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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Khổ thân bọn trẻ

một đám cưới đôi trẻ ở Gujarat, Ấn Độ phải hoãn lại vì bố chú rể và mẹ cô dâu cùng mất tích đã 11 ngày do "tình cu nghĩa sữa" thời thơ ấu bỗng ùa về và rủ nhau đi trốn :D
The youngsters, from India’s westernmost state of Gujarat, were looking forward to tying the knot (kết hôn) in February after a year of planning.

However the ceremony has been put on hold after their parents, a 48-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman, vanished 11 days ago.

The father, described as a textile businessman (chủ doanh nghiệp dệt may), reportedly went missing from his home in the Katargam area of Surat city, while the mother was last seen leaving her house in Navsari.

Both families have reported the pair missing, however it is suspected they may have rekindled (khơi gợi lại) a childhood romance (tình cảm lãng mạn) and eloped (bỏ nhà trốn theo trai),

"One-two punch" nghĩa là gì?

Tầm này thì ở nhà cho an toàn các bác ôi! Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

"One-two punch" = hai cú đấm liên tiếp trong quyền Anh -> tình huống họa vô đơn chí, hai việc xấu cùng đến một lúc.

Ví dụ
Boeing faces another one-two punch: Coronavirus travel slowdown and stock market correction (điều chỉnh của thị trường chứng khoán).

Trump is finding himself facing a one-two punch that could cripple (làm tê liệt) his re-election (tái đắc cử) hopes: Low approval (chấp thuận) numbers combined with a growing pandemic (đại dịch) that is spreading across the country, as Donald Trump’s administration (chính quyền) attempts to catch up and get a handle on it, could combine to deny the president a second term (nhiệm kỳ thứ hai) writes a Bloomberg columnist (chuyên mục).

U.S. consumer spending (chi tiêu) could see one-two punch from stocks drop (chứng khoán giảm), coronavirus. The coronavirus outbreak (bùng phát) has yet to spread meaningfully to U.S. shores (bờ biển), but fears of it alone have already eviscerated (moi mất) some $2 trillion of American stock market value, setting off a market rout (tán loạn) that could stymie (cản trở) consumer spending - even before other economic effects of the disease are felt.

Thu Phương

"As proud as Punch" nghĩa là gì?

Quá đỗi tự hào! Photo by Italo Melo from Pexels

"As proud as Punch" = kiêu hãnh như Punch -> rất tự hào, dương dương tự đắc. "Punch" là một nhân vật trong show "Punch and Judy" của Anh, người không bao giờ nhận mình sai, hay đi bắt nạt và chống đối xã hội.

Ví dụ
James White is proud as punch of his young Valleyfield Miners Boxing Club stars.

A Lancashire company was as proud as Punch as Tyson Fury regained (lấy lại) the world heavyweight (hạng nặng) boxing title.

North West made her rapper father Kanye West as proud as punch with her rapping skills at his Paris Fashion Week Yeezy show.

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard: "On Wednesday night I was the proudest man in Europe because to a man my players were outstanding (xuất sắc). Everything we have worked on for nearly two years I could see it on the sidelines and I was proud as punch. It was an incredible performance."

Thu Phương

"Pack a punch" nghĩa là gì?

Sẵn sàng chiến trận này. Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

"Pack a punch/wallop" = gói sức mạnh -> tung đòn mạnh mẽ hoặc cái gì đó có sức ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ.

Ví dụ
This Saturday, the UFC returns to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with a card that features two highly anticipated (mong đợi) title fights. The pay-per-view (mỗi lượt xem trả phí) also comes equipped (trang bị) with a solid undercard that's sure to pack a punch.

Many directors (đạo diễn) invariably (luôn luôn) stick to a mould (đóng khuôn) by building up a mysterious story around a series of special operations, inhumane (vô nhân đạo) events, and twists to sensitise their point. While a few try to deliver on some of these points, others fail to pack a punch.

But seriously, with roughly ten new characters to focus on, there’s no way Taylor and Redondo can focus on character development (phát triển nhân vật), right? Wrong! Somehow, someway, these two have managed to make the most of nearly every panel to ensure they pack a wallop of a story every chance they get.

Thu Phương

"Battle of wills" nghĩa là gì?

Đi thôi nào. Photo courtesy: Dan Fryer

"Battle of wills" = trận chiến ý chí -> tình huống hai bên không chịu đầu hàng nhau bằng cách giữ vững yêu cầu của mình.

Ví dụ
Why does it always seem like such a battle of wills with those two? Who really cares about the color of our coffee cups?

This may have been a coded (mã hóa) message that the government aims to slash (cắt bớt) some of that supposed red tape. But while simplifying the Data Protection Act 2018 for SMEs might be an option, for example, trying to amend (cải thiện) EU regulations themselves is impossible from the outside. Indeed, Europe may decide to impose (áp đặt) the strictest interpretations (diễn giải) of GDPR on the UK in a political battle of wills.

It’s a battle of wills not to stop at every roadside stand, where sugar canes, jackfruit and bags of peanuts are piled high. But we’re told a stop at Marcia’s Peppered Shrimp and Irie Bar, in the Middle Quarters in the parish (địa phương) of Saint Elizabeth, is a must. And we aren’t disappointed by her famous shrimp (although we are surprised to discover they are eaten with their softened shells still on). We also try vegan corn soup in Spur Tree Hill, which comes with a corn cob (cùi bắp) jauntily balanced on top, as well as lychee-textured soursops (mãng cầu xiêm) and a green ‘jelly’ coconut – sweet and cooling and so different to what we consume at home.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "A guiding light" nghĩa là gì?

"Drop a bombshell" nghĩa là gì?

Sốc chưa! Photo courtesy: Can Pac Swire

"Drop a bombshell" = thả bom -> đưa ra một thông báo gây sốc hoặc bất ngờ.

Ví dụ
Finally she dropped the bombshell. She was pregnant and I was the father.

Over a quiet lunch and tea at Windsor Castle, the Queen told her grandson that he and Meghan would be welcomed back with open arms if they ever decided to return to London, the source told The Sun. The pair met at the request of the Duke of Sussex, who last month dropped a bombshell that he and Meghan were to quit their royal duties and move to Canada.

It's five minutes until close on a Friday, and you know what that means: time for one of the trades (người trong nghề) to drop a bombshell scoop (tin sốt dẻo) on us, preferably one with precious few accompanying (phụ thêm) details - just enough to warrant (chứng nhận) a post, but not so much that you'll end up learning anything of substance (vấn đề thật) from that post. Praise the Movie Gods that THR stepped up to the plate. We thank them for their service.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Shoot me down in flames" nghĩa là gì?

Cái gì cũng có cái giá của nó

tập xong đặt tạ đúng chỗ...

Chạy bộ giúp bộ não tăng cường trí nhớ
Ngày này năm xưa

"Go down well" nghĩa là gì?

Chiều được số đông khán giả chưa bao giờ là dễ. Photo by Aleksandr Neplokhov from Pexels

"Go down well (with somebody)" hoặc "go off well" là được đón nhận (bởi số đông, khán giả...) . Nghĩa ngược lại là "go down badly".

Ví dụ
Whitney Houston hologram (ảnh ba chiều) doesn’t go down well with This Morning viewers.

The benchmark (điểm chuẩn) Arab Light crude oil (dầu thô) went down 9 percent on average versus previous month. Only a 4 percent price reduction, therefore, has not gone down well with people.

They were all absolutely overwhelmed (choáng ngợp). They seemed really, really happy with it so that went down well and David was really impressed that we got Anthony Chapman on board, who will run in quite a few races for us.

The link between these two Warrens is her wonkish conviction (lòng tin) that people are problems to be fixed by legislation (pháp luật). This is traditional progressivism (thuyết tiến bộ), and it should go down well in the Kennedy State.

Thu Phương

"Not sit well with" nghĩa là gì?

Bạn có hài lòng với nơi mình đang ở? Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

"Not sit well (with one)" nghĩa là không vừa lòng, không đồng tình với ai. Ngược lại, "sit comfortably/easily/well (with something)" nghĩa là có vẻ đúng, phù hợp với nơi nào hoặc tình huống cụ thể.

Ví dụ
I don't really sit well with people who purposefully (cố ý) harm other people.

Uniondale might sit comfortably with an easy middle-class (trung lưu) household income of $70,000 a year, but Hempstead residents (cư dân) are some of the poorest on Long Island, with 20% of the population living below the poverty line (mức nghèo).

In 2018, Misericordia bought the adjacent (gần kề) former Chicago Town & Tennis Club facility, and later announced plans to raze (san bằng) the nearly 100-year-old building to make way for new housing. That plan did not sit well with some neighbors and preservationists (nhà bảo tồn).

But when a Black American travels to Africa, or an African emigrates (di cư) to America, the ties between us tend to only be skin-deep. For this reason, being called African American does not sit well with me. I am too far removed from Africa to claim it as my home, and while I can admire (ngợi ca) that land’s place in my history, it is not my land.

Thu Phương

"Only too well" nghĩa là gì?

Túm lại thì rượu chè có gì tốt? Photo by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels

"Only too well" = quá tốt -> nhấn mạnh việc mình biết về ai hay điều gì quá rõ, hoặc bạn đã trải qua điều đó rồi nên rõ hơn ai hết. "Only too (something)" = rất.

Ví dụ
Sunderland know only too well just how difficult to beat Steve Evans' side are.

We know only too well the importance of reducing the harm (giảm tác hại) associated with alcohol and protecting our children and young people for the future.

The north Africans are masters at this‚ as Mosimane knows only too well‚ and his tactical acumen (chiến lược nhạy bén) comes under the spotlight as he needs to figure out how to ‘unpark’ (rời bãi đỗ xe) the bus.

Let’s be honest. High achievers who manage others can sometimes be perfectionist (cầu toàn) control freaks. Yes, I’m projecting. As a recovering perfectionist with occasional relapses (tái phát) into control freakery (kỳ dị, quái đản), I know this only too well.

Thu Phương

Gia tộc Windsor

[gia tộc windsor]

là dòng họ nữ hoàng anh elizabeth hiện tại, nhưng cách đây 100 năm thì thuần đức 100% (như vua việt là người tàu vậy ;)

lịch sử gần nhất, khởi đầu từ "cặp đôi" nữ hoàng anh victoria cùng chồng (cũng là anh họ) là công tử albert, chín người con của họ kết hôn với các thành viên hoàng tộc trên khắp lục địa, ràng buộc các hoàng gia với nhau và mang đến cho bà biệt hiệu 'Người bà của Châu Âu' (The grandmother of Europe),

công tử albert mất sớm năm 42 tuổi, nữ hoàng victoria đau buồn và mất năm 1901, con trai là Quốc vương Edward VII, mở ra vương triều Nhà Sachsen-Coburg và Gotha (nữ hoàng victoria là vua cuối cùng của Nhà Hannover, vậy giống lý chiêu hoàng và trần cảnh ha ;)

13/6/1917, 14 máy bay ném bom của đức tàn phá london tan hoang, tên các máy bay này là... 'Sachsen-Coburg và Gotha', trùng với chính họ hoàng gia khiến vua George V (thân vương xứ wales, con trai của Edward VII) giật mình 'wrong branding' -> tên windsor ra đời từ đó (17/7/1917)...

...'I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shalle be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.'

Bài trước: Tất cả phụ nữ đều là kịch sĩ

"Play well with others" nghĩa là gì?

Hòa đồng cũng là điều nên học. Photo by Anny Patterson from Pexels

"Play well with others" = chơi tốt với người khác -> hãy hòa đồng, thân thiện và tỏ ra hợp tác với người khác. Cụm từ mang tính tiêu cực, ý nói đến người cứng đầu, quá cạnh tranh và hiếu chiến.

Ví dụ
Jesse, my beloved 14-year-old Great Pyrenees, doesn’t play well with others. She's an introvert (người hướng nội).

When you do not learn how to play well with others, you are passed over (bỏ qua) for opportunities to grow in the company and increase your income.

“I strongly encourage you to consider taking part in the Windham Grows program if: 1. You can commit (cam kết) to the time. 2. Need the help, and 3. Play well with others,” said Rob "Sugar Bob" Hausslein, of Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind, and a graduate of the first cohort (đoàn hệ).

In a social-media mandated (ủy thác) world, seemingly driven by pride and prejudice (kiêu hãnh và định kiến), Autumn de Wilde delivers an unexpected moral one-two punch (họa vô đơn chí) – exactly what these tempered times demand. Cultivate (tu dưỡng) an intolerance (không khoan dung) of the intolerant. Be humble (khiêm tốn). And above all learn to play well with others.

Thu Phương

"Drunk as a skunk" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Pixabay on Pexels

"Drunk as a skunk" = say như chồn hôi -> nghĩa là say rượu, rất say, say bí tỉ.

Ví dụ
So if I go and sit down at a bar… and I subsequently (sau đó) get drunk as a skunk, I may not remember who sat down next to me after that, but I’m going to remember walking into the bar. [But] these kind of drugs… can affect my ability to remember events that happened prior to taking the drug, hence the retrograde amnesia (chứng hay quên).

A police constable based in Meru who was videotaped drunk as a skunk in uniform during working hours will face disciplinary (kỉ luật) action. Meru Sub County Police Commander Robinson Mboloi said the proceedings have been instituted against the officer based at Giaki Police Station near Meru town even as he undergoes (chịu đựng) counseling.

When asked about his behaviour (hành vi) on the night he said: “I was frazzled (kiệt sức) by that point. I was drunk as a skunk, looking for somewhere to urinate or vomit.”

Ngọc Lân

"Rises to the bait" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Drew Farwell on Unsplash

"Rises to the bait" = cắn phải bả -> nghĩa là phản ứng với lời nói/hành động khiêu khích/chọc tức của ai theo đúng cách họ muốn.

Ví dụ
Mourinho rises to the bait to take another swipe at Benitez. Chelsea manager responds to rival’s (đối thủ) wife’s jibe by referring to the Spaniard’s weight.

If he rises to the bait so frequently cast out on Twitter, we could imagine a rapid (nhanh chóng) and dramatic deterioration (đi xuống) of the relationship. Trump’s congratulatory (khen ngợi) tweet to AMLO may offer the slightest opportunity for a reset in the relationship.

Like a fool, Adam rises to the bait and by the end of the evening he’s sent her a photograph of his – ahem – intimate parts. The following morning, Rose then texts Leah moments before heading in for the official review about her allegedly-plagiarised essay: “I have something you should see. Nothing personal… or is it? Does this picture look familiar (quen thuộc)?”

Ngọc Lân

"Tolerable well" nghĩa là gì?

Hạnh phúc là cảm nhận được con lớn lên từng ngày. Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

"Tolerable well" = khá tốt, khá đầy đủ. Nghĩa khác là trong tình trạng sức khỏe ổn định.

Ví dụ
Diary day 2: I heaped logs (chất đống gỗ) the last 1/2 day in new ground and fresh land. We are all tolerable well.

May the 8th - As I have not yet sent this letter off, I will try to write some more. I am getting along tolerable well and the babe is growing very fine indeed.

Minor's Prolific did tolerable well last season; the first three pickings were large handsome berries, good in quality, but too soft to bear much handling (xử lý, đóng gói).

If he had planted only 100 acres in the weed prairie (thảo nguyên) in cotton and worked it well besides what he did, he would have done tolerable well and that might have been done I know.

Thu Phương

"Be well disposed to" nghĩa là gì?

Vai phản diện mà bị ghét ở ngoài đời chứng tỏ diễn quá đạt. Photo by Expect Best from Pexels 

"Be/become well disposed to(ward) someone or something" nghĩa là thông cảm với, thân thiện với (ai); đồng ý (một kế hoạch...) sẵn sàng giúp. "Well-minded" cũng có nghĩa tương tự. Nghĩa ngược lại là "ill-disposed".

Ví dụ
He was 86 years old, he was in Russia and even not too well disposed to our country, but what he saw here when he played with us, brought him into rapture (vui sướng).

The series portrays (mô tả) North Koreans as being well-disposed towards the South. Thae Yong Ho, a former senior North Korean diplomat (cựu ngoại giao cấp cao) who defected (trốn) to the South in 2016, said: "One thing for sure is that if this TV series is smuggled (nhập lậu) into North Korea, it will be hugely popular."

The aim was to examine how the organisation went about its business and to put forward recommendations (khuyến nghị) for reform (cải cách). Born then was the idea of an independent foundation (nền tảng độc lập) that could raise significant sums of money from wealthy individuals who were well disposed towards Mayo GAA.

By the time he arrived in America for his performance of Macbeth, a considerable section of the public (một bộ phận công chúng) had turned against Macready, especially those in the working class, who despised (khinh) anything fancy and British, although they still loved Shakespeare. That same public was also ill-disposed to the venue he was to play.

Thu Phương

"You may well ask" nghĩa là gì?

??? Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

"You may well ask" hoặc "well may you ask" = bạn hỏi rất hay -> cách đáp trả hài hước, tinh tế đối với câu hỏi gây khó chịu.

Ví dụ
According to Moghbeli, as part of the interview, you may need to demonstrate (chứng minh) your ability to perform the Valsalva maneuver (thao diễn). What the heck’s a Valsalva maneuver?, you may well ask.

Frake said: “Why am I writing my book?, you may well ask. Well, it’s because I want to tell it as it is. The good, the bad and the downright ugly! Thanks to TV shows and films, everyone thinks they know what goes on in prison (nhà tù).

Ranveer begins leaving after that then again comes back after reading Akshay Kumar. During this, Akshay informs the reporter (phóng viên) that this is simply not a matter of fraternity (tình huynh đệ). This is a matter for the movie. If you may well ask this concern, it’s very incorrect.

Thu Phương

"A numbers game" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Jon Tyson on Unsplash

"A numbers game" = trò chơi con số -> nghĩa là dùng toán để chỉnh sửa dữ liệu/kết quả, nghĩa khác là kịch bản mà ở đó việc tăng một hành động nhất định sẽ dẫn tới kết quả cụ thể nào đó (ví dụ: thành công).

Ví dụ
“I expect to win Texas,” boasted Cristobal Alex, a senior adviser to Biden and native of El Paso, Texas. “The polls (cuộc bầu cử) don’t account for results in South Carolina, which are game-changing. ...This is more than anything a numbers game and it’s about math.”

"It’s a numbers game. The more people you test, the more people you see. If anything, the case fatality (rủi ro) rate (tỉ lệ) is going to get lower and lower. It’s probably lower than 0.5," he told the PBJ's Elizabeth Hayes on Monday.

Warren seems like she could do my job really well (and, indeed, we briefly overlapped (đè lên nhau) as TPMCafe bloggers years ago). She’s the most interesting person in the field to talk to, and I don’t find it even slightly surprising that most people I know find her to be incredibly appealing and admirable. The problem is that politics is a numbers game, and we are not in the majority.

Ngọc Lân

Ơ, vậy "quá độ" là đúng?

ứng cử viên tổng thống mỹ sanders muốn thử nghiệm "định hướng xhcn" đối với y tế và giáo dục,

3 ưu điểm của thị trường: thông tin (giá cả), cạnh tranh và thương mại (trao đổi hàng hóa),

nhưng các nền kinh tế phát triển hiện nay không còn giống với các nền kinh tế công nghiệp của những năm giữa thế kỷ 20, Private manufacturing is only 11% of the U.S. economy, while farm output is just 1%. Meanwhile, health care has been steadily climbing as a share of gross domestic product (1975: 7,5%, 1995: 13%, 2015: 17%),

y tế và giáo dục là 2 ngành mà các yếu tố thị trường kia ko hoạt động đúng, chẳng bệnh nhân nào mặc cả với bác sĩ tiền khám chữa bệnh, phẫu thuật (bất đối xứng thông tin -> giá cả ko đúng), cạnh tranh ko mang lại điều kì diệu của nó...

Free markets have done an awful job making health care and education affordable.

Sanders is no middle-of-the-road social democrat (không phải đảng viên dân chủ xã hội trung dung), but a true socialist (con người xhcn thực thụ). In addition to wealth taxes (thuế tài sản) much higher than anything Europe has tried, his proposals (đề xuất) include giving workers substantial partial ownership and control of all publicly traded corporations (công nhân sở hữu phần lớn và kiểm soát các công ty niêm yết), national rent control (kiểm soát giá thuê nhà trên toàn quốc) and a huge build-out of public housing (nhà ở xã hội), nationalization of the energy industry (quốc hữu hóa ngành năng lượng) and direct federal funding (trợ cấp liên bang trực tiếp) to make all public universities free (miễn học phí cho tất cả đại học công). He and his supporters also praise the U.K.'s fully nationalized health-care system (hệ thống y tế quốc hữu hóa hoàn toàn của vương quốc anh).

...And the service industries of the future may not be as subject to the magic of free markets as agriculture and manufacturing. Prices in health care are not very good signals of cost and value because of asymmetric information, uncertainty and other problems; this is why you don’t often see people price-shopping for health services. As for education, its benefits lie in the distant future and are hard to gauge in advance; many people derive great benefit from college, but the economic gains don’t seem closely related to the price paid. And when people don’t know what they’re getting or aren’t able to shop around, competition can’t work its magic.

Vì sao chi phí y tế ở Mỹ quá đắt đỏ?

vì: chi phí theo học trường y cao hơn và nguy cơ kiện tụng 'sơ suất chữa bệnh' cũng cao hơn,
We analyze how two key factors contribute to the high cost of healthcare in the US relative to the UK: (i) the higher private cost of medical education, and (ii) the higher risk of malpractice (sự sơ suất (trong khi chữa bệnh); sự cho thuốc sai) litigation (sự kiện tụng, sự tranh chấp). To assess the role of these factors we formulate (làm thành công thức; đưa vào một công thức), calibrate (kiểm tra, định cỡ) and simulate (giả lập) an equilibrium model (mô hình điểm cân bằng) of physician wages and the supply of medical graduates, work hours and treatment decisions of practicing physicians, and malpractice risk and malpractice insurance pricing. Consistent with prior work, we find direct costs of malpractice fines and insurance explain little of the high cost of healthcare in the US. However, the high private cost of medical education interacts with high malpractice risk in an interesting way: It leads doctors to (i) demand high wages and (ii) use excessive diagnostics to mitigate risk (“defensive medicine”). The agency problem that arises because patients cannot judge the efficacy of tests allows them to be over-prescribed. Together, these factors increase costs far more than direct malpractice costs. Specifically, physician salaries plus diagnostic tests comprise 4.04% of GDP in the US, compared to only 2.3% in the UK. The mechanisms emphasized in our model can largely explain the difference. Our policy simulations imply that more generous medical education subsidies (trợ cấp) would lead to both improved patient welfare and reduced overall health care costs in the US system (a Pareto improvement). We also find policies to (i) reduce malpractice risk, or (ii) induce doctors to internalize a small part of diagnostic costs (bác sĩ phải chịu một phần chi phí nếu chẩn đoán bệnh và cho thuốc sai) would have similar efficacious (có hiệu quả/hiệu nghiệm) effects.

Đau quá phải làm sao?

đã có ATM bán thuốc giảm đau nhóm opioid nhé...
Health advocates say a safe supply of opioids is critical to help prevent people from overdosing (bị quá liều) on tainted (thối, ươn, ôi (đồ ăn); hư hỏng, đồi bại, bại hoại) street drugs.

Now, a pilot project in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside provides some high-risk users with access to an automated machine that dispenses opioids prescribed by a doctor

The machine, called MySafe, is stocked with hydromorphone tablets that are released on a pre-determined schedule to high-risk opioid users. A user must scan their palm (lòng bàn tay) on the machine to identify themselves. The machine recognizes each individual by verifying the vein pattern (mẫu hình mạch máu) in their hand and then dispenses their prescription (kê đơn, đơn thuốc).

Made of steel and bolted to the floor, MySafe resembles an ATM or vending machine. It logs every package that is released and sends that information to a web feed that only program administrators can access.

Hãy tiếp tục cập nhật cho chúng tôi nhé

người đàn ông ở Utah mua một chiếc bánh hamburger của McDonald để thuyết trình về enzyme cho biết chiếc bánh burger này đã hơn 20 năm tuổi - và nó dường như không thay đổi... :D

David Whipple said he originally bought the hamburger July 7, 1999, at the McDonald's in Logan, Utah, to use in presentations on enzymes and deterioration.

Whipple said the burger ended up forgotten (bị bỏ quên) in a coat pocket (túi áo khoác) for several years and it ended up with viral fame when he rediscovered it in 2013.

He said the burger was placed in a Big Mac tin and remained there for six years before being taken out again this week.

Bài trước: Đáng thử nghiệm

"Meal ticket" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: VisionPic .net on Pexels

"Meal ticket" = vé ăn -> nghĩa là người chu cấp kinh tế, người bao ăn hoặc công việc tạo ra thu nhập chính.

Ví dụ
The deliberations began a day after prosecutors (người khởi tố) said in closing arguments that Avenatti saw the youth basketball coach who approached him for help last year as a "meal ticket."

Though Cespedes preferred to play the part of a rancher (chủ trại chăn nuôi gia súc), baseball is his meal ticket. But every time a contract (hợp đồng) is about to expire, Cespedes hears a bell, a reminder again he is a baseball player.

Suffice to say while his behaviour is troubling to many, the rednecks, white supremacists (người cho rằng da trắng là ưu việt) and trailer park trash that constitute a significant portion of his base are precious commodities for his fellow Republicans who see him as a meal ticket for their own electability (khả năng được bầu).

Ngọc Lân

"A square meal" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Aigars Peda on Unsplash

"A square meal" = bữa ăn tinh tươm -> nghĩa là bữa ăn lành mạnh, đầy đủ và bổ dưỡng; bữa ăn cỗ lớn và thỏa thích.

Ví dụ
'He only wants a square meal,' lamented Alan, and paid for the boy's groceries (hàng tạp phẩm) before seeing him home safely. His reward was a conversation with Harrison, who was, naturally, wise beyond his years and blessed with a remarkable vocabulary.

It’s the best substitute (thay thế) for a square meal that a Workman can have. You don’t eat the smoke of Rubicon, but it seems as though you can.

Meanwhile, those looking for a square meal at the Westfield complex are mostly out of luck. Westfield scored a coup when it signed Eataly at Four World Trade Center. But since the Italian marketplace opened in 2016, the Oculus and its tributaries (người cống nạp) can boast only fast-casual Épicerie Boulud and some other, lesser eat-and-run spots.

Ngọc Lân

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