Journey in Life: 07/30/19

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"Drink from a fire hose" nghĩa là gì?

Mệt mỏi quá :( Photo by: Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

"Drink from a fire hose" = uống từ vòi chữa cháy -> gánh vác/đảm nhận hoặc ngập/lụt trong công việc, trách nhiệm, thông tin v.v... hơn là khả năng có thể xử lý.

Ví dụ
A good soaking rain is almost always a good thing, but a monsoon (gió mùa) is a potent force (một lực mạnh) that illustrates (minh họa) just what it’s like to drink from a fire hose. Monsoons can destroy property, damage infrastructure (cơ sở vật chất) and sadly, take lives.

Moreover, even if the discussion sections (khu vực thảo luận) are lively and interactive (tương tác), the course (khóa học) itself is still structured as a vast content dump (bãi chứa nội dung). Or, as we used to joke in my graduate program about the world-history survey: "Plato to NATO in two semesters." That’s the equivalent (tương đương) of making students drink from a fire hose, and it does not serve them well.

In this information age (kỉ nguyên thông tin), trying to find the heart of any subject matter can be akin (giống như) to taking a drink from a fire hose. In the sea of sources and loud voices, it can be hard to find the truth, let alone make your own determinations (quyết định).

Ngọc Lân

"Pretty as a picture" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy: WallpaperCave

"Pretty as a picture" -> đẹp như tranh 

Ví dụ
The old place looked pretty as a picture, exactly how we see it in winter when thinking back on the games we saw, and the games we played, in the long, warm days of summer.

In these new snaps, Vicky looked pretty as a picture in a flowy red dress, decorated (được trang trí) with sunflowers as she got out of a car, lugging (kéo) two big suitcases. She looked a little downcast (nản lòng) as she made her way into the airport, although she's got reason to celebrate (ăn mừng) lately.

Birthday girl Nelly was pretty as a picture in a cute denim (một loại vải) playsuit decorated with a pink design, while Arthur kept it cool in red shorts and a navy blue T-shirt. The picture-perfect family looked happy as can be as they celebrated the special day.

Ngọc Lân

Bài trước: "Ahead of schedule" nghĩa là gì?

"Shed crocodile tears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash.

"Shed crocodile tears" hay "nước mắt cá sấu" là một thành ngữ được dùng khá phổ biến ở kể cả trong tiếng Việt. Những giọt nước mắt cá sấu là những giọt nước mắt giải dối thể hiện nỗi buồn giả tạo hay sự hối hận, tiếc nuối không chân thật, sự giả tạo...

Ví dụ
People in power have always shed crocodile tears over drought and hunger, but there is nothing to show for tears so generously shed.

The demonization (sự huỷ hoại) of CBP is disgusting (kinh tởm). They are dealing with this invasion (sự xâm lược) every single day while Democrats (Đảng Dân chủ) just come down for a photo op & shed crocodile tears.”

An Extinction Rebellion (cuộc nổi loạn) activist who shed 'crocodile tears' over a man who missed his dying father's final hours after being caught up in protests enjoyed a globe-trotting (du lịch vòng quanh thế giới), jet-set (nhóm quốc tế xã hội của những người giàu có và đi du lịch trên thế giới) lifestyle, MailOnline can reveal.

Hậu Giang

Bài trước: "Cheese and kisses" nghĩa là gì?

"Come to a full stop" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

"Come to a full stop" có nghĩa là phanh/ dừng lại đột ngột/ kết thúc việc gì đó do khó khăn. 

Ví dụ 
I always roll through stop signs (biển báo dừng lại quan sát). It's a waste of time to come to a full stop if you can see that nothing is coming.

Just as I was pulling to the side of the road (tấp xe vào lề đường), but before we had come to a full stop, my wife opened the door of the cab and jumped out with our baby in her arms. 

It's small size allows it to come to a full stop in about five feet, allowing the company to use lower cost sensors (cảm biến chi phí thấp) like cameras to see ahead and avoid accidents. 

This system works together to deliver better reaction time durability (độ bền lâu) and stopping capability. When coming to a full stop from high speeds the 2020 GT-R NISMO was easy to control and quick to stop. 

Thu Phương 

"A saccharine voice" nghĩa là gì?

Anh sẽ nói em nghe về đại dương xanh/ Anh sẽ nói em nghe về tình ca em với anh Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

'A saccharine voice' = giọng có đường -> giọng ngọt xớt, mà các cụ ta bảo rồi 'nói ngọt lọt đến xương' nhớ nhé các bạn :)

Ví dụ
With big blue eyes and a saccharine voice, Zenbo is a friend for children, a personal assistant (trợ giúp) to parents and a carer for the elderly — all for less than the cost of a new iPhone.

Apart from having a saccharine voice, the singer has also carved (tạo, khắc) a niche (ngách, ngành phụ) for herself with her versatility (nhiều tài, linh hoạt). Her latest track, ‘Deewani mastani’, from Bhansali’s upcoming film, Bajirao Mastani, is topping charts currently.

“We want you to feel welcome here,” one Missouri delegate (đại biểu) said in a saccharine voice, mocking (chế nhạo) mainstream Democrats (đảng Dân chủ). “Well why in the hell shouldn’t we feel welcome? We’re Democrats. It’s our convention too. They are the ones drawing the dividing lines (đường kẻ phân cách).”

Bích Nhàn

"Ahead of schedule" nghĩa là gì?

Yeahhhhhh, cuối cùng cũng được nghỉ ngơi bay nhảy!!! Photo by: bruce mars on Unsplash

"Ahead of schedule" -> nghĩa là (hoàn thành xong công việc) trước thời hạn cho phép.

Ví dụ
Just our aggressive workforce (lực lượng lao động tích cực). We work seven days (a week),” he says, adding there's an average (trung bình) of 42 employees on site every day. “We had two shifts (ca làm): night shift work from Sunday night through till Thursday night, (and) day shift was six days a week. That was our biggest way of getting ahead of schedule.

“He’s on track,” Carroll said. “I think he’s going to maybe be a little bit ahead of schedule by the time we get to it. He’s running really well, he’s up to 270 (pounds) again, his weight’s back, his strength (sức khỏe) is coming back.

A Gravesend park that got a $4.5 million makeover from the city has reopened — four months ahead of schedule — thanks to quick work from the Parks Department and construction contractors (các nhà thầu xây dựng).

Ngọc Lân

"The whole nine yards" nghĩa là gì?

Ăn sáng thôi có cần cầu kỳ vậy hông? Photo by aranprime on Unsplash 

"The whole nine yards" = toàn bộ 9 thước -> tất cả (nói chung). "Go the whole nine yards" có nghĩa là làm gì đó một cách đầy đủ, không bỏ sót chi tiết. 

Ví dụ 
Sarees are not dying in India, but don’t trust #SareeTwitter to show whole nine yards. 

Most participants (người tham gia) went the whole nine yards to modify (cải biến) their vehicles for this event. 

Jones’ favorite meal to make is the roast turkey (gà tây nướng) dinners “with all the fixings: the pumpkin pie (bánh bí ngô), the cranberry sauce (sốt nam việt quất), the whole nine yards.” 

The resort has since opened, and it’s a pretty swish place (nơi khá sang trọng). Besides new missions and housing options, it also offers exactly the kinds of games you’d expect from a casino — blackjack, poker, slot machines (máy đánh bạc), roulette, the whole nine yards. 

Thu Phương 

"Family that prays together stays together" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Pedro Lima on Unsplash 

"Family that prays together stays together" = gia đình cùng nhau cầu nguyện -> cùng nhau cầu nguyện hoặc cùng theo một đạo sẽ giữ được sự đoàn kết và gắn bó trong gia đình. 

Ví dụ
“The family that prays together stays together,” so the saying goes. But even if people did not pray with their families, they still prayed on their own anyway. 

They say the family who prays together stays together. Judging (đánh giá) by their words and actions in Geraldton on Saturday night, the saying could befit (phù hợp) the Lakeside Lightning. 

As the old saying goes, “A family that prays together stays together.” Prayer brings our families increased peace, love and harmony in the home. Family prayer is also a great way to help younger children develop their own faith (đức tin) in God. 

Thu Phương 

"The end of the rainbow" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

"The end of the rainbow" = đoạn cuối cầu vồng -> nghĩa là điều rất được mong muốn/ao ước, nhưng lại vô cùng khó đạt được, khó với tới; nghe như bài hát '(cùng anh) đến cuối con đường' ý các bạn nhỉ, cuối đường còn khó nữa là cuối cầu vồng :))

Ví dụ
Australia’s abundant (nhiều) world-class wind, solar, bioenergy (năng lượng sinh học) and coastal rainfall (mưa ven biển) mean a low-cost, resilient clean energy system is within our grasp (sự hiểu biết). The benefits (phúc lợi) at the end of the rainbow are compelling (thuyết phục). According to McKinsey and Co, we can attract manufacturers back to our shores, drawn by low-cost clean energy which could cut power bills by about 30 per cent.

Hope you're holding on tight for this high-speed Coast Guard chase (cuộc truy đuổi). Watch Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast in the eastern Pacific ocean race for the cocaine (chất mai thúy) at the end of the rainbow — 2,300 pounds of it no less.

Perhaps the real pot of gold (hũ vàng) at the end of the rainbow is in the health benefits we can gain from eating richly and beautifully colored foods every day. There’s no easier time to do this than in the summer. The farm stands are filled to bursting with harvests (thu hoạch) of the best summer fruits and vegetables.

Ngọc Lân

"Every so often" nghĩa là gì?

Thi thoảng cũng phải lãng mạn tí chứ Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

'Every so often' -> thỉnh thoảng, đôi khi.

Ví dụ
“We get breaks (kì nghỉ) every so often,” Kate said. “Sometimes we have breaks through the winter where we will have a day or two, then Christmas and New Year’s. We don’t really have super long breaks other than after summer swimming ends.

Generally speaking, the Philippines is not famous for its food, and cardiologists (bác sĩ tim mạch) consider it downright (đích thực) evil. In their own kitchens, Filipinos tend to cook meat with stunning amounts of sugar and salt, and to soak it in bagoong, a sort of brine. But no matter how poor, they like to splash out (vung tiền) every so often on fast food.

This could be a personal issue, but I tried every size of earbud (nút tai nghe) cap that came with Sony’s headphones, and all of them eventually bothered my ear canals at least a little bit. I’m glad that Sony offers so many sizes, but with every size I tried, when I wore them for long periods, I’d have to take them out every so often because they made my ears feel itchy (ngứa), somehow.

Bích Nhàn

Xứng đáng nhận nửa giải Nobel

công ty chuyên về trị liệu nóng lạnh, phát minh ra sản phẩm 'đá lạnh' có thể nhét vào ngực để chống ra mồ hôi :D

Pop them in the fridge or freezer (làm lạnh) for an hour, the company claims, and the boob packs chill out to a comfortable 58 degrees Fahrenheit — enough to keep you cool without icing over your assets. The effects last up to two hours.

There’s a two-week waitlist for the cheeky (táo bạo) coolers, which have been around for “years,” according to a customer service rep, but are just creating a buzz (thú vị, ồn ào) online now.

Bài trước: Rất nghệ thuật

"Cheese and kisses" nghĩa là gì?

Cảm ơn em đã đến với cuộc đời anh thật ngọt ngào như thế.
Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

"Cheese and kisses" (phô-mát và những cái hôn) là cụm từ rất thường được nghe ở Úc để nhắc đến "wife" (vợ). Cụm từ này hợp vần điệu với từ "missus"- từ này cũng có nghĩa là vợ/ bà xã.

Ví dụ
Would he ever advise the Prime Minister to “sack (sa thải) the cheese and kisses”?

Neil Bromley takes up the story:
"THERE I WAS, with the Cheese and Kisses in a caravan (đoàn xe) of all things, terrorising (khủng bố/ làm kinh hãi) the road train drivers.

The sizeable seven-seater (chiếc xe 7 chỗ cỡ lớn) has a cruising speed (tốc độ trung bình) of 829 km/h, meaning it can get you to Launceston, Tasmania in just 1 hour and 27 minutes. Quick enough that time won't drag while the 'cheese and kisses' pesters (quấy rầy) you for clues (chứng cứ) as to her mystery destination.

Hậu Giang

Bài trước: "On the Internet, nobody knows you're dog" nghĩa là gì?

Hầu phòng đâu?

đi du lịch, ngủ ở khách sạn, buổi sáng tỉnh dậy thấy... con rắn quấn quanh tay :D

Major said she quickly shook (lắc mạnh) the garden snake off [...] "and I jumped up on the desk and called the front office for them to come.”

The staff at the Hampton Inn Memphis-Walnut Grove/Baptist Hospital East removed the snake immediately and alerted pest control (kiểm soát vật gây hại),

Major said the hotel comped (miễn phí) her room and she would consider staying there again.

Mỗi người một đức tin

người biểu tình chống ăn chay, nên ăn sống con sóc ở chợ -> đã bị phạt rồi :)

Footage (cảnh quay) of the incident showed one of the protesters wearing the animal's carcass (xác động vật) around his neck (cổ) before being handcuffed (còng tay) and led away by police.

The pair were both found guilty (có tội) of a public order offence at City of London Magistrates' Court and ordered to pay fines (phạt).

"Go like a rocket" nghĩa là gì?

Già rồi nhưng vẫn còn ngon lắm!! Photo courtesy: GETWALLPAPERS

"Go like a rocket" = lao như tên lửa -> nghĩa là hoạt động tốt, trơn tru, thường nói về máy móc.

Ví dụ
A real grunter, the Zed offers the best of both worlds – it’ll happily slog uphill (chạy nhẹ nhàng) in fourth gear pulling from 2000rpm, or go like a rocket screaming its head off above 6000rpm ("rounds per minute" tốc độ quay của động cơ).

Ewart agrees. “Art deco (trang trí nghệ thuật) apartments (căn hộ) are always popular,” he says. “Whenever I’ve got an art deco one coming up I know it’s going to go like a rocket.”

Take Porsche for instance (ví dụ). Its GT3 RS, like all 911s is built on a dedicated (tận tụy) sports-car platform (nền tảng). So, to make it handle like a dream and go like a rocket, all its GT department needed to do is replace most of the standard car's with motorsport parts, using all the know-how it's gathered around race track recently. It's still an extensive job (công việc cần hiểu biết rộng), but the base car (xe nguyên bản) is more than happy to take the upgrades.

Ngọc Lân

Nhà ai có gara ô tô lớn nào?

thì nhận tên lửa saturn thời kỳ apollo của nasa nhé, free, chỉ phải trả 250.000 usd phí vận chuyển thôi :D 

The booster (động cơ đẩy) is the bottom or first stage of the Saturn I, which was the United States’ first heavy-lift rocket (tên lửa), developed in the early 1960s. It was the more massive fifth version, or Saturn V, that would send Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on their trip to the moon in 1969.

We asked why they were still there, and the answer was rather simple – Because there’s no reason to move them. Unless they need to use the space, or someone is buying them, there’s no reason to spend resources on clearing them out (dọn dẹp, vứt bỏ).

Rất nghệ thuật

nhân viên btc tour de france sơn 'xóa hình con cu bậy bạ' thành bích họa đẹp

The pair of hi-viz-clad workers have a van, a giant tub of white paint, a roller and a route map of the three-week event.

Remarkably, phallic graffiti (bức họa hình dương vật) can be quite easily turned into an owl (con cú), a butterfly or even a bike with a bit of artistic license.

Much of the road paint is reserved (dành chỗ) for writing ‘Allez Pinot’ or ‘Allez Alaphilippe’ after the two French darlings of this year’s race.

Bài trước: Tôi cam đoan

"Have eyes like a hawk" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy: WallpaperCave

"Have eyes like a hawk" = có đôi mắt như diều hâu -> nghĩa là người hay quan sát, rất tinh ý; việt nam mình có từ 'mắt như cú vọ' đó các bạn.

Ví dụ
This is really something you only want to do if you're using 4K applications, such as editing high-resolution pictures or 4K video, or if you have eyes like a hawk. For most purposes the default resolution (độ phân giải nguyên bản) is fine.

Fagga is widely (rỗng rãi) believed to be created by the lightning from November thunderstorms in the desert. One has to have eyes like a hawk to spot it in desert and dig out as much of the truffle as possible. Researches are still on-going to produce fagga on a larger commercial scale (cán cân thương mại).

A Paisley man is hoping Buddies have eyes like a hawk after his bird of prey escaped. Danny Shields, 36, is desperate (tuyệt vọng) to find his rare Harris Hawk Superior, which flew off on Tuesday afternoon while he was trying to train (huấn luyện) the bird.

Ngọc Lân

Tôi cam đoan

siri (thường xuyên) nghe trộm khi bạn... làm tình, apple nói "chỉ vài giây thôi" :D

-> 'thời gian lâm trận' của bạn ngắn thế thôi sao ;)

“There have been countless (vô số) instances of recordings featuring private discussions between doctors and patients, business deals, seemingly criminal dealings, sexual encounters and so on. These recordings are accompanied by user data showing location, contact details, and app data.”

Contradicting (đối lập) Apple's defense (biện hộ) that these sultry (hấp dẫn, nhục cảm) samples are "pseudonymised (biệt danh) recordings," Apple employees can know precisely (chính xác) who is having sex and where, and what time the deed was done.

The evidence continues to mount: Siri is a blackmailer's dream come true... or spy agency, or voyeur (kẻ tọc mạch), or political adversary (kẻ thù), or just plain pervert (đồi trụy).

Bài trước: Có ai mất gì không?

Điều bạn luôn nên ưu tiên trong cuộc sống

anh chàng lướt sóng ở Florida bị cá mập tấn công -> chọn đi bar thay vì... đến bệnh viện :D

"Shark comes out of the water and grabs onto my arm right by my elbow (khủy tay)," he told ABC News.

O'Rourke was quickly treated (xử lý) by lifeguards (cứu hộ bãi biển, bể bơi) but opted (lựa chọn) not to go to the hospital. O'Rourke "immediately went to a bar, because he's like, 'I got bit by a shark!' and people were like, 'I'll buy you drinks!' So he went and hung out at the pier (cầu tàu)."

Trứng vịt lộn thì có làm sao?

phát hiện cả ống phóng tên lửa trong hành lý khi qua cửa an ninh sân bay đây này,

the man, told the police that he was traveling home from U.S. military duty in Kuwait where he picked up the missile launcher and wanted to keep it as a souvenir (quà lưu niệm).

It was confiscated (tịch thu) and turned over to the Maryland fire marshal for disposal (xử lý, vứt bỏ).

Rất phi thể thao

đi cổ vũ cricket, sướng quá -> tóm ngực bạn gái -> lên truyền hình trực tiếp luôn, mà thật ra ăn mừng hơi sớm :)

While the camera crew (đội) did its best to divert attention (chuyển hướng chú ý), the internet caught the mistake,

Fans watching at home certainly weren't expecting to see that when getting a glimpse (thoáng qua) of the seats. For the adults out there, it was definitely something to laugh about

Trở thành con người hành động ngay hôm nay

ồn ào quá, đẩy luôn thằng cổ động viên khó chịu ra khỏi tàu :D

The man [...] was repeatedly shouting 'Chelsea, Chelsea' as he staggered (di chuyển loạng choạng) around while travelling on a westbound Central Line train on Saturday, imploring (khẩn nài) his fellow passengers to join in

When the train pulled into St Paul's station, he stood with arms raised in the open doorway to serenade (ngân nga) those on the platform.

That's when another passenger spotted his chance and pushed the Chelsea fan off the train moments before the doors slammed shut (đóng sầm lại).

Bài trước: Ăn gì cũng được

"Manners maketh man" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Hannah Nicollet on Unsplash

"Manners maketh man" = nhân cách tạo nên con người -> nghĩa là một người chính trực sẽ có ý thức mạnh mẽ về đạo đức.

Ví dụ
Just as manners maketh man, wheels maketh car. No car is complete or correct without the right set of wheels. There exist several cars which are best known for the wheels they wear, and it wouldn’t do to change them, but many others can be elevated well beyond their station with a proper set of aftermarket (sản phẩm độ) good looking metal rounders.

Manners maketh man. Are we sure about that? After all, the country that gave us that saying gave us Geordie Shore and became world champions (vô địch thế giới) of the terribly unmannerly (thiếu lễ độ, vô lễ, không lịch sự, mất dạy, vô giáo dục) practice (hành động/thông lệ) of colonialism (chủ nghĩa thực dân). Besides, what's the point of being able to "properly" arrange cutlery (nghề làm dao kéo) at a dinner table?

MANNERS maketh man, goes the old saying, highlighting (nhấn mạnh) the important role etiquette (phép lịch sự) has always played in society. Things change over the years, of course – when was the last time you saw a man putting down his coat over a puddle for a woman? – but what we say and how we behave in public still matters.

Ngọc Lân

"A stalking horse" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Ieva Vizule on Unsplash

"A stalking horse" = con ngựa lén lút; chính xác là 'ngựa làm bình phong cho người đi săn' -> từ này nghĩa là ứng cử viên được đưa ra thay thế lãnh đạo đảng hiện thời, nhằm mục đích đo được/đánh giá được mức độ ủng hộ của công chúng dành cho ông ta; người ứng cử đưa ra làm bung xung. Ngoài ra, còn có nghĩa đơn giản là điều được dùng để che giấu ý định thực sự của ai đó; cái cớ.

Ví dụ
After more than an hour of testimony (lời khai), the judge presiding (chủ trì) over the Chapter 11 bankruptcy (phá sản) proceedings for Blackjewel LLC decided, rather than issue a ruling on a motion, to approve Contura Energy as a stalking horse purchaser (người mua). The hearing will reconvene Friday morning at 10:30.

The erosion (sự xói mòn) of the public service has been steadily occurring (xảy ra đều đặn) under the old parties, through privatisation (sự tư nhan hóa) by stealth (lén lút) and relentless (không ngừng) outsourcing. Now, emboldened by the election, the government looks to be preparing for a direct attack. The Greens will take up the fight to this government to defend the public service and will not allow the outcomes of the Thodey review to be a stalking horse to weaken the public service.

But if Dybala is a stalking horse, that’s one friggin’ huge stalking horse. Dybala is a fine player and he would be a very good addition to Spurs — the idea of Harry Kane partnering (phối hợp) with Dybala is enough to make Spurs fans’ mouths salivate (chảy nước miếng) a little, even if Dybala is coming off of a disappointing season.

Ngọc Lân

"Not able to stomach" nghĩa là gì?

Vĩnh biệt cuộc đời. Photo by Seth Doyle

"Not able to stomach (something)" = Không thể tiêu hóa, không chứa thêm thức ăn nào nữa -> Thiếu sự can đảm, sự quyết tâm và ý chí để giải quyết, chịu đựng và đương đầu với một vấn đề khó khăn và sự đau khổ trong cuộc sống.

Ví dụ
While third-party hopefuls drew just under 83,000 votes in the Keystone State in 2012, they drew more than three times that number, 268,000 votes, four years later. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania voters couldn’t stomach either of the major parties’ nominees (người bổ nhiệm), so they cast protest votes for third-party and independent candidates (ứng cử viên).

These two mothers said they felt bullied by social workers. "I was so insulted (lăng mạ, sỉ nhục) and so ashamed, I couldn't stomach it. I walked out. I was in tears," said one mother.

But, I couldn’t stomach the thought of being unemployed. So, I kept going in. Eventually, she’d had enough, and we split up (chia tay). I miss her every day, but I can’t say I blame her. I was insufferable (không thể chịu đựng) to be around, and she didn’t deserve that.

Bin Kuan

"Be good with your hands" nghĩa là gì?

Nghe bảo mấy đứa rất thích trai Hàn. Photo by Daniel Wiadro

"Be good with (one's) hands" -> Làm việc gì đó rất có kỹ năng, điêu luyện và có tính chuyên môn cao.

Ví dụ
"In many cases, people are very good with their hands that they don't enjoy doing," says Jane Lowder, founder of a Sydney-based career coaching business.

Both socialism (chủ nghĩa xã hội) and fascism (chủ nghĩa phát xít) make extended use of state-of-the-art manipulation (sử dụng bằng tay) of the needs and wants of the people, at the expense of some inherent rights of those people. Both systems survive and thrive best in the presence of an “Other”: a real enemy, or at least a credible threat of one. And if they don’t have one, they are both very good with their hands at creating one.

But these actions, no matter how masterful, are not truly courageous in the Aristotelian sense without good intent. For a courageous action, moral intention is discerned (nhận thức, phân biệt) by identifying what you want accomplished. The desired outcome must be something beautiful. And for a courageous action to be beautiful, it must be intellectual (trí tuệ) and good with your hands. However, Aristotle claims there is one overarching qualifier that even the most prolific (sáng tác nhiều) demonstrations of courage must have: good intentions.

Bin Kuan

"Out and about" nghĩa là gì?

Một thời trẻ trâu. Photo by Limor Zellermayer

"Out and about" -> Có thể ra ngoài làm việc bình thường trở lại, tham gia các hoạt động ngoài trời và ra ngoài làm những việc mình thích đặc biệt sau một trận ốm đau nghỉ ở nhà.

Ví dụ
Tamworth residents were out and about all over the place last week and our photographers and journalists were around to capture (bắt, chụp) the action.

We’re out and about at Moe’s Southwestern Grill! Brandy is on location and trying some delicious (and healthy) Tex-Mex dishes—and we also take a look at how Moe’s is updating the traditional drive thru window to be even more user friendly!

Chapin Senior Center gets people out and about. With more than 50 different activities for seniors (bậc lão niên) to enjoy, there is never a dull (đần độn) moment at the COA Chapin Senior Center in New London.

Bin Kuan

"At the double" nghĩa là gì?

Chạy ngay đi, chờ chi. Photo by  Mitchell Orr

"At the double" = Gấp đôi lên -> Làm điều gì đó một cách nhanh chóng, tăng tốc độ lên và ngay lập tức.

Ví dụ
In addition to the test priority list that we receive from (Air Combat Command (lệnh chiến đấu trên không), under which the 53rd Wing works), we also look for urgent operational needs. These are things that are identified in-theater, where a warfighter figures out that maybe their aircraft (phi cơ) wasn’t working, or their system wasn’t working, as they expected. They will send that issue back to us to see if we can find a solution at the double.

A bird doesn’t live in a vacuum (sống xa rời mọi người)—it preys (bắt mồi) and is preyed upon. An ecosystem (hệ sinh thái) is unfathomably (không dáy, vực sâu) complex, all sorts of creatures interacting, which makes these dynamics extremely difficult to study, especially when Earth’s climate is changing at the double.

Abiy's Green Legacy initiative, launched in May, aims to plant a total of 4 billion trees by year's end. Ethiopia's at the double growing population and lack of arable land (đất trồng trọt) pose a problem for the impoverished (bần cùng hóa) east African nation. Studies show the country's forest cover at the onset of the 19th Century accounted for 420,000 square kilometers, 35% of the country's land area, which has now dwindled (giảm xuống, thoái hóa) to under 10%.

Bin Kuan

"It's a fair cop" nghĩa là gì?

Mấy chú này oách thật. Photo by Tobias Zils

"It's a fair cop" = Một sự bị tóm gọn -> Bạn bị bắt quả tang làm việc xấu, xứng đáng để nhận án phạt và không còn lời nào để biện hộ.

Ví dụ
‘It’s a fair cop!’ – care home grants resident’s wish to get arrested.

This sort of corporate obfuscation (việc làm đen tối) might play well in the motherland, but I’m afraid it simply won’t do. Far too evasive (lảng tránh). No, what we needed was something along the lines of: “It’s a fair cop. We have been caught with our lederhosen round our ankles and realise we’re going to get it in the neck big time. Sorry.”

There’s a joke that goes: A girl with a boyfriend, a vegan (người ăn chay) and someone who went on a gap year walk into a room. Who tells you first? On the veganism and the gap year, it’s maybe a fair cop. But laughing at women who tell you that they’ve got a boyfriend when you start talking to them rather misses the point.

Bin Kuan