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Friday, March 5, 2021

“Behind the bit” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Chris Neumann

“Behind the bit” = đằng sau hàm thiếc ngựa -> nghĩa là (về) ngựa, đánh đầu về phía sau, tránh bị căng quá khi người cưỡi ngựa kéo dây cương.

Ví dụ
I have a horse that's very delicate and likes to hide behind the bit and this little change in thinking improved my riding a lot.

I slow his rush with my body but then as I do he comes behind the bit so then I have to chase him forward again. It all seems like a vicious circle.

“We were anxious to start him on his own doorstep and what better place than here in a race he’s won before and obviously he has good form here. I’m delighted with that. Billy said he gave him a great feel and that’s the most important part of the day. “I liked the way he looked to race just behind the bit all the time.

Ka Tina

“On it like a car bonnet” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Adi Goldstein

“On it like a car bonnet” = có nắp ca-po đậy trên -> nghĩa là tình huống, vấn đề nằm trong tầm kiểm soát.

Ví dụ
Bradford City are on it like a car bonnet, appointing Stuart McCall as manager for the third time after ditching Gary Bowyer. West Ham will install two new tiers of seats closer to their London Stadium pitch in time for the 2020-21 Championship season. And two South Korean fans have been awarded $312 in compensation after Cristiano Ronaldo failed to play in Juve’s pre-season trip to Seoul last year.

Of course, we’re all only human - I call myself a pescatarian, yet whenever my carnivore (động vật ăn thịt, cây ăn sâu bọ) spouse has some meaty treat - sorry, ‘poor murdered animal’ - on his plate, I watch his progress like a particularly predatory hawk and the minute he gives up the goat I will be on it like a car bonnet with many a weasel (con chồn, né tránh) word about how it would be the final insult to the dear dead creature to chuck it in the bin when it could be providing me with the nourishment needed in order for me to further the righteous cause of anti-carnivorism (không ăn thịt).

Yes, this came out back in February 2020 (even though it seems like years ago now!) and I still think about how good it was to this day. Sometimes when the original creator revisits their old work, it’s usually to make some quick cash and it almost always is never as good as you want it to be. This Death Note one-shot is the exception to that rule. Despite the amount of Death Note media that is out there, I wanted MORE after this one-shot, and if Tsugumi Ohba did announce that he would come back for a full new series, I would be on it like a car bonnet.

Ka Tina

“On the pull” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by David Jackson

“On the pull” -> nghĩa là ra ngoài đi chơi đêm để tìm bạn tình.

Ví dụ
Freed gangster Ger Dundon is on the pull after prison release. The 27-year-old mobster clutches a female pal during boozy night out.

I WAS swept off my feet by a man I thought would be the father of my children. But fast-forward two years and I am convinced he was using me to babysit his children while he went out on the pull. I feel like a complete mug.

The one who is on the pull. This girl loves a flirtatious drinking game and is probably drinking vodka and something. If there are boys at your pres forget about talking to her all evening. If it’s a girls only pres then expect her to be taking fit pictures for her Instagram and casually messaging a few boys to see who is out tonight.

Ka Tina

“Choice bit of calico” nghĩa là gì?

“Choice bit of calico” có calico là vải in hoa -> nghĩa là người đàn bà hấp dẫn, quyến rũ.

Ví dụ
Gents dropped their clams and got ossified (hóa đá, không thể thay đổi), y'see, and all da dames were a choice bit of calico. It was da berries!

“Bluenose” – term for a prude or individual deemed to be a killjoy (người làm mất vui, phá đám). “Butt me!” – “I would like a cigarette.” “Cancelled stamp” – a shy, lonely female, the type one would describe as a wallflower (người không có bạn nhảy trong một buổi khiêu vũ phải ngồi hoặc đứng ngoài rìa trong khi người khác nhảy (nhất là phụ nữ)). “Choice bit of calico” – a desirable woman. “Dewdropper” like lollygagger – a slacker who sits around all day and does nothing, often unemployed. “Know your onions” – to know what’s up or what’s going on. “Mrs. Grundy” – an uptight or very straight-laced individual. “Oliver Twist” – an extremely good dancer. “Pull a Daniel Boone” – to upchuck. “Bank”s closed!” – what you tell someone to stop making out.

I was attempting to charm a choice bit of calico into a little petting session when I was interrupted by Tim the Commissioner saying, “You look a little absent, how about some Absinthe?” I had no choice but to acquiesce (bằng lòng, ưng thuận) to his request and match the flutter of my heart with a burn in my chest. We tossed one down the hatch and soon enough the Green Fairy’s kiss had put a slur in our smile and a stutter in our steps! That’s when I spied a dolled-up, doe-eyed Daisy and took my chance to dance. We jitterbugged (dễ bị kích động, lo lắng) just right, were proper Lindy-hoppers and then Charlestoned till I almost charffed! After all that toe-tappin’ I was really burning with a blue flame and that’s when the trophies made their way to the stage.

Ka Tina

“A bit dodgy” nghĩa là gì?

“A bit dodgy” = hơi tinh ranh, lắm mưu -> nghĩa là có vẻ không lành, nguy hiểm, lo ngại.

Ví dụ
At this stage we don't know how far George can be pushed. You hope that because he's a police officer he has limits, but again it's all a bit dodgy.

It did feel a bit dodgy, but then again, why was “every single water carrier on the field”? Why didn’t Ford, May, Slade, Youngs and Daly ‘drink the Kool-Aid’?

But what is a bit dodgy, in my opinion, is to trick users into filling up their free space, forcing them to buy into the paid service – especially when the vast majority of smartphone camera users will likely see no difference in terms of image quality between the two formats of drastically different file sizes.

Ka Tina

“Bit of skirt” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Chema Photo

“Bit of skirt” có skirt là người đàn bà được xem là đối tượng tình dục -> cụm từ này nghĩa là phụ nữ hấp dẫn, nghĩa bóng (coi thường) là người phụ nữ chỉ đẹp mà đầu óc rỗng tuếch, 'tóc dài trí ngắn'.

Ví dụ
Paul admitted she was “wincing at times” watching the first programme, including the moment one of her officers refers to a woman as a “bit of skirt” in an interview. “It’s forgivable, but not what I would want someone to say,” she said. “It’s banter in a working environment.”

A woman police chief has come under fire for seeming to defend a colleague who described a shooting victim’s fiancee as ‘some bit of skirt’. Colette Paul, Bedfordshire’s chief constable, said the comment – made by an investigation during a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary about Luton Police Station – was ‘forgivable’.

Two-time All-Star Barr said: “Back in in the 90s and 80s when I started, you could go out and have a pint, you could come out of the pub, you could have a piss beside the lamppost, do you know what I mean? “You might get a f***ing kebab on the way home, or you’d chase a bit of skirt. And you were allowed to grow up, you were allowed to make mistakes, and you were allowed to have fun. “With social media and all of that, everybody wants opinions, and to give their opinion on this, that and the other.

Ka Tina

“A bit obtuse” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jeswin Thomas

“A bit obtuse” -> nghĩa là hơi đần độn, chậm hiểu.

Ví dụ
The former was purely for weekend use, while the latter was a rock-solid companion for daily wear—yes, I am a bit obtuse that way. Which is why, one can safely assume that you’ll probably find lesser people more chuffed than I am with the return of the Zig technology, with the Reebok Zig Kinetica. It brings back that ZigTech outsole, and memories come flooding back. In a good way. A wave of good memories. Oh, the good times.

Megan Briscoe is a colleague of the main protagonist (vai chính) Cassie Bowden (the flight attendant) who is suspected of murder – the primary plot. We learn, mid-second episode, that Megan is on a “make money” spree, looking for any angle to increase her bankroll, which she squirrels away in figurines (bức tượng nhỏ) in her home. I don’t want to spoil the entire sub-plot, so I’ll be a bit obtuse in the narrative.

Of course, there are microtransactions. While the main story is playable without needing to spend money, players must make Wishes in order to get the best characters and weapons. The Wish banner system is where players can spend real-world money. However, it is a bit obtuse and difficult to understand, so here it is explained more clearly.

Ka Tina

“A bit dicey” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Nejc Soklič

“A bit dicey” = hơi nguy hiểm -> nghĩa là tiềm ẩn những rủi ro, kết quả không thuận lợi.

Ví dụ
“Tomorrow morning will be a bit dicey, especially with how cold the temperatures are," he said. "A lot of times the salt won't work on roads when temperatures are in the 'teens."

“When Thomas and I came on, things were still a bit dicey for us. We tried to create a bit of momentum,” Gnabry told Sky. Wolfsburg remain third after their 2-0 home win over Hertha Berlin, whose defender Lukas Kluenter turned the ball into his own net before Maxence Lacroix scored the hosts’ second.

“We’re kind of assessing it going day by day and seeing how the roads look but its not looking too good this week, McMurtry said. “The safety of our employees obviously is our number one priority and then the community as well as not wanting to get our equipment tore up trying to go around and pick up everyone’s trash.” McMurtry said they usually pick up in snow, but this situation is a bit dicey due to the ice. He added that service may not resume until February 22.

Ka Tina

“The voice of an angel” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Elizeu Dias

“The voice of an angel” = giọng thiên thần -> nghĩa là giọng hát rất hay, ngọt ngào.

Ví dụ
The family of a much-loved mum with the “voice of an angel” have paid tribute (tưởng niệm) to her after her sudden death, aged 22. Shannon Alleyne tragically took her own life at her home in Canterbury on November 7.

As the telling of the story goes in the sometimes overwrought but searing and memorably impactful “The United States v. Billie Holiday,” the government didn’t really care about the troubled singer with the voice of an angel shooting heroin as she toured the country.

Sushmita Sen took to her Instagram account on Sunday, February 7 to share a video of her younger daughter Alisah Sen humming a song. The actor was evidently elated to see Alisah sing the song and could not keep herself from expressing her excitement in the caption calling it the 'voice of an angel'. Read along and take a look at the video here.

Ka Tina

“Raise your voice” nghĩa là gì?

“Raise one’s voice” = lên giọng -> nghĩa là lớn tiếng, la hét lên thường vì quá tức giận.

Ví dụ
If you feel threatened, raise your voice, raise your arms, and do not run. Generally speaking, coyotes react ambivalently towards dogs.

'He’s not an argumentative person. He’s very laid back. He always calmed the situation. 'He was never a violent person. He doesn’t raise his voice. He’s so calm,' she said. After 22 years on the force, Driscoll retired from the Connecticut State Police in 2009. During his service, Driscoll patrolled the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut alongside his black Labrador, Owen.

Moxie, the new Amy Poehler–directed teen-feminist rom-com (on Netflix March 3), is light on the rom and heavy on the riot grrl. Based on Jennifer Mathieu’s 2017 YA book of the same name, the story centers on Vivian (Hadley Robinson), a junior who begins to question the social order in her school when a new student starts speaking out and Vivian discovers ’90s feminist paraphernalia (đồ dùng cá nhân, vật liệu linh tinh) that once belonged to her mom, Lisa (played by Poehler). Feeling angry and inspired, the young Gen Z-er ends up making her own zine and taking down the high-school Establishment in the process. Despite Vivian’s eagerness to raise her voice, though, it’s not all that clear what Moxie has to say.

Ka Tina

“Keep your voice down” nghĩa là gì?

“Keep one’s voice down” = hạ giọng xuống -> nghĩa là nhắc ai đó nói nhỏ lại, thì thầm thôi.

Ví dụ
“I remember this nun shouting at me 'you keep your voice down. You'll lower the tone of the building,' and telling me, 'You're paying your penance (sám hối, ăn năn) now.'

Keep your voice down. It’s not just to avoid annoying neighbors. Screaming or singing can boost the chances of releasing droplets and airborne particles in the air, Grayson explained.

In one call before 5:30 a.m., a man told a dispatcher, in hushed tones, that he thought gunfire was coming from somewhere inside his four-story apartment building on 2nd Avenue North. "There have been three rounds of gunshots inside the building," he said, urgently but trying to keep his voice down. "First, about seven or eight minutes ago, and then again about five minutes ago."

Ka Tina

“Good to hear your voice” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Hannah Wei

“Good to hear your voice” = rất vui vì nghe giọng bạn -> nghĩa là dùng để diễn đạt mang tính lịch sự khi bắt đầu hoặc kết thúc một cuộc nói chuyện trên điện thoại.

Ví dụ
Hey, Michael, good to hear your voice. Thanks for the question. This is Eric. So, yes, there's been a lot going on, on that topic around hero pay.

So Brett, this is Dave. Good to hear your voice on this call. I'm not so sure we saw that. I mean one of the advantages of a 12 line graph as excess graph that we acquired is that unlike a fish wish gets implanted into a patient or it gets created in a patient.

Hey, I'm good, Andy. It's always good to hear your voice. Can you guys give us an update on where you're at just in terms of specific projects in terms of identifying sites on the renewable side for supporting the hydrogen rollout? And then how big the queue is behind that in terms of the sites that you could grow into as you start to see demand emerge?

Ka Tina

“One hand for yourself and one for the ship” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Alonso Reyes

“One hand for oneself and one (hand) for the ship” = một tay cho chính mình và một tay cho con tàu -> nghĩa là luôn cố gắng bảo đảm an toàn cho bản thân cũng như đồng thời làm tốt công việc của mình.

Ví dụ
Good evening voyagers (người du hành). This is your captain speaking. I would like to inform you that we will be seeing swells larger than we have ever experienced. But do not be alarmed. You are always safe. Remember, one hand for yourself, and one for the ship.” Lovely.

As if Campbell sensed my daydreaming, he warned me, “no one has gone overboard on the New Wave yet, so please don’t be the first.” I took his words to heart, quickly learning the art of picture making with a single hand, the other hand planted firmly on anything I could grab. Watching me struggle for balance, the seasoned mariner shared an apt saying from the book of sailor-isms. “One hand for yourself, and one for the ship,” he said. For the next fifteen minutes or so all three of us scanned the choppy seas around us, looking for the AMP.

One of the requirements of the race is for members of the crew to attend a hands-on safety at sea training course. There are few things more humbling than inflating a life jacket in a pool and trying to embark a life raft under the most benign, controlled conditions. It really makes you think seriously about one hand for yourself and one for the ship; you do not want to go overboard at sea.

Ka Tina

“Have Benjamin's mess” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Getúlio Moraes

“Have Benjamin's mess” = có phần ăn của Benjamin (dựa theo câu chuyện trong Kinh Thánh nói về Giô-sép con trai của Gia-cốp đã bị những người anh em của mình bán sang Ai-cập và sau đó trở thành quan tể tướng tại xứ Ai-cập, khi các anh em của mình tới Ai-cập mua lương thực thì ông đã đãi họ bằng một yến tiệc và người em trai út là Benjamin được phần ăn nhiều nhất gấp 5 lần so với anh em còn lại) -> nghĩa là nhận phần nhiều nhất. Cụm từ này chủ yếu được dùng trong tài liệu nói về Chúa hoặc tôn giáo.

Ví dụ
You have Benjamin’s mess of the Republican Party who is playing this, like, Washington-style partisan politics.

It's especially tough for those in retirement. These are the folks that have saved for decades in anticipation of living off their portfolios (danh mục vốn đầu tư) only to find that they're retiring in a record low yield environment. The gains that have been experienced over the past several years have certainly softened the blow, but those who have Benjamin's mess of their portfolios in fixed income are probably still experiencing challenges.

Restaurant replacement is a key trend driving more convenience-focused offerings, according to Mitchell Roth, co-founder, president and COO of Roth Industries and Bourbon Brothers, the latter of which provides prepared proteins for meal kits. “You have Benjamin's mess of the consumer base that is much less experienced in the kitchen, but they are still seeking high-quality, chef-driven flavor profiles,” he said, and that’s having an impact on retailers looking to roll out store brands in the fully cooked category and driving manufacturers to ideate around flavor profiles that speak to them.

Ka Tina

“A hot mess” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jiroe

“A hot mess” = mớ lộn xộn -> nghĩa là phức tạp, rối tung, không có trật tự; nghĩa khác là người có cuộc sống, tính cách hoặc bề ngoài không chỉn chu, thiếu tổ chức hoặc rối bời.

Ví dụ
The theatrical release of Justice League was a hot mess, to say the least. After director Zack Snyder was forced to leave the project due to family issues, Joss Whedon was brought in in the hopes of getting some of that Avengers success.

Last year, then-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos made one of the few good moves of her tenure by waiving the annual standardized tests given to elementary and secondary school students under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. Schools were in emergency mode as they closed campuses in March, many students were without the tools for remote learning, let alone remote testing, and, to put it simply, the academic year was a hot mess.

Up and coming house duo FOVOS blasted onto the scene with gusto, grabbing the attention of Golf Clap with their blending of classic and future forward styles. For their Country Club Disco debut, these two have grasped onto the hot mess concept and used it as the muse for a fun-loving tech house EP! While it’s incredibly important to note that we should always party responsibly, most everyone can relate to the experience of being a hot mess at some point in their life.

Ka Tina

Lấy tiền bảo hiểm chăng?

video cho thấy hai con chim bồ câu... đẩy con bồ câu thứ 3 xuống đường ray tàu điện ngầm...

-> nếu có dịch vụ như thế thì gọi là "bảo hiểm chim thọ" à? :D
Not even pigeons (bồ câu) are safe (an toàn) from subway (tàu điện ngầm) shoves (xô đẩy một cách thô bạo, đẩy mạnh).

A pair of New York City pigeons mercilessly (nhẫn tâm, tàn nhẫn) tossed (hất, quăng, thả) a third bird into the path of a moving train, video shows.

In the clip posted on Reddit Tuesday, the squabs are seen tussling (ẩu đả, đánh nhau) on the platform (sân ga) at the Fourth Avenue/Ninth Street station (nhà ga) in Brooklyn, about five feet from the tracks.

Two of the birds then surround their hapless (rủi ro, không may) counterpart — and steer the poor critter toward the tracks, edging him closer and closer as the train enters the station.

...The doomed (bị kết tội; phải chịu số phận bi đát) pigeon falls off the platform edge just before the train comes through to finish the deed — amid screams of terror (gào thét kinh hãi) and “Yo!” in the background.

“And no messing” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Leo Rivas

“And no messing” -> nghĩa (lóng) là ngay lập tức, nhanh chóng như đã được hướng dẫn, chỉ bảo.

Ví dụ
In short, it is do or die, Boris, and no messing. The same goes for the EU if it has any sense, which I doubt. If it had, it would have got rid of us quickly and quietly.

When asked if he ever imagined when he was farming cattle (gia súc) in 1999 that one day he would be selling tonnes of buffalo mozzaralla to Aldi, he laughs. “Absolutely not. It’s crazy, you couldn’t make it up. But they have been very good to deal with, very straight and no messing.”

Fullers SHOCK CORRIDOR is a cult classic and no messing. It is also a film I just can’t get on with. I suspect it is my issue but yes, it has incredible moments. The moments when it deals with race and the programming of it within US society for instance. That is bold and electric. It also will no doubt get the triggered on the right, a jolt (cú điếng người). He uses this frankness in another one of his films WHITE DOG. The issue I have is that SHOCK CORRIDOR descends into melodrama (kịch mê-lô) too often and defuses the awful with a note of the absurd.

Ka Tina

"Rickroll" nghĩa là gì?

Nhân vật chính của chúng ta. Photo by WallpaperAccess

"Rickroll" -> nghĩa là trò đùa trên mạng lừa bạn bè bằng cách dẫn đường link tới bài hát Never Gonna Give You Up của ca sỹ Rick Astley. 

Ví dụ
We now have the ability (khả năng) to Rickroll someone so that they’re not only inconvenienced, but also feel like they’re actually on set with Astley while this video was being shot. Astley may never desert (bỏ trốn) you, but your eyes will want to.

After tasting (nếm trải) success and rickrolling a few celebrities, “TheTekkitRealm” wanted the Guinness World Records to take note of his unique achievement. So he did what the applicants (người tham dự) do– write an email to the Guinness World Records and make them aware of his rickrolling mission that, according to him, deserves a trophy.

We've probably all been RickRolled at least once. You click on a link that looks interesting and inviting, only to be met with the familiar drum intro and dad-dancing of Rick Astley's 1987 number one smash.

However, at the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Rick made a surprise appearance (xuất hiện) on a float for Cartoon Network to lip-sync (hát nhép) to the song, making it technically the biggest rickroll yet!

Ngọc Lân

"Bring it into being" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

"Bring it into being" -> nghĩa là tạo ra, lắp ráp.

Ví dụ
As far as immigration reform is concerned, Biden doesn’t really care so much for it to bring it into being through executive order. He has punted (đẩy) legislation for it to Congress, where it will get trimmed down to like a bird without feathers and maybe even wings.

Here again it’s hard not to see Konchalovsky’s five-decade film career as an informative intertext (liên văn bản). Rather than on the product of the creative process, Sin focuses tightly on craft and economics, and it’s easy enough to see parallels with the filmmaker’s perpetual struggle for funding, as well as with the impossible full reconciliation (hòa giải) of artistic intent with the patronages (bảo trợ) and systems of exchange that are necessary to bring it into being.

He told civic (đô thị) and health service guests that the extension was first considered about 25 years ago but it had taken the formation of the NHS trusts to help to bring it into being.

“In this project, I’m the person who is praying (cầu nguyện), and God at the same time,” she said. “I pray for something and I bring it into being. It’s about the power of attraction and all that, but I make it so!”

Ngọc Lân

"Put him down as" nghĩa là gì?

Anh này chắc gái theo dữ lắm! Photo courtesy: Mark Wilkinson

"Put somebody down as" -> nghĩa là đoán thử con người hoặc công việc của người khác khi chưa biết nhiều về họ.

Ví dụ
I didn’t think he was unfriendly. I put him down as shy.

If the War on Terror 2.0 gets to the “arming the moderates (người ôn hòa) on the ground” stage, however, please ignore these criticisms and put me down as one of the “moderates.” I promise to make good use of the pallets of cash and guns.

“I really wish the university didn’t put so much blame on the students instead of taking some ownership of their mistakes.” As stated in her letter, her third-year supervisor put her down as dyslexic (bệnh khó đọc) in her viva (thi vấn đáp) for when she couldn’t do a calculation on the spot in her head. “When I requested a review of my mark for that reason, stating what my supervisor had said to me, I was explicitly told that: ‘the university does not allow students to question the academic judgement of markers'”. She questions the fairness of this.

Ngân Nguyễn

"Overnight success" nghĩa là gì?

"Overnight success" = thành công qua đêm -> nghĩa là thành công, nổi tiếng bất ngờ.

Ví dụ
With his newfound “overnight success” after years of labor, Gould is emblematic (điển hình) of a rising crop of writers, especially Southern writers, who are eschewing (tránh làm) the big-name publishers in New York City and instead opting to submit work to small independent publishing houses. 

Dr. Riley admits this is slow work, it's not going to be an overnight success. But she is happy with the progress (tiến triển) they've made so far, and she's looking forward to a day when women, all women, can truly feel safe and heard.

Few people put in the work to earn a second chance at their dream, but Laura Tate spent a lifetime (cả đời) to become what looks on the outside like "an overnight success." With each album gaining more airplay and more sales, she is back on track to be who she always wanted to be.

Valheim is still ranked #3 among concurrent players on Steam and it has a ways to go to break through the titles that rank above it in the all-time player base, but the seemingly overnight success of the game is keeping the Dev team happy, hopeful, and humble (khiêm tốn).

Ngọc Lân

Bảo mật Zoom: 9 tính năng và cách bảo mật khi họp, học, hội thảo

đề nghị bộ phận IT nghiên cứu thật kỹ và có phương án phòng ngừa,

tránh trường hợp như ở trường trung học Titusville, cô giáo đang giảng bài thì bị hacker chiếu phim sex... :D

...“We have worked closely with our educational technology team (bộ phận IT giáo dục) as well as the administration at THS to reinforce (củng cố) security measures (các biện pháp an ninh) and protocols as well as provide additional training. The incident (vụ việc) was reported to both police and Zoom security for further investigation. While incredibly (khó tin nổi, đáng kinh ngạc, đến nỗi không ngờ) frustrating (thất vọng, mệt mỏi), we want to assure our families that we will continue to do all we can to provide a safe learning environment (môi trường học tập an toàn) in the midst of a very challenging and unusual school year,” 

The person responsible for (chịu trách nhiệm) broadcasting (phát hình) the pornography has not yet been identified (xác định, xác minh), although police are continuing to investigate (điều tra).

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