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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"Live high off the hog" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Marios Kefalas on Unsplash

"Live high off the hog" -> nghĩa là có lối sống xa hoa, xa xỉ.

Ví dụ
Some parents have good jobs, live high off the hog, and yet, when it comes to spending money on their child who has autism (tự kỉ), they expect the province to pick up the tab (trả tiền hóa đơn).

Chief (lãnh đạo) and council live high off the hog while others almost starve (chết đói). The big issue is there are a lot more than just indigenous (bản địa) women being killed.

You'd think the City could take care of the people the way the people take care of the City. All those employees (nhân viên) live high off the hog and $100.00 to them in tipping (tiền boa) is nothing.

Ngọc Lân

"Final cut" nghĩa là gì?

Để ra mắt được một bộ phim hoàn chỉnh thực sự không đơn giản. Photo by Kyle Loftus from Pexels

"Final cut" nghĩa là bản chỉnh sửa hoàn thiện cuối cùng của một bộ phim, do nhà sản xuất và đạo diễn quyết định.

Ví dụ
In his reply, the director (đạo diễn) said the final cut of the film is great and there is no need to tinker (sửa) with it.

Six days after Tiger King's Netflix debut (ra mắt), Finlay started his own Facebook page called 'The Truth about John Finlay', which he used to reveal (tiết lộ) to the world that he'd undergone (trải qua) a dental makeover (làm răng) during the filming of the show — but he claims the "after" didn't make it to the final cut.

In the final cut of Endgame, Natasha Romanoff sacrifices (hy sinh) her life to give Hawkeye the chance to get the soul stone (đá linh hồn), an important part of the whole Time Heist plan. But in a deleted scene (cảnh bị cắt) that caught fire on Twitter this week, she isn’t just fighting Hawkeye for the right to sacrifice herself. She’s racing to do it before Thanos kills both of them.

Thu Phương

"The weaker vessel" nghĩa là gì?

Chúng tôi có thể yếu đuối, nhưng chẳng có việc gì là không thể làm. Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

"The weaker vessel" = chiếc bình dễ vỡ -> nghĩa là phái yếu, phụ nữ, đàn bà. Cụm từ xuất hiện trong Kinh thánh, khi phụ nữ bị coi là yếu đuối, dễ bị cám dỗ hơn đàn ông. 

Ví dụ
Women are said to be the weaker vessel but some of them can get extremely uncontrollable (mất kiểm soát) when their temper (nóng tính) is triggered (kích hoạt).

She was “the weaker vessel” compared to Adam as one biblical (Kinh thánh) text (1 Peter 3.7) put it. Thus, it was believed, women were more prone (thiên về) to the temptations (cám dỗ) of Satan and thus more likely to be witches (phù thủy).

Instead of criticizing (chỉ trích) Donald Trump, however, Daubenmire is busy condemning (lên án) “Mayor Buttplug.” Because he has all the cleverness (thông minh) of a grade school class clown (thằng hề). His insult (lăng mạ) routine also reveals his misogyny (tính ghét đàn bà). In a same-sex relationship, there are no prescribed stereotypes (khuôn mẫu quy định) about who the provider is, or who might stay home with the kids. For Daubenmire, in order for a relationship to “work,” one partner needs to be the weaker vessel. He can’t comprehend (hiểu được) a relationship where both partners stand on equal ground.

Thu Phương

"Alpha male" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Nitin Khajotia from Pexels

"Alpha male/female" nghĩa là các cá thể thủ lĩnh. Cá thể thủ lĩnh/cá thể đứng đầu/cá thể nổi trội hay cá thể ưu thế là thuật ngữ sinh học chỉ về vị thế một cá thể trong một bầy đàn ở động vật xã hội theo đó có vị thế luôn ở nhóm đầu trong đàn và được hưởng nhiều đặc quyền. Con đực, con cái hay cả hai đều có thể là cá thể alpha, tùy thuộc vào từng loài. Alpha cũng là chữ cái đứng đầu trong bảng chữ cái Hy Lạp, bắt nguồn từ chữ "aleph" của Bảng chữ cái Phoenicia nghĩa là "lãnh đạo" hay "con bò đầu đàn".

Ví dụ
My biggest support was my mother because I have been an alpha female in my house.

He'd open the door for me if we went out, flash the cash a bit, old fashioned courtesies (cử chỉ nhã nhặn), he plays being the alpha male, a gentleman even.

“He’s sort of the alpha male for our guys on the line,” Tagovailoa said. “If something needs to happen, you can count on (tin tưởng) Jed to make it happen for you."

Let’s face it. Workplaces (nơi làm việc) revolve around (chỉ xoay quanh) alpha males. Most large organizations (tổ chức) have been created over the decades by men for men. This shows up in all sorts of work practices, such as the qualities (phẩm chất) that are looked for in recruitment (tuyển dụng), the way power is measured, the way meetings are run, how feedback is given, and so forth—all of the practices that combine to form the culture of the place we call work.

Thu Phương

"Broken vessel" nghĩa là gì?

"Feeling" trống rỗng. Photo by tripleMdesignz from Pexels

"Broken vessel" = bình đất vỡ tan -> nghĩa là (cảm thấy) bị phá hủy hoàn toàn, bị bỏ rơi, quên lãng, đau khổ. Cụm từ xuất phát trong Kinh thánh, khi mỗi người là một chiếc bình gốm mà Chúa "đổ đầy" vào đó sức mạnh và trí tuệ.

Ví dụ
I have passed out of mind (mất ý thức) like one who is dead. I have become a broken vessel.

And Herb Chilstrom — an empty and broken vessel redeemed (bù lại) by Christ — longed to show and understand the depths of that love with every breath. Herb died Sunday at his home in Sahuarita. He was 88.

For to be this broken vessel it is in that breaking that then we may be made whole, to the likeness of His Son Christ Jesus! Being broken will lead us all into that life of Holiness (thiêng liêng), Purity (thanh khiết), Love.

“I learned that in a relationship it is about what I am bringing to it. You cannot get fulfillment (trọn vẹn) from the other person. It has to be within. What you expect from the other person, you have to find it within yourself, especially things that money cannot buy like happiness, joy and love. Because you cannot also give what you do not have. Even if you do not find it in the other person, you are fine and fulfilled, you will not end up a broken vessel. God is the ultimate (cuối cùng) fulfillment,” Gloria said.

Thu Phương

"Pay a courtesy visit to" nghĩa là gì?

Tay bắt mặt mừng. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

"Pay a courtesy visit to (someone)" nghĩa là đến thăm xã giao ai. Từ "courtesy" nghĩa là lịch sự, nhã nhặn.

Ví dụ
DAILY POST reports that the journalists (nhà báo) were at the palace (cung điện) to pay courtesy visit on the monarch (quốc vương).

Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister (Phó Thủ tướng Chính phủ kiêm Bộ trưởng Bộ Ngoại giao) Phạm Bình Minh is scheduled (dự kiến) to pay a courtesy visit to Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen.

Peller also shared a hint about the reason behind the thirty billion gang visit. He wrote: "They don’t know what is coming." Davido shared a photo of himself with Peller during the visit on his Instagram page. He noted that he paid the politician (chín trị gia) a courtesy visit.

During its visit, officers of the ship are scheduled to pay courtesy visits to leaders of the HCM City People’s Committee (Ủy ban Nhân dân), the High Command of Military Region 7 (Bộ Tư lệnh Quân khu 7) and the High Command of Navy Zone 2 (Bộ Tư lệnh Hải quân khu 2).

Thu Phương

"Courtesy of" nghĩa là gì?

Cùng hỗ trợ nhau vượt qua giai đoạn này. Photo by RoseBox رز باکس on Unsplash

"Courtesy of" nghĩa là nhờ ơn, nhờ sự giúp đỡ, ưu ái, chu cấp của ai.

Ví dụ
Free DIY Mask (khẩu trang) ideas courtesy of social makers during coronavirus.

Staff at Nightingale Hospital in London get wellbeing (khỏe mạnh) area courtesy of John Lewis.

For all the latest on resources (tài nguyên) and programs available check out #CalUTogetherApart courtesy of Student Affairs!

Several magazines courtesy of RBDigital are free. Check out an array of publications (ấn phẩm) ranging from Men’s Health and Reader’s Digest to Wired.

Thu Phương

Vương hậu Boudica

Boadicea Haranguing the Britons

Boudica (tiếng Wales gọi là Buddug) (d. AD 60 hoặc 61) là vương hậu bộ tộc người Briton Iceni thuộc người Celt đã lãnh đạo cuộc nổi dậy chống lại lực lượng chiếm đóng của đế chế La Mã.

Bởi John OpieEasy Art, Phạm vi công cộng, Liên kết

"Plaster saint" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lisandro Garcia on Unsplash.

'Plaster saint' = tượng thánh bằng thạch cao, a person who makes a show of being without moral faults or human weakness, especially in a hypocritical way -> nghĩa là người tỏ ra ko có lỗi lầm/sai sót nào, nhất là theo cách đạo đức giả.

Ví dụ
Mrs. Rogers was right. Fred Rogers was no plaster saint. The shame of it is that, after watching this pleasant little film, you wouldn’t know that.

His latest documentary (phim tài liệu mới nhất) also highlights (làm nổi bật) the contradictions (sự mâu thuẫn, trái ngược) in Dorothy Day’s life, noting that she was a devout (thành kính, mộ đạo, sùng đạo) Catholic, a woman of prayer and action, who once said, “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed that easily.” That point was echoed by Henessy, who said, “We don’t want her to be held up as a plaster saint.”

She has always aroused a quasi-aesthetic repulsion (sự kinh tởm, sự lợm giọng; sự ghê tởm) within the metropolitan class; and, indeed, it is that continued detestation (sự ghét cay ghét đắng; sự ghê tởm) of what Jonathan Miller in the 1980s sneeringly (cười chế nhạo; miệt thị; chế riễu; cười khinh bỉ) called “her odious suburban gentility” that most potently keeps her memory alive. But Margaret Thatcher is far too consequential (tự phụ, tự mản, tự đắc) to be retired as a plaster saint or to stand in for the creative destruction of global capitalism or to serve as the touchstone (đá thử (hợp kim) bằng cách rạch lên; tiêu chuẩn) by which the bien-pensants establish their bona fides (không lừa dối; không gian dối; ngay tình).

Phạm Hạnh

"Shabby gentility" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Bannon Morrissy on Unsplash.

'shabby-genteel' = trying to maintain dignity and self respect despite shabbiness -> nghĩa là cố giữ phong cách hào hoa trong hoàn cảnh sa sút; "giấy rách phải giữ lấy lề".

Ví dụ
After Frank Morgan was cast as Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz, the wardrobe department went in search of coats for him to wear that communicated “shabby gentility.” After the production acquired a coat from a local secondhand shop that would fit the bill, Morgan later discovered that the coat actually belonged to author Baum, when he found a tag in the pocket with his name on it.

Menagerie holds a special place in the Williams canon. Definitely his most personal work, it's a naked, if poetic, treatment of his dysfunctional family (gia đình tan vỡ/bất hạnh): mother, sister, and himself. Dad abandoned (bỏ rơi, rời xa) the family long ago, leaving wife Amanda and children, Laura and Tom, in a dilapidated apartment (căn hộ tồi tàn) overlooking an alley (ngõ) in St. Louis. Shabby gentility is Amanda's fate (số phận, định mệnh). Facing life as best she can manage, she thrives on her faded dreams as a former coquette (người đàn bà hay làm đỏm, người đàn bà hay làm dáng) and debutante (cô gái mới bước vào đời, mới ra trình diễn lần đầu tiên).

These days, Bloomsbury rests in a state of elegant somnolence (sự buồn ngủ; sự ngủ lơ mơ; tình trạng mơ màng, tình trạng ngái ngủ). The ghosts of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell linger on (ám ảnh, vương vấn) in the shabby gentility of Russell Square and its environs, the bookish institutions that are the bones of the place conferring tranquility (sự yên bình), despite the many students and tourists. But so much for appearances – radicalism is the bricks and mortar of Bloomsbury’s university buildings and Georgian terraces, which in the early 20th century were home to countless figures who thrived in society's margins, among them artists and writers, academics and political thinkers.

Phạm Hạnh

Bài trước: Moistly nghĩa là gì?

Các cuộc chiến Nga-Ottoman

đế quốc ottoman suy yếu và nước nga bành trướng về phương nam...
Russo-Turkish wars, series of wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in the 17th–19th century. The wars reflected the decline of the Ottoman Empire and resulted in the gradual southward extension of Russia’s frontier and influence into Ottoman territory. The wars took place in 1676–81, 1687, 1689, 1695–96, 1710–12 (part of the Great Northern War), 1735–39, 1768–74, 1787–91, 1806–12, 1828–29, 1853–56 (the Crimean War), and 1877–78. As a result of these wars, Russia was able to extend its European frontiers southward to the Black Sea, southwestward to the Prut River, and south of the Caucasus Mountains in Asia.

Bài trước: Sự ăn năn của Ivan

Mặt tốt của cách ly

đó là giảm bú fame,

mua và mặc quần áo đẹp, làm tóc... làm gì, có ai nhìn thấy đâu,

-> giảm bớt chi tiêu phù phiếm, suy ngẫm "điều gì mới là quan trọng"...
The plunge in status-seeking behavior is yet another way in which the lockdown is a remarkable and scary social experiment (thử nghiệm xã hội đáng sợ). One possible consequence is that many people won’t work as much, simply because no one is watching very closely and it is harder to get that pat on the shoulder or kind word for extra effort.

Worse yet, for many people social approbation compensates for economic hardships, and that salve is now considerably weaker. Time was, even if you were unemployed, you could still walk down the street and command attention for that one stylish item in your wardrobe, or your cool haircut, or your witty repartee. Now there’s no one on the street to impress.

Americans are learning just how much we rely on our looks, our charisma and our eloquence for our social affect. As Sonia Gupta asked on Twitter: “Extremely attractive people, I have a genuine question for you, no snark: What’s it like to not be getting the regular daily social attention you might be accustomed to, now that you have to stay inside and isolate from others?”

…To some extent this status erosion is liberating. It may cause a lot of people to reexamine perennial questions about “what really matters.” There are other positive effects: fewer peer-related reasons to go out and spend money, for instance (do you really need that new jacket, or to try all the hot new restaurants?). That will help make tighter budgets or even unemployment more bearable. Some socially anxious people may even feel they are better off.

Yet overall this is a dangerous state of affairs.

Điều người dân phải hy sinh khi chống dịch Covid-19

đó là sự riêng tư,

chính phủ các nước thu thập dữ liệu (vị trí...) qua điện thoại di động để xác định nơi nào có đỉnh dịch và phân bổ hiệu quả nguồn lực phòng chống...
European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton said Monday that the bloc is collecting mobile-phone data to help predict epidemic peaks in various member states and help allocate resources.

Palantir has signed a deal with a regional government in Germany, where it already has a 14 million euro ($15 million) contract with law enforcement in North Rhine-Westphalia. Palantir is also seeking a contract at a national level, but talks have stalled.

When a nation or company buys access to Palantir, it can use the data analytics software (phần mềm phân tích dữ liệu) to pull far-flung (xa, rộng, trải rộng bao la) digital information (thông tin số hóa) into a single repository and mine (nghiên cứu, khai thác) it for patterns (khuôn mẫu).

Bài trước: Chạy đâu cho thoát

Tác động dài hạn của đại dịch

sau 40 năm mới trở lại bình thường, theo nghiên cứu mới của Òscar Jordà, Sanjay R. Singh, and Alan M. Taylor.
How do major pandemics affect economic activity in the medium to longer term? Is it consistent with what economic theory prescribes? Since these are rare events, historical evidence over many centuries is required. We study rates of return on assets using a dataset stretching back to the 14th century, focusing on 12 major pandemics where more than 100,000 people died. In addition, we include major armed conflicts resulting in a similarly large death toll. Significant macroeconomic after-effects of the pandemics persist for about 40 years, with real rates of return substantially depressed. In contrast, we find that wars have no such effect, indeed the opposite. This is consistent with the destruction of capital that happens in wars, but not in pandemics. Using more sparse data, we find real wages somewhat elevated following pandemics. The findings are consistent with pandemics inducing labor scarcity (lao động khan hiếm hơn) and/or a shift to greater precautionary savings (tiết kiệm nhiều hơn).

Không để thời gian trôi vô ích khi bị cách ly

hãy như Pushkin, sáng tác toàn tuyệt tác...

ngày 30/9, nhà thơ Pushkin viết cho Goncharova: “Anh vừa được thông báo là người ta đã lập 5 khu cách ly từ đây cho đến Moscow. Anh sẽ phải dành 14 ngày trong mỗi khu cách ly. Em thử nhân lên mà xem và tưởng tượng tâm trạng của anh thế nào nha!”.

...Ông hoàn thành Chương 8 và Chương 9 của cuốn tiểu thuyết thơ “Eugene Onegin”, và xem lại tác phẩm của mình trong chương cuối. Ông cũng viết được “Tập truyện ông Belkin”, chủ yếu dựa trên quan sát của ông đối với cuộc sống nông dân. Ông cũng viết các vở kịch “Tiểu Bi kịch” và nhiều bài thơ. Thời kỳ này trong cuộc đời của Pushkin về sau được người ta gọi là Mùa thu Boldino” - một thành ngữ để chỉ một thời kỳ làm việc hiệu quả khi bị cách ly.
In autumn 1830, Pushkin was confined by a cholera outbreak to the village of Boldino, his father’s remote country estate in southeastern Russia. Desperate to return to Moscow to marry, he wrote to his fiancée: “There are five quarantine zones between here and Moscow, and I would have to spend fourteen days in each. Do the maths and imagine what a foul mood I am in.”

Pushkin went on complaining bitterly but, with nothing else to do, he produced an astonishing number of masterpieces — short stories, short plays, lyric and narrative poems, and the last two chapters of his verse novel Eugene Onegin — in a mere three months.

Cách ly hiệu quả thời Covid-19

khách sạn làm nơi cách ly, người dân tự (tự nguyện) trả tiền...
As countries in Asia impose (áp đặt) stricter entry requirements (yêu cầu nhập cảnh chặt chẽ hơn) on foreign visitors amid a new wave of imported coronavirus infections, hotels in the region are seeing unexpected opportunities as quarantine lodgings for travelers and workers seeking self-isolation venues (địa điểm tự cách ly).

Industry players say the unusual proposal of repurposing hotels as quarantine quarters (khu cách ly) is one way the battered hospitality sector could fill up some rooms and get much-needed revenue during such tough times, while lending a hand to the most affected sectors or communities amid the escalating situation worldwide (tình hình leo thang trên toàn thế giới).


These full-board packages are targeted at Thais or residents who wish to isolate themselves for 14 days. Meals are delivered to the rooms on trolleys, while dishes, cutlery and bedsheets used by guests in self-isolation will be separated for special handling.

A special team will provide daily housekeeping services and help monitor the conditions of the guests under quarantine. Should any of these guests become unwell or develop any coronavirus symptoms (triệu chứng) during their stay at the hotel, they will immediately be sent to the several hospitals located in the vicinity (vùng lân cận) of the hotel, according to Shah.

Ý tưởng mới hỗ trợ DNNVV vay vốn

đó là cộng đồng dân cư địa phương tài trợ một phần khoản vay ngân hàng của doanh nghiệp,

như vậy bắn tín hiệu tới nhà đầu tư là cộng đồng tin tưởng doanh nghiệp sẽ thành công và theo đó là khả năng trả nợ...

các bạn thấy ý tưởng này như nào? hàng xóm mở công ty mà cần tiền thì bạn có cho vay không :)
I was hoping to get feedback on an idea for a new small business lending platform which would allow community members to fund fractional amounts of a business loan. The thesis is that fractional (phân số, phân đoạn) loan contributions from local supporters would give institutional lenders confidence to fund the full requested loan amount (and that the total amount contributed by peers would supplement traditional measures of borrower creditworthiness (sự đáng tin cậy về khả năng trả nợ), such as FICO score, cash flow, etc., when setting the interest rate). For example, 10% of the principal (tiền vốn gốc/ban đầu) might come from all the peer investors combined, and the remaining 90% from a single big lender. To my knowledge, nothing quite like this exists. In the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns, it seems especially important for small businesses at the heart of our communities to be getting access to low-interest financing based on peer endorsement (sự chứng thực đằng sau (séc...); lời viết đằng sau, lời ghi đằng sau (một văn kiện); sự xác nhận; sự tán thành).

Adding the “peer staking” element to a small business loan signals to investors that the local community believes in the future success of the business and the borrower’s likelihood of repaying (and peers would also be able to earn the same interest rate return on the principal as the majority funder… so it’s not like crowdfunding, where you contribute but won’t see your dollar again…). The design also increases accountability without the need for a collateral since borrowers would feel a personal responsibility to repay their peer debt-holders, who may be friends, family or customers.

"Dinner is served" nghĩa là gì?

Giờ ăn tới rồi, ngồi vào bàn thôi. Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

"Dinner is served" = bữa tối được phục vụ -> bữa tối đã sẵn sàng, đã được mang lên bàn, hoặc cách gọi/mời người đến ăn.

Ví dụ
Easter (lễ phục sinh) dinner is served in Fort Myers.

Pick your protein, starch (tinh bột) and veggies, cut them into 1-inch chunks (khoanh) and bake in the oven (lò nướng). Dinner's served.

They'll even prepare your favorite meal to take out. Lunch served from 11 a.m. Dinner served 4:00—9:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday. On Friday dinner is served till 10 p.m.

To order from the new takeout (mang đi) menu, email or call 469-917-9000. Lunch is served 11–2 p.m. and dinner is served 5–8:30 p.m. Wine bottles under $250 are 50 percent off.

Thu Phương

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" nghĩa là gì?

Cứ chờ mà xem. Quân tử báo thù 10 năm chưa muộn! Photo by Mudassir Ali from Pexels

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" = sự trả thù ví như một món ăn phải dọn ăn nguội mới ngon -> phải bình tĩnh, lập kế hoạch kỹ thì mới hy vọng có kết quả, quân tử trả thù 10 năm chưa muộn mà.

Ví dụ
Revenge is a dish best served cold, or so the saying goes. But what if it's best not served at all? For most of us, it's hard to decide (quyết định).

For Rock Bridge girls basketball, revenge is a dish best served cold. It was a cold-blooded 3-pointer (người chuyên ném 3 điểm) from Eryn Puett that tied the state quarterfinal (tứ kết) game against Republic at 44 to send it to overtime.

If revenge is a dish best served cold then from his demeanour (thái độ) as he walked free from the High Court (Tòa án Tối cao) in Edinburgh on Monday afternoon, it is a platter (đĩa) that Alex Salmond is looking forward enormously to arranging (bố trí).

As of the end of the season three premiere (buổi công chiếu ra mắt), though, she has no idea that her son is dead. And we have a feeling that it’s this which may finally, finally push her over the edge (bờ vực). Hell hath no fury (giận dữ) like a mother who’s lost her child, and revenge is a dish that’s best served cold.

Thu Phương

"Serve you right" nghĩa là gì?

Bảo không nghe cơ, đến lúc ngã ra lại khóc. Photo by Nicolette Attree from Pexels

"Serve (one) right" = đối xử xứng đáng -> (với người có hành động không đúng) đáng đời.

Ví dụ
The first is that of a child being told not to slide on the ice, doing so, and falling down and hurting himself (though not too seriously) as a consequence (hậu quả). This would 'serve him right'.

If you hadn't killed the poor devil (quỷ đáng thương) of a red-skin the other day, mister, you'd have rode (cưỡi ngựa) through the Indians as safely as I intend (dự định) to do in a quarter of an hour. As it is, it just serves you right.

"A pretty mess I got into because you were a thief (tên trộm)! You don't happen to know, I suppose, that they locked me up for what you'd done, and that they only let me go when I proved that that sort of thing wasn't quite in my line.” 
“Serve you right!
"What served me right? - locking me up, or letting me go?"
"Anything would serve you right, you brute (vũ phu)!"

Thu Phương

"Serve God" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Italo Melo from Pexels

"Serve God/Lord" = phục vụ Chúa -> ngoan đạo.

Ví dụ
"VGMA banned (cấm) me; but coronavirus ban everybody because I serve God." - Shatta Wale said.

God saved us by serving us. We often think we are the ones who serve God. No, he is the one who freely chose to serve us, for he loved us first.

The heart of Jesuit (tu sĩ dòng Tên) spirituality, very condensed (cô đọng), is this: Our purpose in life is to praise (ca ngợi), reverence (tôn kính) and serve God and in this way save our souls (cứu rỗi linh hồn).

“We don’t exist for ourselves,” he said. “We exist to serve our community (cộng đồng), those around us. We serve God by serving others. So it is typical that on the 40th birthday of our church’s first service, our members will be volunteering (tình nguyện) serving others during this pandemic (đại dịch).”

Thu Phương

"Serve your apprenticeship" nghĩa là gì?

Còn phải học hỏi nhiều. Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

"Serve one's apprenticeship" = làm học viên, học việc, học nghề.

Ví dụ
You serve your apprenticeship and you go into the shop, and you feel that if you are a capable (có năng lực) man, you are capable, of receiving (nhận) a top rate of pay (mức lương cao nhất).

And having served your apprenticeship bottom is stated to be very thin in many places which there , did you continue to serve in a dockyard (xưởng đóng tàu) after cannot be ascertained (xác định) until the vessel (tàu lớn) is placed in your apprenticeship (thời gian học nghề) was terminated (kết thúc)?

“It’s a great place to be everything is at your doorstep and all the top fighters (võ sĩ) are here,” he added. “It is a tough environment (môi trường khắc nghiệt) that requires a lot of hard work and dedication (cống hiến) that maybe wouldn’t suit fighters that aren’t prepared to put the hard work in, this is certainly a place to serve your apprenticeship if you want to make it to the top. There is no hiding place in LA!”

Thu Phương

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