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Saturday, December 7, 2019

"Duke it out" nghĩa là gì?

Ca này bó tay. Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels 

"Duke it out" có từ "duke" là nắm đấm (từ lóng). Cụm từ này có nghĩa là cãi nhau, chiến nhau, tranh luận. 

Ví dụ
Bucky Badger, Goldy Gopher duke it out on Twitter before Saturday's rivalry game. 

As a queer person (người kỳ dị), I take personal delight (vui mừng) in seeing couples duke it out, and in keeping the pieces for myself (and I’m not just talking about bar-hopping in Bushwick, either). 

Clear Brook and Clear Falls, the last of the five CCISD schools with an opportunity at playing for the crown, were each beaten in Friday’s quarterfinals (tứ kết), leaving four other heavyweights (nặng ký) to duke it out for the title (danh hiệu). 

Amanda Nunes will put her bantamweight (Hạng Gà dành cho võ sĩ 57 đến 61 kg) title on the line against Germaine de Randamie before Max Holloway and Volkanovski duke it out in the co-main event for the featherweight (Hạng Lông, từ 61kg đến 66kg) belt. 

Thu Phương

"Boil the ocean" nghĩa là gì?

Cuộc đời mà, phải làm mới biết là khó. Photo by Simon Clayton from Pexels 

"Boil the ocean" = đun sôi đại dương -> tham gia, can thiệp vào những việc quá khó hoặc vô ích, vớ vẩn. 

Ví dụ
Everyone in business has heard the warning (cảnh báo): “don’t boil the ocean.” In other words, when looking for a solution to a problem, don’t take on too much all at once or make the scope so big that it becomes difficult or even impossible to find an answer. 

Avoid third parties (bên thứ ba) or automated tools (công cụ tự động hóa) that simply highlight thousands of vulnerabilities (lỗ hổng, nhược điểm) without any direction. You can’t boil the ocean, so make sure you get an actionable, prioritized plan with a defined set of vulnerabilities to remediate. 

Parker Conrad’s last startup, Zenefits, drowned in busy work. Now with Rippling, he wants to boil that ocean. Instead of trying to nail one thing then expand, “very counter (đối lập) to conventional wisdom (hiểu biết thông thường), we took on something that’s a lot broader and more ambitious (tham vọng).” 

Thu Phương

"An ocean of" nghĩa là gì?

Thế giới đang tự đào mồ chôn mình bởi rác thải. Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

"An ocean of (something)" hoặc "oceans of (something)" có nghĩa là nhiều, rất nhiều (như nước đại dương). 

Ví dụ 
There is an ocean of difference between exemption (miễn thuế) from income tax (thuế thu nhập) and remission (miễn giảm). 

Trung said an ocean of trash including beer cans, milk cans and plastic bottles dumped by tourists are lodged on (nằm dưới) the sea bed (đáy biển). 

So they play with milk containers, toilet rolls and delivery boxes. Hey, they love it. And I refuse plastic at the counter, save jars and try to use beeswax wraps (túi sáp ong). It is not much really, but the dirty alternative (thay thế) is an ocean of sadness. 

It is with an ocean of emotion and a very heavy heart that I must announce that after 43 mythical years, Sub-Surface Progression will be shutting its doors (đóng cửa) by the end of December. Our only and last day open for sure will be Saturday, November 30th. 

Thu Phương

"Get back to nature" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Irene Dávila on Unsplash

"Get/go back to nature" nghĩa là trở về trạng thái trạng thái tự nhiên; hoà mình với thiên nhiên; thực hiện một lối sống coi trọng và cố gắng tăng thời gian ở ngoài trời hoặc ở những nơi nông thôn, hoang dã và các hoạt động liên quan, trái ngược với cuộc sống đô thị hiện đại.

Ví dụ
In the video, we see the family get back to nature, with the dimly (lờ mờ) hued (nhiều màu sắc) shots showing Kanye, Kim and their kids North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm cuddling on some rocks before trekking across the barren land.

“It’s been proven through research that spending time in green spaces can improve a person’s physical and mental health and wellbeing, so opportunities to take some time out of the office and get back to nature can be extremely beneficial.

In a speech to launch her garden, the duchess said: “I am not as green fingered (có tài làm vườn) as many of you here, but I was passionate about creating a garden that inspired children and adults alike to get back to nature and reap (hưởng) the positive mental and physical health benefits that it can bring.”

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Get your dander up" nghĩa là gì?

Hãng Ericsson nộp phạt 1 tỉ USD vì hối lộ quan chức 5 nước

trong gần hai thập kỷ, nhằm tăng lợi nhuận...

The Swedish telecommunications group admitted to a long-running scheme (kế hoạch, mưu đồ) to use agents (nhân viên) and consultants (nhà tư vấn) to bribe (hối lộ) government officials (quan chức chính phủ) in Djibouti, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Kuwait.

...As part of the settlement, Ericsson struck a three-year deferred prosecution agreement and a subsidiary pleaded guilty to conspiracy (âm mưu) to violate (vi phạm) the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The conduct admitted by the company between 2000 and 2016 ranged from cash bribes (hối lộ bằng tiền mặt) disguised as sham contracts (hợp đồng giả mạo) to in-kind bribes for government officials and “off-the-books slush funds” used to make payments to customers who would ordinarily not pass its due diligence (thận trọng hợp lý) processes.

Over 17 years in China, subsidiaries funded tens of millions of dollars of gifts, travel and entertainment for officials, while in Vietnam and Indonesia the law-breaking involved millions of dollars to consulting companies to form slush funds (quỹ đen (quỹ do một chính đảng hoặc một doanh nghiệp lập ra để dùng vào những mục đích bất hợp pháp, chẳng hạn (như) để hối lộ, ăn chơi...)), the company admitted.

"Get your dander up" nghĩa là gì?

Cái con kiến đáng ghét này! Photo by Sindy Strife on Unsplash

"Get (someone's) dander up" có từ dander là sự giận dữ, phẫn nộ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là làm cho ai nổi giận, chọc tức ai.

Ví dụ
“They sense (cảm thấy) that we’re under attack (bị tấn công) and that they’re attacking our ability to advocate (ủng hộ, tán thành) for our students,” he said. “And that’s going to get your dander up as a teacher.”

An Impossible Burger is what I like to call fake meat. Before you cattle producers get your dander up, the reader in Wyoming loves real beef but his body can’t digest (tiêu hóa) it, and his wife grew up on a ranch where they raised cattle (gia súc lớn).

People who are too upset about it being taken off the radio need to get a grip, as well. I don't think you're actually mad at it being removed. You're upset because you feel it is yet another example of a culture obsessed with political correctness reconsidering even supposedly mundane (trần tục) parts of our shared pasts. If you need a list of real problems to get your dander up about, I'm happy to provide one.

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Get your bait back" nghĩa là gì?

"A little dab will do ya" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: abhishek gaurav on Unsplash

"A little dab will do ya" = một chút (gì đó) là đủ -> nghĩa là một lượng nhỏ cái gì, thường là kẹo mềm, kem,... là đủ đối với ai đó.

Ví dụ
There are many people that play and when they reach a certain level never go out to the merch booth or talk to fans after the show, unless it’s like someone stalking (rình mò) them by their bus, and they keep a bubble around themselves so they don't have to hear anything. And that's another thing, as far as fame goes, a little dab will do ya, and you can never go back from being ultra-famous.

For Panther fans looking to get the Big Game party started early, Charlotte-based Hickory Tavern®, a family-friendly restaurant with a sports passion (đam mê), says a little dab will do ya.

Favorite beer: The cheap answer is “the one in my hand,” but recently I discovered a beer called Curieux. It is a triple ale aged in a Jim Beam barrel. Wow! But careful, a little dab will do ya!

Ngọc Lân

"The night is young" nghĩa là gì?

Quẩy lên nào! Photo courtesy: Krisztian Hadi

"The night is young" = đêm còn trẻ -> chưa khuya và vẫn còn nhiều thời gian.

Ví dụ
The night is still young and in Samui the party doesn't get started until late.

I write this letter after midnight, and the night is still young. For people like us, the steady (đều đều) lengthening (kéo dài) of daylight saving (chuyển sang giờ mùa hè) time only worsens the problem. With the world split 50-50 between larks (chim chiền chiện -> dậy sớm) and night owls, why is only one sleep schedule considered the valid (hợp lý) one?

Catch some indie music at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg. Pete’s is a stronghold (thành trì) for the indie and experimental music scene in the north Brooklyn neighborhood, and also hosts open mics, storytelling, and comedy. Shows are usually free with a recommended $5 donation. The bar/venue is a short walk from the G and L trains. If you leave Pete’s and decide the night is young there are plenty of late-night watering holes to choose from in Williamsburg.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Out for blood" nghĩa là gì?

"Out for blood" nghĩa là gì?

Em chào anh Wick! Photo courtesy: canburak

"Out for someone's blood" = tìm máu ai đó -> rất tức giận và muốn giết ai đó.

Ví dụ
They seem to be out for blood, and they're attacking everywhere where their enemy is.

Immediately following the events of “John Wick 2,” Wick is on the run (tẩu thoát) in New York City. After killing a member of the secret underground world of assassins in a venue where murder is forbidden, there’s a $14 million bounty on Wick’s head and every killer is out for his blood.

Am I happy? Meh. I'm happy Chuckles Scheer isn't forming (thành lập) a government. I'm happy the Christian Taliban wing (phe cánh) of the Conservative Party is out for his blood. I'm downright (hết sức) giddy (chóng mặt) if that means they'll hive off (chia nhánh) and support the Christian Heritage Party or see if Presto Manning is up for breathing life (thổi hồn) into the Reform 2.0 Party, thus (vì vậy) ensuring those whose comfort lies far to the right of centre remain in political palookaville (làng thằng đần) for the rest of my life.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Rolling over in his grave" nghĩa là gì?

"Read her like an open book" nghĩa là gì?

Nếu có ai đó hiểu được bản thân mình thì đó gọi là hạnh phúc. Photo by  hannah grace

"Read (one) like an open book" = Đọc được ai như một cuốn sách -> Hiểu rõ và nhận thức được cảm xúc và suy nghĩ của ai như đi guốc trong bụng họ vậy đó.

Ví dụ
A game changer and influential figure in the global music industry, and even back then she was letting people read her like an open book.

His eyes were teary as he read me like an open book. Just when I thought he would get angry his voice got low. And he was telling me a tale.

Any Konami saves on the memory card (thẻ nhớ) are called out by Mantis to show he can read you like an open book, unfortunately, I had none on mine.

Bin Kuan

"Open the way for" nghĩa là gì?

Đường dài thênh thang. Photo by Matt Duncan

"Open the way for (someone or something)" = Mở lối cho ai/cái gì -> Tạo điều kiện và cơ hội cho ai/điều gì để thực hiện việc nào đó.

Ví dụ
That would then open the way for Giroud to leave, but at this stage a loan deal (thương lượng vụ nợ) is off the table with the preference for a permanent switch including a fee (phí).

Recent reports the Peoria diocese (giáo khu) has received about miracles (phép màu, điều kỳ diệu) attributed to Sheen's intercession (sự giúp giùm, cầu nguyện hộ) open the way for canonization (sự phóng thánh), Kruse said.

“That’s a situation which obviously can’t go on forever and they have got to get together… the independent directors, they’ve got to appoint a completely independent new chief executive and the resignation (sự từ chức) of Donal Conway today will open the way for a new independent chairman.”

Bin Kuan

"Open the kimono" nghĩa là gì?

Nét đẹp của xứ sở mặt trời mọc. Photo by  Sorasak

"Open the kimono" = Mở áo Kimono -> Những kế hoạch, mục tiêu hay cuộc thương lượng được rõ ràng, sáng tỏ và minh bạch.

Ví dụ
Jeff Sprecher, chief executive of Intercontinental Exchange: “We started to open the kimono and expose it to people.”

In our opinion one of the best tools for ordinary investors who are on the hunt for new ideas is 13F filings. Once every quarter hedge funds with at least $100 million in total positions in publicly traded US stocks (cổ phiếu) are required to open the kimono and disclose the number of shares (cổ phần) and the total value of its positions in each of the stocks and options in its portfolio (danh mục đầu tư).

The most confusing expression used in job ads was ‘open the kimono’, with 82 per cent of jobseekers surveyed saying they didn’t understand the phrase. According to Investopedia, the controversial phrase means to “reveal what is being planned or to share important information freely”. “Similar to ‘open the books’ or an ‘open door policy’, opening the kimono means revealing the inner workings of a project or company to an outside party.”

Bin Kuan

"Open question" nghĩa là gì?

Những câu hỏi tràn lan đại hải? Photo by  Evan Dennis

"Open question" = Câu hỏi mở -> Một vấn đề/chủ đề không thể giải quyết hoặc quyết định được, nó được trả lời theo nhiều cách và khía cạnh khác nhau (tùy quan điểm mỗi người).

Ví dụ
After the market was rattled earlier this week over fears that the US and China might not reach a trade deal this year after all, it is an open question whether the storm has passed or there will be more volatility (tính nhanh thay đổi, không ổn định) next week, Mr McCarthy said.

About 50 Buckeye Village residents and supporters carrying signs that read “Save BV” and listed demands regarding graduate student and family housing asked University President Michael V. Drake about plans for the future of graduate student life at Ohio State at an open question and answer section Friday afternoon.

Witnesses at the hearing said lawmakers need improved access to non-partisan (người không ủng hộ) scientific information on climate change, cybersecurity (an ninh mạng), artificial intelligence (trí tuệ nhân tạo), 5G deployment, data privacy and other key issues that could -- and perhaps should -- be the subject of legislative action in coming years. But how that information comes to them is an open question.

Bin Kuan

"Open letter" nghĩa là gì?

What is the aim of this letter? Photo by Álvaro Serrano

"Open letter" = Thư không niêm trên báo/thư công khai -> Thư gửi cho người đặc biệt và nổi tiếng và nó được đăng tải lên trang báo cho mọi người đọc, thường nội dung của nó mang tính chống đối hoặc phản bác lại ai.

Ví dụ
TORY Islamophobia has been ignored in this general election, hundreds of writers, politicians and activists have warned in an open letter.

This is an open letter to all of you privately disgusted (làm căm phẫn) Republicans. It's prompted by the fact that in the last few days, two of your colleagues have come forward to share with us your angst (cảm giác lo lắng, ăn năn tội lỗi).

Today, I write this open letter to you with the hope that perhaps you may reconsider your ways. Revisit the speech you gave outside the ZANU-PF headquarters (trụ sở) on the eve of your first inauguration (lễ nhậm chức). Those words still ring in our ears. The promises you gave, the support you asked from us. Many believed in you and many gave you a chance. Is this how you repay their confidence?

Bin Kuan

"Open and shut" nghĩa là gì?

Xoa dịu những tâm hồn bất an. Photo by Nadine Shaabana

"Open and shut" = Mở và đóng -> Chỉ việc đơn giản, minh bạch, dễ giải quyết và diễn ra một cách suôn sẻ và không rắc rối.

Ví dụ
The child is found dead in some woods in the state of Georgia, but what appears to be an open-and-shut case takes a number of bizarre (kỳ quái) twists and turns.

“We have significantly reformed our procedures (thủ tục) over the past year, including recently adopting a proposal (đề nghị) by Jeremy Corbyn for rapid expulsions (sự trục xuất), which allows individuals to be expelled (trục xuất) within a matter of weeks in open and shut cases.”

Open and shut is the obvious description of the Ukraine extortion scandal (vụ bê bối tống tiền). Even the one law professor Republicans invited to testify the other day before the Judiciary Committee said he didn’t vote for Trump and basically thought that although the Democrats weren’t there yet, the investigation simply needed more work. It’s like the doctor telling you maybe you need a little more Botox.

Bin Kuan

"Open my eyes to" nghĩa là gì?

1,2,3 Mở mắt. Photo by  Jake Davies

"Open (one's) eyes to (someone or something)" = Sáng mắt trước điều gì -> Nhận ra sự thật về ai/cái gì.

Ví dụ
And the bluebirds (chim sơn ca) have been there, but I never saw them like I see them now. It kinda reminds me to open my eyes to what's around me.”.

He and his mother Daphne had received security training, which helped open his eyes to the real risks they were exposed (phơi bày) to Massimo Costa.

It will open his eyes to what he has. Life is just not about material things (vật chất). I am a firm believer (tin chắc) in counseling and am happy he is seeking help.

Bin Kuan

"Rolling over in his grave" nghĩa là gì?

Tụi nó nói tui là cái ông ngồi dưới cây táo. Coi tin được không? Photo courtesy: the_mute_b

"Rolling over in one's grave" = lăn lộn trong hòm -> cực kỳ tức giận hay hối hận về một việc xảy ra sau khi ai đó mất. Nếu như họ còn sống, họ sẽ tức điên.

Ví dụ
Your grandfather loved that house, I can't believe you tore it down. He must be rolling over in his grave.

Referring to the report from Radar Online, Wendy explained: ‘They title the article, “Wendy‘s been looking for female companionship and Whitney‘s rolling over in her grave because Wendy has found it in Robyn Crawford”.

They said Greta Garbo and I’m sure your Auntie Denise is rolling over in her grave (while wearing her bonnet (mũ trùm tóc)) at another attempt (nỗ lực) for white people to not only co-opt (kết hợp), but also profit off of our culture. The NiteCap will cost you $98.00 and is available in five colors, including black, pink, navy, bone, and red. The cap is cute, featuring an oversize bow (cái nơ) but at $98.00, I would never. And while we are most likely not even the audience Lindenberg is attempting to sell to, at least she is using and featuring a Black model on the website.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Look what the cat dragged in" nghĩa là gì?

"Skeleton staff" nghĩa là gì?

Mua gì nào? Photo courtesy: Son of Groucho

"Skeleton staff" có từ "skeleton" ở đây có nghĩa là khung sườn = nhân viên chủ chốt -> số nhân viên tối thiểu cần để vận hành một công ty trong kỳ nghỉ hay các dịp lễ, tết hoặc không cần thiết có đủ nhân viên.

Ví dụ
Council (hội đồng) offices reduced to skeleton staff manning (nhân công) because most of the people are sleeping off the previous night's counting (đêm đếm ngược).

The truth was, sources conclude (kết luận), it was Donald Trump that let down (làm thất vọng) Melania Trump. A skeleton staff of political neophytes (tập sự) neglected (sao lãng) to read Melania Trump's speech, much less vet (xem xét chặt chẽ) it for content.

Knowing the next issue of Music Week was pretty much wrapped up, I confidently made the decision to allow most of our journalists to skip the usual Friday press day so they could attend Glastonbury Festival. However, as the MW team headed to Worthy Farm, news of Jackson’s death broke, which meant most of the pages already written for the magazine had to be ripped up (xé ra từng mảnh) and the skeleton staff of two then faced the prospect (viễn cảnh) of putting together an extensive (bao quát) tribute to the King Of Pop in just a few hours. While the job got done with moments to spare, the staff were told they would be watching Glastonbury on TV the following year!

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Poster child" nghĩa là gì?

"Get your bait back" nghĩa là gì?

Bắt được nhiêu cá đây đủ vốn rồi! Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

"Get (someone's) bait back" = thu lại được mồi -> cụm từ này nghĩa là kiếm gần đủ tiền để bù đắp những gì ai đó đã nỗ lực bỏ ra; chỉ cần thu lại tương ứng với chi phí đã bỏ ra. Đây là cách nói của ngư dân vùng đông bắc Hoa Kỳ cũ vì hầu như không làm ra thu nhập. Một số người bắt được cá đủ để bán và bù đắp chi phí trong ngày được cho là đã lấy lại được mồi của mình.

Ví dụ
Some of the hard lessons learned in previous years helped in 2016, like appropriate position sizing. One of my mentors (cố vấn, người thầy) advised me to always “get your bait back” when the market affords (đưa cho, tạo cho) you the chance – take some money off the table.

Romney built a team of dealmakers (người thương lượng, đàm phán) who mostly resembled him--young, many of them Harvard Business School graduates (người tốt ngiệp) --who focused on rigorous analysis (sự phân tích cặn kẽ) instead of investment-banking tricks like loading a target with debt so it could spit out a quick dividend ("Getting your bait back," in private equity lingo (biệt ngữ), though Bain is not immune to this).

Critics highlight private equity’s vampiric (tính chất bóc lột) aspect, the win-because-you-lose side that sucks from acquired companies, employees, taxpayers (người đóng thuế), and, sometimes, creditors (người cho vay). Some of it is zero-sum financial engineering, like loading a company with additional debt and then using the proceeds to pay themselves dividends (a strategy known as dividend recapitalization (sự điều chỉnh cơ cấu vốn), or “getting your bait back,” as it’s called in the private-equity world).

Thảo Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Go back a long way" nghĩa là gì?

"Join battle with" nghĩa là gì?

Quên mình vì trận chiến. Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels 

"Join battle (with someone or something)" có nghĩa là tham gia vào cuộc chiến hoặc cuộc tranh cãi hay cuộc thi nào đó. 

Ví dụ
Gigantic Chinese behemoth (kếch xù) may join New Zealand ute battle.

Rapping minister and priest (linh mục) join climate change battle with Christmas single. 

Your vote is to decide whether we are to join battle or not. If we do not bring on a battle presently, some factious intrigue (mưu đồ bè phái) will disunite the Athenians, and the city will be betrayed to the Medes. 

First then, come what may, they will never accept thy (của ngươi) terms, which would reduce Greece to slavery (nô lệ) ; and further, they are sure to join battle with thee (ngươi), though all the rest of the Greeks should submit to thy will (ý chí).

Thu Phương

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