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Saturday, May 16, 2020

“Get turfed out” nghĩa là gì?

Đi thật xa để trở về. Photo by  Robert Bye

“Get turfed out” có từ turf là đất đai riêng, mảnh đất riêng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là bị đuổi khỏi nơi ở, bị tống cổ.

Ví dụ
That very house and the family that was displaced became the basis for Bigwood’s play, “Or Current Resident,” running Nov. 1-17 at the Players’ Ring. “The play confronts the issue of gentrification (cải tạo đô thị) and where do people go when they get turfed out,” said Bigwood. “It looks at that experience of being displaced unexpectedly.”

"As you get towards the end, as you get turfed out, you started to see that people were working in packs. So then I remember Denis Hurley was on the orange team and three or four lads from the grey team were trying to get someone big out. And then they'd turn and see Denis Hurley in the corner. It was like prison! You know when you see someone getting assaulted (bị hành hung, tấn công) in prison and they'd be like, 'Aaaaaahhhhh', and trying to stay in.

It may surprise you to learn that a bank which has difficulty counting the number of accounts it has, responding to suspicious activity claims, correctly making calculations that determine whether or not people get turfed out of their homes, figuring out how to date-stamp dinner orders so just outsources the whole thing to GrubHub, thinks “telecommuting” involves opening offices in the Midwest, has a backlog of 3,000 employee complaints, and doesn’t much care to spend money on technology, doesn’t have great technology.

Ka Tina

“Get up on its hind legs” nghĩa là gì?

Cute không nè? Photo by  Johanneke Kroesbergen-Kamps

“Get up on one's hind legs” = đứng trên hai chân sau, ngụ ý con ngựa khi bị kích động hoặc sợ hãi -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tức giận và quả quyết.

Ví dụ
If you are not angry it's time to get up on your hind legs, we are on the brink of disaster (trên bờ vực của tai họa)!

"They are probably the nicest parents, people that I have ever met," says daughter, Maryann Creaser. "They don't get up on their hind legs. They love each other."

“The states are providing interstate (giữa các tiểu bang) transport. But if people get up on their hind legs and start on foot instead of waiting for the transport to be provided, nothing can be done,” he said, according to Bar and Bench.

Ka Tina

“Get to the bottom of" nghĩa là gì?

Muốn chạm được đáy biển. Photo by Kurt Cotoaga

“Get to the bottom of" có từ bottom là đáy, cơ sở, ngọn nguồn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là hiểu rõ nguyên nhân, ngọn nguồn của vấn đề.

Ví dụ
It also sought to sway the World Health Organization to prevent travel bans to and from outbreak hotspots (các điểm bùng phát) and has refused to co-operate with the rest of the world's efforts to get to the bottom of what happened, Kenney said.

"Either proper procedures were not in place, or the procedures weren't followed. "And that is exactly why the Premier needs to hold an inquiry to get to the bottom of what went wrong." After days of no new cases, there were two added to Queensland's tally in the past 24 hours, including the nurse.

Unfortunately, there is no time limit to grief (sự đau khổ), Koretz says, and there is no logical order to the stages. “It can be constant for any length of time or wax and wane over weeks, months, and years,” she adds. Coming back to those trusted methods of self-management (phương pháp tự quản lý) like journaling, counseling, or meditating to get to the bottom of what you’re feeling is helpful. If you’re feeling worried or anxious about the future, or that you’re not “getting over” things quick enough, Lisa Lewis, psychologist (bác sĩ tâm lý) and Northeastern professor, says to focus on the details of what is making you worried or anxious and pinpoint how you can take specific action. Sometimes taking action is the best antidote (thuốc giải độc) to feelings of grief, but she also says it’s simply okay to let things go or put worries to the side for now.

Ka Tina

"Get to first base” nghĩa là gì?

The first kiss. Photo by  Rushil Venkateswar

"Get to first base” = có điểm đầu tiên trong bốn điểm phải được chạm bóng (bóng chày) -> nghĩa là đạt được bước đầu tiên trong mục tiêu/kế hoạch; được hôn hoặc chạm người yêu coi như là xong giai đoạn đầu của mối quan hệ yêu đương.

Ví dụ
“We want to get back to normalcy (bình thường), but to get to first base, we need to meet these metrics,” Searles said. “We are ramped up and ready to go.

You met in a coffeeshop, you’ve hung out for a few hours, and you seem to be hitting it off. And now at last, you’re alone together. Is it time to lean in for the kiss? Or is this about to turn seriously awkward? How do you know when someone wants to kiss you? Here’s our guide to how to get to First Base.

It's all done, right? I get to first base at Wrigley Field and Kevin Saucier walks halfway from the mound to first base and he spits at me. Well Pete Rose is the first baseman for the Phillies. He goes, 'You can't let him do that. Go kick his ass!' So I go, 'Yeah!' So I go out there and here we go. And I get like one punch in - boom. And I forgot - I was at first base in Wrigley Field with the Philles on the field. Their dugout's on the first-base side. So I throw a punch and all of a sudden, the next thing I know, my face is like this against the ground and I'm getting stomped on. Anyway, it was a big donnybrook (cuộc ẩu đả). And (my wife's) at the hospital the whole time going, 'They're gonna kill my husband!' It was a good one."

Ka Tina

"Get there the firstest with the mostest” nghĩa là gì?

Đi mãi cũng chẳng thấy người. Photo by  Taylor Simpson

“Get there the firstest with the mostest” -> cụm từ này nghĩa là ai tới đó nhanh nhất thì được nhận nhiều nhất/hưởng lợi nhiều nhất.

Ví dụ
Despite its many fine qualities, however, the United States has not broken the laws of physics and must adhere to time, distance, and freight charge requirements. It’s not often possible to get there the firstest with the mostest, and if it is, it’s often with spare items to which American partners will offer an “er, thanks.” Decision-makers will need to temper their appetites (sự khao khát, lòng thèm muốn) and avoid prioritizing what’s easy—or most camera-friendly—vs. what is needed most.

It was through Webb that Fitzgerald learned to embrace an approach to music making that proves her to be, in fact, something more than a classicist. “He gave me the only advice I’ve ever needed,” Fitzgerald is reported to have said. “‘Honey,’ he told me, ‘in this business you’ve always got to get there the firstest with the mostest and the newest.’” In truth, during her long lifetime—from her first days with Chick Webb to her final concert at Radio City Music Hall in 1992—she was interested in the latest vogues (thịnh hành, thứ được ưu chuộng) in popular music and eager to experiment with new styles. She was, in life, as engaged with the new as she was driven by classicism (chủ nghĩa cổ điển).

Ka Tina

Vì chúng không có internet

nhím làm tình dữ dội/ồn ào khi con người đang bị phong tỏa...

Michael Walker, a mammal recorder at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, said they had been spotted venturing out a lot more after humans were told to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

He told the BBC some people had even sent him clips of ‘randy’ (bị kích thích về tình dục, dâm đãng, dâm dục) hedgehogs, adding: ‘I’ve had a video sent to me of a male pursuing a female… very noisily.

‘When two males are involved, it can cause quite a commotion (sự rung chuyển, sự chấn động, sự rung động; (nghĩa bóng) sự rối loạn; cuộc bạo động, cuộc khởi nghĩa) with even more huffing (thở hổn hển).’

Mr Walker urged more people to record their experiences with wildlife and share them with the Trust.

“Get the whetstone” nghĩa là gì?

Người đàn bà hóa đá. Photo by  John Salvino

“Get the whetstone” = nhận đá mài -> nghĩa là kẻ nói dối. Thời Trung Cổ, đá mài được dành cho người thắng cuộc của các cuộc thi nói dối.

Ví dụ
He’ll always get the whetstone. He snookered (đánh lừa) her in front of her peers and managers. He’s done it before. He’ll do it again.

“Never get the whetstone, all music sounds better on vinyl (đĩa hát), red at night sailor's delight, red in the morning sailor's warning, and real Irishmen celebrate St.

Since she previously was found guilty (tội) by the county and later by the appeals court on two counts of perjury (lời khai man trước toà, ngụy chứng), she has proven herself to get the whetstone.

Ka Tina

"From soup to nuts" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Steve Tsang on Unsplash

"From soup to nuts" = từ món canh đến món quả -> nghĩa là từ đầu đến cuối. Câu này liên hệ tới bữa ăn có đầy đủ món khai vị và tráng miệng.

Ví dụ
What if we offer [that to] any of our chefs and bartenders who want to take a stab (thử làm việc gì mặc dù biết kết quả không tốt lắm) at it? Let’s teach them how to create their own concepts from soup to nuts.

Land will be tasked with taking scripted and unscripted podcast concepts from A3 clients and guiding through them through the entire publishing process from soup to nuts, including ideation (hình thành ý tưởng), concept development, production, distribution, and monetization (tiền tệ hóa).

“They're going to do everything from soup to nuts here in Melbourne,” said Mark Buslacchi, director of marketing and business development with Orlando Melbourne International Airport. “They're going to sell the aircraft, they're going to build the aircraft, engineer (bảo hành) the aircraft. Obviously, they've got a lot of the engineering work already done.”

Ngọc Lân

Quy tắc lịch sự trên phương tiện công cộng

khỏa thân thì đừng hòng lên xe buýt nhé :)
CT Transit employees, already facing threats of Covid-19 spread on the job, encountered a new threat during a ride down State Street: a naked man in the street yelling, pounding on the glass, and trying to get on board.

...A group of CT Transit workers were on board for an “employee run” from downtown New Haven to the Hamden CT Transit garage.

The naked man stopped the bus, yelled, walked from one side to the other, tried to board, began to kick and bang on the door. The door remained closed.

“Oh, I’m stressed!” one of the employees cried out. Others laughed.

“I’m going to be late,” said another...

Thạch Sanh thời hiện đại

thanh niên khỏa thân "đánh nhau" với trăn để cứu mèo cưng...
Nick Kearns was sleeping, naked, in the bedroom of his Kimberley home last month when he awoke to the sound of his partner (người sống cùng, sống chung) screaming (gào thét). The problem, he realised, was that a giant, 2.5-metre python was in his garden attacking one of his pet kittens: coiling its body around the animal in preparation to eat it.

Nick, who had completed a snake handling course several years before, sprung into action (bật dậy hành động).

"I jumped up—naked of course—and ran outside," he told the ABC. "I just couldn't unwrap it.”

While his partner held the tail of the snake, Nick grabbed a hold of the reptile’s body and tried to wrest his cat from its coils...

“Get the vapors” nghĩa là gì?

Xù xì. Photo by  Jaroslav Devia

“Get the vapors” có từ vapor là hơi nước (hơi ẩm, chất khác lan toả hoặc treo lơ lửng trong không khí), vật hư ảo; sự tưởng tượng hão huyền; nghĩa cổ là cảm thấy ngất xỉu đột ngột -> cụm từ này nghĩa là bị ngất xỉu.

Ví dụ
Vapors is like, you get a whiff (luồng, hơi) of my success. Before I was successful, you ain’t paid me the time of day. Soon as I got hot, you get a whiff of my success. So you get the vapors.

Braff asked him what he feels when he sees Reyes now. “I get the vapors,” Faison said. He then added, “When I’m watching Scrubs now I’m like ‘Oh my gosh she’s so fine. What was I thinking? What did I do? How did I let that go?'”

“It would be nice to have that constant naughty threat of impeaching our poor, sweet President taken away. He doesn’t deserve it, my stars and garters (huy hiệu cấp tước Ga-tơ), he doesn’t. Every time I hear that talk, I get the vapors. And all we’d need to do is legalize a few gorgeous Mexican poolboys. Sounds heavenly.”

Ka Tina

Vòi nước các anh còn hoạt động được không?

một phụ nữ ohio gọi 911 để dập lửa ở háng...

...Because of the call, Morgan was charged with felony (trọng tội) disrupting public services (dịch vụ công) and misdemeanor (tội nhẹ, khinh tội) making false alarms.

...A 911 call from the incident revealed Morgan asked if their "hose is working" and said "I need somebody to come put it out with their hose".

When police handcuffed Morgan, she began yelling at the officer and would not comply with orders.

“Get the shove” nghĩa là gì?

Suy nghĩ lắm chi em ơi? Photo by  Mael BALLAND

"Get the shove” = bị xô đẩy -> nghĩa là bị sa thải hoặc bị người yêu chia tay.

Ví dụ
That is according to The Mirror, who claim the Cherries boss has become the universal first-choice for Everton should the Portuguese coach get the shove.

It was recently reported that the German giants are keen on the Argentine as a potential replacement for Kovac should he get the shove. Sport1 reported, as relayed by The Sun, that the club’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic is a fan of Pochettino and would want to appoint him as Kovac’s successor, although Ajax boss Erik ten Hag is also in the running.

The article is speculative (có tính đầu cơ) as it's an opinion piece but if Biden was going to get the shove, it's not hard to imagine it happening. The reason it won't, as the article also alludes to, is that they'll have a hard time justifying not giving the nomination (sự bổ nhiệm, chỉ định) to the candidate with the 2nd most delegates (đại biểu), which they won't want to do because that candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Ka Tina

“Get the shivers” nghĩa là gì?

Đừng như vậy chứ! Photo by Skyler King

“Get the shivers” = bị run rẩy, rùng mình -> nghĩa là bắt đầu sợ hãi và khiếp sợ.

Ví dụ
“Each day you think that you are going to be okay, but then in the afternoon you start to get the shivers again, and start coughing and the temperature goes up. It’s strange coming into a hospital and not seeing visitors, everybody is in PPE and it’s very quiet.”

“I get the shivers when I think about it. That incident occurred against Nashville in the playoffs… It was coarse, nasty and shocking, but it was just the tip of the iceberg (Chỉ là bề nổi của tảng băng; chỉ mới là sự bắt đầu)… It was verbal attacks, he said horrible things,” Franzen is quoted as saying in an English translation of the interview broadcast on TSN.

You're sitting on your couch in the dark alone, watching a scary movie. The killer is walking toward an unsuspecting victim, then suddenly jumps out at her. In that moment, the hairs on your body stand up, and you get a shiver down your spine. When you go for a walk on a crisp (mát, sảng khoái) morning, the same thing happens. When the music swells during your favorite song, you get the shivers again, this time with the little goosebumps (nổi da gà) on your arms that appear when you get that sensation.

Ka Tina

“Get the nod” nghĩa là gì?

Chuẩn bị mở mắt nhé! Photo by  David Lusvardi

“Get the nod” = nhận cái gật đầu -> nghĩa là được chấp nhận, đồng ý và được tuyển chọn.

Ví dụ
The suggestion is that there will be one live match apiece (mỗi một) on Friday and Monday evenings. And the final eight matches will be split equally across Saturday and Sunday, with kick-off times staggered so EVERY match can be watched live on the television. While the schedule is yet to be chosen, it is expected Man Utd's trip to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will get the nod, deemed the biggest game of the weekend.

Environmental Defence Society chairman Gary Taylor is hopeful the upcoming infrastructure (cơ sở hạ tầng) announcements will prioritise the country's transition (sự chuyển hóa, biến đổi) away from fossil fuels (nhiên liệu hóa thạch). "We're looking for transformational (chuyển đổi), 21st century, low-carbon projects to get the nod."

Prospective equity (giá trị tài sản, cổ phần) and associate partners have been told that even fewer of them than originally anticipated have made the cut for “critical” status, and that the lucky few who get the nod in July are going to have to wait until October before they actually start earning. The financial hit is not necessarily that big – we would imagine that the kind of person who makes partner at EY would not have already spent their anticipated salary increase during a pandemic (đại dịch) – but it’s another sign that things are tough.

Ka Tina

"Garrison finish" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Anton Shuvalov on Unsplash

"Garrison finish" -> nghĩa là chiến thắng cuộc đua, cuộc thi vào phút cuối.

Ví dụ
According to Marcus Jordan, Michael’s son, as of last week, the producers (nhà sản xuất) were still editing Episode 10, which just goes to show that they are doing a Garrison finish on this one. It’s available in Asia through Netflix. So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? As of this writing, they have released six episodes and so far it’s been thoroughly entertaining and informative.

It was a sheer (hoàn toàn) slip (trượt) between the cup and the lip for Brijesh Patel, who was all set to become the 39th President of the BCCI. Right out of the blue former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly emerged and made a garrison finish to win the most coveted post in the BCCI.

I think I identify with  (đồng cảm với) kale. Kale has been having sort of a Garrison finish lately. So kale was underrated for a long time. Everywhere you go now, you can get kale smoothies, and kale substitutes for salad or lettuce.

Ngọc Lân

“Get the measure of" nghĩa là gì?

Gai góc như xương rồng. Photo by  Charles Deluvio

“Get the measure of (someone or something)” = đo lường chính xác -> nghĩa là hiểu rõ hoặc biết chính xác về ai/cái gì.

Ví dụ
“On the main roads they are quite detailed scanner surveys, and on the side roads it is more of a visual inspection (điều tra thấy rõ). “That allows us to see which are in the worst condition. That helps us get the measure of what we need to do and when."

Luckily for Rosberg, he was able to get the measure of Michael Schumacher during his tenure (đương nhiệm, nhiệm kỳ) alongside the F1 legend. Interestingly, Rosberg had no idea that Michael would be his teammate at Mercedes in 2010. He was under the impression that either Jenson Button or Nick Heidfeld would partner him.

Statistics (thống kê) can be appealing (làm mủi lòng, cảm động) or appalling (làm kinh hoàng, sợ hãi), depending on how they are presented. The purpose of each statistic differs from another and the choice, of which to use when, is driven by the nature of assessment (sự ước định, đánh giá) we wish to make. If performance of hospitals is being compared, CFR matters. If the overall state of the epidemic (dịch) is being assessed, deaths per million is the statistic that tells us whether a state is in a safer zone than another. It is important that all of us -- policymakers, media and the public -- understand these measures and their distinctions (nét đặc thù, điểm đặc biệt) so that we can soon get the measure of Covid-19.

Ka Tina

“Get the lead out of feet” nghĩa là gì?

Đừng để đời chỉ là những tháng ngày được chấm công. Photo by UX Indonesia

“Get the lead out of (one's) feet” = nhấc cục chì khỏi chân, giống trong "chân đeo chì" đó các bạn -> cụm từ này nghĩa là làm việc với nhịp độ nhanh, làm liên tục và không trì trệ.

Ví dụ
Please get the lead out of your feet to complete this project.

Just 15 minutes left, so I must get the lead out of my feet to go back home on time.

I just sent the Trumpster a postcard asking him to tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get the lead out of his feet and 115 H.R.38 passed and sent to him for signing.

Ka Tina

“Get the knack of" nghĩa là gì?

Cô gái nhà người ta. Photo by Valentin B. Kremer

“Get the knack of (something)” có từ "knack" là sở trường, tài riêng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là làm việc một cách khéo léo, thông thạo và đã quen với việc đó đặc biệt sau thời gian được thực hành và đào tạo.

Ví dụ
The video also features tips to “get the knack of staying safe,” including proper hygiene (vệ sinh đúng cách) and social distancing (giãn cách xã hội), and how to combat boredom (chiến đấu với sự buồn chán).

It might be something like calligraphy (thuật viết chữ đẹp) to writing, martial arts (võ thuật) to soccer, oration (bài diễn văn, diễn thuyết) to poetry and so forth. Obviously, allocating time for that hobby on a regular basis would distract you from the hustle bustle of routine (lối sống vội vã, nhộn nhịp). There are fair chances that in the long run your hobby might transform into your passion. And when you get the knack of it, everything tends to go right and you could stand out as a valued future professional.

Building up confidence — Fear of failure and lack of confidence are intertwined (được bện lại). I believe it’s a cycle. The more we take up responsibilities the more confident we become. When you make a commitment (sự cam kết), you know that you have to fulfill it, the pressure is going to be there and you WILL HAVE TO perform. But that’s what leadership is all about. If you want to succeed, you WILL HAVE TO BE COMMITTED to work and people. As it said earlier, it's a cycle — the more you hone your skill of responsibility the better. By the way, this cycle also reminds of a Bicycle. If you’ve tried riding it you would know that its hard to get the knack of riding it in the first place. However, you excel in riding it only when you practice.

Ka Tina

"Get the goods on" nghĩa là gì?

Sát thủ bóng đêm. Photo by Jamie Street

"Get the goods (hàng hóa, của cải) on” -> nghĩa là có bằng chứng để buộc tội/chống lại ai.

Ví dụ
In other words, Marques’ team was not all that convinced the FBI did not resort to criminal activity (hành động phạm tội) themselves to get the goods on their client. Some might make a moral argument that even if authorities broke a few rules here and there, the end justifies the means. Perhaps, but legally this does not hold up. His lawyers knew it, and the suspicion is that the FBI knew it as well.

House Democratic leaders, following frustrated efforts to hold President Trump to account, understandably want to strike quickly to impeach (buộc tội) him on the grounds of one extremely serious issue: his pressuring the president of Ukraine to get the goods on his Democratic rival Joe Biden. But they’re risking making their target too narrow and moving too fast.

Behind the locked doors of a mental institution (viện tâm thần) resides crooked politico (con buôn chính trị) Judge Drake (Herbert Heyes), free from prosecution (khởi tố) so long as he pretends to be crazy. To get the goods on Drake, private detective (thám tử riêng) Ross Stewart has himself committed to the asylum (nhà thương điên, bệnh viện tâm thần) as a patient. Meanwhile, reporter Kathy Lawrence (Lucille Bremer), posing as Stewart's wife, acts as his liaison (liên lạc) to the outside world.

Ka Tina

“Get the gist” nghĩa là gì?

Niềm vui đến từ những điều nhỏ bé. Photo by Szilvia Basso

“Get the gist” có từ "gist" là nguyên nhân chính/ý chính -> cụm từ này nghĩa là hiểu được nguyên nhân chính, ngọn nguồn và cốt lõi của vấn đề.

Ví dụ
No need to read much more to get the gist. The writer, who is correctly critical of President Trump’s senior policy adviser’s racist and nationalist ideas, welcomes the news that his wife, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, has contracted coronavirus, in hopes that her husband catches it. And dies.

You can get the gist of how the thing works from the GIF below. Sensors track the trajectory (quỹ đạo) of each shot and motors attached to the backboard adjust its angle (góc) to deflect the ball into the hoop. But Wighton’s video (from his channel Stuff Made Here) goes into some fascinating detail, explaining both the underlying technology and the design process.

“Overwhelming, inspiring, smooth, amazing, you get the gist; I was speechless,” he conveyed. “We originally planned to fill two small dumpsters (thùng đựng rác to) with cans and bottles — four cubic yards worth. We ended up calling Pat Caruso from Associated Refuse to bring down another one of those small dumpsters, and then again and again and again to bring three more giant roll-off dumpsters filling a total of 110 cubic yards worth of refundable plastic bottles and cans.”

Ka Tina

“Get taken to task” nghĩa là gì?

Biết nhận ra cái sai là tốt. Photo by  Christina @

“Get taken to task” -> nghĩa là bị mắng nhiếc, quở trách hoặc phê bình.

Ví dụ
So, please, don't tell me it's only a Little League All-Star Game. Do CYO basketball coaches get taken to task for fouling the player they feel has the best chance to miss a free throw at the end of the game?

“And you get taken to task by men [who] have been where you were. It was amazing to go through that stuff with other men, to help each other, because you’re all in the same boat. It’s like, here’s all our crap let’s get it out on the floor.”

Destroy All Humans will be sold for $29.99 USD on PC. We have just three months to go until we finally get to jump back in. I don’t know about you, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing fictional humanity get taken to task, as opposed to the real ones. One thing I’m interested to see is, if this game is successful if that means we’ll see the sequels get remakes too. Perhaps Activision’s Crash and Spyro remake trilogies (tác phẩm bộ ba) have spoiled us, but it sure would be fun to see the rest of Crypto’s adventure get the remake treatment.

Ka Tina

“Get square with” nghĩa là gì?

Ở đời thì chuyện tiền bạc nên sòng phẳng với nhau. Photo by

“Get square with (one)” = sòng phẳng với -> nghĩa là dàn xếp được mối bất hòa, sự bất đồng hoặc nợ nần với ai.

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Broncos young gun Xavier Coates will be looking to get square with his teammates after he was targeted in a hilarious pre-season prank (trò tinh quái, trò chơi khăm).

If he could get the Texas General Land Office to pay out his claim for housing recovery assistance, he could get square with his creditors (chủ nợ), Bachelder said. But after what he said were hundreds of visits with land office employees, he’s still working to prove his case, he said.

Hundreds of people spent hours in line at courthouses (tòa án) across Palm Beach County Saturday for the once-a-year chance to restore their licenses at a discount. His sights set on a better-paying job, Stan Chery spent Saturday morning in line outside the county courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach. His goal: To get square with the state and earn back his suspended driver’s license (bằng lái xe).

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"Get real" nghĩa là gì?

      Là cô gái hay mộng mơ. Photo by Alphacolor

"Get real" -> nghĩa là nhận ra sự thật và chấp nhận thực tế hoặc được dùng như một câu cảm thán “Get real!” (hãy thực tế đi!).

Ví dụ
So let’s get real and figure out a way to put on the games. It can be in home parks as the new plan suggests, or some form of spring training (the older plan).

Hang in there. Don’t beat yourself up, and know that these are very challenging times. So do the best you can. But I also want to say, let’s get real. We’re not having high quality learning across the country in ways that we should. We didn’t before, and this is likely subpar (dưới mức chuẩn; thấp hơn giá trị thực tế) overall. So parents should just understand that’s probably true and not beat themselves up and appreciate their teachers and their school leaders who do this every day.

At first it was hard to make sense of it all myself, in order to give the best possible picture for my children — to give them the chance to see what this looks like, and where to from here. I decided to get real and show them the live announcements. The conversations humbled me, even to the point we cried for the people who passed away (qua đời) and the saddening thought they couldn't have a big funeral (đám tang) like my dad's, their papa's. Their whanau couldn't go in line to get a kiss and a hongi from all the nannies, family and friends in front of the marae.

Ka Tina

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