác thịt).

Ví dụ
The stripper (vũ nữ thoát y) greeted me with bedroom eyes when I was handing her my money.

With bedroom eyes, she again started to massage her swollen, sensitive nipples (núm vú, đầu vú) with his cum.

With her long blonde hair, bedroom eyes and vivacious (sôi nổi, hoạt bát) personality, Darlene Gentry was the picture of a Texas beauty queen.

I applaud her for not doing the cliché, bedroom-eyes portrait but I do find her picture suggestive (khêu gợi, gợi những ý nghĩ tà dâm). It suggests she has just tripped over some rusting farm implement while wandering behind the barn (kho thóc, chuồng gia súc; ngôi nhà thô sơ; nơi/nhà để xe).

Phạm Hạnh

Chắc do biến đổi khí hậu

chúng ta đang ở giữa một cuộc 'suy thoái tình dục' - mọi người ngày càng ít làm tình :)

...I expect they were busy watching Big Brother. Or texting on their Nokias.

Since the 90s, in the US, the proportion (tỷ lệ) of men who masturbated (thủ dâm) in a given week has doubled to 54% and women to 26%.

I blame vibrator technology (công nghệ dương vật giả) and online porn (phim khiêu dâm trên mạng). Perhaps. There is little evidence that it is addictive, but, as one researcher put it, it might be “taking the edge off” people’s libido (sự ham muốn thú vui xác thịt, dục tình, dục năng).

Most sex happens within couples, but young people are coupling up less  (ít hẹn hò) – that’s another thing. And they are more likely to live with their parents (sống với bố mẹ). Plus they may be nervous about making romantic advances... 17% of Americans aged 18 to 29 believed that a man asking a woman out for a drink “always” or “usually” constituted sexual harrassment (quấy rối tình dục).

Do say: “Perhaps we need a central bank to stimulate the sexual economy.”
Don’t say: “Lowering the price of alcohol ought to do it.”

Monday, November 26, 2018

"Easy on the eyes" nghĩa là gì?

Muse of the woods. Photo courtesy Andres Atehortua.

'Be easy on the eye(s)' nghĩa là (trông) hấp dẫn hoặc dễ chịu về mặt thẩm mỹ.

Ví dụ
The sneakers are pretty easy on the eyes.

It's nearly 90 years old, but this Spanish-style home in Highland Park is still easy on the eyes.

The Kindle Paperwhite is thinner than ever and available in both black and white. Its touchscreen display is easy on the eyes with no screen glare (ánh sáng, ánh chói; vẻ hào nhoáng lòe loẹt; cái nhìn trừng trừng/giận dữ) and feels akin to reading words on actual paper, as opposed to regular mobile device screens which can cause eye fatigue after staring for some time.

While her troubled past has only been hinted at in the cinematic world, it's been on full display throughout Black Widow’s long history on the page. Natalia Alianovna Romanova made her debut (lễ ra mắt (lần đầu tiên)) during the Silver Age of Comics, first appearing in 1964's Tales of Suspense #52. Her first mission was to travel to America and gather intel (thu thập thông tin) on Tony Stark. Since then, Natasha's become a lot more interesting than just an international spy (gián điệp quốc tế) who’s easy on the eyes.

Phạm Hạnh

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Traphaco - Giải tennis chào mừng 46 năm ngày truyền thống công ty

hẹn giải sau... :)

Bài trước: Traphaco - Giải Tennis mừng ngày Doanh nhân 2018

"Bawl her eyes out" nghĩa là gì?

love will tear us apart. Photo courtesy jeff kerwin.

'Bawl (one's) eyes out' nghĩa là khóc nức nở/om sòm không kiểm soát được.

Ví dụ
Last night we had to watch a young women bawl her eyes out asking: "why does this always happen to me?"

Inspiring cancer battler: 'I never want another friend hanging up the phone to bawl her eyes out'.

Girardi tried to apologize through tears to Pavelka for “going about it the way [she] did,” but all it did was spark outrage. Pavelka claimed, “You don’t know me,” and when Girardi tried to defend herself, Pavelka yelled, “Please stop interrupting me!” This prompted Girardi to bawl her eyes out on screen, and after Pavelka claimed he’d have “never done this to someone that [he loved],” Girardi fought back, “You don’t love me!” and stormed away from the interview. Awkward.

Phạm Hạnh

Saturday, November 24, 2018

"An eye for the main chance" nghĩa là gì?

a nose for the win. Photo courtesy U.S. Army.

'An eye for the main chance' nghĩa là luôn tìm kiếm cơ hội để thăng tiến bản thân hoặc kiếm tiền (mà không để ý đến người khác).

Ví dụ
Matt comes from a political family; his father was president of the Florida Senate, and Matt served in the Florida House from the tender age of 22. He has an eye for the main chance and a nose for the win.

Malcolm Turnbull's fall was part Greek tragedy and part farce (tình huống khó khăn, tình huống trớ trêu; hài kịch). He overflowed with natural gifts - brains, quick wits and an eye for the main chance which netted him great wealth. They were qualities that brought him to the prime ministership. But they weren't enough to secure the highest job in the land.

There has never been a better description of the distinctive character of British parliamentary intrigue than the one in Anthony Trollope’s Palliser novels, particularly the two masterpieces Phineas Finn and Phineas Redux. They tell the story of an Irish MP trying to decide whether he can work with the English political elite (giới tinh hoa chính trị), and what price he will have to pay if he does: a question that has never gone away. The backdrop is a lightly fictionalised account of Disraeli’s attempt to bring the Conservative party around to supporting the Reform Act of 1867. Trollope’s Disraeli is portrayed as a duplicitous (dối trá, lừa lọc) hypocrite who somehow pulls the rabbit out of the hat. He gets his way despite having no principles of his own and almost no one on his side. Anyone who thinks the Conservative party stands for tradition and continuity over improvisation and an eye for the main chance should read these books.

Phạm Hạnh

Friday, November 23, 2018

Cửa thiền “Giác Tâm”

chùa cái bầu, quảng ninh,

Thiền viện Trúc lâm Giác Tâm được xây dựng trên nền chùa Phúc Linh Tự (có từ thời Trần cách đây hơn 700 năm).

vân đồn thắng tích tĩnh hải yên ba chỉ lộ vạn nhân tòng phật đạo 
giác tâm thiền viện thanh sơn lục thủy khai nguyên bách tính đáo thiền môn

trúc lâm yên tử hoằng khai tổ sư diệu trí tục truyền đăng 
thiền viện giác tâm quảng giáo thiền phật tâm tông lưu hậu thế

vịnh bái tử long

Tháp chàm Po Klong Garai - Biểu tượng du lịch của xứ xương rồng
Traphaco - Thay đổi mô thức quản lý và lãnh đạo

"An eye for an eye" nghĩa là gì?

Photo credit: thewrap.

'An eye for an eye' = mắt đổi mắt (răng đền răng; trong Cựu ước) hay theo kiểu thường nghe là mạng đền mạng, là một nguyên tắc là bất kỳ ai làm cho người khác bị thương vì lý do gì thì cũng phải bị trừng phạt y như vậy. -> nghĩa là ăn miếng trả miếng.

Ví dụ
If you’re feeling in an eye-for-an-eye mood regarding Trump, you’ll definitely want to peep Carrey’s latest above.

The great philosopher knew that if we lived by the teachings of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, we would all be toothless and blind.

While an eye-for-an-eye approach is tempting, it is also vindictive (không khoan dung, hận thù). The goal of the state should not be to retaliate (trả đũa) but to set a moral standard and rehabilitate (phục hồi, phục chức).

The Biblical text that spoke about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth was not recommending retaliation, but trying to put boundaries on retaliation and curtailing excessive behaviour.

Phạm Hạnh

Thursday, November 22, 2018

"All eyes are on" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Matt Brown.

'All eyes are on sb/sth' nghĩa là mọi người ai cũng chú ý ai/điều gì xem việc gì sẽ xảy ra tiếp theo; 'mọi con mắt dồn về'...

Ví dụ
All eyes are on swing state (tiểu bang mà người ta không chắc là sẽ dồn phiếu cho Đảng Cộng hòa hay Đảng Dân chủ (khi bầu Tổng thống Mỹ); tiểu bang dao động) Florida as recount (kiểm lại phiếu) begins.

Why all eyes are on Brisbane’s prestige property market (thị trường bất động sản) right now.

According to analysts at Danske Bank, all eyes are on the Brexit developments and the future of Theresa May as UK prime minister.

At the time, all eyes were on one state-owned enterprise: China Telecom, which was scheduled to make an unprecedented (chưa từng có tiền lệ, vô tiền khoáng hậu) initial public offering of its shares in Hong Kong and New York in just weeks. The $4.22 billion deal was constructed around the mobile telecommunications assets of two thriving Chinese coastal provinces, but because of the complex (phức tạp), scattered (rải rác) nature of the country’s telecom system, a marketable company had had to be built from scratch (từ con số 0).

Phạm Hạnh

May quá chúng không nghe lời

người đàn ông 'điên điên khùng khùng' ra lệnh cho báo ăn thịt nhân viên sở thú :)

Police say a man was wandering (đi thơ thẩn, lang thang) through Dickerson Park Zoo Tuesday night after it had closed, acting odd (kỳ cục, kỳ quặc) and refusing to leave.

Joseph L. Binford, 37, was flailing (vụt, quật) his arms about and talking to people who weren't there.

When a zookeeper (nhân viên sở thú) confronted (đe dọa, đương đầu) him, the man allegedly (bị cáo buộc) commanded (ra lệnh) the zoo animals to eat the zookeeper. The animals — identified by a zoo spokeswoman as cheetahs (báo) — ignored his commands.

Two officers responded to the zoo and they found Binford on a grassy hill. He was screaming unrecognizable (không thể nhận ra) statements (tuyên bố, bày tỏ, trình bày) about "God" and "Lucifer," while holding a silver object in each hand.

Police commanded Binford to drop the objects, but Binford, like the cheetahs, did not obey commands. Instead, Binford ran up to one of the officers and hurled the silver object — later determined to be a dinner fork (cái dĩa) — at him.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

"Able to do with eyes closed" nghĩa là gì?

beach kiss. Photo courtesy micadew.

'Able to do with eyes closed' nghĩa là làm việc gì rất dễ dàng (mà không cần nghĩ/nhìn); 'nhắm mắt viết tay trái' cũng được :)

Ví dụ
Psychologists reveal why we kiss with our eyes closed. :)

Spiritual but not religious, said Archie Shepp of the opener, Wise One, by his former mentor John Coltrane, and Isfahan by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, a tune that Shepp delivered with eyes closed, his tenor sax tender and expressive.

It couldn't have shared its crossover with a better pair of drivers than Julian Rachlin on violin and Sarah McElravy on viola. The two played so tightly, so clearly and so vibrantly that, with eyes closed, no one would suspect Rachlin was also conducting the chamber-sized Naples Philharmonic.

Phạm Hạnh

Chúng tôi, đương nhiên, cũng đồng ý

thuốc cho bò uống để phân bò... ít thối hơn đã được chấp thuận :D

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved (chấp thuận, phê chuẩn, phê duyệt, chuẩn y) a drug (thuốc, ma túy, thuốc ngủ) which reduces the amount of ammonia released in cow manure (phân bón, phân xanh). The drug is designed to make the animal (động vật) excrement (cứt, phân) smell better and will help make pastures (đồng cỏ, bãi cỏ) more environmentally friendly (thân thiện với môi trường). Tests showed the product was safe for cattle and for consumers, but may make some beef products a little tougher, the FDA said.

Furusato Nouzei nghĩa là gì?

'thuế đóng góp cho quê hương' của nhật bản,

người dân sống ở nơi này nhưng có thể chọn đóng 40% residence tax (thuế cư trú ở nơi đó) cho 'quê hương' (ko định nghĩa chính xác thế nào là 'quê hương': sinh ra ở đó, hay sinh ở nơi này nhưng sống nhiều năm ở thành phố khác, hay đơn giản là chọn một thành phố yêu thích (có đặc sản ngon, du lịch hoặc các dịch vụ khác tốt)); trong trường hợp tokyo, residence tax chiếm 45% tổng thuế -> = 30 tỷ usd, 40% con số này sẽ là 12 tỷ usd mà người nhập cư tokyo có thể gửi về 'quê hương',

nhật bản lại có "truyền thống" (socially-obliged) là nếu được nhận quà, thì thường tìm cách trả lại món quá giá trị khoảng 30%, ví dụ nhận được quà 300 usd sẽ mua cái gì đó 90 usd để tặng lại -> các chính quyền 'quê hương' tham gia cuộc đua kêu gọi những "người con xa quê" đóng góp cho địa phương và sẽ gửi lại họ 30% số tiền thuế bằng đặc sản quê hương -> thị trường sản phẩm truyền thống, trung gian v.v... xuất hiện

xem chi tiết ở đây,
Called ふるさと納税 (Furusato Nouzei or, roughly, the Hometown Tax System), it works something like this:

A substantial portion of Japan's income-based taxes are residence taxes, which are paid to the city and prefecture (think state) that one resides in, based on one's income in the previous year. The rate is a flat 10% of taxed income; due to quirks of calculating this which almost certainly aren't relevant to you, you can estimate this as 8% of what white collar employees think their salary is.

Furusato Nouzei allows you to donate up to 40% of next year's residence tax to one or many cities/prefectures of your choice, in return for a 1:1 credit on your tax next year. This is entirely opt-in. Anyone can participate, regardless of where they live.

In principle, the idea is to donate to one's hometown. Importantly, one actually has unfettered discretion as to which city/prefecture one donates to.

... In 2008, about 33,000 people participated in the Furusato Nouzei system, principally out of genuine charitable concern. In 2016, it was about 2.2 million. They donated on the order of $2.5 billion. The primary accelerant was the bidding war. A contributor was the popularization of Internet sites to broker the donations, which substantially reduce the friction required to participate.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"A worm's eye view" nghĩa là gì?

Wood. Urban Style. Photo courtesy Alexander Mueller.

'A worm's eye view' nghĩa là việc hiểu vấn đề/tình huống một cách hạn chế do thiếu cái nhìn/cách suy nghĩ rộng/khoáng đạt.

Ví dụ
It is no accident that Babur and Humayun, who offer a worm's eye view of the Mughal Empire, are the namesakes of its first two emperors.

Every autumn I lie on my belly in piles of decaying (thối rữa, phân rã) leaves and observe the world around me. Call me strange, but to my mind there’s nothing better than adopting a worm’s-eye view and breathing in the heady (nặng, dễ bốc lên đầu, dễ làm say (rượu...)) scent (mùi thơm, hương thơm) of a forest regenerating itself.

Before, my only focus was to work and I did movies which I didn’t feel secure about. My focus has changed now because the quality of life is important to me. I have decided to give time to myself, my family; in fact I even found the time to write a book. That phase taught me to enjoy my life and see everything around me from a bird’s eye view rather than a worm’s eye view.

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Phi công siêu đẳng

vẽ hình cái CU TO khi đang bay huấn luyện :D

Maj. Josef Patterson, a spokesman with the unit, told Marine Corps Times: ’The T-34C crew that is being investigated (bị điều tra) for flying a pattern (khuôn mẫu, hình mẫu) resembling (giống) an obscene image (hình ảnh thô tục) are currently not flying pending the results of an ongoing investigation.

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...To be fair, it was a pretty good drawing, considering they did it in an aircraft (máy bay) flying at hundreds of miles an hour.

One Twitter user noted: ‘On the bright side, this shows how greatly proficient (tài giỏi, thành thạo) these pilots are. They’ve been trained well. ‘We can be proud that our fighter pilots are probably the best in the world, and drawing a penis with this amount of skill, and precision proves it!’

Other social media users were also impressed, with one commenting: ‘It was surgical. Attention to detail (chú ý tới tiểu tiết) is critical in naval aviation.’

"Mì khỏa thân" và nước cờ tinh quái

cảnh sát florida xem lại camera theo dõi và phát hiện tên trộm nhà hàng khỏa thân uống bia ăn mì, enjoy life :D

...The video shows a man riding his bike up to the restaurant at 358 22nd Ave S, pedaling around the parking lot for 10 minutes, then slipping in through the back gate. After wandering around for a bit, he opens the door to a shed for storing odds and ends, and removes them one by one.

Then the man gains access to a restaurant bathroom. And exits without his clothes. He proceeds to sit naked at one of the restaurant's picnic tables and digs into a meal he brought with him — Maruchan Instant Lunch ramen. The video also shows him playing the bongos (cái trống nhỏ được gõ bằng tay), also naked.

“He came in with pants on but he rode off on the bike without pants,” Chattaway server Chad Pearson said. “I’m not sure if he took his pants with him but we didn't find them. We still don't know where his pants are.” :))

Lùm xùm về thuế ở Tây Ban Nha

phải lên tận tòa án tối cao để phân xử người mua nhà hay ngân hàng nộp thuế thế chấp bất động sản,

trong khi bài học vỡ lòng econ 101 là ai nộp thuế thì cũng ko thay đổi người thực sự chịu thuế (không bị quyết định bởi luật quốc hội mà là luật cung cầu :)
Spain is currently embroiled (lôi kéo (ai) vào một cuộc xung đột, làm rối tung lên, làm rắc rối (vấn đề)) in tremendous (ghê gớm, khủng khiếp, dữ dội) debate (cuộc tranh luận) over who should pay the AJD tax, a tax on the creation of a mortgage (thế chấp mua nhà). Should the buyers (consumers) or the sellers of the mortgage (the banks) pay the tax? The Supreme Court, the President, and the legislature have all stepped in.

...What's amazing is that the Spanish uproar is over a decision that Econ 101 says does not make a whit's worth of difference to anything of importance. Whether the buyers send the check to the government or the sellers does not change the true incidence of the tax. As Tyler and I say in Modern Principles, "Who pays the tax does not depend on the laws of Congress but on the laws of supply and demand." The tax simply drives a wedge (cái nêm (để bổ gỗ, bửa đá, mở rộng một lỗ hổng hoặc giữ cho hai vật tách ra) between what the buyers pay and what the seller receives. Since sellers typically post prices, when the sellers must send the check the posted price will include the tax but the price the sellers receive will be the posted price minus the tax. If buyers must send the check to the government the posted price will not include the tax but the buyers will have to pay the posted price plus the tax. Either way, the seller, buyer, and government all end up net the same amount. It's little different than debating whether the right or left hand must pay the tax. See Tyler in the video below for the diagram and further details.

Thus, the whole Spanish imbroglio (tình trạng hỗn độn (về chính trị...), sự hiểu lầm rắc rối, tình trạng rắc rối phức tạp (trong một vở kịch), đống lộn xộn) has been caused by a failure to understand Econ 101.

Monday, November 19, 2018

"A bird's eye view" nghĩa là gì?

Grand Canyon. Photo courtesy Alan & Flora Botting.

'A bird's eye view' nghĩa là cảnh đẹp nhìn từ trên cao; sự xem xét/cân nhắc một vấn đề/tình huống một cách toàn diện.

Ví dụ
The embedded-map functions allow potential renters to scan the places they plan to visit from a bird's-eye view, surveying potential homes.

Always take a bird's-eye view of your role and what needs to be done. "Don't let small and tedious (chán ngắt, buồn tẻ, nhạt nhẽo, thiếu hấp dẫn, dài dòng, làm mệt mỏi) tasks get in the way of completing the more impactful (có tác động, có ảnh hưởng) work that will get you noticed."

The 8-inch touchscreen monitor extends up from the top of the center stack and features the new 360-degree surround camera system, which works via four cameras, one in front, one in back and one each on the side mirrors. The effect is a bird’s eye view all around the car. It’s totally reliable for tight parking spaces and backing up.

Horseshoe Bend is one of the American west’s most celebrated overlooks. From a sheer sandstone precipice just a few miles outside Grand Canyon national park, visitors get a bird’s-eye view of the emerald Colorado river as it makes a U-turn 800ft below.

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